Dye: Saban, Sexton orchestrated Auburn chaos

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is behind the negative press swirling around the Auburn football program. Seriously. Saban has planted story after story smearing the Auburn family. In true Machiavellian form, Saban’s operatives sparked the firing of Tommy Tuberville, spread rumors to undermine the Auburn coaching search and planted stories in the press accusing Auburn of racism.

Bold claims, but we have a very reliable source. Pat Dye.

Maybe Dye didn’t claim Saban was behind the Tuberville termination, but he did say Saban and Sexton were orchestrating the negative press.

Dye made those claims during an interview on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few quotes (the interview should be available on the Finebaum website tonight.)

“Nick is Jimmy’s fair haired child,” Dye said. “I do have a problem with some of the stuff that goes on, you know, behind the scenes to create (controversy) and a lot of it is coming out of Memphis, Tennessee that is being orchestrated in Tuscaloosa.

“When Auburn is having problems and there is controversy going around, it don’t hurt Alabama. It hurts Auburn, and what hurts Auburn is good for Alabama…”

“There is a pattern there. Any time you can create some question and doubt there and controversy in who they are hiring,” Dye said. “Anything negative that comes out about Auburn helps Alabama as far as recruting is concerned.”

“It is the Florida nation. Alabama nation, and the Auburn family,” Dye said. “They are screwing around with our family.”

When asked by Finebaum to define “they,” Dye said, “The press and the misinformation and calling us prejudice and racists and plantation mentality.”

Other tidbits from the Finebaum interview. Dye doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the Auburn football program, or its coaching search, the former Auburn coach said during the extended interview on Finebaum’s radio show.

Dye seemed very informed about how the search operated. He emphatically declared Auburn’s Jay Jacobs had too much integrity to ever want Houston Nutt at Auburn. He also said Auburn had never contacted Will Muschamp or Jimbo Fischer. He alleged those names were swirling around due to Sexton’s greed—Dye said Sexton wanted more lucrative contracts for his clients.

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  1. 1

    Sad. Just SAD.

    “Dye doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the Auburn football program, or its coaching search,” And yet he knows all the intricate details and insider information.

    Pat Dye has lost whatever esteem and credibility he ever had and is “The Auburn Familie’s ” media prostitute.

    Back to business as usual at Auburn where the money men try to run the whole show and the people who buy the tickets pay top dollar for a third rate production. AUBURN SUCKS.

  2. 2

    Later, when I approached Pat Dye he was even more blunt and to the point. Dye says:

    “It is ALL Saban’s fault!
    He makes his players use steriods! He pays recruits to play! He rigs the college courses to pass his players! Bear Bryant was pushed out by Saban! JUST ASK ANYONE!!!

    He will learn not to mess with the “Auburn Family!” I am calling the Godfather (Bobby Lowder) to have his carpetbagging ass whacked!!!”

    Also, in a related story, Pat Dye’s family is trying to sign him into rehab for an undisclosed substance abuse problem. Dye says, “Its SABAN! He is trying to get me out of the picture!!! That nasty sumbitch!

  3. 5

    Pat Dye is dealing with his dementia as well as he can. Nick Saban is too busy recruiting to worry about who the next coach at Auburn is, or if Auburn is in the news. I would say Coach Saban is more concerned with beating Florida than what’s happening at Auburn. Auburn is taking care of burying itself and Pat Dye is leading the charge. Thanks Pat, keep up the good work, yella fella. Oh, and by the way Pat, Jimmy Sexton works for Nick Saban, not the other way around. Had any good steaks lately, Pat?

  4. 6

    dye is a thief a cheater a out right lier.
    dye is racest out right and trying to change the subgect from auburn and dye being racest to sabon we all know what auburn is and it the racest university in the south

  5. 8
    Spelling Coach

    Hey Eddie,

    You suck at spelling.

    December 17th, 2008 at 4:19 pm
    dye is a thief a cheater a out right lier.
    dye is racest out right and trying to change the subgect from auburn and dye being racest to sabon we all know what auburn is and it the racest university in the south

  6. 9
    Mike McCord

    If you’re going to type something of substance, at least use spell check. Please don’t claim to be an Alabama fan. Yes, Pat Dye is a liar and is now in charge of hiring the coaching staff for the new coach. Saban proably choked up a “Little Debbie’s” when he heard who the new coach would be. He’s still laughing. What goes around comes around. Poor, pitiful Auburn. Whatever.

