Former Alabama running back Dee Hart
Former Alabama running back Dee Hart
Former Alabama running back Dee Hart, who has not participated with the University of Alabama football program since the conclusion of the bowl game, is in deep doo-doo.

Hart was booked Sunday night by the Tuscaloosa Police Department, charged with giving false information and possession of marijuana.

The University of Alabama athletic department has released this statement:

“Dee Hart has not been a part of the football team since the bowl game and has not participated in any of the off season program. Hopefully he will learn from this mistake and continue to work toward completing his degree, which he is on track to do by the summer.”

Hart reportedly tried to pass some funny money at a gas station. The clerk called the police who arrived soon after, questioning him at the scene. Giving a false identity to police, Hart was later transported to the police station where, along the way, he unloaded 8 grams of marijuana in the back seat so it wouldn’t be on him when being booked inside. Officers smelled the odor, and there you go.

Hart was booked into the jail at 9:20 p.m. on Sunday and released on a $1,300 bond at 10:33 p.m. State law defines second-degree marijuana possession as an amount considered for personal use.

With the revelation that Hart is no longer with the team, a development that would have soon come to light with the beginning of spring practice, it appears Alabama’s crowded backfield is getting less so. Freshman Alvin Kamara has already transferred, enrolling in junior college.

Alabama returns T.J. Yeldon, Kenyan Drake, Derrick Henry, Jalston Fowler, Tyren Jones, and Altee Tenpenny, welcoming this summer 5-star phenom Bo Scarborough.

Hart was a highly touted prep player and a high school teammate of Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix, but never made a serious crack into the rotation in the Tide backfield. An early injury sidelined him for his first season. He would have been a junior next season.

8 thoughts on “Former Alabama running back arrested”

  1. I noticed that the Auburn recruit was acquitted of his accused crimes. Doesn’t look so good for Dee. I have never been a D-I football player, but if I had that chance… and I’m speaking from 40. If I could have that chance, I would try not to mess it up.

    In the movie North Dallas Forty there was a line where Nick Nolte said something like “If you kicked out everybody (in the NFL) that smoked weed, you couldn’t field a punt return team.

    Still… children… don’t smoke the chronic… or be around those who do…until it is completely legal and there are no consequences. You can do w/out it. You are young and you have a lot to look forward to. Sorry to hear another young man with a promising future has a big roadblock in front of him.

    As far as football goes…Alabama and Nick Saban has a nice problem to have. A truckload of great running backs..who to play? Who wants to play? Who will follow the leader and do what it takes to play and win championships?

  2. the information i have from a source close to the situation says another charge will be added today………

    trying to impersonate a University of Georgia football player.

  3. Like he was trying to open a Mercedes Dealership in a restricted market. I heard that too. That is a horrible crime!

  4. I feel bad for Dee. A 5* player with great talent who has spent most of his Bama career suffering through two ACL rehabilitations. I’ll guarantee that not one in 10,000 of you fucking morons running your cum holes will in your entire life feel 10% of the pain that Dee has gone through. I have no idea what his past was like, but I can justify in my mind that he’s using Pot for pain relief. He should have gone to a school with an offense that utilizes speedster RB’s. Way to small for Bama’s power running game. RTR!

    1. Well, let us pray for Dee. And LET IT BE. Really. I believe in prayer. PEACE AND LOVE for DEE

    2. I tore two ACL’s playing football and “suffered” (your word) through rehabilitation and never turned to pot for pain relief. So why, in your mind, you moron was my pain less than 10% of the pain that Dee has gone through? And I didn’t turn to pot for pain relief. Many athletes suffer through ACL tears and rehabilitation every year and don’t turn Pot for pain relief. Funny how you gumps make excuses for bama players and your attitudes are different when it is a bama player. Pain comes in many different forms. You want to talk about pain especially for a young kid, go read about the childhood and family situation of Tyrann Mathieu, yet I didn’t hear you making excuses for his use of pot. In fact I heard nothing but vile comments about him coming from you and your fellow gumps when he had his issues due to his pot use. And if you think for one second that Dee Hart just started smoking pot when this past season was over, then you are as stupid as your comments that you post here.

      Also, if as you say, Dee was “way too small for bama’s power running game” then I guess that just means Saban was stupid for recruiting him and wasting a scholarship that could have gone to some other 5 star player who fit bama’s style better.

      1. I had my leg broken Theisman style or Tyrone Prothro Style if you are too young, And that was in high school for me. I would still say just pray. Sounds like you might know Dee better than me. PEACE AND LOVE.

        Football is a violent game. You can get hurt in many ways. PEACE

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