LSU, AU, Ole Miss and UT fans suck

Or perhaps the headline should just declare people suck.

Winning a national championship means you don’t have to give a damn what anyone says about your team, your school or your fans. However, what people say speaks volumes about the overall shittiness of humanity. As the Dr. Pepper Trophy makes its way on a promotional tour at area Wal-Marts, rival fans (from Auburn) have taken photographs and spread them on places including Auburn message boards, an Ole Miss blog and the LSU site Tigerdroppings.

The reaction from fans around the SEC (including some Alabama fans posting on these rivals sites) was despicable.

Persons who simply went to Wal-Mart to see a trophy were ridiculed. Why were they ridiculed? Based on their appearance. These arbiters of social standing have determined that persons who go to Wal-mart are déclassé. Such bourgeois behavior should be expected in an age where Paris Hilton is an idol.

It is still disgusting.

In a juvenile way that only jerks can behave, these fans mocked ordinary people who through the fickleness of life are poor (or at least poorer than these Internet guys.)

For these people seeing someone different is funny. For these Internet social experts seeing people happy is odd.

However, these Wal-Mart people are not really much different from these Internet social climbers. Most everyone who shops at Wal-Mart is middle class, and almost everyone on the Internet is middle class. And unfortunately for all these Internet guys, they have much more in common with the poor and middle class at Wal-Mart than the upper class. (Just so you’ll know, most patricians have better things to do than mock people who visit Wal-Mart; in its own way such behavior is truly déclassé.)

Perhaps most disturbing about this was the pathetic action of Mike Bianchi. Bianchi with a reckless and insulting tweet wrote, “Did you see where ‘Bama displayed BCS trophy at Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart? Next stop: Piggly Wiggly in Opelika!” (H/T Gentry Estes)

While it was nice Bianchi took time off from fellating Urban Meyer and Florida Gator fans to post about something else, Bianchi’s insulting tone is everything that is wrong with media today.

One SEC blog, Team Speed Kills, asks if there isn’t defensiveness on the part of Alabama fans at play when Tide blogs respond to this. There might be. Some Alabama fans were embarrassed. Some Alabama fans just want to set the record straight—because of some naïve attachment to the truth.

In the end the whole mocking people thing for how they look is truly illustrative of everything wrong with humanity. We pretend that humanity has improved; however, it sucks as much today as it did 1,000 or more years ago. Blogs and the Internet just make the proof easier to find.