Harvey Updyke to be freed Monday

Harvey Updyke, Jr…a free man.
Harvey Updyke Jr. is scheduled to be released from the Lee County jail this Monday. After serving the remainder of a 6-month sentence for poisoning the Toomer’s Oaks, Updyke will be a free man, serving a five year probation while living with family in Louisiana. The man who took Auburn’s tradition with an undisclosed amount of Spike 80DF will walk after serving his time.

Updyke was sentenced to 6 months in jail under a 3-year split sentence with five years of supervised probation following his release. Updyke had 104 days of jail credit at the time of his sentencing on March 22.


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    Indiana Vol

    The leader of the Bammer Morons getting out of the pen; I wonder how many of you will try to get ole Havey’s autograph?

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