Shane: Spotlight on Auburn football

By Shane from Centerpoint

I know there are literally dozens of major sports–related topics I could cover in my column this week, but none of them seem very important when compared to the “earth–shaking” events taking place down on the Plains of Auburn. I strive to talk about the “hot” topics, and right now it’s all about the Tigers.

Looper and Trooper, Auburn’s “media” co-head coaches, are in the process of reinventing the “art” of recruiting. While running the biggest P.R. campaign Auburn fans have witnessed since Bo Jackson’s Heisman run, they recently staged two undisciplined events (Tiger Prowl – Big Cat Weekend) that were designed to draw national attention, as well as the interest of potential recruits.

The outlandish, non-traditional nature of the events created quite a stir. Both drew the television cameras as well, especially the “Toomer’s Corner” pep rally, where some of the nations top recruits somehow magically gathered to participate in the “rolling”, designed to simulate an Auburn victory party. Forget the fact that the Auburn coaches convinced those great players to drive all those miles; it was even more impressive to see them (Looper and Trooper were there) allowing their top recruit to disrespect the head coach of their cross-state rival.

By the way, the young man did come back and personally apologize to Nick Saban, which shows his maturity and class. In fact he and Saban became friends. Still Auburn left a few possible transgressions on the table that night. Actually, Auburn — like most SEC member institutions — might be willing to commit a few minor violations when the situation requires such things to be done.

Team Trooper-Looper deserves a huge applause from the Auburn family. They’ve at least taken the Tiger program a few steps forward, away from the self-imposed “death penalty” former head coach Tommy Tuberville had the Tigers heading toward.

Speaking of head coaches. There is one in particular we’ve heard very little from – the man who reminds Auburn legend Pat Dye of himself – “new” Tiger head man Gene Chizik. We’ve seen and heard plenty (maybe too much) from the assistants I discussed above, but for some reason Chizik has been off the radar.

Until now! Birmingham News sportswriter Jon Solomon has graciously provided me with something to comment on by asking coach Chizik five great questions. On the other hand, Chizik’s answers left something to be desired, and show me why he has outspoken assistants acting as his front men.

When Solomon asked Gene about the psychological effect of his losing (5-19) record causing Auburn fans to question his hire, Chizik replied, “I don’t get validated from the outside world. So, I don’t even pay attention to that.” Do what? What kind of Eastern philosophical doctrine does that train of thought come from?

I’ve got a news flash for you Gene – the Fans, Alumni, Boosters, and Board of Trustees and Auburn University are your outside world and they will judge you and validate you within about a two or three-year time frame. I’ll guarantee you something else too – the powers–that—be will make you pay attention or they’ll send you packing.

One question into the Q & A and I’m beginning to wonder about this guy.

Solomon also asked Chizik what he thought about former coach Tommy Tuberville’s endorsement, backed by Tubby’s statement that he was very confident that Gene would succeed at Auburn. Chizik gave some superficial responses. Among those statements were quips like, “It’s certainly appreciated. You know, I appreciate the kind words. Obviously, I was with Tommy for three years.”

It all sounds so disingenuous when you know that ole Chiz was waiting in the wings to take over Tommy’s defense back in 2003, when the “Jet Gate” gang tried to oust Tubby and replace him with Bobby Petrino. Yeah, I bet those two (Tubs and Chiz) got along great after that. Actually, I think Chizik fled to Texas soon after.

Solmon continued by asking Coach Chizik what he thought about new Tennessee leader Lane Kiffin’s almost childish approach to entering the league as a rookie, and to compare his “take” as to how it should be done? I’m going to quote him in its entirety here because I’ve read it ten times and I still think it sounds stupid: “When things need to be said, I say ‘em. When they don’t need to be said, I don’t say ‘em. I just call ‘em like it is when I need to call it. I don’t feel like things always need to be said on my behalf about certain issues.” I think the words speak for themselves.

There were two more questions on the board, but I’m sure you’ve seen enough in the three examples above to make up your mind. Personally, I do know I can’t see what the Auburn search committee thought they saw when they chose Gene Chizik as the man to take on Nick Saban. Can this really be the guy who is going to go into the homes of the best players, and out-sell Saban?

In the future, Auburn may very well have a better shot at success with the assistants running the show. I don’t know what kind of player they may attract with that type of system, but Chizik apparently thinks that young people will respond to the Trooper and Looper Show much better than he will be able to affect them face-to-face in the home.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention one more piece of news on the Auburn front: former offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is mad, and he’s talking – to anybody who’ll listen. I’m not sure what his game plan is going to be, but it probably won’t be good news for Auburn.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    Coach 5-19 eerily reminds me of a more outspoken version of Shula.

