Shane: The Tide and Tigers advance

By Shane from Centerpoint
In the preseason pundits pontificated profusely about new Auburn head coach Gene Chizik, claiming that his chances for a successful first season would clearly fall at the feet of Tiger offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. So far, Gus looks like a genius. However, considering the competition Auburn’s faced to date, I’ll hold-off awarding him a trophy until after they play a real team, or two.

Meanwhile, Alabama’s second-year offensive guru Jim McElwain seems to have a clear understanding of how crucial the running game is to being successful in the SEC. In the two opening games his offense has produced 543 yards on the ground! However, the true test will come when Alabama must run the ball effectively against some of the tougher defenses they’ll face – like when they play Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, and LSU consecutively.

The first thing we notice about this 2009 edition of the Auburn Tigers is that they bear no resemblance whatsoever to last year’s squad. Quarterback Chris Todd’s arm is sound once again, and he’s 55% (27 of 49 / 2 td’s / 0 int’s.) thru game-two. Unlike the 2008 version, this year the players seem to execute with continuity and consistency. With some obvious quality at the skill positions, the War Eagles have ample firepower to produce plenty of points this year.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Alabama coach Nick Saban’s first priority on offense this year is to run the football – actually, it’s been his main trait for years. A quick look at his stable of runners and one can see why: Mark Ingram, an Emmitt Smith clone (both about 5’10” 215 #’s), has NFL-prototype written all over him. True freshman Trent Richardson, at 5’11” and 220+, appears to be as talented as he was billed coming out of high school. He looked like the nation’s number-one tailback Saturday night with 118 yards and 2 touchdowns on 15 carries. Power–back Roy Upchurch and speed–back Terry Grant round out Alabama’s formidable ground attack.

So far, one player that has been a complete surprise for the Auburn team is former starting quarterback Kodi Burns. He accepted the coach’s decision to move him to wide receiver and has been very efficient when used in the Tiger’s “wild eagle” attack. Burns is becoming a true team player – leading by example.

On the other side of the state, Alabama wide-out Mike McCoy stepped into all-world receiver Julio Jones’ shoes (due to Jones getting injured), producing 100 yards and a touchdown on 5 receptions. McCoy told me in an interview after the spring game that he was prepared to make a major contribution this year – Saturday night he backed it up.

From a defensive standpoint, it appears that Auburn’s starters are SEC caliber and Chizik has them playing his style, which is fast, swarming and attacking. The defense is small, but quick to the ball. After a couple of years learning under Chizik, Tiger defenses will be hard to penetrate. Still, the jury remains out on this War Eagle stop-unit for the remainder of the 2009 season, mainly because of depth issues.

The Crimson Tide defense today is just like the LSU defenses under Nick Saban in the past – extremely big, strong, quick and fast. He somehow has a talent for stacking future NFL players (in layers along the front-seven) within his defense. Admittedly, there have been too many mental breakdowns by this year’s squad early, but this unit can make up the difference quickly. Having allowed only 65 yards rushing in the first two games says a great deal about the probable fortune for any team that can’t run on Alabama – they’ll probably lose.

To summarize the quality of these two SEC western division foes after only two games apiece is impossible, but some elements of their performances are solid enough indicators that both Alabama and Auburn are fielding good football teams.

Coach Chizik has two more games in the safety of Jordan-Hare stadium; then he’ll be tested for sure by back-to-back road trips to Knoxville and Fayetteville. If he is 6-0 after these contests he and his Tigers will be in the hunt.

On the other hand, Saban has already proven his troops are worthy once with an opening win over a top-ten opponent. Now, he must keep his players aware of the target on their backs, while hitting the road for two in a row against Kentucky and Ole Miss after playing the next two at home in Bryant-Denny.

Now to the million-dollar question: Will Alabama and Auburn continue to progress and continue to win? No one really knows. Truthfully, all we can do is wait for them to line up and play the games.

Football fans in the state of Alabama would be ecstatic to see two undefeated teams meet on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend to decide the western division championship. Most unlikely but, for now, anything is possible???
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Are you alright ? Whats wrong ? This can not be Shane. This article was a well thought out, articulated, well written peice.

