DUMBTH: The lost art of thinking and Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin allegedly violated ANOTHER NCAA recruiting rule by allowing ESPN cameras to film his interaction with a recruit. DUMBTH! Tennessee Volunteer fans should really consider buying their idiot, err, young coach this classic book by Steve Allen, Dumbth: The Lost Art of Thinking With 101 Ways to Reason Better & Improve Your Mind . The poor guy needs all the help he can get.

If being a dumbass is part of Kiffin’s master plan, then Lane is on the path to greatness.

Secrecy and college football
Here is a shock, colleges and universities are using federal privacy laws to keep information secret. The Columbus Dispatch published a nationwide study on public access to NCAA violation information. (Two stories: here and here.) Alabama and Auburn were both mentioned. According to the report, 11 schools “did not produce a single document in six months” these 11 “schools included Auburn, North Carolina, UCLA.” The Tuscaloosa News joined the conversation about public records access with a piece on how the University of Alabama has withheld information from the public in the textbook case.

The Dispatch story also included a comments from regular Paul Finebaum Radio Network commentator Donald Jackson. “The extension of the legislation was never intended for (the protection of) Smooth Sonny Johnson, the booster at X University, who slides quarterback Joe Smith $500 for coming to his house to deliver the newspaper,” Jackson said. “But that is the practice.”

The Dispatch also spoke with the author of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, former US Senator James L. Buckley. For anyone concerned about how public institutions behave, these stories are important; if you don’t want state universities to become another Jefferson County, then close supervision by the public (and media) is critical.

Media news
General Electric and its media division, NBC-Universal, attempted to punish the Hollywood Reporter after the trade newspaper covered shareholder discontent over the conglomerates’ love affair with the Obama administration. You can read all the details here. Disgusting.

Bear Country
Roll Bama Roll has the details on the play Bear Country. It will be in Birmingham during the month of August.

The economy
Larry Kudlow outlines some fears growing among bond traders that inflation could make a comeback. Kudlow notes that M2 is “growing at the fastest pace in 25 years,” and the Fed might no longer be so independent. Also, for all the troubles at the New York Times, there are still interesting stories like this one on the tensions among the president’s economic advisers.

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  1. Due to overzealous fans and Private investigators, peeping thru windows, hiding behind trees with dollar General disposable Kodak cameras taking paparazzi style photos and (in general,) just harrassing the hell out of our fine citizenship (of Gadsden), I am forced to make the following mandates.
    1. Anyone caught in posession of a cheap disposable camera will be jailed for Stalking.
    2. Anyone who asks any questions what so ever about recruiting violations will have thier tongue pulled out as far as humanly possible and stapled to thier chin.
    3. The words “DOG” “RED” and “PACKET” are banned anywhere in city limits. Anyone caught using them will be thrown in the drunk tank for 10 days minimum.(Because that is the only place anyone would want to talk such nonsense.)
    4 Any college recruiter must check in and be finger printed and photographed at the police station before they are allowed to visit with any college prospect.
    5 They must do so, after a thorough and complete search and will only be allowed to speak to the prospect through a 1 inch thick bulletproof glass plating. All conversations will be recorded.
    6. Any “investigator” claiming to be working on behalf of a group of concerned football fans, will be incarcerated in a cell with no toilet for a period of 60 days. I feel thats a fair punishment since we have all been putting up with THIER SHIT for months now.

    Thank you,

    The Mayor of Gadsden.

