REPORT: ‘Auburn has paid out $84,924.45 to student football recruiting hostesses and hosts since Oct. 2, 2009’

Everyone remember the problem that the University of Tennessee had with its HOstess program? (I recruits champions, you can thank me later…)

Not content to be outdone in questionable activities is Auburn and its football program. According to Sports By Brooks, “A recent financial audit by Sports by Brooks of payments made by Auburn University to student football recruiting hostesses since late 2009 revealed that the state-funded institution paid out tens of thousands of dollars to the student ‘Tigerettes’ charged with escorting football players during recruiting visits to the school.”

It should come as no shock to see Tennessee’s name linked with Auburn in a recruiting probe of South Florida. One must wonder if the use of hostesses has attracted the NCAA’s attention with Auburn the way it attracted attention at Tennessee.

If it hasn’t, perhaps today’s report will prompt the NCAA to broaden its already broad probe of Auburn and its recruiting practices.

114 thoughts on “Camgate, HBO4 and now Hostessgate for Auburn?”

  1. Wow ..not even a veiled attempt to try and hide your wishes for Auburn’s demise. Just out and out wishing for it to happen.

    Exhibit A:

    “If it hasn’t (already), perhaps today’s report will prompt the NCAA to broaden its already broad probe of Auburn and its recruiting practices.”

    I dated Tigerettes back in the day and my friend’s son was a Tiger Host in the late 90’s. The kid spent 20-30 hours a week on these duties and got paid.

    Did ya notice that Brooks just published the info and didn’t even try to spin it negatively? I’m sure he left it up to biased idiots like the “Capstone” to use their imagination.

    Nothing to see and move on.

    By the way, which SEC teams doesn’t have these paid hostesses? Bama sure does. The only difference is that $aban probably won’t release the info and will claim some kind of “privacy clause” to get around the freedom of info act.

    What a waste of a bytes. Hey Capstone …sometimes it is better to say nothing.

  2. I’m not biased. I’m simply commenting on today’s news.

    Tennessee’s hostess program was corrupt. All the UT fans said I was delusional for telling the truth back then. What about now? Looks like I was right.

    What is going on with Auburn’s hostess program?

    I think people need to examine it more closely to see if this is legitimate or not.

    If you have nothing to fear, why worry about the NCAA looking at your program?

  3. lol…. you crack me up, but thanks for the laughs. and BTW, I thought this was the Capstone report (news and commentaries re: Alabama athletics), yet you mainly report about Auburn.

  4. Fanatic, if you think having a sleazy athletic program is funny…well, that speaks volumes about you and the AU family. It’s a God Thing(tm)! There are serious probes going on of AU recruiting. Ask Tennessee how much fun that can be.

  5. Will Jay Jacobs resign, fall on the blade like his predecessor? Will the cult members still be in denial? How deep is this NCAA investigation going? Is Auburn hiring hookers to get recruits? Is Big Cat Weekend no more? Where is the Tiger Prowl 2011 Tour? All this and more, just keeping watching this season, As the Barn Burns…

  6. I think my blog name became more relevant…

    I thought Cam was the only whore in the village.

  7. capstonereport Says:
    June 20th, 2011 at 11:35 am
    I’m not biased.

    I can understand defending your article, but really? To even pretend that you’re not biased completely strips any shred of credibility you might have had. Why even go there? Everyone reading the blog knows you’re biased.

  8. Unlike most people I can be critical of everyone…including UA and its failure to abide by open records laws.

    While I admit EVERYONE is biased, there is no fun in making that response. 😉

  9. Shane,

    Why do you care so much? Maybe you should concentrate on the program you pretend to blog about and less on the program you obviously hate so much. You commenting on Auburn as dirty while UA has been on some form of probabtio for the past 14 is years is quite commical and hypocritical. If I was an Alabama fan, I would know where NOT to go for news on the athletic program; The Capstone Report. But hey, keep on calling in to FB and blogging about Auburn, because you do make me laugh.
    🙂 HAGO

  10. Why ask Tennessee, it is a shorter drive to UA and they are just as well versed in NCAA investigations 🙂 HAGO

  11. And one more comment for TC because he actually brings up a great point. I’ve argued in the past (in the archives here) that bias in newspapers can be a good thing. When you had Republican newspapers and Democratic newspapers, it created a healthy tension in the reporting of news. I know that is way out of our normal topic, but I think it is a fun thing to consider.

