NCAA’s probe of Auburn widens to Florida

The probe of Auburn’s recruiting continues to widen with NCAA investigators hitting the state of Florida, according to this report from the Sun Sentinel.

David Hyde reports, “NCAA investigators are coming to South Florida this week to look into the recruiting of several high-school football stars and the methods of several colleges in doing so, according to a source. Among the schools whose recruits are in question: Ohio State, Louisiana State, Auburn and Tennessee. …High schools officials, street agents, seven-on-seven tournaments – they’re all going to be asked questions by the NCAA.”

This is big news if you see the trend. The NCAA is traveling around the south to places like Louisiana and now Florida in search of every piece of evidence it can find on Auburn. There have been strong indications that NCAA investigators have also visited Arkansas. What other trips are on the NCAA travel itinerary?

The truth is clear—Auburn is under a wide-ranging investigation of its recruiting practices. Why aren’t Alabama media outlets and newspapers investing time and resources to uncover the information in this case? Is’s bias and the fact the Birmingham News is published by an Auburn fan the reason why we must rely on out-of-state outlets to report this major story?

The situation grows darker with every report. When the NCAA begins its proctological exam, the results are never good. Unless you are a rival. Then you can sit back and enjoy the ride as information trickles out from around the nation.


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  1. 1

    What? An investigation into Auburn? Hoopty said there was none. How can this be? It must be the REC spreading lies again.

  2. 2

    I’ve been telling these dumb ass Auburn ppl for months that I have a source keeping me abreast on these SAME issues

  3. 5

    So the Auburn defense of its cheating is that other people cheat too.

    I bet the NCAA has never heard that one before.

  4. 6

    Well then RC ..if that is true, then you should be telling us about each of these BEFORE IT COMES OUT IN THE PRESS. Until then, I don’t believe you. Tell us now exactly where, when and how many places the NCAA has planned to investigate. Claiming credit after the fact is ridiculous.

    I’ll admit this issue is more disturbing than the others primarily because there is such a lack of information. The blurb from David Hyde is so brief you can’t tell whether the investigation is primarily about the “agents” or about the schools. If it is about the schools, then it is time to take notice.

    If the investigation is about agents that were skirting rules that don’t exist, then it is another big ol’ yawn.

    Just like the $aban Bump Rule, we will probably see some new NCAA rules developed from these situations.

    Have you Bammers noticed that in order for the NCAA to get information, they now have to rely on the press and internet to dig up facts? The NCAA did nothing in the tOSU issue and that story got revealed with FACTS dug up by everyone else except the NCAA.

    There still aren’t any FACTS in any of the Auburn situations yet, so until we see some facts all we can do is wait.

    We’ll see.

  5. 7

    By the way. Bama invented the “everyone else cheats” mantra during the Means case. I’ve heard no Auburn folks stoopid enough to quote Bammers.

  6. 8

    ….and Bama is still on probation (17 years running) …and at least one Bammer poisons trees …and some Bammers even applaud him for doing so.

    Keep that bias and hatred going. Don’t let up. Let it control your lives.

    Go ahead …I’m waiting …ya know what …I won’t even wait ..I’ll do your 5th grade level response for you and save RC a post.

    11-26-11’ll get an A___ Whoopin’.

  7. 9

    Once again, the Auburn defense is everyone else cheats!

    Too bad not everyone else is under a wide-ranging NCAA investigation.

  8. 10
    big J H

    Give me a break. Bammers love to keep it stirred up. What happened to the Brent Calloway situation – Buried, Mark Barron lying to the police – buried. Few years back Rolando McClain and teammates beating a student – Buried. Shut up until you have facts. You are a smut peddler.

  9. 11

    Yes, what happened regarding Brent Calloway? Maybe Auburn should be worried about its own actions there.

  10. 12

    But Hoopty, it is now your turn. Bamas troubles are behind them, Auburns is just beginning. This is really fun watching you helpless Auburn fools flail around with your shoddy defenses of why it is okay for Auburn to be a dirty program. Like I said, Bamas troubles are over. Comparing the current problems with Auburn still doesn’t change the fact that Auburn still potentially will get in trouble. And it has nothing to do with Bama at all. It is going to be a long stressful few years for you guys. But y’all continue to come here and whine about it all you want. It is good entertainment.

  11. 13

    I have a question. Why does Trooper Taylor’s name keep coming up on radio shows and in newspaper reports? I know he wasn’t mentioned in this one, but Trooper has been mentioned in regards to Florida recruiting issues in the past…back when he was at Tennessee.

  12. 14

    First place azzhole Bama has not been on probation 17 years running. The problems just started about 17 years ago . Second, only Albert Means was a major incident and you best believe that Means pales in comparison to what Aubie is suspected of. And if I remember correctly Bama’s claim wasn’t that everyone else cheats, but that Aubie and UThug – the schools who conspired with the NCAA against us were doing the same thing that we were being penalized for. That’s very, very different, accusing our accusers. What’s more, Bama has never won or claimed a national championship for which were on major probation and were playing the bought players that caused the sanctions – a la Barnie in ’59 and soon to be ’10. You inbred dorks should clean your own house before you come on here and let your mouthes overload your azzholes. RTR!

  13. 15

    If you want thugs in your program and want to nurture that thug behavior then Trooper “Thug” Taylor is a good person to have.

    Auburn…I know you are proud to have him.

    Man, I hope Chizik and crowd stays in Auburn a long time. This is turning into Lifestyles of the Dumb and Clueless.

  14. 16

    Mentioned by who? Paul Finebaum? The biggest rumor monger in the south? When are you boyz gonna figger out that redneck Bammers are his biggest audience and that keeping you either mad at him or frothing at the mouth in agreement is the best way for him to keep up ratings?

    What newspaper reports? I’m sure that if Trooper’s name was mentioned …even speculatively …”The Capstone” would have already spun it up into a huge Auburn indictment.

    The NCAA is investigating these “agents”. There aren’t rules that apply well enough to that situation and there needs to be rules adopted. Similar to Lil Nicky and the $aban Rule, without a rule prohibiting such, there can’t be a violation.