    Seriously, was this some sort of a joke, or did you lose a bet ?

  2. 2

    “Well thought out, articulated, well written peice”. Dont forget boring! Come one Shane give up trying to be a respected sports writer.

    Better luck next time.

  3. 4

    Well Shane, I know that killed you to have to write!

    A top to bottom new coaching staff and heavily depleted on scholarship players, and Auburn is looking every bit as impressive as ANY team in the West, and most in the East. You forgot to mention (I’m sure it was an honest oversight) what happened the last time Malzahn had an All-SEC running back tandem at his disposal. Remember 2006? He rode it all the way to Atlanta!

    With 2 of the 3 hardest SEC West opponents coming to Auburn this year, the thought is not farfetched. As for the road games, LSU has no QB and are struggling, TN was exposed for the pusses they are, and it’s looking like another mediocre year for UGA.

    I’ve said 8-9 wins for Auburn since summer, and I’ll stick with it.

  4. 5

    By Shane from Centerpoint

    “In the preseason pundits pontificated profusely”

    Shane your lack of understanding of the English language always confounds me. What do you do, look up a couple new words each week to start your posts with.

    I got a little dizzy headed reading this, one paragraph Auburn, one paragraph Bama…… Back and forth you went. I didn’t know if I was watching a ping pong match or reading.

    Alabama’s success this year, or any other, is not dependent upon Auburn. ou call yourself the capstone reporter. What a joke.

    I really don’t know why I come back week after week to read this crap. I guess its to see what type idiot you are this week, but mainly I like to read the other folks posts to your childless remarks. As far as Bama and Aubs are concerned there hasn’t been one thing happen to crow about.

  5. 6

    Carl, I agree and disagree with you. You are right, Auburn and Bama has not done anything yet, that they shouldn’t be doing. As top tier programs in the SEC, and, in turn, in the nation, they both should routinely beat the miss state, la tech, and virginia techs of college football. But Auburn did not last year. The fact that after one year, Auburn seems to be able to score at will and with relative ease is something to be proud of. Auburn has always known good defenses, but this new found offense is pretty impressive.

  6. 7
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What is so funny is the way Bama fans eat their young. On Finebaum the other day Stallings gives an opinion or two that were formed from personal experience, and not painted with Crimson and White paint. What do the Turds do ? Yall gut and quarter the man. Yes , thats right. You Turds turn on a man of impeccable character , who by the way won your only national championship in the last 30 years. Why ? Because he said something that didnt jive with your current flavor of the month coach. Who , by the way, has NOT won a National Championship OR an SEC championship at your school. Its prototypical Bammer behavior. You are all mindless robot sheep people.

    Now we have Shane. He finally writes an article or two that are almost coherent. Some articles that dont sound like a bad Jerry Springer episode. What do you jackasses do ? The same thing you do any time any one says something positive about Auburn. If someone doesnt write an article worshiping your current coach for hire, well , he must be a traitor….

    Yall are beyond hope.

  7. 8

    That was a very honest opinion Shane in that article.I really like the thought you had that had the barnes playing for the west championship.That my friend is not even logical once the losses start.And they will start;;;;;ROLLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. 10
    Auburn Man

    Auburn Man is confidently purchasing his tickets to the SECCG in Atlanta.
    This will be the year Auburn wins the National Championship.

  9. 11

    Carl, crap you beat me to it! Shane you have officially worn out the word ‘Pundit’ Get out a thesaurus and find a new word. You have also used this word a hundred times on the radio, and while I am at it the proper phrase is not “I could care less”. If you could care less, that means “YOU CARE”, idiot. Say it with me “I couldn’t care less”
    See now that was easy, and please no more ‘irregardless’, stop using made up words.

    By the way, what did you ever do about that other redneck who poured a beer on you in Finebaum’s studio. Someone said you just got real quiet and ran off. Is this true?