  12. Auburn fans talking BIAS is hilarious. Do you guys ever read Charles Goldberg’s articles on Before you start telling me he is a “beat” reporter, please, please understand that as a “beat” reporter, your job is to report the relevant facts, not the cherrypicked bias you want to claim are relevant facts.

    Auburn fans will start complaining “we only come here to defend Auburn in 3..2…1..?

    Robert Garrarrd will get his panties in a wad in 3..2…1

  13. RC, I think that is a great point. Auburn’s accustomed to pro-AU reporting and commentary.

  14. This is beyond absurd. I think if you look closely you will find many other schools have similar arrangements. These kids are working for the university. They deserve some compensation. And for the hours they put in, the compensation isn’t out of the ordinary. When I was at Auburn I tutored with the library and the athletic department and earned about $5,000 a year doing so. Perhaps I should turn myself in to the NCAA. Or perhaps you people shouldn’t overreact to every little thing.

  15. Cap, I agree that left, right, AU, or UA leaning publications can help further healthy debate and be enjoyable.
    Anyone who comes to a blog titled “capstonereport” should obviously be ready for a little UA tilt. My only (lighthearted) point was the absurdity of the “I’m not biased” line.

    As a sidenote, I have to disagree that AU fans are accustomed to pro-AU reporting and commentary. You might want to think back to the biggest story in CF last year: Scam Newton. But, after that several month long saga of bad press, who can blame the Auburn fans for looking for positive press. Obviously, we all like to read positive things about our team.

  16. WDEinTTown they overreact because thats the only thing that keeps them somewhat sane. I mean after the huge failure of 2010, and their most hated rival winning the National Championship they have to make up reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Now throw in the fact that CGC is kicking nicky’s ass in recruiting is really getting under their skin.I cant wait because another year or two of FAILURE by saban and company and the turn “nashun” will eat their young. Hope nicky has brick proof windows.

  17. Wooo look at all the Aubie Cult members rush to defend Auburn! If there is nothing to it, why worry about what we think about it? I don’t know which I will enjoy more this season: Watching Auburn lose spectacularly and not making a bowl game, or watching you guys go in psycho mode when that letter comes…

  18. We Own Nothing:

    It’s called NON BINDING COMMITTMENTS and it’s only June. I suspect some will DECOMMIT once their families are investigated, and the letter of inquiry arrives at Auburn, according to my sources. I can’t wait to see how Aubarn does the next two years ON THE FIELD. Giggle.

    Your screename is hilarious considering you guys didn’t even own Alabama when you were barely beating Mike Shula teams. You guys have only beaten one quality team (2010) in 15 years, and you only did that by one point. Keep it up moron, and we’ll keep investigating the cheating ways of Auburn University

  19. I love football like the next guy, but I would be appalled if my daughter was turning tricks for the football team

  20. Dammit man, 85K. At 20 dollars a pop, that’s a whole lotta hostessin’ goin on.

  21. It is Legal. You can argue and cuss the merits – it is Legal.
    Prostitutes like to get paid – right ?

  22. It is so illegal and shady that Auburn has a website dedicated to it and provided SbB will all the information immediately upon request.

  23. I don’t care to smear anyone’s reputation and I know that other schools have similar hostess programs…
    …but do they chunk out $84K?

  24. My guess would be 20K went to the hostesses and the rest went to the recruits.

    Cash and a Coed!…..I would probably commit too !

  25. I don’t want to say anything more than I have mentioned how the families of current Auburn recruits are having their financial records audited for this very reason. This isn’t surprising to me

  26. The comment by “augradstudent” at the Brooks article is troubling.

    He is either genuine…or very inventive…

  27. augradstudent is a fraud. Whoever that person is post that kind of stuff all the time. Grad students, even those of us who teach, don’t have that kind of access.

