Tide fans must wear game faces for Florida

hunter ford

There’s no need to hide the women and children when Alabama battles Florida tomorrow. However, Tide fans of all ages, genders, makes and models, need to bring their A-game for the tilt with the Gators.

I took my youngest son, age nine, to the Southern Miss game last weekend. It was his first game at Bryant-Denny.  One of the first things he said when we got to the stadium was “I didn’t know there would be so many women here.”

He asked if they came because their boyfriends “made them.” Of course not!  Southern women love football and Crimson Tide gals are unequaled in their passion for the game.  Outside of the beaches of the Gulf Coast, there is no better place to be a girl watcher than Bryant-Denny Stadium on game day.

Granted, some women are more genuinely interested in the game than others. Many of the women probably enjoy dressing up and going to the party more than they care about the X’s and O’s.

All of that aside, every man, woman, and child who attends the Florida contest needs to do a better job than the crowd for Southern Miss.  If Nick Saban could bench fans, and replace them with new recruits, he would demote two thirds of last week’s crowd to second or third string, myself included.  My son wanted to leave at halftime.  We need to talk about “focus stamina.”  Truth be told, I wanted to beat the traffic and listen to some of the game on the radio.  Saban would not be proud.

Saban said, earlier this week, he hopes fans will “create some atmosphere and some electricity” for the Alabama players to feed from. Last week’s crowd was more subdued than any I can remember.  The “roll tide roll” during “Sweet Home Alabama” was weak, few people clapped along with the fight song, and there was only a slight uproar when Bear Bryant’s ghost proclaimed “I ain’t never been nothing but a winner.”

The Crimson Tide, no matter who is coaching, has historically been prone to playing down to poor competition. Fans are often the same way.  Southern Miss was not very good.  But the Eagles did manage to complete a slew of passes against an Alabama defense that has been less than spectacular so far this season.  A little more “atmosphere” might help.

I saw a young couple with a baby that could not have been more than a couple of weeks old.  The baby was adorable, and very quiet.  I wonder if its name was Crymson, or Tyde, or Nicky?  No matter, bringing babies is fine.  I believe all Tide fans with infants should bring them if they want.  In fact, any Tide fans with colicky infants should be given sideline passes and allowed to stand on the Florida side with their crybabies.

My point is Alabama, especially the defense, could use some more electricity. The corners have been playing like Dumb and Dumber, and the D-lineman look like they are afraid they might hurt somebody.

So, if you go to the Florida game, whether you are rocking a jersey with “Daisy Dukes” and cowboy boots, a classic sundress, or a golf shirt and khaki shorts, or a diaper, or whatever- be sure to dress up with your best game face on.