    You guys need to try and control your anger, then maybe you will look for facts instead of pouncing on every shred of speculation.

    It will be a miracle for Auburn to withstand this much “investigation” and not eventually have some type of minor issues. Every major BCS team would. When you realize that the proof for every recent NCAA investigation that resulted in severe penalties was generated either from the press/media or a court case, you should realize that NCAA investigations are generally not productive. There is too much protocol for them to follow. Thayer Evans, et al stand a much greater chance of finding something and they have given up.

    So eventually something may surface. If so, probably something minor. I’m sure if it does, you guys will try to make a mountain out of that molehill. Name the major BCS team that could withstand this type scrutiny and not have it.

  15. 17


    I’ve already told your dumb ass that my source confirmed ALL these things prior to ANY of these articles being written. I cannot release confidential information that the general public is not privy. It would destroy my relationship to my source, and I will not violate any ethics laws. If you just want to ignore me, please do so by all means. There is no reason to keep telling me that you’re going to ignore me if you’re not affected by my recent developments. I know what’s going on. You are on a rival website. If you want to here unobjective bias, please consult the War Eagle Reader

  16. 18

    Trooper was mentioned by newspaper reports way back in 2005 or 2006 when he was at Tennessee. Odd that his name just keeps coming up about weird recruiting stuff.

  17. 20

    Auburn cheated, Hoopty, deal with it. Bama is doing just fine, and no longer is having to worry about the type of trouble Auburn is dealing with right now. As much as you guys want to justify it with saying Bama did this and that too, it is still not going to help when probation sets in.

  18. 23

    RC hypocrite. In response #17 above you said that you “can’t release cofidential information”, yet at 5:08 Am this VERY MORNING you released confidential information to Versho when you claimed that Auburn will get it’s LOI in the last week of August. Here’s your comment from this morning on another thread.

    Rc Says:
    June 16th, 2011 at 5:08 am

    Saban will get his recruits. It’s only June idiot. Plus, you do realize these are NON BINDING now, right? I suspect a few or more will decommit once the NCAA sends them their Letter of Inquiry. Oh, it’s on their way. My source in the field tells me it won’t arrive until the last week in August.

  19. 24
    robert garrard

    Rc, anyone with the etiquette and trash mouth could NEVER have friends in the know. You are full of shane! Nobody believes you idiot.

  20. 25


    your daughter has the pizza boys cock in her mouth


    that’s not confidential info. Maybe you need to be schooled. Did I name my source or his position. NOPE. Sit on it and spin

  21. 26


    Read Roberta’s posts from the WEE hours of the morning!! The not so virginal Emily must be proud to have a father with such etiquette and high morals. That Auburn creed at work again!

  22. 27
    robert garrard

    You are a weird and sick little man. The only thing that makes me feel encouraged is that you are not a true reflection of bammer fans. You are an embarrassment, but then again so is your sad excuse for a team. Satan will never bear AU again as long as our staff stays intact. You moron.

  23. 28

    Hahahahahahaha, the ONLY reason why AU won last year is because CAM was paid to suit up and he ALONE was a one man team

  24. 30
    robert garrard

    I said our staff idiot. We only lost Rocker who was replied by a quality coach in Pelton. It’s no big revelation that midget nickie had a big turnover, because none of his coaches like him. You and Satan are gay.

  25. 31

    Really MATURE, but LIKE I SAID BEFORE, AUBURN won by LUCK over a 3-loss team that was REPLACING 9 starters. THEY WON by ONE POINT. Tubberville’s PlAyers are GONE. AUBIE WILL GET THEIR ASS KICKED FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS. And, Malzahn LEAVES NEXT year

  26. 32
    robert garrard

    Wishful thinking about the 1.3 million dollar man. And what in the world have you been smoking when it comes to AU’s players?! Chizik has recruited much better than Tubs. I think Tubberville is a good coach, but he got lazy in recruiting. Therefore, what you said about our players is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard. Then again, the napoleon syndrome does cause bammers to say irrational things.

  27. 33

    Jizzlips had less than 50 scholarship players for spring ball, yet he has recruited well? LMAO!

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d hate to see Jizzlips pisspoor recruitng effort.

  28. 34
    robert garrard

    Hey everybody. I found out a little info on Rc. The job field I’m in gives me a little access to certain information once I know someone’s name. I can tell you what he does for a living. He lives on the tax payers dime. His disability is listed as “extreme bipolar”. Interestingly this explains a lot about his personality. It also explains why he has time to sexually harass 14 year old girls like my daughter Emily. Rc, some of your posts surpassed disturbing. I have already started researching what can be done about you and your posts. You are a weirdo dude. I have spoke to the local police about you sexually harassing a minor. So far it looks like not much can be done, but we will see. Regardless, you should be ashamed. PERVERT!

  29. 35
    robert garrard

    Shut up bamabino. You are a tool and everyone on here knows it. Chizik could beat the midget with 30 players. Don’t say another word until I tell you to moron. Oh yeah, we won the BC and the redneck nation did not! HaHa!

  30. 36
    robert garrard

    Rc, Verbal gender harassment refers to offensive sexual messages aimed towards a victim that are initiated by a harasser. Such offensive messages include gender-humiliating comments, rape threats, and sexual remarks which are unwelcome, and are neither invited nor consensual. Verbal harassment can be either passive or active depending on whether the harasser targets a specific victim (active) or targets potential receivers (passive).

  31. 37

    I’ll post when I choose RETARDO.LMAO that Jizzlips could beat Saban with 30 players. You are quite delusional.

  32. 38

    Roberto Retardo, you might want to check with federal privacy laws before you go flinging accusations and threats.

  33. 42

    Oooooh, Robert, the private eye. Geez, dude, do you know how pathetic you look. In all the time that you’ve been trying to impress me, I’ve had dinner, done some home remodeling, fucked my wife, and have taken a dump. Where is Emily? Hopefully, she won’t get throat jondus from sucking off the pizza boy. Ooooh Roberts gonna call the law

  34. 43

    Robert, you calling everyone a faggot on here is a hate crime according to the deputy in my neighborhood. Bwahahahaa. Also, Emily is too young to be on here, and Child Protective Swrvices has been notified

  35. 45

    Retardo Loser. You said you had private info on RC, yet don’t know if we’re the same person? LMAO LOSER.

