Iron Bowl Game Notes: Alabama 42 Auburn 14

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AN 11-WIN SEASON: The win over Auburn marked the 11th on the season for Auburn. It is the 15th 11-win season in Crimson Tide history. The 15 11-win seasons ties Penn State for the second most 11-win seasons in college football history. UA has won 11 or more games three times under head coach Nick Saban.

CAREER NIGHT FOR RICHARDSON: The 203 rushing yards by Trent Richardson was the 11th time an Alabama back has surpassed the 200-yard rushing mark. The 200-yard rushing performance is the first for a Tide back since Mark Ingram rushed for 246 against South Carolina on October 17, 2009.

RICHARDSON HAMMERS HIS WAY PAST 100: With the 203 yards by junior running back Trent Richardson, it marked his ninth 100-yard game on the season and third in a row. The nine 100-yard games ties Mark Ingram (2009) for the most in school history.

RICHARDSON ON SINGLE-SEASON & CAREER LISTS: Trent Richardson’s big rushing day moved him up both the single-season and career rushing lists at Alabama. In 2011, Richardson has rushed for 1,583 yards, a total that ranks second on the Alabama single-season rushing yards list behind Mark Ingram’s 1,658 yards in 2009. Richardson became the fifth back in Alabama history to surpass 3,000 rushing yards today, a total that also ranks him fifth on the career rushing yards list with 3,034 yards.

McCARRON SHINES IN FIRST IRON BOWL: Alabama sophomore quarterback AJ McCarron put together a solid performance in his first Iron Bowl. Auburn. McCarron was 18-for-23 with 184 yards and three touchdowns. Over the last two games, McCarron is 32-for-42 with 374 yards and has tossed six touchdowns without an interception. Two of his three touchdowns in today’s game were over 20 yards, making eight of his 16 on the season from over that distance.

SMELLEY FINISHING STRONG: Alabama senior tight end Brad Smelley has been finishing his Crimson Tide career on a strong note. Earning the start for the second consecutive game, Smelley caught a career-high six passes for 86 yards and a touchdown. Over the last two games, the senior has caught 10 passes for 144 yards and hauled in three touchdowns.

McCARRON TIES IRON BOWL MARK: With 3 touchdown passes against Auburn, AJ McCarron tied the Alabama record for touchdown passes thrown against Auburn. It is the fourth time an Alabama quarterback has thrown 3 touchdowns in an Iron Bowl game. Steve Sloan also had 3 touchdown passes in a 21-14 Alabama victory over the Tigers on November 26, 1964. Jeff Rutledge had 3 scoring passes in a 34-16 win over Auburn on December 2, 1978, and Freddie Kitchens passed for 3 touchdowns in a 24-23 win over the Tigers on November 23, 1996.

NOWHERE TO RUN: Alabama held Auburn to 78 rushing yards on 35 carries (2.2-yard average). In head coach Nick Saban’s 66-game tenure at Alabama, the Crimson Tide has limited the opposition to less than 100 rushing yards 41 times, or 62.1 percent of the time.

UPSHAW SACKS: Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw moved his season total to 8.5 sacks as he tallied two sacks in the win against Auburn. The 8.5 sacks are the most by a Crimson Tide player since Wallace Gilberry recorded 10 in 2007. Upshaw has now tallied 15.5 sacks over the last two seasons. Upshaw finished the game with 5 tackles, including 2 for losses of 13 yards.

GAMES WITH AN INTERCEPTION: With the Dee Milliner interception that went for a touchdown against Auburn on November 26, Alabama has recorded at least one interception in nine of its 12 games this season. The Tide recorded an interception in 11 of the 13 games in 2010, putting together a run of 20 games with a pick in its last 25 outings. Eight different Tide players have tallied an interception in 2011, with Milliner leading the way with three.

NON-OFFENSIVE TDs IN THE SABAN ERA: Dee Milliner’s 35-yard interception return for a touchdown was the fifth non-offensive score on the season and third interception return for a touchdown on the year. It was the 25th overall since the Nick Saban era began in 2007. Dre Kirkpatrick’s 55-yard blocked field goal return against Georgia Southern last weekend marked the fourth non-offensive touchdown of the 2011 season. Courtney Upshaw’s 45-yard interception return at Florida on October 1, was Alabama’s second interception return of the 2011 season, and the second in two weeks along with DeQuan Menzie’s 25-yard interception return for a score against Arkansas. Since Saban took over as Alabama’s head coach, the Crimson Tide has garnered 25 non-offensive touchdowns including 11 interception returns, 7 punt returns, 3 kickoff returns, 2 fumble returns and two blocked punt returns for a touchdown.

ALABAMA-AUBURN SERIES: With the win Alabama holds a 41-34-1 lead in a series that dates back to the 1893 season. The Crimson Tide now stands 4-7-0 in games played at Auburn.