  28. I get the funny feeling that all of this is going to explode someday and make the state look very, very bad…

    All our thanks to: Bobby Lowder, Pat Dye, Milton McGregor, Jimmy Rane…

  29. I checked out to see if the cow college story about
    paying holes for football recruits and NOTHING on the story.

  30. You Auburn people are funny. “It’s perfectly legal!” you say. “Everyone else is doing it too!” But it sure is funny that the NCAA is singling you guys out in a lot of different areas of your recruiting practices. Odds are that they are going to keep on digging until they find something to hang you guys with. I think they are just beginning to see the depths Auburn was willing to go just to compete with Bama.

  31. and its sleazy editor and staff will not report it. While the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham News were all over UA’s investigations from ’00-02, the now pro-Auburn papers will shirk their responsibilities and duties to the citizens of Alabama. Scarbinsky is a former Auburn beat writer who STILL defends Auburn’s cheating at the drop of a hat. A newstaff full of scumbags

  32. I think we forgot about the faxwhore and Kouidanjio? That was ok right, just serving the REC with a little table top huh?

    Let Nicky open the books for all the hos in Loosa… I wonder how much they were paid. Sounds like I hear some Police in the background. Roxannneee, you don’t need to turn on that red light…

    Oh I forgot all of Nickys books are transparent like a Senate session. At least we don’t hide anything.

    Keep pushing the story, next thing is your favorite media reporter Scarby will ask Tattoo to open his books, since they are public record too. Then we can truly have a debate where all the cards are on the table, Losers.

  33. Cappy, RC the cola drinker, and crimsonite the small red pecker,

    No real journalistic source will ride this story. might have it on a sound off for you if you are good little mullets.

  34. poor ol Nicket sure got his panties all wadded up now didn’t he? Look, the NCAA is investigating AUBURN and their RECRUITING PRACTICES. After committing (intentionally) secondary violations by the handful when Chizik arrived (Big Cat Weekend, Tiger Prowl and all the silly publicity stunts), the NCAA is seeing that Auburn is a rogue school, willing to push the edge of the rules to the point they will go past the line just a little. And if they are willing to cross that line so blatantly, how far would they be willing to go? Lucky for us, the NCAA will take its time and soon we will all know the answers.

    So, all you Auburn cult members stay in denial, defend Auburns dirty practices with all the might you guys can muster. When that letter comes you are all going to be the laughing stock of college football, and the whole nation is going to take great pleasure in watching your program go down as being one of the worst in history.

  35. Ok Billy Butt Boy,
    Keep dreamin and you just might catch that shooting star, kid.

    I haven’t seen InTheKeyster around here in a while. I guess he is out with his hand.

  36. Ohio State is peanuts compared to Barntard U. LMAO. All the way up with a crimson hot poker barntards. BARNERGEDDON is nigh.

  37. It is a DEEEE-LIGHT watching the Awburine Fambly begin to crumble.


    Wonder what’ll crawl out of the pondscum for us to discover this week?

  38. Heck, even “Toomers for Tuscaloosa” is in the middle of a scandal. It seems no one knows where some of the money went and the guy who started it was pushed out by people in his own fambly. He is making alot of accusations.

    I wonder if some of that money went to recruits, too? (Seems like a stretch, but with Auburn, anything is possible)

  39. I notice that while some received payments (26 according to the article) the majority of the tigerettes/hostesses received nothing. They may be doing legitimate work but why the disparity?


    Do other schools shell out such large sums for hostesses?

  40. Are the hostesses “paid by the hour” or is it a salary position? Do they work for tips?

    First, we had the Tennessee “Volunteer” Traveling Squad (coming to a high school football game near you !)and now the Whore Eaglettes.

  41. @RollTide

    Evidently, those 26 receive pay for the duties they perform as student employees, not as hosts/hostesses. Not all of those in the program are student employees, therefore they do not receive pay. It appears SbB saw these names on the payroll and assumed they were being paid for their duties as Tiger Hosts/Hostesses. A poor job of fact checking if you ask me.