    I’m overly happy to see Aubarn (AL) rally around their coach with extreme false hopes and delusions, but the sad truth is they’re going to be in a world of hurt when reality strikes.

    Their coach along with Dan Mullen will probably win a combined total of seven games in two seasons.

    Barnies, embrace yourself for a long three years of never having the luxury of beating Daddy Nick, Les Miles, and Mark Richt on both the playing field and recruiting front.

    With the lackluster talent you have now featuring a quarterback that’s more of an embarrassment than he is a star and the depleted defense that seems not to exist, the talent level is only going to get worse after the atrocious season you’ll have this year.

    Welcome back to reality, Barnies!

  2. 2
    14 trooper

    Contrary to your article i think chizik is doing a great job. People forget about how those coaches got here. Chizik went out and sold them on coming to auburn. He is a quite guy but thats just who he is. Raised in a military family you have to be somewhat reserved. I still think the jury is out til we win some games and see how we win them. About the response to tubs, i think it “read” pretty genuion. Did it sound different? If it sounded different then thats another story. From a au fan i’m happy with whats going on at my alma mater. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    It’s all a facade. Everyone knows that Chizik is the patsy and jetgate will come to fruition. Lowder still holds the strings, and Chizik is the puppet (Chizik: I’m a real coach! Lowder: Shutup, you’re not a real coach, your nose is growing!).

  4. 4
    E.G White

    Well I think it’s obvious that Cheeze Wiz is not the charismatic coach that CNS is. But then is anybody? I think Shane touched on some important points, and this IS a Bama blog. We’re not here to elevate or pacify Barners. However, irregardless of his past record, I belive that Cheeze Wiz can be an effective coach with the personality that he has. It’s just that he won’t beat Bama in this lifetime! LMFAO! RTR!

  5. 5

    Back to the old Shane. It must really suck to be so jealous. It is like Aubie is dating your old girlfriend that you really liked and you are stuck with an elephant.


  6. 6
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Auburn got a DOUBLE BONUS when they hired Gene Chizik. They didn’t have to “break the bank” as far as his salary was concerned AND the TRIO (we all know who THEY are) re-established their control over the football program, something they partially lost in 2003 due to “Jet-Gate.” As for Coach Chizik, ONLY TIME WILL TELL if the hire was good, but the sad part of the whole ordeal is THEY HAD A CHANCE TO GET A “NAME” COACH AND THEY DIDN’T DO IT. Several “big names” shown interest, most notably Texas Tech’s Mike Leach. Whether they could have hired him is debatable, but one member of THE TRIO has said that the spread offense is the future of college football. If a guy like Leach shows some interest, why not at least TRY to sell him on coming to the Plains? The guy is a SPREAD GURU. With Gene Chizik, THE TRIO has a “say-so” with the goings-on in the Village.

  7. 7

    Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how obsessed you guys are with AU. Note that of the nine articles/posts currently listed on the right of the page, 33% are about Auburn. Aren’t you guys always arguing that we are obsesed with Bama? I smell a bit of uneasiness in the bama camp.

  8. 8

    Auburn should have saved some of that toilet paper from the “Big Cat Weekend” they are going to need it to wipe dry thier tears and blow thier noses this fall.

  9. 9
    E.G White

    Hey, it’s spring. There’s no football or football practice. No basketball. No baseball – not for the State of Alabama anyway. Hell, I’m pulling for USM in the CWS. So what does that leave for entertainment? Not too damn much! What the hay! I guess we’re stuck with BARNER BASHING! Too bad Tards. Looks like you get the short stick! It’s not obssesion Aubies – it’s called boordom! And I’d be careful with those nasty remarks on this blog, or we just might have to bring up GADSDENGATE! Cha Ching! LMFAO! RTR!

  10. 10
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    First off, its “Chargergate” aight ? Secondly………..”Shane” “is” “a” “dooshbag”…………

  11. 11

    It was a BULLSHIT BLOG! I hate when people take someones words spin them their way or pull a segment out of an entire statement and think they can call its content they way they (SHANE) want want it. Your stupid Regardless of who Shane thinks is the outside world I Will bet my LEFTY that Ol Nicky is the same way,doesnt measure himself by anyone else. Like a Mal or anyone else. But at least for Shane he is writing to Citronelle, YEA!!! they will love his ass up there and he can write his AUburn rhetoic all year! I will ask this question and its a seriuos one. What would Shane do is Auburn ceased to exist? he would HAVE NOTHING to write about sincwe there are surely WAY MORE QUALIFIED uat writers than him!

