The nation continues to be bewildered

Great article today in the Washington Post about sCam Newton. (read it here)

The nation continues to be bewildered about the unbridled arrogance on display in Lee County, with the NZAA sitting on its thumbs…for now.

Remember when much the same was said about Reggie Bush and the obvious cheating that was going on in broad daylight?

Seems as I waft this story it has the same smell; it took four years for that story to play out, and it will be twice that long before USC is relevant again.

Many agree, the same recipe is in play now. Here’s hoping it leaves the same foul taste in Abarn’s mouth as it has USC’s.

(Side note: A little birdie told me this week the FBI asked for tapes from a former Auburn assistant in the mid 90’s, and that they are tracking corruption dating back way before sCam. The “alleged” tapes contain conversations of how “business is done” in Auburn recruiting. If you believe any of this is over, you’re more inebriated than Pat Dye on a Saturday night.)