Can Ole Miss turn its recruiting success into success on the field? Sure, Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze looked the part of a stooge when he encouraged people via Twitter to turn in the football team over allegations of recruiting problems. However, Freeze might get the last laugh if his team performs on the field. For all you need to know about the Rebels, check out our 2013 Ole Miss Football Preview.

2013 Ole Miss Football Preview

2013 Ole Miss Football Preview
2013 Ole Miss Football Preview
Ending in the middle of the pack last season, it was apparent that Mississippi underachieved based on the amount of talent they had. Finishing 7-6, which included a Birmingham bowl win, Ole Miss had some issues in not performing against lesser opponents. Of course, when you’re at Ole Miss, how do you determine who is a lesser opponent? But, we digress…

Although most of the competition the Black Bear Rebels play this year will be formidable, Ole Miss has to handle the teams they’re supposed to beat if they want to climb above .500 in the regular season.

Led by QB Bo Wallace, the Rebel Black Bear offense will rely on their quarterback to make plays. Wallace will have to limit turnovers to keep his team in games with Alabama, Texas A&M and LSU, three solid losses on the Black Bear Rebel schedule.

Receivers Vince Sanders and Cody Core will complement the Rebel Bear offense, both possessing good size to allow Wallace to deliver the ball away from smaller defensive backs.

Unlike their in-state rival, Ole Miss has a running game that will assist their passing game. The Rebels have two speedy backs in Mark Dodson and Jaylen Walton, but Dodson will see his first snap of college football when the Rebel Black Bears take the field against Vandy. The Rebels’ spread attack, the soup du jour for lower teir SEC teams it seems, will do what all spreads do…isolate linebackers and defensive backs while keeping the defensive line playing their front five without much help.

Lavon Hooks and top newcomer Robert Nkemdiche will anchor a defensive line that should provide a good foundation to the Bear defense. And though this team as a whole (offensively and defensively) is filled with an unreal crop of talent from an unprecedented (and someone puzzling) 2013 recruiting class, the real test of a coaching staff and regime is what they can do with all those stars once they don the cleats and helmets and take the field under the lights. In 84 days, we shall see.

But in the meantime, we at see the coming Ole Miss season playing out as it normally does in Oxford, finishing .500 in league play and returning to Birmingham for another cold January bowl game.

Thanks for checking out our 2013 Ole Miss Football Preview. On Monday we examine South Carolina.

Special to the Capstone Report by Alex DeRemer.

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  2. Terrible preview!!!! You obviously did not do your homework. People like you make me hate journalist.

  3. Underachieved with only 58 scholarship players after a 2-10 season. Give me a break. What an ignorant turd!

  4. Yeah, we had so much talent that 0 players were drafted in the nfl. No mention of senior starting rb Jeff Scott or wr moncrief. This guy is an utter fool.

  5. The lesson learned here is the next time you see Capstone, don’t bother. There are a lot of better places to get your SEC sports info.

    1. Funny stuff Jason, but since almost all fans outside of Auburn and Ole Miss fans have thought the reviews fair and balanced, we’ll just laugh at your “football knowledge.”

  6. You’re and idiot. Not even one mention of moncrief or Jeff Scott? Underachieved after going 2-10? And who the hell is Cody core?

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