    Enjoy Citronelle SHane!

  12. 12

    Shane, since you are so smart, what should Gene C. have said? You could have taken any answer he gave and turned it around completely.. He was gracious about the question on tuberbille, should he have said, well tubs is douse bag… Chizik gave well thought out answers, I see nothing in them that was the least bit wrong.. this article just shows how truly biased and blind you are… You hate Auburn so bad, it makes all Bama fans look bad… go sell some ice…

  13. 13

    I don’t know why I even bother, because Shane doesn’t have the stones to direcly respond to comments and questions like Cappy does. Anyway, I guess I’ll pose this question as a hypothetical: Exactly what should Chizik have said in response to those questions as opposed to what he said??

  14. 14

    Chizik should address the media and his critics with a sense of urgency and passion. The media hates Saban. Why? Because he doesn’t take any sh*t from them and he lets them know who the head coach in charge is: Nick Saban. Hate on Saban all you want, but the man is a winner. He has the drive and dedication that very few people demonstrate. Yes, it’s hard to work for Saban (so I hear), yes he’s short tempered with the media (so what), and YES he wins football games and will more than likely bring #13 to the Capstone within a few years.

    I can’t stand disillusioned Auburn fans that think their program is a program steeped in tradition. It’s not, nor will it ever be until you start winning on a consistent basis. Newsflash: Before there was six in a row, there was 9 in a row. And, in my lifetime Alabama has won three NC’s. That’s tradition. Beating up on an NCAA sanctioned team with poor coaching and half of the scholarships is nothing to brag about. A fake national championship in 1958 is nothing to brag about. When The University of Alabama is on top of its game, Cow Poly can’t match up. Hands down. Hate all you want, but history is history. If you don’t like it, get a flux capacitor off of ebay and get your mobile home up to 88 miles per hour and do something about it.

  15. 15
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane knows he would get his arse handed to him just like on the Finebaum show. Thats why he doesnt respond.

    Cap, if you could get him to respond, your hits would go through the roof. I know that will probably go th Shanes head, but its true. People would flock to the site just to cuss him out , it nothing else.

    As far as what he said about tubbs, good grief . i agree with julio, what wouldve been a better answer ? Anything other than what he said would have sparked a media crapstorm. And since Shane is technically not the media, he dont count.

  16. 16
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaclit……..Sounds like you are still livin in ’75….For your information its 2009. the Rockford Files has been cancelled, and your polyester leisure suit is out of date. Bama isnt a powerhouse, and your beloved “TAHHD” is about to get even more sanctions handed to thier cheatin arses. Enjoy.

  17. 18

    Auburn is a joke, can you count to 36? I hope so, this year it will be higher. Your program is a joke. The state is locked down, and you’re a jealous douche bag without a team to follow, so you flock here. Can you please just go kick your sister in the jaw and circumcise your brother or something? Don’t you have a septic tank to clean? Go follow hockey or soccer, football isn’t your thing.

    By the way, I wasn’t even born in ’75 moron. Figure the dates out. Wait, I forgot, you’re probably fresh off the short bus with the other Autards that count to “one… twooooo… horse.”

    36 to 0 homie. We’ll do a little cow tipping this year on the plains, and then you’ll get your ass handed to you again next year in Tuscaloosa. The only difference? Your team doesn’t have an excuse.

  18. 19

    And by the way, sanctions or no sanctions, Alabama owns you for the next 5 years. Are you going to be able to take off work at Waffle House this year to watch the game? It’s on a Friday.

  19. 20
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    bamaclit…….Is that your best ? The whole inbred thing is well overdone. and…..quite lame. Though I did enjoy the one, two, horse thng. At least it was original. I am not your “homie”….And if we did make excuses, its cause we learned how to do it from you jackasses. But we dont. You won last year fair and square. That is something that you will NEVER hear from a bammer. And you arent going to be near as good this year as you think. Enjoy more scholly cuts you turdfly.

  20. 21

    I heard your mom has a clit the size of a cue ball and one of your three possible uncle daddies still can’t find it.

    What’s a turdfly look like? Since I live in a city zoned suburb, I don’t have much experience with septic tanks and cow pastures like you do. Please, tell me all about a turdfly, and I’ll share stories about running water, shoes, hygiene, and dating someone outside of the family.

