PRAVDA: Everyone should love Cam Newton!

The SEC football coaches took a vote. They told us Gene Chizik presides over a program under a cloud of suspicion. He was not SEC coach of the year. Big shock. People don’t like to reward ethical lapses. And playing Cam Newton was a serious ethical lapse. Everyone knows it was wrong. (Except a few Auburn fans and apparently people at the Birmingham News.)

The SEC athletics directors took a vote. They told us Cam Newton and his father Cecil Newton were pieces of crap. Stealing laptops, academic misconduct at Florida for Cam and shopping your son for a big payday in a pay-for-play scheme just plain sucks. The athletics directors told us Cam Newton was not the SEC male athlete of the year. Big shock. People don’t like pieces of crap.

These voting consistencies should be an inspiration for football fans. The SEC is sick and tired of the face of college football being the face of corruption.

What SEC fans should be sick of are the Birmingham News and its continued hypocrisy. Any Alabama fan that spends a dime on the News is contributing to Auburn and its athletic department. Period. Today’s column in the newspaper by Kevin Scarbinsky is the perfect example of everything wrong with the press in this state. (See above link.)

You have to hand it to a newspaper that is so committed to propping up the reputation of one of the most despicable names ever to be involved in college football. You cannot separate Newton’s legacy of academic misconduct at Florida, laptop thievery and his father’s pay-for-play scheme. These are as much a piece of Cam Newton and Auburn as the gambling problem defines Pete Rose.

No amount of Scarbinsky’s wishing will ever change who or what Cam Newton is—or what he is perceived to be. No amount of wishing will ever change the perception that Auburn was involved in substantial irregularities by playing Cam Newton.

The scandal exposed Auburn and its morality for the world to see. (Would Jesus really play Cam Newton? We should all read Gene Chizik’s book and see!)

Maybe that is what Scarbinsky and the Birmingham News don’t like. So, in Pravda-like fashion the newspaper tries to spin history in a new way.

Good luck with that. I’m sure with all this hard work that everyone will celebrate Cam Newton Day. Soon.