  36. 46

    I am not going to step up into anyone else’s juggf*ck opinion on who cheats best or most. There are always going to be arguments both ways. But in the case of Auburn there are several things that could well lead into some serious issues with the NCAA. These things while not altogether damning will bring the NCAA looking.

    1. Patrick Fain Dye. Ol’ Pat did the AU crowd a huge favor by stepping away when he did. Auburn was looking at some some serious accusations and when Dye stepped aside it took a ton of heat off the Tiger family. The bad thing is, that instead of Auburn distancing themselves from Coach Dye, they put him on the payroll and gave him an office doing some job that none of us (to this day)can name. The NCAA has not forgotten Pat Dye was running a rogue program.
    2. Wayne Bolt. Ol’ Wayne was considered to be Pat Dye’s main bag man back in the day. As soon as the Chiz got saved from losing his job at ISU, Wayne was asked to come back aboard. The NCAA has not forgotten his involvement in the Dye years. The only thing that Dye could have done that would have been dumber is ask Larry Blackeney to come back. That would have given the NCAA a case of broken necked whiplash.
    3. Supa Doopa Troopa. While some consider him a great recruiter who can get the top tier talent from time to time. Troopa has always been one to pretzelize the rules. He has become highly controversial and when the heads start to roll I look to see his as being the first.

    4. Cam Newton. Why does a guy turn down $180,000 to go play for free at a University he doesnt know jack Squat about. There is no Village in the Universe that damn lovely.

    5. Cecil Newton. “I did not take any money” I did not ask for any money” “Well I did ask for Money but came didnt know”……Sorry Auburn fans, but you do realise that you are only as strong as your weakest link and Ol’ Cecil is just too ghetto fabulous….and retarded. If the right people lean on him he will say anything to save his own a*s.

    6. the HBO4, talk about some news you didnt want to hear…. Just about the time Auburners where breathing a big sigh of relief over the Cam controversy, 4 of Auburn’s favorite sons came forward and well…. you know…All in all, that may be the nail that closes the coffin.

    7. Street agents. Walt Williams Pinnacle preps keeps taking hits. Eventually Walt may have to use someone else as his “get out of jail free card”. Unfortuantely (if it were just Walt) Auburn could explain it off with a good excuse but…. LO AND BEHOLD, the Lousiama boys came into focus. And everyone who passed 2nd grade art can see the pattern. The NCAA doesnt like the Street agent thing too much and are (more than likely) looking for a precedent to basically shut them out. My guess is they cant control the agents but if they decapitate a customer then others might be weary of the use of these agents.

    8. Bobby, Jimmy, Uncle Milty and the rest of the gang. Jeez. Talk about an albatross. The unfortuate side of this for the good folks who support and work for AU is that these few bad guys have bent the rules so often and brought disrepute to the school. Sure they may not have done any hundred dollar handshakes, but they have done so many other things that any dealings they had with the athletics of Auburn U. will be thrown under a microscope. Sorry Auburn faithful,But any rational person realises you cant be dirty and break the rules in just one aspect of your life without that behaviour bleeding over into other areas.

    The bottom line is Auburn has created its own problems by the complany it keeps, and the birmingham press has “conviently” chose to look in another direction. This creates the vacuum of if/when the sh*t hits the fan a lot of good folks who have chosen to believe in the high ideals and the creeds of thier University and the total belief that thier’s is a true and honorable place will get hit with the frying pan of reality full of hot bacon grease.

  37. 47
    robert garrard

    First of all, Rc is a weirdo pervert that harassed minor females. Go on thinking we’re the same person if you want to be I can promise you we are not. Second, Emily has every right to be on what is SUPPOSED to be a sports site without the fear of bring sexually harassed by an old pervert. There is no place on this site where to have to verify your age idiot, you stupid perverted redneck. And lastly, I’m even wondering if you are not ITK. Otherwise, I can’t believe you would be allowed to keep posting the sick and perverted things that you post. You are on old, sick and pathetic man that needs to try to find someone that would offer you some type of gainful employment (I understand that would be hard for you). I won’t be responding to your moronic comments today, because I am feel a little sick at my stomach for even conversing with your type. Oh yeah, AU are NC’s and bammer isn’t! Satan is a short loser. Bammer will lose at least three games again in 2011.

  38. 48

    Robert, please quit posting (sorry RC, I know you are enjoying getting Robert riled up) because you are proving my point from the previous blog… have got to be the dumbest SOB alive, AND YOU ARE HERE PROVING IT !!

    Please, try to be a responsible father and keep your daughter (if she exists)out your conversations and this site. I know being an Auburn fan logic does not register to you, but I have your address (that you posted…idiot) so I can mail you a Blue’s Clue’s pop-up book that can explain it.

    Oh yeah, Chizik sucks and this year will prove it…..hell, the next 5 years will prove it.

  39. 49

    Legit NC’s > Bought NC’s (1957*, 2010*)

    I’m glad Bama wins em the right way. It must suck being an AU fan and having a toothless coach with a bunch of thug players and, sadly, coaches.

    Oh, well…..

  40. 50

    Once again, tmc, you nailed it. I agree 100% with your assessment of the Auburn situation. If the Auburn loons that frequent this site could only admit the truth. I think when the losing starts this season, with the types of recruits Troopa has been buying, the team will implode from the inside. The 4 arrested are not the only thugs at Auburn. Just the only ones that got caught. I think in the end you will see a few players from the last two Auburn recruiting classes admit to Auburns dirty recruiting, just to save their own butt. And everyone knows that when Pat Dye got back involved, all the sudden recruiting picked up for a 7-5 team. Chizik has never been known for being a great recruiter, until Auburn. I believe Auburn hired someone who is willing to look the other way, unlike Terry Bowden and Tuberville. They gripe about Saban violating the ‘bump rule’ and yet their own recruits are going around bragging about getting money and iPhones for visiting Auburn.

  41. 51

    Robert is the dumbest SOB alive. If Emily really exists, I feel bad for her. She’ll probably be turning tricks next year at this time.