  10. 12
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! CARL, you HIT THE BULLSEYE about ol’ Shane’s journalistic abilities. Rambling back & forth PLUS playing the role of “CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.” If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Shane take a trip with Finebaum down to the Plains last Saturday? I thought I caught a portion of the show at some point last week in which Shane was asking Paul what time they were going to leave. Anyway, IF HE DID take the trip IT TOOK AN ACTUAL TRIP TO AUBURN for this guy to say something positive about their program. If this is the case it simply proves that this CHARACTER has to be “slapped in the face” by REALITY while most can just TURN ON THE TV and see that there is talent on that team. NO, they DON’T have a lot of depth and YES, they CAN’T AFFORD to be injury-prone but what’s CRAZY about this guy is that he’s SUPPOSED to be a reporter and IF he took the trip it took THAT to make him “smell the coffee.” I’ve been saying ALL ALONG that YOU CAN’T OVERLOOK THESE GUYS. I’m as big a BAMMER as you’ll find ANYWHERE and the ONE THING that each opponent gets from me is RESPECT. Shane, let me remind you of what Gene Stallings said SEVERAL TIMES: “Sure there are games you’re supposed to win but try LOSING one of them.” AT LEAST you’ve apparently LEARNED something about ONE of our fiercest opponents.

  11. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Saint……You have been saying that all during the off season. I respect you for having an opinion that is realistic. We arent devoid of talent. Ive said it all along as well. Do we have the talent that Alabama has ? No. We definantly arent as deep. Most postitions we are ONE deep. But Ive said it before and I will say it again. Our Offensive line is VERY talented. At least as good as Alabamas. If not better. Keep in mind this is 09 not 08. In 08 Bama had the best O line in the country IMO.

    Shanes sudden awakening to common sense is for one purpose. To try to save face. All during the off season he jabbed at the Auburn staff and Chizik. But after spring practice he started coming around a little. After summer practice he really started seeing it. Now after a couple of games he realizes that we arent gonna suck. And possibly might be pretty good. I personally believe we can beat LSU and Ole Miss. We should have last year of all years but didnt. Really I see 2 games that could decide the west for us. Bama and Arkanssas. Ole Miss will not beat either. If we can get one of those , we have a chance to win the west.

    Im not sold completely on Auburns season. We still have a lot to prove. This week wil be the real litmus test for Auburn.

  12. 14



    Please, I have laughed so much I have fallen down and can’t get.

    Auburn winning the west maybe more, and one of the elite programs in the nation..

  13. 15


    Thanks for not making me write all of those haha’s and saing it for me. These idiots beat the worse team in the sec and beat an 0 and 2 LaTech team and the delusions run like they are eating mushrooms. Aub will be very lucky to make it to a pitiful bowl game, winning the west now that’s funny.

  14. 16
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dont think I said I thought we should win the west. Clearly Bama and Ole Miss are ahaed , even in my eyes. Bama much more than Ole Miss. But tell me one year when the “favorite” pick at SEC media days won the west ? Maybe once every ten years. Its not impossible. If we beat Ole Miss and Arky. Its probable , even if Bama wer to beat us. Thatis, If Ole Miss and / or Arky beat Alabama. Do the math.

    This isnt last years squad. Or last years staff. The staff was obviously the problem. With every win that gets more and more obvious.

  15. 18

    I’m impressed at the shift. A part of your base wants wishful negative thinking about Auburn, not accurate analysis. But you know that you will hit a hard wall as a journalist if you rely on pandering to the lowest common denominator. I’m sure that there will still be some movement back and forth as the temptation returns to try to please that segment.

  16. 19

    Naj…..could not have said it better. Bammers, generally speaking, never want accurate analysis. Hell, any fanbase that predicts their team to win the NC every year is not grounded in reality.

    If Auburn, and that’s a big if, dispatches WVA in short order this coming weekend, you will see the squirming and backtracking go into full effect. I know a few SEC coaches who will experience a tightening of their sphincters as well!!

  17. 20


    You mean a real team like FIU and North Texas State – right? hahahaha

    However, considering the competition Auburn’s faced to date, I’ll hold-off awarding him a trophy until after they play a real team, or two.

