Shane: Brando’s ego shell-shocked

By Shane from Centerpoint
Note: You can listen to the Brando vs. Shane conversation in the archives section at the Finebaum Radio Network website.
Some people just don’t get it. Tim Brando – after allowing a critical tongue-in-cheek blog that listed him as the country’s #1 media wacko to crush his fragile ego – acted in his typical cowardly fashion by using the “bully pulpit” of his national radio show to exact verbal revenge on the writer.

Certain that his verbal trashing of the writer and every other blogger – as well as almost every other medium but his – wasn’t enough, Brando (like all egomaniacs) felt the need to press the issue even harder. He staged a conversation with the writer on the Paul Finebaum Show in order to put the blogger in his place for good.

Apparently, Brando never considered that he just might be stepping out of his element. He, like most self-important media elitist, engaged the writer (now caller) and tried to give the impression that he “used” the blog to prove a point about how the “new” media is damaging journalism.

The end-result wasn’t pretty. The host didn’t buy his bizarre concept. The audience didn’t believe him; and the writer was amused that Brando had no clue what he was talking about.

Here’s the bottom line: Tim Brando got upset and angry because he took the blogger’s commentary seriously. His tender ego was bruised and Tim started to lash-out any way he could. He said he wanted to meet the guy on live radio, slam him to the ground and make him cry “uncle”.

As usual, Brando wrote another check with his mouth that his tail couldn’t cash.

The caller stayed on point, keeping the conversation centered on Timmy’s rather childish rant and personal insults, where Brando took some nasty shots at him.

Due to the fact that Tim wasn’t in his studio and didn’t have his glass wall around him (with his red cut-off button) for protection, the writer proceeded to expose Brando’s truly condescending nature, as well as his arrogant general disdain for all who resided beneath him.

Game – set – match. Without raising his voice and with the precision of a surgeon, the blogger left no doubt that Tim Brando was everything that he called him in the blog and more.

By the way, Tim was still trying to spin his way out of the embarrassing situation he put himself in the next day. Believe it or not, this clown spent a large portion of his show trying to convince someone (maybe himself) that he was above the fray that he himself created.

Imagine that! Brando was able to take some criticisms originally written in jest about him and make them real. Now that takes talent.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.