SABAN VERSUS AUBURN: Alabama head coach Nick Saban is now 5-5 in his career against the Auburn Tigers. Saban made his Alabama debut in the Nov. 24, 2007, Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Saban was 2-3 against the Tigers while the head coach at LSU from 2000-04 and is now 3-2 while at the helm of the Crimson Tide.

GAME CAPTAINS: Today’s Alabama game captains were linebacker Dont’a Hightower, safety Mark Barron center William Vlachos and defensive tackle Josh Chapman. Auburn won the toss and elected to defer the opening kickoff.

TIDE 48-3 UNDER SABAN WHEN LEADING AT THE HALF: With the win over Auburn, the Crimson Tide is 48-3 when leading at halftime under head coach Nick Saban.


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  1. 1

    I was happy AU was able to hang in there for 3 quarters. Bama played well and was pretty impressive… Particularly Trent. I’m looking forward to next year when AU will have more depth and experience.

    War Eagle!!

    • 2

      Hung in there for 3 quarters, huh? Auburn had 41 yards of total offense after three quarters. When was Auburn in the game again? We seen two different games. Ass Whoopin Day was what it was supposed to be. You were lucky you weren’t shut out.

  2. 3

    Another proud moral victory for a goatfucker ….goto a pfucking auburn site. kiss azz or seek cheezdick wisdom. in the words of my hero rolldamntide

    • 4
      The Flash

      Another foul mouthed Bama fan who obviously had lousy parents and who needs a dictionary!

      Bama’s team may be good but their fans are what’s wrong with this country.

      • 5

        Yeah, that, and you cross-dressing alcoholics that call yourselves LSU fans. Please LSU don’t get beat by Georgia so Bama can cause Flash to commit suicide.

        • 6
          The Flash

          Yea Brando you can make up stuff (cross-dressing alcoholics) all you want, but the bama fans’ uneducated foul mouthed language is demonstrated all over the pages of this site for everyone to know it’s the truth and not a made up comeback because you can’t deny the facts that everyone else can see and read.

          And why would I commit suicide if we lose, LSU is in the national championship game win or lose to Georgia. BCS guru Brad Edwards said as much today. You can’t put Alabama in it and not put LSU for not winning the SEC championship when Alabama wasn’t even good enough to get there in that SEC championship in the first place and the fact that LSU beat Alabama!

          • 7

            And you demonstrate your Bama obsession and Saban envy with every post you write about your fucking goofy coach.

            It is going to be funny when Bama beats that LSU ass in your home state. Will you promise to go choke yourself to death when that happens?

          • 8
            The Flash

            And what are you going to do if Milies and LSU beats alabama again for the second time in one year? Go kill someone else probably or beat your wife or kids maybe?

            And you prove you can’t stand that our coach has a better record than your coach that’s why you conitnue to call him goofy?

  3. 12

    ….and on the bighter side for Auburn….
    The big signs with Obama and Cam Newton stirred the crowd up and the dancers who send in the plays were kinda crisp and even entertaing at times. (*For those of you who like fat dolts try to communicate through interpretive dance.)

    Once again Geno Chizik was dressed for success. I liked the dentist top he was wearing. It was that with a cross of Bones McCoy in white.

    Ted Roof’s defense looked to be the best phase of the Auburn game.

    Troopa Tayor rallyed the troop(a)s. And they almost made a meaningful catch or two. (I smell a contract extension and a pay raise. (all the more helpful to assist with those student pregnancies)

    There wasnt any kind of problem getting out of the parking lot after the game.

    42-14. But fortunately, Auburn set a new SEC record for consistenly shitting there pants.

  4. 14

    Won’t be long before some Corndog comes on here and says Bama didn’t beat Barney as bad as we did. So I’ll get to the point first even though I don’t give a shyt about the points since we beat the spread by 7 and killed the bastards good enough. Anyway, if they are better than us because they beat Awbie by more points then since Georgia beat Awbie the worst I guess they’ll kick Corndog ass? 1 – Everybody knows Awbie didn’t play as hard against anybody else. 2 – We beat them twice as bad statistically as LSWho. 3 – The actual score was insignificant. The actual ass whipping may have been the worst in the Barnturd history by anybody. We just have to cross our fingers an see. Expect OSU and Va Tech to gain on us in the polls today. Not because the voters are closing them in on us, but simply because Arky lost and the others all move up a spot which gives them each about 60 more points or 1 for each voter. We’re lookin’ good right now. RTR!

    • 15
      The Flash

      “I don’t give shyt, but I’ll do it anyway” – LMAO what a joke you are Crimsonite. The problem is you “give a shyt” too much. So much so that you are blinded to the truth.