  18. 21
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! BALLPLAY, I can see why you feel that AU could beat LSU. However at this point in the season I DON’T SEE THAT HAPPENING. I believe that it will be a close game, but ANYTIME you have to go to Baton Rouge its a TALL ORDER. The key in that game probably will be depth. As I’ve said, AU is hurting in that category. Ole Miss will be another loss for Auburn, and IMO the Rebs are gonna play us really tough. GOOD LUCK against WVU this weekend. I predict AU 24, WVU 20. I see you guys going 7-5, MAYBE 8-4. Since we’ve beaten Va. Tech I CAN SEE Bama running the table.

  19. 22
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Almost all ( save the Saint) Bammers do not want a accurate observation indeed. If they did, they would have listened to Stallings the other day instead of trying to kill the man.

  20. 23

    It will be fun watching the Auburn hype build up this season. I hope they are at least ranked by the time the Iron Bowl is here so they won’t hurt our strength of schedule.

  21. 25

    Like I have said on here many times, hope always springs eternal when you have won as much as Bama. Yeah we expect to win it all every year, and 21 conference championships and 12 national championships proves that it can happen.

    Problem with folks who haven’t ever done it on a consistent basis they just can’t understand how anyone could be so smug.

    I on that hand can’t understand that either. If Bama had only 1 nc or none and just a handful of conference titles I would probably have a better understanding about that. To be the best, you have to expect the best, not just now and then, but all the time.

    Bama is just about back to where it has been most of the time and by the end of a couple more years they will be completely back.

    I know that is something you east Alabama boys have a hard time dealing with. All I can tell you is get used to it. Your daddys did, and your granddads did. Did they like it? Probably not, but you have to accept the truth which you johnny-come-lately boys are about to figure out, if you haven’t already.

    The sooner you accept the fact, that you will never be Bama’s equal on the football field, your life wont be near as meaningless. You never have been, are not now, nor will you ever be.

  22. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Kind of like you guys killed our strength of schedule for the last 10 years ? How soon you jacklegs forget that we were ranked in the top ten at the begining of last year. Nevertheless. We will soon return to the AP top 25.

  23. 27

    Since the departure of Bear, Auburn has become the 10th winningest program in college football. Alabama is 22nd.

    You’re right Carl. The two programs are not equal. Now, we’ve gone through all this before. If you want to bring up archaic numbers and records, then we’ll all have to bow to the football superiority of Princeton, Yale and Harvard.

  24. 28

    Yeah well thats always ya’lls response. I’m talking comparing your school to mine. Thats it. No more, no less, and you just simply can’t compare unless you put certain time lines or limits on it. The fact of the matter is like I said before, Auburn never has, never will, Bama’s record speaks for itself, and so does Auburns.

  25. 29

    It never fails to amaze me as to what the Auburn family wont accept, when the entire nation does. It is usually you guys who start the argument knowing full and well you can’t win that type debate. I guess if I had always been someones step child I would hunt a way around the facts too. But the facts are the facts, and anytime, or at least most times when Bama is on TV you will hear the national media make reference to the exact same numbers that I used above.

    And that my auburn friend is just plain fact.

  26. 30

    Last year, uat beat Clemsom which turned out the be a middle of the pack ACC team. this year, time will prove that VA. Tech will be another middle of the pack ACC team. The other game was against the Florida Girl Scout Troop 25 and this weeks game will be against the North Texas School for the blind. You guys can’t talk big until you beat somebody. So far you are 0-2 against decent teams and that was from last year.

  27. 31
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Carl….I have never compared our overall record to yours. We cant compare to Bama in that regard. Be proud of your history.

    But………Dont deny the fact that Auburn has done quite well in recent history.

  28. 32


    my friend your brain must be completely fried if all you can remember from the last year is 2 or 3 games. You make my point perfectly clear.

    BP this wasn’t directed at you at all, you for one show a little intelligence when it comes to college football at all levels. You at least are able to see the trees in spite of the forest.

