Someone please tell me why I should care what Mike Leach thinks?

Mike Leach is a nut job. As HUNH disciples are flocking like rats to the upper levels of a sinking ship in search of anything to cling to, one of those respites appears to be Mike Leach.

Now that’s funny.

The owner of just one championship (conference) in his entire head coaching career

The owner of just one championship (conference) in his entire head coaching career

Mike Leach is captain insane-o meets college coaching. Evidenced by his decision to lock a player, Adam James, in an equipment shed while at Texas Tech, a move that would ultimately get him fired.

Leach is a freak show. A side show of sorts. A punchline. A joke. Yet now that the NCAA Rules Committee is getting ready to make a move allowing defenses a guaranteed yet narrow window to substitute players, HUNH lovers are clinging to Leach as their Martin Luther. Problem is, Leach can’t focus long enough to come up with 95 things for his “thesis.”

Interviews of Leach are usually portrayed as comic relief, showing him sitting beside his collection of pirate gear or in a flowered shirt rambling on like Rain Man. The caricature he’s become is a clear substitute for a real ability to coach.

I know a fat girl. She’s as sweet as she can be. But this girl vocally goes against the grain on everything. Music. Movies. Restaurants. Everything. Everything that is “traditional or popular” she hates. Why? Can everybody else be wrong? No. It’s just that she knows she can’t win in the traditional arena, so her only move is to be different and forge her own way. And there is nothing wrong with that for her sake. But Leach and HUNH lovers are just like her, unable to find success through real football coaching and strategy. Only when real coaches step in…instilling logic..they poop all over themselves in a frenzy of oral diarrhea.

We’re only talking about 10 seconds, HUNH lovers. A guaranteed window for defenses to substitute. Your cheap HUNH offense isn’t being banned.

So listen to Nick Saban, the game’s greatest coach in 25 years and owner of four National Championships…the first to win it all at two different schools, or Mike Leach…or Bucky over at Ole Miss for that matter. Or Gustav Malzahn…

Now that’s a tough one.

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