  42. 52

    roberta, Are you talking about the potty-mouthed Emily that was posting here? Thats your daughter? That figures. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You are here why? Because you want to troll Bama sites and argue with Bama fans. And you are teaching your daughter to be retarded like that too. Way to go, that is father of the year material right there. So quit being all high and mighty about what someone says to you on the internet. You are supposed to be the troll making everyone else mad. If you don’t like the way people are talking to you here, you can leave at anytime. But yet you keep coming back for more, so you deserve all you get. I don’t think you are a very smart person or a good parent at all. But please be here for ASS-WHOOPIN DAY 11-26.

  43. 53

    I didn’t see Auburn in the USA Today list below….CAM must have been a budget buster.

    Most big-time schools winning the profit game

    In 2009-10, athletics programs at 22 of the 228 Division I public schools generated enough money
    from media rights contracts, ticket sales, donations and other sources (not including allocated
    revenue from institutional or government support or student fees) to cover their expenses.

    School Total revenue Generated revenue Allocated revenue Total expenses Difference

    Oregon $122,394,483 $119,709,341 $2,685,142 $77,856,232 $41,853,109*

    $130,542,153 $125,562,153 $4,980,000 $98,961,214 $26,600,939

    Penn State $106,614,724 $106,614,724 $0 $88,041,921 $18,572,803

    Michigan $106,874,031 $106,640,861 $233,170 $89,133,850 $17,507,011

    Oklahoma State $106,362,128 $100,708,922 $5,653,206 $83,748,207 $16,960,715

    $88,735,093 $88,209,386 $525,707 $74,438,196 $13,771,190

    Texas $143,555,354 $143,555,354 $0 $130,436,534 $13,118,820

    $98,512,287 $98,512,287 $0 $87,678,199 $10,834,088

    Georgia $89,735,934 $86,533,389 $3,202,545 $77,250,831 $9,282,558

    LSU $111,030,795 $111,030,795 $0 $102,326,769 $8,704,026

    Kansas State
    $53,436,790 $50,201,682 $3,235,108 $42,337,682 $7,864,000

    Florida $117,104,407 $112,693,506 $4,410,901 $105,824,376 $6,869,130

    Texas A&M $82,774,133 $82,774,133 $0 $75,941,926 $6,832,207

    Arkansas $78,072,620 $76,377,647 $1,694,973 $71,801,905 $4,575,742

    Purdue $61,653,561 $61,653,561 $0 $58,365,143 $3,288,418

    Michigan State $83,545,892 $83,545,892 $3,348,785 $78,162,447 $2,034,660

    Nebraska $73,483,733 $73,483,733 $0 $71,738,068 $1,745,665

    West Virginia $62,030,104 $57,774,867 $4,255,237 $56,607,917 $1,166,950

    Indiana $69,287,811 $66,905,296 $2,382,515 $65,796,415 $1,108,881

    Virginia Tech $63,613,464 $56,706,913 $6,906,551 $55,738,633 $968,280

    Ohio State $123,174, 176 $123,174, 176 $0 $122,739,754 $434,422

    Washington $64,034,410 $61,851,895 $2,182,515 $61,640,598 $211,297

  44. 54

    Well ….Whore since Cam wasn’t at Auburn in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, his measly $200k wouldn’t show up as a cost for that period. We didn’t pay his dad until after the 2010 season. That’s why his church didn’t get fixed until after last season. At least do a little bit of research before you accuse.

    Auburn had $92 mil in revenue for the 2009-2010 period. This is more than UGA and places Auburn around #11. Not sure about profits, there is this little $96 mil basketball arena that needed to be funded.

  45. 55

    Very funny, Hoopie:

    I can assure you the NCAA is not laughing, that’s at least what my source has told me. I talked to that person at lunch, and that person told me that once again, Auburn University was on the docket of their Friday morning meeting. Let’s see what you have to say for yourself now!

  46. 56

    Finally ..TMC ..thanks for at least putting out an intelligent response. I disagree, but at least appreciate that you have enough command of English to be coherent. Here’s my response to your items:

    #1 and #2. Those ol’ boyz stay drunk and the NCAA doesn’t care what happened 19 years ago.

    #3. Lot of speculative smoke signals being sent to the NCAA about Troop by our opponents. We’ll see.

    #4. MSU didn’t offer Cam the money or at least so they say. AU knew about this issue prior to letting Cam sign and come too the Plains. It is really time for you to let this go.

    #5. See #4

    #6. HBO4. If there were any proof, then HBO would have shown it during their “show”. Other than that, the NCAA doesn’t have time to chase down unproven accusations from disgruntled ex-players. If the NCAA were prone to do so, then they would be investigating $aban right now for the medical redshirts he forced on the Bama disgruntled players.

    7. Street agents. We’ll see. Seems to me that the NCAA is investigating to see what is going on so that they can make some rules to control the situation. It needs to be done. Without those rules it’s gonna be very hard to find a violation.

    8. Lowder, et al. Give me a break. Auburn is much smarter than to allow those targets to spread around their dirty cash. The myth that the FBI tapes indicate Auburn football that was spread around the state of Alabama by the REC is just silly for many reasons.

  47. 57


    You really are dumb as a brick.

    #1. THE NCAAA LISTENS TO DISGRUNTLED EX-PLAYERS AND COACHES ALL THE TIME. Mr. Short term memory loss, have you forgotten about Eric Ramsey and Gene Jelks to name a couple?


    #3. THere is an NCAA Investigator THAT HAS BEEN SEEN DAILY during the corruption trial of McGregor. Why is he there exactly? Are you stumped, Hoopie?

    #4. STREET AGENTS: THE NCAA IS NOT CONDUCTING RESEARCH YOU DAMN IDIOT SAVANT. They never do anything for research purposes!

    #5. Another one of my sources at the Birmingham News tells me that Trooper Taylor did try to buy pussy for Auburn athletes.