  29. 33

    Carl–you mean you’re statements about Auburn are somehow different, depending on who you are addressing???? The only fan on this site lately that’s talking out of both sides of their mouth, not to mention their ass, is you. All I said was that in the last 25 years (which is not exactly cherry picking a few years) Auburn has won more games, has won more SEC championships, and had more perfect seasons than bama.
    All your bulls**t about Auburn “never has and never will” just makes you look like a fool. Sorry to be the one to question your “superior” intelligence.

  30. 34


    Now that I have regained my breathe from laughing, you just did the exact thing I said you do. Football history didn’t start 25 years ago, but even if it had how many nc does your mighty tigers have during that period. NONE! You would have to go back at least 50 years to even be able to start the debate if Auburn were to be a part of it.

    My never has, never will remark is mainly due to the fact that during the worst part of Bama’s history YOUR team still didn’t get it done.

    It is so easy for you wanna bes to call someone else a fool, but if put on trial the evidence would be overwhelming to convict you of the fool status my auburn wanna be.

    You really can’t lay claim to anything except that ONE shared nc, which ya’ll are always willing to point out that Bamas aren’t real if shared. Now you tell me judge and jury who be the fool!

  31. 35

    You put me in a room with 25 or more people, with the topic being anything but football, and I’d bet you any amount within 15 minutes I could pick out the Aubs. I’ve done it for years, and you don’t have a clue.

  32. 38

    I don’t have a clue, I make you laugh, and I prove your points. Get a good nights sleep tonight, and come back tomorrow with an original thought.

  33. 40

    Carl your just mad. My 5 year old acts like you when she’s tired and frustrated.

    You, Paul and Shane have been trying to write Auburn’s obituary ever since I’ve come to this site. Y’all thought you were getting close when Chizik got hired. In the past 25 years, I think I’ll go ahead and give Auburn the edge in the hiring department as well.
    And you are the one who acts like a petty little man when things get written that contradict your shallow bammercentric point of view. Are you capable of objective thought?

  34. 42

    Hey Carl I can walk in a room of 25 and pick 5 bammers out b4 they say a damn thing. Big Whoop you can spot class, I do agree that if AU beats WV it will be quite over there and No Respect!

  35. 43

    naj, I believe I could agree with that statement. But as far as Rox is concerned I simply stated something that I have seen played out several times each year, with the results always being the same.

    So I’ll just let it go at that, but rox you need to understand that your team hasn’t won nothing since 1958 that really matters.

    I believe the aubs would be perfectly content to have a 9 or 10 win season every year, but that will never make it at Bama. You see our goals have always been higher and the last 10-12 years of turmoil prove that. We have not, nor will we ever be happy with being good. It’s either be the best or just don’t do it.

    I’ll say this, right now Saban is riding high, but after 2-3 more years and another nc hasn’t found its way to the Mecca, he’ll be on his way as well. But ya’ll would have been totally satisfied going 8-3, 9-2, and beating Bama more often than not with Tubs. But the tables got flipped and he knew he was not going to own the state like he had.

    Ya’ll don’t know how to be Champions, its about fingers, words, and anything you can come up with to down grade Bama. What I know you don’t realize, is that most people in the nation don’t even know where or who Auburn is. In my line of work I have traveled all over this great nation of ours, and at some point most everywhere I’ve been football comes up. You can go to any corner of this country and mention Alabama Football and instantly have a conversation with someone, while on the other hand I can mention Auburn, and most places outside the deep south think you are talking about a north east school.

    Sure I know you’ll think this is all talk as well, and I might myself, if I hadn’t seen it myself. So go ahead and blow your on horn all you want, try to make yourself believe that Auburn is equal to or better than Alabama. But one thing I know for sure gentlemen, you aint fooling nobody but yourself. ’04 is the latest example of that.

    I really wished things could be like what we have talked about before, where all sec schools pull for the others unless its against your team, but ya’ll will never let that happen, When it comes nut cut time you are always the first to say the battle lines are drawn and so forth. One of the first Auburn people I ever worked with after college was sooooo anti Bama, he would have soured anyone on pulling for them. Ya’ll just wont play by the same rules, and you can’t win that or this game. LOOK at the whole record, not a pulled out part, and you CAN’T measure up.