  2. I am sending this becasue it is part of my legal obligation to clear my own tail.

    It all started when Jerrell Harris was approached by a desperate Auburn booster who said he would quote “suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch” If JH would consider signing with Auburn. (There was also an offer of $12.94 in cash and an Arbys coupon for a roast beef melt) if Jerrell would commit that day. Jerrel thinking it was a joke laughed and pointed eastward telling the aooster that the Crystal Meth dealer was 2 blocks away.
    From what JH said, the Auburn booster assumed that JH was surely a lock to sign with Auburn. He called an Auburn Coach _______ ______________ and informed him of the good news.
    When signing day came around an JH stiff armed AU to sign with Bammer, the Auburn booster knew he had been had and was out $12.94 and a good butt kissing.
    Irontiger was scratching his nuts and cruising the ITET board one day and decided to use this as his opportunity to make the Bammers pay for allowing thier second string to score during the iron bowl. (I shit you not.)
    So he go with me and a few other guys (who I must admit were not too bright) and we decided to form Operation Red Dog. (It was named after a great and glorious campaign for white civil rights.)
    We decided that whenever IronEagle got home form his weekly spousal abuse lockup. We would post the most ridiculous rumors humaly possible in hopes that somebody would believe them. And it worked. Every Auburn fan who could read was soon lapping up our mental vomit like it was jello chocolate pudding.

    That is the How, now fo the why…
    we were all so cravenly jealous of Nick Saban that we would have done anything to stop him. He had ruined our tradition of 6 wins in a row and we could not have it!!!!
    So we just kept coming up with stories. And pretty soon the Auburn Family morons were believing that Nick Saban was selling secrets to terrorists. That he was actually an evil dictator from the planet Zornak and that our penises were all at least 13 inches long and as thick as a 2 liter drink bottle. (oops, we posted that on another site… never mind. )
    Hell, we actually had them believing that Gene Chizik could win in the SEC!!!!
    At the hieght of our power we only had to log in 4 times a piece (under different screen names) to tell ourselves how great we were!
    Now my attorney says I have fulfilled my obligation and made attrition and I cant be sued now. So i will shut up.
    War Damn Eagle!!!! 6 in a Row!!!!

  3. You guys have way too much time on your hands and your fear and obsession is noted. War Eagle.

  4. Dude you never fooled me for 1 second. I’ve been repeating those exact same words now for over 6 months. It among other things got me permanently banned on the rivals blogs at Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida and 3 times at LSU! I love to get banned cause it means the truth hurts those fu**ers and they have no way to refute it without spouting some illiterate BS! Course I know you’re full of sh*t and you think you’re cute comming on here with that ‘deep throat’ tale, but the sad thing is that the gist of your novel is pretty damn close to the truth! RTR!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh Damn! E.G. u dont think thats a bammer? The first one is TMC (smae writing skills) I would bet that last one is BM or Legend in other circles

  6. Yeah, it had to be one of us. Nobody at the barn could be that creative! I’m just playing along. However it does kind of sound like the confession from one of irontigers cronies. LOL! RTR!

  7. Hey cap, is ther any kind of penalty for alot of 2ndary violations or can coaches just rack them up without punishment. I mean i know you cant just do it all the time but whats the limit before the ncaa says anything. I agree with you on this one. Lane is a complete idiot if he really doesnt know what he’s doing. I have a feeling he does so can he just keep on keepin on or will the ncaa put its foot down. Thanks, WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  8. E.G., do you know anything about football or do you just come on blogs to run your mouth. Nothing relevant to any story ever posted. Just the same ole crap. Still never told me how old you are? WAITING??????????? WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  9. Matter of fact it does’nt even bother me that your in high school. We all start somewhere. You’ll catch on and resd enough blogs to where you may actually know what your talking about. I have faith in you dude. You can do it. idiot. WAR EAGLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Cap, get back with me on the 2ndary violation question please. Its a honest question. Thanx brotha. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. WOW

    I ll speak up for Cap. This is a good blog dude and hes not in HS. @ least he doesnt present himself as such…..
    anyway not for nothing but Caps a pretty kewl guy to let me come here and I heard E.G say hes been banned from some sites and Cap never banned me so he will let you to your own opinion


  12. The popular idea that there aren’t punishments for secondary violations is wrong. There ARE punishments for secondary violations, which often aren’t disclosed, but I remember schools having coaches forced to make fewer phone calls or off-campus visits. (UGA taking a phone call hiatus on a recruit for 2 weeks: http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/uga/stories/2009/06/02/georgia_ncaa_violations.html)

    The most common penalty is a reprimand and some “education” to hopefully prevent a similar recurrence.

    As for secondary violations becoming major, I believe it all comes down to if the NCAA believes the school is gaining a competitive advantage over other schools, or isn’t monitoring its athletics sufficiently.