  42. Nobody’s name should be disparaged if nothing happened, and it appears this is a dead issue. Although it is reasonable to assume there are some shady business practices going on in Auburn, I think it’s best to let the whole investigative process continue on BOTH SIDES. The NCAA nor the FBI care about what rival websites have to report about each other. This goes for Auburn too. Why does that moron who wrote that piece about Brent Calloway still have a job?

  43. Just more fuel for the fire that is burning under Auburn right now. It is 70+ days before the season starts, and you just know that there is plenty of time for some other things to come to light. Auburn is under scrutiny on just about every aspect of their recruiting tactics. You Auburn people can’t stand the attention, and coming to a Bama site to defend Auburn is really funny.
    I mean, you guys just won the National Championship, and there has been more articles across the nation about you guys being cheaters than champions. That is pretty funny right there. Even when you are winners, you are still losers.

  44. Jeffrey Lee is who I am talking about. Oh, BTW, Auburn people post just as much trash on this website as Bama fans do on Auburn websites. Stop acting like a bunch of hypocrites

  45. I am not a hypocrite because I don’t even visit an Auburn website. I could care less what Auburn fans really think about Bama or their fans, but it is fun to slap them around while they are here. I mean, what exactly do they expect will happen? Why even bother visiting an Auburn site, when the most ignorant of them end up here anyway?

  46. These Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts do the hosting for free. They get paid when they do administrative work (running copies, etc.) for the AD.

    This is normal.

    Someone is feeding this stuff to Brooks and I think that soon even Brooks will get tired of being made a fool of.

    This is another much ado over nothing from a rogue blogger that has been fed some BS to post.

  47. Hoopster Dumpster, that’s a hell of a lot of wishful thinking you guys are doing. This is not a where there’s smoke there’s fire thing that you can turn around on us and say we have the same things going on. Besides, it was Barnturd people inventing the bullshyt smoke against Alabama, whereas it’s official investigators coming up with the stuff against Awbie. Nope dude, as far as Awbie is concerned this is officially “WHERE THERE’S FIRE THERE’S AN INFERNO”. Did you rockturds bring your asbestos suits? RTR!

  48. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not hating.

    Been laughing a lot this off-season, but have felt no hate.

    Did Auburn actually win the NC*? Haven’t heard about it much.

  49. Probably because you have been too busy hiding your face after that historic meltdown.

  50. Not nearly as pathetic as Auburn cult members flooding this Bama site with weak attempts at sugar coating Auburns dirty football program. It is your program under the microscope. We have heard for years from you guys about how Bama cheats, Bear Bryant cheated, Saban cheats, and Bama lies about National Championships. Yet this stuff happening right now, at Auburn, under your very noses, and you guys have the same excuse over and over again. Nothing to it, it is REC lies. Just a lot of Auburn BS.

    Face it, Auburn has been breaking the rules. It started with intentional secondary violations, and it got out of control. Auburn has many well known shady boosters that have been involved with the program. What did you guys think would happen once the NCAA started looking? You guys are so blind and in denial. Talk about pathetic.

  51. It will be ok BamaBrainless, when there is actual proof of something, wake me up. But reading a rivals “facts” and “news” is entertaining as all get out for me. Auburn fans flooding and trolling your site is fantastic. If you say you don’t go to a rivals site and post, then I am inclined to believe you. Whether you pay for your internet, or your mom does, it’s your business what sites you visit. Myself, I dont post on Auburn boards at all. I have REAL people that I discuss things with, and when I want comedy and fiction, I head straight for the crapstone report. You keep calling this your site yet you post blog after blog about another school that put that proverbial pillow over your face and smothered you. You want this to be an exclusive site for liars and chokers, and get your panties in a wad over the least little shyt. See what I did there, changed the spelling. I have been here long enough to know your rules. As long as you are pro Bammer, such as lets say that disgusting piece of trash in Mexico, you can use every name in the book. But then again, when, like him, you have no creativity whatsoever, what do you expect. In all fairness to you Brandy, you are probably the best of the bunch in here. 🙂

  52. I heard there are some bad storms headed to a trailer park near you, Auburn fans. I think you’ll all be safe as long as there are no Auburn football players around


    Anyone notice that ESPN doesn’t spew the ridiculous rumors about Auburn anymore? They seemingly have finally realized that there is a wizard behind the curtain that is fueling this mess and are tired of getting embarrassed for airing these false rumors about Auburn.

