BREAKING: NCAA probing Auburn, Trooper & Luper

Auburn and Gene Chizik are still ahead of schedule versus Saban and Alabama. The prognosticators who opined the Chizik-Saban parallel and how Chizik was running ahead of Saban’s schedule at Alabama were more correct than they ever knew. Not only did Gene Chizik make a New Year’s Day bowl his first season, make a splash in recruiting, win a national championship in his second season, but now Gene Chizik will get fired before Saban and have his program under serious NCAA sanctions. There is no way Nick Saban could top this trailblazer of a coach.

The biggest news in the Yahoo story is that the NCAA probe is “more widespread than just Robinson.” Forde reported, “According to multiple sources, NCAA investigators have been working for weeks on potential improprieties involving Auburn recruits, players, coaches, representatives of the school’s athletic interests and third parties. Assistant coaches Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper have been scrutinized by the NCAA, sources said.” reported the NCAA was on campus at Auburn looking into allegations. According to the report, “The NCAA interviewed at least one Auburn assistant football coach and several players on campus this week in a continuing investigation of the signing of former Tigers’ running back Jovon Robinson.” The report also confirms the investigation goes beyond Robinson.

This is a shock to nobody. The taint of cheating has surrounded the program since Tommy Tuberville was forced out by an administration scared of Alabama and football coach Nick Saban. When Auburn hired Trooper Taylor, a person familiar with coaching in the SEC told me that Auburn was going to cheat at an unprecedented level.

And judging by the NCAA’s regular investigation of Auburn’s alleged cheating, who could doubt that information now.

Of course, the biggest joke is all the God talk from Auburn and its football coaches. Topping it off was Chizik’s book released by religious publisher Tyndale House. Chizik’s book All In trumpets how it was all a “God Thing”™ that a 5-19 coach landed the Auburn job. Chizik cited as a reason for his confidence the passage Psalm 33:9-12. Chizik explained that winning the national championship over Orgeon was a “God Thing.” On page 253, he explained the God Thing™ was how his players grew spiritually. He said, “God blessed our team,” (p. 254).

Now all the religious talk appears to be nothing more than hypocrisy.

This is icing on the cake for Alabama fans watching the implosion of Auburn football. Is this the best time ever to be an Alabama fan?