  21. 22
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    The mom angle is just as worn out.

    All kidding aside, you can to do better. As of now , your not even worth the effort.


  22. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    AUB72………You must be kidding. They either didnt want them , or they are of questionable integrity, OR they are only 3 stars so it didnt matter.

    You know there has to be a reason.

  23. 26

    WOW BamaCLT must not know us very well?
    He comes in here with that Frat Boy
    tired ass shit on mamas and shit
    FUKN ROOKIE!! I found his moms clit….
    under his brothers LIP!

    See bamaclit, see how young that sounds…

  24. 27
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I didnt want to have to sick you on him Omni. But if he keeps runnin that trap ??? Who knows ??

  25. 28
    E.G White

    Wow! Ya’ll sound like one big happy fambuhle! I’m just gonna let you amatures play. You don’t even want to get me wound up! Buenos tardes muchachos.

  26. 29
    Turdfly Fanatic

    I Googled turdfly and and it took me straight to Shane Sez but had no description.

    I tried Wikipedia and and it turned up nothing.

    Curiosity kept me going so I clicked on an obscure cult-like web site that described an insect that must be a “turdfly”! Turns out there is such a devilish little bug.

    It seems it is a blood sucking insect, usually reddish in color with white accents that only comes out in droves (for no apparent reason)for a single day in the spring and is attracted by really heavy stenches, Old Milwaukee Beer and women with really fat asses! It has no brains, no teeth and no balls but tends to act as though it does. It lives it’s entire life in fear of humans, large mammals, reptiles and birds (especially eagles, tigers, alligators and occasionally Utes). It’s deadliest nemesis is the ever looming ENSEEAYAY SANCTION. This hideous bug (despised outside it’s own species) devotes it’s entire life to the protection and love of it’s (current) king turdfly called the Saban……….

    Oh wait, I’m sorry, I must have clicked the wrong mouse button during my search, that was a recap of the last two Spring games in Tuscaloosa. My bad…how do you erase these things?

  27. 30

    Ballplay, you might want to go ice those nads down because they have got to be hurtin’ after BamaCLT drop kicked you in them. . . .lmao

  28. 31

    Funny how that turdfly supposedly fears eagles, tigers and alligators but owns the record of EVERYONE OF THEM for whipping that arse, that is one tough turdfly, must be embarassing letting a turdfly own your program. . . bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  29. 32

    Shane. You messed up…
    Isnt there another less stinky pile of shit out there you could put a spotlight on?
    And before the usual suspects start spouting off thier same old verbal diahrea, I have one word.


    Thanks a lot Auburn.

  30. 33
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Turdflies also love to feed off of 25 year old dead bahr carcasses.

    When this insect bites someone it infects them with something konwn as the West Alabama Delusion Syndrom. Commonly known as W.A.D.S. not to be confused with West Nile Virus.
    Symptoms of W.A.D.S. include : Refusing to believe its not 1975. The constant belief that your relevent, even though your not. Having other infected people groom your mullett like a pack of chimpanzees. There are many other delusional, pschitzoid paranioa type sypmtoms.
    Its easy to identify an affected person once you know what your looking for.

    As far as physical appearance goes. Be on the lookout for: A tabbacky stainded wife beater T-shirt. Above mentioned mullet. Jorts. Flip flops. A big “A” tatto on their ankle or shoulder. No teeth. A worn out 1988 Chevy Lumina with a “Got Saban” bumper sticker, with “freebird” cranked all the way up.

    Do not under any circumstances approach someone affected with W.A.D.S. They can be extremely dangerous.

  31. 35
    Blue Auburn Fan

    A WADS epidemic created by the turdfly. I am sooooooooooo blue. This may be worse than swine flu!

    Bamaman, you forgot to mention the Utes along with the gator, eagles, and tigers. How many scholarships will it cost Bama to own them? I really hope it’s not too many. I could not stand another decade of sad, pathetic, non-sense excuses!

  32. 37
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That is what I will call deusional bammers from now on. WADS. Really , that can apply to any and all bammers as they are all delusional.