    “According to reliable sources, ESPN is now keeping close watch over Joe Schad due to the breathless, poorly sourced, highly predjudicial mud he flung at Newton and his family during his coverage of allegations against Auburn’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback.

    Several of Schad’s more sensational efforts failed to pass the most basic tests of credibility and he also jumped out on at least one completely unsubstantiated limb that snapped under the weight of truth.”

    It’s about time someone got held accountable for slinging false mud.

  54. Anybody notice that Joe Shad doesn’t do the “wild rumor” thing on ESPN anymore?

    He has been sanctioned by ESPN.


  56. I don’t see anything remarkable about this whole thing. Football Players have ( and will ) always gotten laid and this system of using paid escorts – is nothing new. This a business – and using women is part of it. It is really all about getting real homies. I’m sure that there is a lot of good old boys that are hateful and jealous that brothers – for the most part – are getting all those white girls. It ain’t that cuz. It is just a girl trying to make a living – pays more than working at Mickey Dee’s and is more glamorous.

  57. SportsByBrooks is not credible, why do you quote the site. The article on the Tigerettes being paid at Auburn is factually incorrect. The girls DO NOT get paid for being Tigerettes as SBB claims. Check the facts. All of them that got paid have PT jobs at Auburn University and get paid accordingly. Probably the exact same situation at UAT, and other SEC schools. The article’s main premise is factually incorrect, then loosely tied together with inuendo and speculation, classic gossip mag material. Is that what capstone report is, a “gossip site”?

  58. pk, glad you cleared it all up for us. You are so smart. We are here making fun of Auburn. You see, in the context of Tennessee using hostesses, and the trouble that it got them into, it is not a stretch to wonder if Auburn may possibly guilty of the same thing. After all, they have been deliberately committing secondary violations with no concern for two years running now. All they need to know is if any of the Tigerhos traveled to to their bidness. If any of them did, that will be just another log on the fire under Auburns ass.

  59. BamabrainBoy,
    Ever wonder what your faxwhore was doing? I mean is she a paid escort for Alabama? Could it be possible that your Lilly white program does similar things attracting recruits? Wow… Hmmmm….

    Tongue in cheek, wonder if Tatoo knows if that is going on too? And thug U, Mr athletic director with a prostitute GA team. Noooo, they would never do anything even remotely similar. I’m gonna go tell Poppa Smurf on you.

    What a douche bag you are. Do you actually think other SEC teams aren’t doing the same thing? You need a pacifier for that whine? Or maybe some cheese? How much lack of insight do you have loser?

  60. Poppa Smurf, Poppa Smurf AU is having white Tigerette hostesses fuck young Afican American studs with 15 inch peckers, and I, BamaBiddyDick can’t see my penis cause of my stomach…

    It’s ok BamaBiddy…I Poppa Smurf Saban am doing the same thing. I started doing it the first month I got here, the faxwhore sucked me off and tossed my salad. She then kissed ITK, RC, & Crimsonite. They loved the inner man in me taste.

  61. Nicket,

    I got my dick in your old lady’s mouth right now and I’m about to give her a creampie. She must have been a Tigerette too?!!

  62. Rc… The only thing you could give a creampie to is one of those Little Debbie things that your coach shoves in his mouth. Difference is, he trys to stay in shape, while I bet you have to wear a sports bra to keep those big ass knockers of yours from flopping around.

  63. Yep…I look like the typical Auburn “bubba” Jimmy Rayne Yellow wood and David “Pig face” Housel. Throw in good ole drunk Pat Dye too. I bet my dick is visible to me and theirs is not!!