    The Fact Is: Bama has 12 National Championships and 21 SEC Championships and there aint shit you or anyone else can do about it. I could go on and on about bowl wins, bowl games, win streaks, but again you would want to just talk about a certain period of time.

    Look at the ENTIRE RECORD, then YOU tell me who owns who!

    And it WILL continue the Friday after Thanksgiving at YOUR place this year. You can put your shit paper up that day boys cause you will not have a need to throw it in trees. Now how stupid is that anyway, throwing toilet paper in trees, I know its an aubie thing. But guys the rest of the nation has been shitting inside for 70-80 years now.


  36. 44


    I’ll agree if auburn wins saturday things will probably quiet down a bit, but your right it wont be accompanied with respect.

  37. 45
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Just thought I’d chime in on some the aforementioned posts. FIRST OF ALL, Ballplay mentioned the attacks on Coach Stallings. The SAD part about all of my fellow BAMMERS that have said what they have about Gene Stallings IS ALARMING. This man has GREAT CHARACTER and CLASS. He was hired to “bring the family back together” and he accomplished that. NO ONE thought that ‘Bama would win a NC under his watch but guess what? WE DID. Some irate guy who will remain NAMELESS went as far as to say it wouldn’t bother him if they took Stallings’ statue down at Bryant-Denny Stadium. (If you listened to Finebaum’s show today you’ll know what I’m talking about.) This clown needs to SHUT UP! Sure, Coach Stallings is “old school” on the offensive side of the ball but DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. We live in a “what have you done for me lately” society and ALL OF THESE RANTS PROVE THAT! Now, as far as the debate between CARL & AUROX, historically AU AIN’T IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS UA! Selective history shows NARROW-MINDEDNESS. Even if you leave out those championships awarded in the ’20s & ’30s, ‘Bama still has 6 more NC’s than Auburn. Here’s a thought about those NC’s from the ’20s & 30s: IT DOESN’T MATTER what school, ANYBODY WHO WAS AWARDED A NC in those bygone years WILL CLAIM THOSE AS VALID CHAMPIONSHIPS, and SOME OF THOSE TEAMS’ ACCOMPLISHMENTS deserve merit. CARL IS RIGHT when he says that Alabama has ALWAYS SET THEIR GOALS HIGHER than AU. That IMO is Auburn’s problem. The powers-that-be in the Village NEED to AIM HIGHER. WHEN & IF THAT HAPPENS, its AMAZING WHAT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED.

  38. 46

    They are just not able to understand that St. Clair. In reality we are probably doing them a favor to try to help them understand that, but I don’t know if its possible. For as long as they remain content with having a run now and again against Bama and winning a conference ring every 10 or so years thats all they will ever be.

    Rox seemed to have missed it completely, and so do most aubs, they are sooooo consumed with Bama that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

    But until they run dye, lowder, and the yellow man outa yelloburn, things will never be any different, and their fans really do deserve better.

  39. 47

    Ya’ll have a great weekend this week, pull for your team and stay dry. I’m headed to the coast to watch the games this weekend, and it looks like it will be a good weekend for that with all the rain and everything.

    Rox don’t take it so hard man, it aint personal or nothing, and I know it must be hard to have to be a step child all your life, but hey you chose what team to support.

    war eagle and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

  40. 48

    I said nothing of NCs. Everyone knows bammer has more. No argument. Bammer has more wins than Auburn all time. Everyone knows this. No argument. The only thing I have said, was that in the current “post-Bear” era, Auburn has done just as much if not more than bammer. That’s all I’ve said….nothing more nothing less. You are trying to puts words in my mouth. Little bro has gotten the best of bammer for nearly 30 years, and you can’t stand it.
    As for proving MY points, those attacks on Gene Stallings do that for me. He is a class act, and I’ve always had respect for him. I know that must sound weird to a non-objective thinker like yourself. But anybody that comes along that shows a little class, most of you bammers want to destroy him. I guess that’s why saban has been such a “fit” for your program.
    If Auburn wins this weekend, watch out! If they don’t, I’ll be here bright and early Monday morning to trash talk just the same! WAR EAGLE!!