  7. 10
    Mrs. Coach Ensminger

    This aint funny YALL!
    My Stevie Poo got jacked and all yall can do is make jokes about Pat Dye’s retarded old ass!!!! I keep telling yall this is how the do things at Auburn!

    It is all Saban’s fault! Except for the part where Pat Dye is a backstabbing liar! As well as an old perv who drinks aftershave!!!

    And all Steve does anymore is sit his lazy ass up in his recliner drinking beer and watching fishing shows! God Da*m you Auburn!!!

    The gardener Jesus isnt coming around with his dark sultry sexy eyes and chiseled physique to do the gardening.
    The cute blond pool boy who comes around at least 5 times a week to make sure my drain stays clean hasnt been around for 2 weeks or more!
    And my morning massuesse LaMarques isnt rubbing his strong confident Zulu hands all over my back because Steve is ALWAYS IN THE HOUSE!! Damnit to Cleveland! I am frustrated!!!!!DAMN YOU AUBURN!!!!!

  8. 11

    I like the idea of Saban being behind a media conspiracy. It turns out not only does the media like Saban, but they do whatever he says.

    It was actually Saban dressed up as Jacobs who hired Gene (5-19) Chizik.

  9. 12

    WOW! All I can say is Forbes obviously had it right!!

    Dye is a beaten down old drunken buffoon that needs to STFU about things of which he has absolutely no clue. He is making this garbage up (lying) to try to put the media on Saban/Bama but is only making himself look like the ignorant drunk he really is. His beloved school is the laughing stock of the college football world and Dye’s fingerprints are all over it. Dye is basically pitching a fit. What a washed up loser.

  10. 13

    I will say that Dye is probably right about Sexton tossing around some media buzz about Muschamp, Fisher, and even Nutt. It might make some schools mad, but the reality is that it’s good for the coaches bargaining positions. That’s what Sexton gets paid to do, and paid well. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  11. 16
    Truth Police

    I hate both schools so I do not have a dog in this hunt but find it convient that Dye forgot to point out that his new coach is a client of that dreadfull Sexton. Auburn has there pants down and there is nothing Pat Dye can do about it. That must hurt a proud man like him who has spend his adult life promoting Auburn. By the way, I hope Saban eats a bad little Debbie cake.

  12. 18


    Interesting read…I look forward to seeing how Coach Chizik does. I am pulling for him and for the players who love Auburn. I was originally hopeful Turner Gill would get the job but I know many of Chiziks former players wanted him to return. You can’t fault them for that. By the way, my Dad is not a drunk and there is no family attempting to put him in rehab for those who are spreading lies. These lies about him sadden me. Auburn will weather the storm and will be back. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas! War Eagle!

  13. 19

    Pat Dye the old drunk, forgot to mention to everyone during his stupid ass comments about MR. JIMMY SEXTON and “SABEAR”, that MEMPHIS TN. was the meeting place where cheezwhiz and the MR. BOBBY LOWDER PUPPETS had this powerful meeting. OF ALL THE PLACES THAT THEY COULD HAVE HELD THIS MEETING, WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CHOSE MEMPHIS TN. WHY?
    BECAUSE THEY MET AT JIMMY SEXTON’S OFFICE AND THEN THIS DAMN DRUNK WANTS TO SLAM THE MAN LIKE THIS. all of you “AUBIES” need to pool your money and find that old drunk an assisted living home somewhere away from the plantation before he destroys what he helped build. I hear that TOMMY purchased a lake home next to “sabears” in north GEORGIA. DAMN you TUBBS, now don’t you dare tell everything you know about your ex-employer to there number one hated coach in the nation. ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts because it is going to be a rough ride for years to come down on the DYE plantation.

  14. 20

    Upon the announcement of Chizik at Auburn, cheers were heard thru out the campus. . . . . unfortunately the campus site’s were at Iowa St and Alabama

  15. 21

    M says: “interesting read” on the Auburn article, who wrote that pile of crap, Chizik himself? What is interesting about the read is where it conviently left out Iowa St making 5 out of 6 bowl games prior to Chizik and his digression his second year losing his last ten games in a row. . . . yeah I bet he was happy about going to Auburn, but not as happy as the cyclone fans!

