shows more incredible bias in tacky feature against Alabama fans

ITKNeed more proof that is an antagonistic news outlet against the University of Alabama and its fanbase? How about this:

Funny, we've never seen a piece like this on Auburn fans.

Funny, we’ve never seen a piece like this on Auburn fans.

That’s right. For your viewing pleasure, wants to show you Alabama fans amid a disappointing loss. There are 93 pictures featured in the piece, showing photo after photo of Alabama fans at the game as Alabama lost to Ole Miss.

Need we say more about the state media?

As we’ve made it known here, the Birmingham News, heavily affiliated with the online media conglomerate, is run by an Auburn graduate. And if this piece leaves any doubt as to what the focus is, you just don’t know how to decipher doubt.

Look, even if you’re reading this and you relished every second of the Alabama loss…even if you hate Alabama with everything in your being, you can’t deny that a piece like this is extremely telling. Especially when we’ve never, EVER seen anything like this against Auburn and its fans.

If I were one of the people used in the piece to poke fun at my alma mater and its fans, my attorney would be getting a call today. Admission to a game is not a free license to use someone’s likeness in an attempt to relish in the defeat of a hated rival. And make no mistake, to, Alabama IS a hated rival.

The photographer for the feature was Ben Flanagan, with an email address listed as

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