    Hoopie, if you cannot be objective, you will be the next person to go on this website. Even if you come back as another name, your M.O. is the same and you will be deleted again. Have you ever heard of OBJECTIVITY or journalistic integrity? You damn gump

  48. 58
    robert garrard

    Whore eagle. Even if my daughter did respond with some inappropriate comments, I would hope an adult could show some restraint when it comes to posting completely sick and perverted comments you stupid redneck. And as far as coming on here trolling, the only articles I even read on this joke of a site are the ones that are about your big brother. Unfortunately, that is most of the articles on here because you redneck perverts are so obsessed with Auburn and how we have surpassed you tools in just two Chizik seasons. Auburn is now big brother baby, and will be for now on. If little napoleon nickie didn’t do so well in recruiting by paying players like Calloway and kuondjo, he would be exposed for the mediocre coach that he is. Coach Chizik won with tubbs talent which never was top five talent. Everyone knows that Calloway and kuondjo wanted to come to school at Auburn but money had already exchanged hands between “peaches” , Kuondjo’s parents and bammertown. They felt obligated to redneck nickie and intimidated into changing their decision back to a loser school. Bama has also had an unusually high frequency of dealings with suspicious so called guardians. Don’t throw rocks when you live in a extremely fragile glass house you Saban worshipping redneck tool.

  49. 59

    Robert Robert Robert:

    you’re making yourself look like a dum ass white trash, redneck Auburn fan again:

    1) Alabama will ALWAYS be Auburn’s big brother. Do you honestly think the national press thinks of Auburn and that cow town the same way as THE UNIVERSITY of Alabama Crson Tide. Auburn’s inferiority complex and little brother persona was firmly established YEARS ago, and there is NOTHING Auburn can do about it matter how many players they pay to come to that cow town. Auburn will be beaten in the next 3 years (at least) absent a one man wonder like Cam the Scam.

    2) you are a terrible father. Your potty mouth daughter ought to be disciplined, but being an Auburn fan, you don’t believe in discipline. I bet the little bitch Emily (if she exists) spreads her legs for the whole football team after performing fellatio on them. I bet you look the other way if Auburn is recruiting them too, you white trash piece of shit.

    This is the last time I’m warning you, Robert. LOL

  50. 61
    robert garrard

    Every kid at Russellville High saw Calloway drive that car to school. Every bammer on here seems to have unnamed “sources”. Well my sources tell me that the Calloway situation is far from over. He is miserable about the fact that he has to play there. Word is that he is about to sing like a bird (thats just what my sources say). My source also said that Corey Grant has also been saying some stuff that implicates bama in some recruiting violations. He was really disgruntled when he jumped ship. I’m just saying to watch out bammers, It’s coming.

  51. 62

    One more thing:

    all you dumb ass Auburn fans say the same thing: “we only come here to defend/read articles about Auburn.” FIRST, I and any other Alabama alumnus/fan/whatever can talk about that sorry, hayseed, white trash University whenever the hell we want. If you didn’t think what we were saying was true, you wouldn’t feel the need to defend it. What fucking moron goes on a rival website trying to win an argument, or offers his daughter up like Robert Garrard?! Get over yourselves. Auburn people are white trash and the scum of the earth. Your creed is not worth the shit paper it’s written on. If any of you Auburn people were objective, you’d see that

  52. 64

    Hahahaha, NICE TRY ROBERT! Nothing will EVER come from any false allegations made by low life Auburn boosters. The only reason why Calloway is upset is because his role models would not let him accept the cash Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor were distributing out. He could care less about Auburn and their poisoned trees.

    How many cocks has Emily (if she exists) had in her mouth at her young age?

  53. 65
    robert garrard

    It’s ok Rc, everyone commits spelling errors. Most of us just don’t have such a inferiority complex that causes us to post the correction immediately afterward. Don’t worry so dang much about convincing everyone that you aren’t dumb. You have left us with absolutely no other choice but to believe that you are extremely DUM. I mean dumb. Dahhh…. You moronic fool

  54. 66
    robert garrard

    About the same number of National Championships that bama will win in the future. ZERO!!! Corey Grant is gonna spill the beans you DUM meathead!

  55. 67

    Oh Robert,

    there is nothing you can say to me to make me feel dumb. The fact that you keep responding to me shows how dumb you are.


    Does Emily (if she exists) take it up the ass from the short bus students as well?

  56. 69

    Hey Everyone,

    how many of you think that Robert Garrard’s so-called daughter (If she exists) Emily, has a gloryhole carved out in her bathroom for all her “guests” or “clients?”

  57. 70
    robert garrard

    Rc, your comments about Emily show how DUM you are considering she never did exist, you big ole smelly DUM DUM. Corey’s coming!

  58. 71

    EVERYONE, did you all catch that:

    Robert Garrard just admitted that he lied about having a daughter named Emily, yet I’m the dumb one because my touch phone omitted a “b” in “dumb.” CLASSIC. Garrard admits he has no daughter, yet NIGHTLY acts like a concerned father over what appears to have been just a blow up doll he treats as his daughter. Schizophrenic maybe?! Or just plain “Auburn.” whatever, he’s WHITE TRASH to the core!

  59. 72


    you can have Bama’s Sloppy Seconds, much like any guy who dates the fictional (?) daughter Emily will be getting. THIS IS FUN. I’M IN YOUR HEAD

  60. 73
    robert garrard

    Good jobe rc. Uh, i mean job. Schizophrenic is a big word for a dummy like you. I had to look at your post while I was writing this so that I could spell it correctly. Man please lay off making fun of my disorder. I was born schizophrenic and can’t help it. You are a bammer and you could do something about that if you really wanted to leave retardoville for a real team.

  61. 74
    robert garrard

    Gotta go now Rc. I’ll be back later to play. Us big boys can only have so much fun time before It’s time to do some work. You know, worky time.

  62. 75
    robert garrard

    Whore eagle, I also don’t want your dumb was to post on here any longer. I will give you the green light when you can post again you DUM, I meant dumb bitch.

  63. 76

    LIAR is obviously Retardo Garrardo’s middle name.Now he’s just trying to cover his phuckup by saying Emily doesn’t exist.

  64. 77

    Damn Retardo, 7 minutes worth of work? Glad you helped mommy put away the silverware like a good boy.