  64. All very good examples Rc, but you seem to want us ALL to notice that pecker of yours.

  65. But Nicket, it is your program being investigated, not ours. Right now, it is anyones guess at the depths of cheating that has been going on at Auburn. Say what you want, and try to make something Bama did satisfy your justification. Bama is not being looked at for any of your accusations. Across the nation Auburn is being labeled as a dirty cheating program. Everyone is going to enjoy watching the fall of Auburn this season. On and off the field.

  66. Brandy, you know I disagree with that, however…Thank you for not telling us about your genitals. I knew you had some class about you. The others could learn a thing or two from you but I don’t think there is any hope for the pecker flasher up there, or that maggot from Mexico who is obsessed with c*mshots and the such 🙂

  67. Stupid motherphuckers. We don’t give a shyt what everyone else in the SEC might be doing. We only care about what the Barnturds are doing. We don’t even care if you’re doing the same thing as us in regards to Hostesses. What we care about is that your azzes are the ones being investigated on yet another front. That’s all that’s important. You know you’re dirty. No school with all the smoke, all the allegations, with Dye, McGregor and with Lowder, etc. is clean. The longer you’re investigated the better the chances are that the dirt will be exposed in a manner that will allow the NCAA to sanction you. Nobody wants those bastards combing through their garbage cans and sifting through their closets. Not even clean programs rest easy when the NCAA comes a knocking. Run your phucking mouthes on this site all you want. The more you run them, the harder you’ll fall later and the bigger the laugh we’ll have when the shyt hits the fan. And it appears to me that most of the cumshot talk is cuming from you Barnturds.

  68. Auburn has cheated, and won a National Championship in the midst of all kinds of cheating allegations. How many more scandals will come out of Auburn before the season even starts? What is interesting is in North Carolinas case is they are being charged with failure to monitor because of Facebook. Will this be an issue with Auburn too?

  69. Everyone knows, even Auburn officials (or logically assumes) that Auburn is going to get a LOI by the end of the year.

    If the Aubies want to deny and argue…fine. It really won’t make a difference.

    And Auburn…know your place. You are not in the same league as Alabama and never will be. Maybe in your own fantasy that you want to be reality, you are…..but you’re not.

    Until you invent a time machine and undo history (and cherry picking time periods and trying to rewrite history to make yourselves feel relevant, does not count), then you will have to just face reality.

    We are the first University in Alabama
    We are the first southern football team to win the NC
    We are the team that put southern football on the map
    We won the most SEC championships (including the first one)
    We have won the most NC in the Conference
    We have beat you more.
    We have more Hall of Famers
    More wins than anyone in the conference
    More west division titles
    More bowl invites
    More bowl victories
    More All-Americans
    Most wins in a decade,
    etc., etc.

    You have more Heisman winners (2 + Cam*)
    You have more NCAA probations
    (good job!)

    Again, cherry pick years, stats, whatever you want and puke it back up for us. It only makes you more entertaining and pathetic to us.

    But please, remember…Know your place.

  70. The NCAA is under a lot of pressure to get a handle on the cheating going on. After a long period of not enforcing things strictly, they feel they have to clean house now and hammer the most blatant of offenders. Auburn has thumbed their nose at the NCAA for the past two years, with all of the deliberate secondary violations. They went ‘All In’ and didn’t sit Cam when the controversy started last year. The NCAA warned them then, you can play him if you want, but if we find anything wrong later, you will pay a heavier price. Now that investigation has expanded into multiple facets of Auburns recruiting process. For a team who commits secondary violations with not much thought, this is not very good news. So, Auburn fans, keep your heads in the sand, and try to act like you are not worried. We know that you are, as you can tell by the Auburn fans here trying to defend every action. That foolish pride is going to make it that much more enjoyable watching Auburn go down this year.

