NCAA’s probe of Auburn widens to Florida

The probe of Auburn’s recruiting continues to widen with NCAA investigators hitting the state of Florida, according to this report from the Sun Sentinel.

David Hyde reports, “NCAA investigators are coming to South Florida this week to look into the recruiting of several high-school football stars and the methods of several colleges in doing so, according to a source. Among the schools whose recruits are in question: Ohio State, Louisiana State, Auburn and Tennessee. …High schools officials, street agents, seven-on-seven tournaments – they’re all going to be asked questions by the NCAA.”

This is big news if you see the trend. The NCAA is traveling around the south to places like Louisiana and now Florida in search of every piece of evidence it can find on Auburn. There have been strong indications that NCAA investigators have also visited Arkansas. What other trips are on the NCAA travel itinerary?

The truth is clear—Auburn is under a wide-ranging investigation of its recruiting practices. Why aren’t Alabama media outlets and newspapers investing time and resources to uncover the information in this case? Is’s bias and the fact the Birmingham News is published by an Auburn fan the reason why we must rely on out-of-state outlets to report this major story?

The situation grows darker with every report. When the NCAA begins its proctological exam, the results are never good. Unless you are a rival. Then you can sit back and enjoy the ride as information trickles out from around the nation.