  65. 78


    Robert’s gotta go to his shift at Taco Bell. Did u notice he actually misspelled “ass” with “was.” GASP. Only a perso with a tiny tot dick like RObert Garrard tries to blow up typos. DUMB ass

  66. 82

    I’ve been retired for years Retardo. But when I did work it took two men to replace me on days I was out.I could work circles around your monkeyass. I have no doubt a monkey could replace you and the world would not skip a beat.

  67. 83
    robert garrard

    I mean FAT OLD ASS! My bad, dip shit (rc) is rubbing off on me. Between your DUM DUM ASS and him this sight is making my head spin from the dumbness, you FAT MONKEY LOVER!

  68. 86
    robert garrard

    I’m done with this site! You guys were too much for me. I’m sorry I made you guys not like me. Please like me!

  69. 87
    robert garrard

    The Mighty Alabama Crimson Tide is the best, most tradition rich college football team in the land! Now please like me!

  70. 88
    robert garrard

    Oh wait. What I meant was bammertown sucks and I can’t stand you fat,redneck,three loss,overrated, oversigning bastards that wear wife beaters and don’t shower except when you are getting prepared to do your monkey wives up their stretched out anus! BITCHES!

  71. 89

    No problem. Cheetah looks better, smells better, and is actually funnier than you. I’m sure he’ll fill in admirably for you.

  72. 90

    Guys, I’m starting to think Robert may be 10 years old or really slow for his age. Either way, we may want to ease up. I don’t believe in making fun of the mentally challenged and arguing with a 10 year old is embarrassing.

  73. 91
    we own you

    Well let me check…8:28 P.M. on June 17th 2011 and the NC trophy is still in Auburn. According to all of you turds “sources” the trophy was suppose to have been taken away by the NCAA by now. Go look at your Feb. and March posts. We win the NC and yall get to claim the biggest choke and puke job in Iron Bowl history. Congrats on the great accomplishment! saban is now known in the college football world as “the coach that did less with more then any other coach in NCAA history”. Yet another great feat from the 2010 crimson tide. You guys should be proud.

  74. 92
    robert garrard

    Whore eagle,
    Your wife thought I was extremely mature for a ten year old for most of last night you limp d@#k nanny. However, I don’t think I’ll hook up with her anymore. First of all, she looks like she got into a ice pic fight without a pic and she is almost as ugly as your dead mamma was. So fuck you Dick face!

  75. 93
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Don’t worry about pillowbitter whoreeagle. All these retarded rednecks are brain dead from smelling all the tire factory tar smell in the shit town Tuscaloosa.

    We own them in their own redneck stadium. I remember the record is 9-2. And yes BamaBimbo, I will be here after the IB after your loser team lays another egg.

    Your midget coach is owned, your red headed pseudo-DC will be fired, (what is his name again?), he hasn’t recruited anyone of note to the mullet team, your McElwane will be owned again by our defense, your stringbean QB McElGirl #2 will be out of the game, and all the rednecks will be unhappy. It will be like Christmas morning.

    Your whole fanbase is the most pathetic group of rednecks I have ever seen. Are you terrorists gonna blow up one of our buildings next? Maybe like a redneck Jihaad?

  76. 95
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    And RC is a gay midget lover to Nicket. That why he talks to everyone with such vile language. He is so used to giving Nicky a rusty trombone (tossing Nickys salad with a reach around), that he can help having a potty mouth. I am out like RCs fat mom in dodge ball….

    Blowtide you losing cunts!

  77. 97

    For a good laugh if you go to awbarn on I 85 north just as you are coming to the main awbarn exit which is exit 51 on your right you will see the awbarn city limits sign then look to you left and what do you see? A amazingly huge trailer park complete with bass boats and 4×4 trucks. Also if you come in on wire road all you pass is trailer parks getting to the pasture just a little fyi for the trailer trash barners on here that have never been to awbarn

  78. 98

    Cool, we’ve been expecting Retardo’s replacement as Barntarded U.’s new mascot. Welcome CHEETAH, just put your stuff down over there and lead us all in a few cheers.

  79. 99
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Something like your mom being the replacement for Debbie does Nicky the Tatoo midget from Fanatasy Island. I think she gives Nicky a rusty trombone with RC while eating a moonpie.

  80. 101

    Nicket, get ready to bend over. The NCAA is coming fast and hard.

    And that isn’t a cliche. Your beloved Tigresses are dead freaking meat.

    How’s that taste, bitch?

  81. 103
    robert garrard

    Nicket, I am somewhat new to this sorry excuse of a site, but I have learned fairly quickly that it’s “no holds barred”. I started out somewhat civilized, but found out quickly that unless you insult these backward, Auburn obsessed, redneck fags that pull for a sorry excuse of a team that doesn’t live up to expectations that there is no reason to post. We own these bitches like Rc owns a state funded food stamp card! Look it up idiots, we are “THE TEAM” in Alabama over the last thirty years. Considering my age, the fact of the matter is that thirty years is modern day college ball. I understand that the OLD FAT MORONS around here like Rc, bamabino and whorebama probably consider the last seventy years or more to be modern history, but that is just a pipe dream for these Auburn wannabe’s. Oh yeah, Rc, whorebama and bamabino are all homos. It’s a fact, just ask nickie satan and Kirby DUM.AUBURN made Saban look like a f@#%ing amateur! Oh wait a minute, he is an amateur. I hope you keep posting Nicket , you embarrassed these fools like short, balding nickie embarrasses his back up quarterback. You beat their a** on the sidelines!

  82. 104
    robert garrard

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to remind the bammers that AU is the Reigning National Championship Team! I’ll talk to you rednecks in the morning if there is another article obsessing about Auburn, otherwise I might leave you pitiful ,fat, retired, monkeyhumpers alone,so that you will have time to beat your wives between posts. AUBURN OWNS THE REDNECK NATION FOREVER AND EVER AMEN! BAMA AND SABAN SUCK!

