Dye: Saban, Sexton orchestrated Auburn chaos

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is behind the negative press swirling around the Auburn football program. Seriously. Saban has planted story after story smearing the Auburn family. In true Machiavellian form, Saban’s operatives sparked the firing of Tommy Tuberville, spread rumors to undermine the Auburn coaching search and planted stories in the press accusing Auburn of racism.

Bold claims, but we have a very reliable source. Pat Dye.

Maybe Dye didn’t claim Saban was behind the Tuberville termination, but he did say Saban and Sexton were orchestrating the negative press.

Dye made those claims during an interview on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few quotes (the interview should be available on the Finebaum website tonight.)

“Nick is Jimmy’s fair haired child,” Dye said. “I do have a problem with some of the stuff that goes on, you know, behind the scenes to create (controversy) and a lot of it is coming out of Memphis, Tennessee that is being orchestrated in Tuscaloosa.

“When Auburn is having problems and there is controversy going around, it don’t hurt Alabama. It hurts Auburn, and what hurts Auburn is good for Alabama…”

“There is a pattern there. Any time you can create some question and doubt there and controversy in who they are hiring,” Dye said. “Anything negative that comes out about Auburn helps Alabama as far as recruting is concerned.”

“It is the Florida nation. Alabama nation, and the Auburn family,” Dye said. “They are screwing around with our family.”

When asked by Finebaum to define “they,” Dye said, “The press and the misinformation and calling us prejudice and racists and plantation mentality.”

Other tidbits from the Finebaum interview. Dye doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the Auburn football program, or its coaching search, the former Auburn coach said during the extended interview on Finebaum’s radio show.

Dye seemed very informed about how the search operated. He emphatically declared Auburn’s Jay Jacobs had too much integrity to ever want Houston Nutt at Auburn. He also said Auburn had never contacted Will Muschamp or Jimbo Fischer. He alleged those names were swirling around due to Sexton’s greed—Dye said Sexton wanted more lucrative contracts for his clients.

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