  41. 49

    Aurox says “Aub has done as much or more than Bama post Bear”? Really, you idiots keep on telling yourself that an undefeated season in 04 means the same as the NC we have in 92 (post bear), sorry bud they don’t give out crystal trophies for second place

  42. 50

    Bamaman….so you and BYU are equals during the post Bear era…..y’all each have one NC?! Is that what you’re saying? So an NC is the only indicator of a football program’s success. Is that what you’re saying? So a 2 loss LSU NC in 2006 means more than Auburn’s undefeated 2004? You must have shit between your ears. I’m talking about wins and losses. Not beauty pageants, popularity contests, lucky timing, and a seriously flawed BCS system. Oh, and you forgot that other perfect season in 93. Next.

  43. 51
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! AUROX, your problem (as well as many more barnies) is that your focus is solely on 1983-Today! Although I’m a BAMMER through & through, I do retain SOME KNOWLEDGE of Auburn’s past. Most will agree (even some BAMMERS) that Shug Jordan was a good coach. He’s the ONLY AU head coach that coached an NC team for y’all and AU won some SEC Titles under his watch. I know what he called his 1972 team: “THE AMAZINS.” Why? Because they snatched victory from the “jaws of defeat” more than once that season. DOUG BARFIELD coached a couple of teams that were COMPETITIVE in 1978 & 1979. That ’79 team gave ‘Bama a scare but we prevailed by winning 25-18. Your school produced 2 Heisman Winners. Everyone remembers Bo Jackson and for good reasons, but how about Pat Sullivan? The FACT that he won the Heisman seems to be overlooked because he now serves as HC of Samford. While we’re speaking of the Heisman, YES, JOHN HEISMAN was the HC at Auburn way back yonder in the ’30s if I’m correct. Y’all have a proud tradition but it seems that ANYTHING before 1983 except the 1957 NC, the 1972 17-16 win over ‘Bama and the 1982 23-22 victory over the Tide that snapped the 9-game losing streak to ‘Bama are the only things that y’all talk about in terms of history.

  44. 52

    You rarely hear me talk about that stuff. That was before my time, and has very little relevance to today. I just speak of things I have first hand experience with. A 1931 National championship, or 1957 for that matter, doesn’t do a darn thing for me today!

    Right or wrong, haven’t we all gotten that way? What have you done for me lately? Isn’t that the “expect no less than excellence every year” mentality Carl always talks about???????

  45. 53


    By your on admission of football history, or lack thereof in your case astounds me. You come on here screaming about aubs importance, when it just plain doesn’t exist.

    My mentality is anything but “what have you done for me lately.” YOU step boy are the one with that mind set. While I do agree that the only way to excellence is to expect it every year, I certainly don’t hold to the thought of one year only.

    You just stated that nothing prior to ’83 is relevant to you because it was before your time. Well just because you are still green behind the ears doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    As Bamaman has stated Auburn has many things in their history prior to and after your short life, but it just don’t measure up to Bama’s storied history.

    One thing I’m glad of though is that you made it clear why your knowledge is so limited. The old saying that those that refuse to learn from the past or sure to repeat it, is exemplified in your narrow mindless behavior. Wallow in it IDIOT!

  46. 55

    “I’ll say this, right now Saban is riding high, but after 2-3 more years and another nc hasn’t found its way to the Mecca, he’ll be on his way as well.” Remember saying that??

    That certainly sounds like “what have you done for me lately!” Carl, you can’t even remember what you wrote yesterday. This is too easy. Your way out of your league when you try and match wits with me.

  47. 56

    Yeah right kid,

    Accept your red headed step-child status and find someone more to your pea-brain mentality to try and convince of YOUR wisdom. You are such an idiot. You have NO understanding of the English language, I’m beginning to wonder if you even finished grade school, BOY!