  83. 105

    Hey Robert and Nicket…just a few reasons to worry:

    1. Cam
    2. Street agents and runners
    3. 7 on 7
    4. Paying for unofficial visits
    5. Prostitutes
    6. Blackmail threats
    7. Using recruiting sites to help you break rules
    8. Dead period contacts
    9. Handlers
    10. Academic fraud
    11. The HBO 4
    12. And now, fun in South Florida

    Yeah, the fambly has NOTHING to worry about. Move along, nothing to see here.

    Grab your ankles Aubies. The NCAA is coming and they ain’t bringing lube.

    Take a picture of that trophy, boys. T’won’t be there long.

  84. 106

    I believe Robert takes it up the ass because I heard after Chizik fucked a pig in front of the team before the Arkansas game, he wanted Robert to lick his finger

  85. 107

    I know for a fact that after Jizzlips was done with the pig, he pulled up his drawers,drew back his hand, and poked the pig right in the eye.”NOW WHO’S MAN ENOUGH TO TRY IT.” Immediately $Cam raised his hand. “Duh, ok coach. But do you have to poke me in the eye?”

  86. 108

    Jesus H. Christ! This damn thread went to dogshyt fast. This robert garrard has got to be the dumbest motherphucker I’ve ever seen post on here. Between him and EWOK there’s not enough brains to figure how to get a soapbox go-cart to roll downhill. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Responding to that lunacy only puts you on the same level as them. They would both serve the world much better if they were in Bryce juiced on Thorazine. Phuck this shyt. RTR!

  87. 109

    We need to have 1 moderator on here that will zap the Auburn trash when they post their biased Bullshit, not the Nazi, anti-Alabama mods that are on I can’t believe that un-biased comments from the Alabama fanbase are now zapped on, but the mean-spirited, white trash Auburn fans can keep posting nonsense

  88. 110

    Robert, Hoopie, and the rest of the white trash Auburn fans:

    We will continue to post articles about Auburn unless we find out their program decides it is time to clean house. We will continue to expose Auburn University for the low-level trash that they are as long as they continue to cheat. PERIOD. Stop making excuses that “we only come over here when our scum Auburn University is being written or ‘obsessed’ over” because all parties on here know that’s bullshit. Even after you guys won the National Championship, you were still OBSESSING over Alabama, trying to compare Auburn’s 2 TAINTED National Championships to our 8 National Championships OR are 13 recognized titles. No matter how many YOU THINK we should have, it is still more that is nationally recognized for Auburn, and more than WE THINK you really DESERVED or claimed. It also doesn’t matter which Iron Bowls you think should be classified as “modern” either. You can’t coin your own era or count only a time period of games. EVERY announcer or pundit will tell you that Auburn is Alabama’s little brother because of the ass whipping foundation set long ago by Alabama in this rivalry.

    What do you call a fanbase that continuously manipulates and cherrypicks stats on a RIVAL website. OBSESSED, maybe. So, a barely 16-12 record since 1983 (Bryant’s death) is domination? If that’s the case, 40-34-1 (and counting) OVERALL is UTTER DOMINATION and Auburn is STILL our little brother/sister/bitch!

  89. 111

    RC, I stopped reading long ago for that very reason. God forbid you post about BARNERGEDDON over there.Nor do I go to any Barntard websites and read their BS, much less post there.

  90. 112

    I love it! The website that continually writes more blogs about the other team somehow has the audacity to say the other fans are obsessed for reading and responding. I guess it makes sense though. After all, you are the same fan base that are you quick to point fingers, despite the fact that you are CURRENTLY on probation. And of course, all pro-Auburn comments are biased, while are Bama comments are fair. The very fact that you make this claim illustrates just how biased you guys are.

  91. 114


    I know you and the rest of the Auburn fanbase are as DUMB as a pile of bricks, but since I refuse to believe that some Auburn people are really decent human beings, I’ll explain it again and as long as I find necessary:

    We will continue as a website and on an individual basis to investigate and report ANY cheating that is uncovered at Auburn until your athletic department, which includes the fake Christian Chizik, decides that it is time to run a clean football program, and repent for the sins of boosters, coaches, and players.

    If Vanderbilt was caught cheating, we would be targeting them as well. Obsession (and stupidity) is coming on a rival website and starting arguments with people you don’t know. You’re nit going to change our minds about the low-life supporters or administrators at Auburn University. You are all more than welcome to civilly comment on any topics raised on these boards. However, we will not listen to REVISIONIST HISTORY about Auburn’s football status compared to BIG BROTHER ALABAMA nor will we listen nor uphold defense mechanisms for all the damn cheating that is occurring at Auburn by members of the football coaching staff, including your toothless Head Football Coach, Gene Chizik. Clean up your own backyard, and demand a clean football program from Jay Jacobs, Pat Dye, and Gene Chizik

  92. 115

    Revisionist history? I challenge anyone to provide evidence that I have posted anything inaccurate regarding the AU and UA records. You may disagree with whether statements about a certain time span is fair, but the data about those spans of time (that I have discussed) is accurate and indisputable.

    All also point out that my posts are typically “civil” since I go out of my way to avoid name calling, etc.

    Finally, your statement about the purpose of your posts only being to out Auburn’s alleged cheating is pure fantasy. You guys were regularly writing about Auburn well before the allegations came out. I don’t know why it is such an issue for you guys to just admit that it’s part of college football to talk trash and banter.

  93. 116


    NEVER said they were inaccurate. In fact, if you looked back at some other posts, I gave the records since Bryant’s death myself. The point that you are not grasping or that you fail to see is that a 16-12 record is NOT domination. Even if you roll back the record ONE DECADE, it’s not surprising considering the circumstances OR considering the fact Alabama has losing records to almost HALF the other SEC teams, LA Monroe, LA Tech, Minnesota, etc etc etc. The bottom line remains that Auburn fans look foolish and look like they suffer from an inferiority complex everytime they come on here and brag about a tainted or unrepresentative record against Alabama. Although trash talk is common in college ball, Auburn fans raise it to unprecedented levels and look like little bitches in the process. Yes, Harvey Updyke is a piece of trash. I bet you the house that all the trash talking Auburn fans showed their asses to him instead of humbleness after the Camback, which if Auburn is not later penalized, will go down as the greatest win in school history. That’s a little sad and pathetic compared to Alabama’s greatest wins, but the only reason Auburn people live is to beat Alabama. My field source is telling me the NCAA investigation is heating up, so stay tuned

  94. 117

    Can we get Shane back on here please? That way we will have somebody posting on our side who’s as full of shyt as all these damn Barnturds are. Let’s see, we’ve been ranked #1 for 3 straight years and sometime during this coming season we’ll be #1 too. When that happens it might be a record ranked #1 four years straight, and it’s looking like 2013 will be even better. Tell you what Barnturds, phuck spinning records to show what you want them to show. How about you dipshyts just take the Whore Beagles and we’ll take the Crimson Tide for the next 50 years and see who has the most to brag about in 2061! Just guessing but the National Championship records should be more or less 22 to 3 by then. Agree or not, but I’ll still take Bama over Barnturd U. or anybody else during the next 50 years and so would Vegas. That’s all anybody needs to know. RTR!

