ITKWhen I’m wrong I’m the first to admit it. Ole Miss is for real. LSU isn’t. But the Black Bear Rebel Thingies from the University of Mississippi are certainly for real.

The Alabama Crimson Tide suffered its first loss of the 2014 season to an inspired team on an historic day in Oxford. It was a day of firsts for Ole Miss fans…one they won’t ever forget.

Ole Miss was the better team, as Bama’s offense sputtered following devestating injuries to runningback Kenyan Drake and center Ryan Kelly. The story of the game was once again turnovers for the Tide, as receiver/returner Christion Jones put the ball on the turf twice on kick-off returns. Only once did Bama have to pay for that transgression, and oh did they ever so dearly.

Bo Wallace did what quarterbacks do against Bama on special, rare occasions. The good-to-average (at best) QB had a career day, tossing three touchdowns to lead his school to victory. Somewhere a former quarterback named Garcia was having flashbacks, no doubt.

As bitter as the taste of defeat is for Alabama fans, the season isn’t over by any stretch. No one in this league is going undefeated this season. The SEC West is ridiculous this year, with (oddly) LSU appearing to be one of the weaker sisters in the division.

We’ll find out more next week when Mississippi State tangles with Auburn, but from where I’m sitting, I don’t want any piece of the Bulldogs right now. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but the Egg Bowl might be the entry way to the SEC Championship Game in 2014. These two teams from Mississippi appear to be that good.

So next Alabama will lick its wounds, endure the sneers from want-to-be fans for suffering every team’s inevitable loss this season, and move on to Arkansas next week. We’ll see what happens. But counting Alabama out of the race this early is just premature. I seem to remember a Florida team in 2008 who suffered an early season loss to Mississippi as well. They turned out okay.

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15 thoughts on “Bama goes down in perfect storm to inspired Black Bear Rebel Thingy Team”

  1. Get ready for another loss felcher. Arky is primed and will run the ball at will. All the making fun of the Rebels with the black bear thing back fired didn’t it pansy? Eat your loss and bow down biotch.

  2. Hard to see Alabama better than 9-3. Maybe 8-4.

    How about this little fact: 4-3 in their last 7 games.

  3. Peachy you left out 0-3 against the last 3 ranked teams they have played.

    Then for ITK to say it took a ” perfect storm” for Ole Miss to beat bama…….ROFLMFAO!!!!!! Ole Miss did everything they could trying to give the game away to bama. Dropped passes that was sure TD, fluke fumble that lead to a TD before halftime, breakdown on the extra point on the last TD, etc. If Ole Miss would have played the ” perfect game” , they would have beat bama by 3 TDs.

    1. Yeah, the refs really kept Alabama in that game. Should have been a facemask on the fumble return for a TD. And the fact that they didn’t review the fumble on the kick return was unbelievable. It wasn’t a perfect storm by any stretch for Ole Miss. Had things gone perfectly they would have gotten the facemask penalty wiping out the TD and gotten the fumble on the kick return wiping out a field goal Alabama got on that drive and the final could have been 23-7.

  4. As a Alabama fan I think we are truly coming into a catch 22. We are recruiting the best talent in the land, but are lacking leadership from veterans the last few seasons. Florida State had this problem at the end of their dynasty with Bobby Bowden. USC with their dynasty with Pete Carroll also had this in the last days of their run. Anybody else see it this way??

  5. Dose,

    Don’t forget that all week long we heard about how dominant Bama was against a weak UF team that barely beat KU the previous week. Yet, now all of a sudden LSU is not for real.


    I think the bigger problem is that Saban is not a great X’s and O’s coach. No doubt, most of this site will take offense to that, but I honestly don’t mean it as an insult. I think he is an excellent recruiter and an excellent coach with regards to teaching technique, fundamentals, and discipline. That has worked really well up to this point; however, offenses have evolved and he has struggled to evolve with them.

    1. Yep, the sun is setting on Saban and the Capstone has sold it’s soul to their cult leader. Has Saban won when he has had less talent than the other team? He has won b/c he has had better talent and he excels at scheming every play. Problem for him is the game is evolving and moving much faster than he can scheme. He will win his share of games as long as he can continue to recruit great talent but to think his teams will dominate as they did for that brief period…. Well you would have to be a cult follower to believe that.

  6. ITK

    you are right the SEC West is ridiculous OLE MISS AND MISS STATE are co-ranked #3 in AP sign of the apocalypse?????????

  7. That black bear thingy Is called THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI . Show some damn respect . I read the article last week and the comments about the most racist school in the Conf . Make sure you check your own past before you start throwing comments like that around . Your own school wouldn’t even allow African American students in traditionally white Greek organizations until a few years ago . The state of Alabama has no room to write anything regarding racism . As far as the game , hope all you bammers had a nice freaking trip home . When MSU beats ya and Auburn hangs about 50 on your butt then the season will be complete . What a joke of reporting . How’s that crowe taste . Hotty Freaking Toddy !!!!!

  8. I can’t say I appreciated your original article on this game but I can respect the way you admit the mistake. Alabama has set the bar to be the gold standard that every SEC team dreams of achieving. We will see what happens but as a lifelong “Rebel” fan I agree with you that I never thought I’d see 2 teams from Mississippi in the top 5 in any football poll.

  9. You mean the face mask penalty that wasn’t called by the ref staring directly at it? Yeah, the fix was in, and Ole Miss still pulled off the victory.

  10. This game was just one piece of the chaos puzzle that was the polls haha, It is crazy how the rankings have flipped so much. Makes this season that much better!

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