  48. 57

    Explain your quote. You know Carl, you seem just like an old friend of mine. He wasn’t the brightest guy, but a friend nonetheless. He would always try and come off smarter than everybody else by saying stuff like, “Oh, you wouldn’t understand” or “It’s a little more complicated than that….” When you tried to press him for more of his “superior knowledge,” he would change the subject.

  49. 58

    I assume you’re referring to the quote about “in another 2-3 years…”

    Simply stated at that time Saban will have had 5 years to produce at the level expected at Alabama, and I’ll say again if he hasn’t he’ll be gone. At last count 5 years isn’t ONE.

    Taken out of context, which you are pretty good at doing, that was said in conjunction with aubs being happy with 8 or 9 wins a year as long as a few Bama victories are included, which would never be acceptable at Bama, which I now know you have no knowledge of because maybe it occurred more than 25 years ago.

    You can enjoy this explanation Rox, because I rarely if ever explain myself to anyone, let alone a red headed step child. But in an effort of good will towards young people I felt you were due the courteousness. So again enjoy it little man cause it wont happen again.
    Get it?

  50. 59

    Has anyone heard anything out of our old friend, indiana vol, lately? Just wondering if he is ready for the beat down his mighty vols are going to take tomorrow at the hands of the Gators? I’ll say 67-6 Gators!

  51. 60

    Thanks, dad. Carl…..just how many wins do you think even super elite, puss conference programs average over time?? 8 or 9 wins/year is super, it will even get you in the top 10 all time!! Do the math. But I know what you mean.

    After the below the belt attack you unleashed on Indyvol (which was great), I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s killed himself.

  52. 61

    Come on now rox, my attack on indy below the belt? He was just an excitable child and I took advantage of it. When you identify yourself as a toilet inspector that graduated from ut, you had better be prepared to take what is coming.

  53. 62

    Agree. TN won’t win more than 5 maybe 6 games this year. I know another excitable child that will get bent over Papa Meyer’s knee tomorrow. I can’t wait.

  54. 63
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! AUROX, you as an “Auburn Man” should be PROUD of what your program has accomplished in the past! THERE IS RELEVANCE THERE FOR THOSE WHO LOOK FOR IT. The attitude should be “if those guys could do it, we can too.” TRADITION IS IMPORTANT, and the memories of “gridiron glory” should be cherished but what can be learned from the people who accomplished such feats is WHAT IT TOOK TO GET IT DONE. Take time to remember the past but KEEP LOOKING FORWARD for the NEXT GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT. Yes, that’s what most BAMMERS do. WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT GLORIUS ACCOMPLISHMENT and WE CAN SEE IT ON THE HORIZON! Its a hard journey at times but the RESULTS ARE WORTH IT.

  55. 64

    Saint, You know I have mad respect for you and Carl I like you also. May I try and help with this? YOU talk about us only thinking about 83 on or not living your past But SIRS we DO! You (NOT SAINT)
    CONSTANTLY call us Little brothers, or red headed step children, or any number of ANTIQUATED names. In reality we are saying YOu have these names for us but if YOU look since 83 WHAT HAS BAMMA DONE TO US LATELY? Since 83 its AU 15 UAT 11….. AU has a 4 game streak and a 7 game streak….. UAT has one 3 game streak… WE ARE NO LONGER REDHEADED STEP CHILDREN…..If the ignorant bammers here didnt have a CRAB IN THE BUCKET MENTALILTY we wouldnt have most of these discussions. AS I have said I own 4 books on BEAR and I appreciate you guys NOSTALGIA let us get on with ours 🙂

  56. 66

    St Clair…..I appreciate your words and way of thinking. I agree. I didn’t mean to come off like I’m unaware and don’t care what Auburn (or bama) did in the past.

    OMNI has said what I clumsily was trying to say.

    Anywho, we are 3-0, but need to improve quickly. Despite all the turnovers, our tackling was atrocious. That’s not gonna cut it with the new high octane offenses in the SEC this year. When’s the last time nearly every team in the SEC could score 40, 50 and 60 points a game???????? Crazy.

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