Auburn’s Jay Jacobs says take his word for it, NCAA says they’re clean

The NCAA has not publicly cleared Auburn or commented on Auburn’s myriad of speculative infractions, but Auburn Athletic’s Director Jay Jacobs wants you to know that they have.

Thanks Jay.

As the cloud continues to hover over Lee County, Jay wants you to know that the NCAA is “satisfied” with Auburn’s defense in the latest (key word there, ‘latest’) rumors involving rampant cheating at Auburn.

Deny, deny, deny, deflect…deny, deny, deny, deflect…it ’tis the Auburn way.

“I’m going to fight for Auburn,” Jacobs told on Thursday. “When somebody puts something out there that I don’t believe to be true, I’m going to fight back and so that’s what we’re going to do and we’re tired of it. I’m tired of it. When people get the story wrong, it’s my responsibility, and the fight in me, I’m going to get it right.”

Yahoo! Sports reported in November that NCAA investigators were looking into potential violations involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, boosters and third parties. One of the central figures was 2012 signee Jovon Robinson, who was ruled ineligible by the NCAA in August after it was discovered his academic transcript in high school had been forged.

Former assistants Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper declined to say whether they were taken off the road recruiting in 2012 due to possible NCAA violations, which were alleged by Danny Sheridan.

When asked Thursday, Jacobs did not say whether the case has been closed by the NCAA. But he does want you to know there’s nothing to see here.

Interpretation: “Hey ya’ll, don’t go ask the NCAA, but all the swirling stories out there, coming from different sources…they’re all untrue, okay? And we’ve been cleared…okay? NO! Don’t go to Indianapolis and dig deeper…just take my word. Okay?”

And what has the NCAA said?

“I cannot comment on current, pending or potential investigations,” Emily Potter, NCAA associate director of public and media relations, wrote in an email to

I don’t know know about ya’ll, but I believe Jay. I mean, why would someone who stands to lose everything if all this stuff is true lie about something like this? Yep, Jay has to be telling the truth. Right?

Deny, deny, deny, deflect…deny, deny, deny, deflect…

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