      Do you not think Arkansas had a lot more to play for yesterday, in terms on knowing that if they won that game yesterday that they had a great chance of possibily winning the SEC Western Division, going to the SEC Championship game and at a minimum probably playing i the National Championship game! Do you not think they played harder than when they played Alabama, what almost two months ago! Of course you don’t think that, becaus like I said before you are too blinded by you Crimson glasses to see the whole truth.

      Answer this Crimsonite, take away the LSU/Alabama game that LSU won, and which team do you think has the better overall resume, LSU or Alabama?

      • 16

        Flash, why you even frequent this site and hang around getting your dick knocked in the dirt is beyond me, but since you’re here… asking whether Arkansas had more to play for simply demonstrates how profoundly you don’t get it. So that’s first. Second, your own ESPN expert says it was clear that Alabama (which never trailed until the final second of overtime) dominated the first game, left the door open, and your team took advantage. Good for you. But the end of the movie is gonna suck for you. Get ready.

  5. 19

    I don’t think a half assed columist from the Baltimore Sun has a BCS vote asshole. That would be the AP who has already shown this morning that they intend Bama to stay #2. What’s more you retarded piece of shyt troll, the Coaches Poll just came out and it not only cements Bama in second equally as strong as the AP, but it, bwaa haww haww, droped OSU to 5th. Without the human factor to help it doesn’t matter what the phucking computers do. In a couple of hours you will see the same thing in the Harris Poll. In fact Bama has been stronger in Harris than anywhere. Kiss your Corndog asses goodbye. Maybe you should just forfit to Georgia and let Va Tech play us in New Orleans. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 21
      The Flash

      And those same voters and computers that you quote think that LSU is so much stronger than everybody else, including Alabama that we could lose or forfiet that game and still be in the National Championship game.

  6. 22

    Awbarn’s top receiver Emory Blake didn’t catch a single pass and Lutzenkirchen had only two. One while performing the “Lutzy Flip.”

  7. 23

    All of the major sports media – ESPN, SI, CBS, Sporting News, Yahoo/Rivals yes and even al/Awbie, etc, etc, etc are intent on putting Bama in the BCSNCG. And said entities also are giving the Heisman to Richarson. Let the Ranting begin! Bwaa haww haww! RTR,

    • 24

      IM late on this one Nite but I will say, of all the other players in the Heisman race there is not one that can move a pile as he can. He should win the Heisman on that alone. RTR

  8. 27

    Yeah, you’re so strong that being undefeated and having beaten us you have only a .045 lead, while we having the same record as OSU have a .082 lead over them. How do you like them apples? How much you want to put on what I’ll guarantee that Bama will be favored in the BCSNCG? You need to go check out the player quotes immediately after the Iron Bowl. A dozen of them when interviewed and should have been reveling in the total devastation of our most hated adversary, instead talked about how desperately they wanted the Corndogs ass. This time you may not even get a field goal. RTR!

  9. 29

    I would just love to see these teams play again.Really think there would be a lot more offense this time around with both teams getting five weeks rest..Would be one hell of a championship game!!!!!!!!!!! RTR!!!!!!

  10. 30

    flash, I visit this site probably at most once a month to simply see what other Bama fans think about current events in college football. Every time I do this I find that you are here posting some bullshit that nobody cares about. Arent you a lsu fan? Why dont you post there where fellow County Fair Brand fans can relate? I have never once ever visited a website of an opposing teams fanbase. Is your life really reduced to such insignificant daily rituals as the ones you obviously practice. Please get a life. Go buy a puzzle adopt a cat from the local humane society, volunteer at the senior citizens home. (trying to keep it simple for you)Do something besides sitting around plugging your ass with corndogs and obsessing with Bama. Also, dont question my being here, I’m Bama alum/fan/season ticket holder and you probably have never seen me post because my last was a couple of years ago. Trust me, your absence here will be appreciated, even for the occasional passerby.

    • 31
      The Flash

      And you just made my day yellowhammer, if i can get under your skin enough to make you post what you just did then I know my fact and truths are hitting the right delusional and entitled nerves of you bammer fans.

      Your comments “sitting around plugging your ass with corndogs” show you are just as perverted and immature as any of the other idiot posters here, so your comments mean nothing to me.

      And by the way I can’t find it written any where on this site that it is for Alabama fans only, so yellow piss in your pants hammer, if you don’t like what I have to say may you should do everybody a favor and reduce your visits to once every two or three months.

      And trust me your absence will not be missed either.

      But thank you for taking the time to respond to only my post on your once a month post. It honors me. Truly.

      Good luck with your puzzle and and cat you gump.

  11. 34
    The Flash

    Hannah the Tide is on a roll also for the last two years LSU has had a better SEC and overall better record than bama.

  12. 37

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