  95. 118

    Robert and Nicket….you can tell both of these guys haven’t been laid in a long time. They have to come to this site to get off, since girls and fags won’t have anything to do with them.

    Plus, they would piss on themselves if they made any of their remarks in person. I guess growing up gay they were bullied a lot.

    Roll Tide…..The Defending LEGITIMATE National Champions

  96. 119

    Here’s Finebaum talking to an alleged FBI agent. Dude says that the FBI wouldn’t issue tapes to NCAA. My FBI agent “friends” say the same thing. So much for the McGregor-Lowder rumors.

  97. 120


    the tapes might not be released, but there have been (and WILL BE) rotating field agents at McGregor’s trial AND Gilley’s trial regarding testimony linking Auburn football players to winnings at the “casinos” and dogtrack

  98. 121

    Everything is going to play out. There is just too much smoke for it all to be innocent. Even the most illogical person would have a hard time saying Auburn is going to come out completely unscathed.

    I mean, even Chiziks new contract stipulates that his pay will not be affected by a NCAA investigation and sanctions.

    Why get that insurance policy if you know you will never need it?
    Answer: You don’t.

  99. 123
    we own you

    Its good to see all of you dead beat bama dads would rather be on this useless POS wannabe sports board, and not spending time on fathers day with your nasty, lice infested, mullet wearing wife and kids. I see none of the made up BS has came true yet. The trophy is STILL in Auburn, And bama is still king of iron bowl choke jobs.

  100. 124

    Well, there is the hypocritical “We Own You” coming on a RIVAL WEBSITE ON FATHER’S DAY while his Auburn graduate wife is taking pictures of the kids humping the family goats and cows. I wouldn’t expect anything different from a fan/graduate of an AG SCHOOL. MOOOOOOO

  101. 125

    I love it that the dumb ass Auburn fans are contributing to the success of the website with all their ninny nanny inferiority complex issues. The only thing Auburn owns is a bad case of hemmorhoids. They’ve only beaten one good Alabama team since Stallings’ retirement, yet “We Own You” and the rest of the Auburn dildos consider victories over Shula legitimate? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  102. 126

    Somebody should inform “we own you” that it’s illegal to cornhole your underage sister and it’s beyond stupid to type a blog post while cumming inside of her. The distraction of her screams and resulting orgasms of both parties produces the retarded kind of bullshyt in his post above. RTR!

  103. 130
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    You little Rusty trombone salad tosser. Your team sucks like your mullet and tire smell shit town Tuscaloosa. Here is a middle finger from the bottom of my scrotum. Go puke on your own bile.

  104. 132

    SEC Wins Since 1981
    Auburn: 141
    Alabama: 129 Bowls Since 1981
    Auburn: 22 (15-6-1)
    Alabama: 19 (12-7)

    Heisman Trophy Winners since 1981
    Auburn: 2
    Alabama: 1

    NCAA Probations since 1981
    Auburn: 1
    Alabama: 3

  105. 133

    The AP recently did a story pointing out that Auburn only claims wire service championships. If Auburn counted championships like several other schools count championships, the Tigers would be sitting on nine (1910, 1913, 1914, 1957, 1958, 1983, 1993, 2004, 2010).

    We all know about Alabama’s illustrious history. The Tide “claims” 13 national titles. The NCAA recognizes 11. The NCAA recognizes two for Auburn.

    We all know about Alabama’s dominance in the 70’s and before. We also know that Auburn decided in the early 80’s it was going to be a player on the national stage. When Auburn hired Pat Dye, the game changed for the Tigers – and for the Tide. So the question begs, is Auburn Alabama’s “little brother?”

    Auburn ended Alabama’s nine game Iron Bowl winning streak in 1982. It has been 30 years since Pat Dye was asked, “How long is it going to take you to beat Alabama?” He gave a simple answer: “60 minutes.”

  106. 134

    ^^^^ More Auburn propaganda.

    Auburn will always live in the shadow of The University of Alabama. Get used to it.

    No one likes you, and there have been more articles about Auburn cheating than there have been about winning the NC. Auburn=Born Losers, even when they win.

  107. 135

    Seems like a really simple question, but here goes:

    Has Auburn University recieved a letter of inquiry from the NCAA?

    If not, then STFU!

  108. 136

    They might have received the letter, but we wouldn’t know until they wanted us too. My field source is telling me that’s becoming a regular occurrence because of the recruiting ramifications

  109. 137

    hey pk it is a really simple question. Is the NCAA investigating Auburns recruiting practices? Yes they are. The letter usually comes about a year later. Ask USC, Tennessee, and yes, Alabama. So we get to laugh at you now, and when that letter comes, the image of you crying like a bitch will make us laugh even more!

  110. 138

    They don’t have an LOI yet simply because they won’t stop cheating long enough for the NCAA to issue a letter that won’t become obsolete from new violations before the Barnturds even recieve it! When the shytheads finally get one it will be the mother of all LOI’s. And how conveinent for you stupid cocksuckers to quote records starting after Bear left. How about picking any other time frame starting from say 1890 or how about since 2008 since that’s more indicative of the actual future. Or do inbred sister buggerers think you’re gonna repeat as West Champions this year? Bwaa Haww Haww Haww!!!!! What a bunch of time wasting retards. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

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