  33. 38

    Hey Obi ‘wad’ Kenobi,
    Shut your retarded mouth, you and your butt buddy ‘all knowing how to perk up your chicken’ need to keep your slobberfest to yourselves. You are stinking up the joint, go back and polish up on your Bo Jackson ‘How I learnt to reed an rite after aubern’ instructional tapes, BUTT MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BLAAAHHH BLAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 40
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! SHANE, YOU CALL YOURSELF A “REPORTER,” RIGHT? I (and several beloved BAMMER Brethren) heard your tirade on Finebaum’s show today or now, I should say yesterday. DUDE, you are the type of BAMMER that makes the REST OF US WHO HAVE ANY SENSE LOOK BAD! Obviously you’re enjoying your career as a so-called “reporter.” Take this from someone who has covered news, sports and other current events in the broadcasting profession; you are the LEAST PROFESSIONAL “REPORTER” that I have ever heard of! Dude, you could learn A LOT from Cecil Hurt. You don’t have to meet with him; all you have to do is listen to him and read his columns. Sure, he has a bias but comes across as a PROFESSIONAL. Here’s hoping that you’ll take some advice, but I won’t hold my breath! Later.

  35. 41
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    blah blah has WADS……..St Clair you havent been affected yet.

  36. 43

    Aubie72, the state is locked down. You can keep your scrub reciever. For the 7th (yes 7th) year in a row, Bama has claimed the state’s top prospect. Richardson would ride the pine behind walk-on’s with this year’s class. If you know anything at all about recruiting, you know that this year’s in-state class is pretty lackluster. No offense to fine young men who play in the great state of Alabama. But, there’s a reason why Auburn is number 33 and Alabama is number two in the recruiting polls right now. If you want to talk recruiting, let’s talk. I don’t need opinion, I have facts. You enjoyed beating up on a program with half of the scholarships for 6 years. Guess what? 36 to 0 milk boy. Now, since I have your attention, can you tell me how much it will cost to have my dog neutered? He keeps putting his lipstick in the mouth of an aubie plush toy I bought him. Well, I did name him “Bama” for a reason.

  37. 44

    Auburn is a joke, now that there’s no scholly loss, what will your excuse be when The University of ALABAMA owns you for the next decade? Seriously, have Lowder scrounge up another million to pay a PI to find BS. Auburn is the red-headed step child of the state. The state is locked down again, and it’s back to cleaning toilet’s for the barners with sociology degrees. Man, show a little self respect, will you? You’re making the state look bad. Every time your get your a$$ beat, you run and cry to the police. I wouldn’t hit a dog in the a$$ with an Auburn jersey.

  38. 45

    Omnipresent, I’ve stepped over people bigger than you to get to a fight. You want to talk sh!t? Well, let’s talk. Your program has never won an NC, and it has one SEC championship to claim over the past 10 years when the state’s powerhouse was on probation. Auburn will never be a BCS NC contender as long as Alabama isn’t restricted by BS brought about by bored vet’s and sociologists with money. Happy? Your team has never, nor will they ever, play for a national championship. Since I’ve been alive, my team has won two. Wow, that feels good to say. But, in all due respect, you were the 1994 National Radio Champs. Sorry about your luck buddy. It’s tough when you have to deal with a traditional program with integrity and championship mentality. It must suck to have to look outside of your half tin foiled trailer window every day and ask your uncle daddy, “Why weren’t we some dag’um’ol’ Bama fans uncle daddy?”

  39. 46

    FUK U bamaclit I would stay inbred if it meant I had to be a bammer, And dude I would fuk a busload of your bitches before I beat a busload of fukboys like you! And I would call color commentary on it the whole time So dont hide behind your “qwerty” it will blind you into thinking your bigger than you are.

    Oh and I would do it all from My 3800 sq ft. home ….reckon its a Modular home?
    do the math and STFU

  40. 48
    Blue Auburn Fan

    Bama, 3 years until you can cheat again to get a little slap on the wrist. Better be real careful until then.

    Does this mean the 6-6 regular season Saban got in year one goes to 0-6. Hope he doesn’t get mad and take his ball to play somewhere else.

  41. 50

    Omni,Chill out man. Don’t let someone so fresh out of the cradle get under your skin, after all he/she has been around since at least ’80.
    If he wants some of you though, I’ll take you at about a 6-1 odds.

  42. 52

    BLAAAHHH BLAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Omni and Balless

    Which one of you lesbo’s is the masculine one?

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trick question, of course, it is obvious that both of you are bitches or rather Alabama bitches!!!!!!!

    They may eventually shut down the Tide, but you will still be Aubretards.

    Enough said, now go play find the gerbal!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 53

    I love it that barnies can’t stay of Bama blogs. Its like cocaine or something that they just can’t resist visiting, reading and then posting idoit statements. However, it must be difficult for them to vision the gloomy au outlook and then realize that they will be living in the Tide’s world for many years to come. RTR.

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