  71. Rc’s “Source” told me due to the BS made up by Sports by brooks, and Da Bammer Nashun that SEC media days will now be held in montgomery down the hall from the Mcgregor trial. You would think with all of the NCAA investigators, and FBI agents in attendance ( LMAO while I type this) that SOMETHING would have cameout by now. Dont you think when Former Auburn Student Barry Mask took the stand ( First Aubie by the way) and they played the “Secret Tapes” if their was ANY illegal money being offered or exchanging hands dealing with Auburn it would have came up between Milton and Mask!? Heres a new saying for you ” where theres smoke theres a bama smoke screen.” I mean hell I dont see anything wrong with you turds making stuff up to take your mind off that masterpiece of a choke job saban pulled off last November which Auburn used as a stepping stone to the SEC and BCS title, But dont get pissy when the rest of the people dont fall for it. Its kind of like crimsonshites belief that his mexican hood rats are attractive. I seen one of his chicas and she looks like Flavor Flav on meth. Great catch there crimsonshite!

  72. North Carolina fans didn’t know the extent of the trouble the NCAA investigation, started over a year ago, would bring until yesterday. Tennessee didn’t know the outcome of their investigation until a year later. It is not a rumor that the NCAA is investigating Auburn. You seem to think it is. But I can tell by your post that it bothers you that anyone else believes that Auburn is under investigation. So tell yourself that Auburn is not guilty of anything. My opinion is, why does the investigation keep expanding over time if Auburn is not guilty of something? So throw your insults, keep trying to explain it away as Bama rumors, but deep inside you know I am telling you the truth.

  73. RC time go to the library and find a dictionary to look up the word hypocrite before you use it. This site easily has the most ignorant Bammers of any around.

    This post was about the Sports By Brooks “article”. Now that many major press folks have dissed it and the “facts” insinuated by Brooks has been disproved, I’m wondering if any of you rednecks are man enough to apologize for the names you called those hostesses?

    No? …I didn’t think so. I wonder if it is because you are so redneck that you can’t admit you are wrong OR because you are so illiterate that you can’t understand my question

  74. No dipshyt. It’s because we’re not backing up one step until the NCAA investigations are finished and we find out exactly which allegations are real and which ones are not. All this shyt doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. There are things going on that someone has been witness to. Backup a year and a half and you will find that the Tennessee fans and media had the exact same phucking things to say about the allegations against them, and you see where that got them. And they didn’t have shyt for accusations compared to Aubie. It’s coming bro’ I don’t think the NCAA has ever started an investigation of major accusations in which the institution escaped scott free. RTR!

  75. Poor HooptyDoopty. No one will ever be able to put all those pieces back together again.

  76. I don’t remember a football program that ever had so many investigations going on for this long of a time and got away unscathed. And usually when it takes a while, the penalties are for major infractions. If it were just secondary violations, they would have already dismissed this and made a statement. Instead, the NCAA statement is ‘no comment on ongoing investigations’. They are not going to spend this amount of time and resources on Auburn if they weren’t sure there is something bad going on.

  77. That’s absolutely right, BamaBrando.

    Auburn University overstepped their boundaries with the female hostess escorts. They made 3 times as much as the male hostesses, they all became facebook friends with the recruits, and from what a person close to the scandal told me, they also became “friends with benefits.” so, no, I have nothing good to say about girls who shake their asses and tits to sign a recruit. A male host could have easily entertained and made FAR LESS than his female counterpart. This is NOTHING compared to the Bama girl at the fax machine. Jay Jacobs, dr. Gouge, Gene Chizik, and Pat Dye should ALL be ashamed of themselves for corrupting these young women. The recruits could have easily bonded in a platonic way with the male hosts by playing nintendo, scrabble, and inhaling chicken wings and grape soda all weekend

  78. I have not read any of you bammer faggots post on this topic,because I don’t have time. I will say that the Belles were dissolved in 2004 because bammer knew the were pimping out their bitches. All they did was change the name to hostess and hire a few guys (fags). Quit getting your material from brooks you faggot! Oh yeah, rc, shortage, and bamabino are FAT,LAZY, OLD PERVERTS! Auburn are the National CHAMPS, Bitches!

  79. For every documented dollar at Boogtard U. you can rest assured there are 10 passing under the table.Ahh, lack of institutional control, is music to my ears.

  80. Rc has no field sources. He might get it in the field by his daddy! Rc, you are a fat, old, piece of shane and your mother is a Whore!

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