  13. Thanks Omni. I try to keep things open here. The only time I’ve moderated anyone was with excessive swearing that offended people enough for me to get several emails about it.

    So far, I’ve never banned anyone. 🙂

  14. Trooper 14, you can jump up my anus, and you can carry you inbred Barner ass back where it came from or to one of your lying ass illiterate Barner blogs. Don’t come over here on our blog and mess with me. I have experienced more and know more about Bama than a dumbass like you could learn in 25 lifetimes. You keep runnin’ your mouth like you think your something special and like you know how this blog should be run and your gonna really piss me off. If it comes to that, when I get through with your ass your gonna have such an inferiority complex that you may never leave your house again! And that’s not a bad idea. In fact I think the majority of you asshole Barners are already feeling that way. You’ve mostly disappeared like farts in the wind from every blog I’ve checked since the ‘reverse’ Gadsden shit hit the fan! If you think you’re safe over here, boy did you screw up. This is the worst place a Barner could come – ’cause I’m here and I’m the official Barner Basher! LMFAO! RTR!

  15. Hey!! I gave an interview with a tease at a ‘TELL-ALL-style” book and NOBODY EVEN NOTICED ME!!!
    I am Coach Tony Fucking Franklin!!!! I am the man! Just ask Nikki Bourges what it is like to ride the wild tonester sometime!!!
    I called the Auburn coaching staff a bunch of religious zealots/hypocrits and nobody noticed… I use to get 3 blogs at al.com if I cleared my throat and nor nobody is looking at me!!!!!
    LOOK AT ME!!!
    LOOK AT ME!!!
    75= POINTS A GAME!!!

    Anyway,,, thanks guys… I had to get that one off my chest….


  16. Cute Mr. Franklin! Com’on guys, don’t get down on TF too much. He is helping our cause by showing what a dysfunctional mess the ha ha ‘Auburn Fambuhle’ is and therefore how disreputable they are. Nobody will ever listen to or believe them again. They have become invalid. Lets see, how did that go? ‘War Damn East Alabama Male College’? Yeah that’s it! LMFAO! RTR!

  17. An mass murderer is a dysfuntional mess. Auburn is a TOTALLY FUCKED UP dysfuntional mess!!!
    I really dont like to give up too much information because I dont want to spoil book deal.
    But Man! Those people are the weirdest bunch of crackers I ever saw.
    I remember when I got there, they were having some cult-style prayer meeting and everyone had to genuflect at Pat Dye’s picture. Just plain weird if you ask me.
    Tommy Tuberville would walk around the offices in a Pope outfit with a ventriliquist dummy that looked like Jay Jacobs spouting one liners like: “In real life I dont have to stick my hand up his ass to get him to say what I want him too…PRAISE THE LORD!”
    Bobby Lowder would come in a spank people with a cricket bat while they said “Thank you Lord Lowder may I have another. Halleluhah!!!!”
    Meanwhile out ont he practice field groups of players would single out and attack people at random shouting a lot of thee’s and thou’s and weird shit like “And the son of God Blackmon rose up and smite the heathens!”
    Just plain old depraved weird stuff.
    Thier will be plenty more in my book.
    “Auburn is a fucked-up cult” It will be in book store in 2 months.
    I am Tony Franklin Damnit!

  18. I didnt know Tony franklin was MAyor of Gadsden. Glad to see hes employed
    Keep up the good work Coach and FUK U and your system, You ll probably have
    all your city workers on workmens comp. before the summer is over but HEY! if they want you they got you!@ gadsden

  19. “Reverse ” Gadsden stuff ????????? What are yall doing ? rolling back the odometers on the Chargers ???

  20. Funny you should mention that AIAJFTFKABPI!

    Have you heard about the new Auburn diet? Just take a Charger out for a test drive and 20 Auburn fans will chase you on foot for 2 or 3 miles trying to get the tag # and take a picture. Guaranteed to lose 20 lbs in one week.

  21. Auburn Diet part 2.
    Every Auburner could lose 10 lbs of ugly fat instantly,
    Just cut off Pat Dye’s head.

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