  16. 22

    HEY PAT DYE, the game has passed you by. Hell, the whole damn world has passed you by. When you and jimmy rains went out west together a couple of months or so ago, you were in iowa meeting with gene chizick. you both stayed in des moines for three nites at the fairmont. come on you lying sack of cow sh–. don’t do damage controll by spreading lies about someone else to take the heat off of your sorry ass.ROLL TIDE

  17. 23
    Linda Martin

    I thought I heard Pat Dye say he had nothing to do with hiring the new coach. Sounds like he is still running the show. Has he not retired? If not, he should. He opens his mouth and inserts his foot; don’t blame Saban for your mistakes. Auburn would do better if old Dye would leave town. I’m in disbelief at what I have heard from old Dye.

  18. 24
    Mike G

    Auburn has a winning record against all SEC schools except Florida since 1981 according to Coach Dye. That is an amazing record. I guess the timing of the wins was what caused the lack of championships. I really have always been amazed at the talent at Auburn. Even under Barfield they had the best backfield I’ve ever seen. If they ever do get a coach like Meyer, Saban or Carroll, they will be dangerous.

  19. 25

    After much investigative reporting, (read… dumpster diving) I have the original notes and scratch attempts from the letter from Pat Dye to the Auburn Family:
    Here are some of the unseen highlights that didnt make it to the finished copy:

    “Auburn Family,

    “I woke up this morning with Georgia on my mind, which is not surprising since I went to sleep with “Georgia on my mind” Playing on my stereo.” Scratched… thrown in the garbage.

    2nd attempt:
    “Auburn Family,

    “I woke up this morning with Auburn on my mind which is surprising since I went to sleep with a co-ed named “Tawny” on my face last night… Scratched…..

    3rd attempt:

    Auburn Family,

    “I woke up this morning with Auburn on my mind, and my ol’ lady all over my ass ….” Scratched….

    Here is another version which didnt make it to the auburn family but is rather close to the final edited version.

    “This is a very emotional time for the Auburn family. We all have our own opinions about what is best for Auburn and about the impact that Auburn decisions will have on our lives. And yall should be taking my opinion because I am Pat Dye and yall aint sh*t. (Of course the last sentence was scratched.)

    I don’t expect everyone who reads this to agree with everything I say, but I just want you to know what I feel in my heart. This time of transition we are going through now reminds me of the time in 1981 when I walked into a room full of football players who had many questions and doubts about me coming in as the new head football coach, And I showed them… I came in here and relaced thier loser asses with some of the finest players money could buy.

    Their frustration showed in their faces, and anxiety was in their eyes because of the unknown. I had a simple message: Whether they had come to Auburn for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, they had chosen to get their education and to play football at Auburn University, which would lay the foundation for the rest of their lives. Which was the biggest crock of Bullsh*t I could think up at the time.

    I told them that Auburn had settled for me and that I had settled for Auburn. I asked them as a team to be loyal to Auburn and to love Auburn. I said that I would also be loyal to Auburn and would love Auburn, and this loyalty and love would be our common ground which would lay the foundation that would serve Auburn for many years to come. And like a bunch of absolute fools…THEY FELL FOR IT!

    There is a lot of misinformation out there right now. Most of it coming from that slimy little mattress stain of a man, Jay Jacobs. The media people have their jobs to do and should have our respect for doing those jobs like my good friend Phillip Marshall. But unless an individual has served as president of a major university, has been on the board of trustees of a major university, or has been athletic director or head football coach at a major university, or has worn a cheerleader uniform and jumped out of a cake at a booster’s party, it is hard to grasp how the people in these positions make the decisions that affect so many. Or how much politicking goes on in the background.

    Unless you have walked in their shoes, you cannot begin to understand all that is involved in the process of making these decisions and that is why you should kiss our asses. Because we are better than you.

    In addressing the current situation pertaining to our Athletic Director, Jay Jacobs, and his decision to hire Gene Chizik as our new Head Coach, I applaud all parties involved in the process for allowing Jay Jacobs to do his job. Which is exactly what Bobby Lowder and I told him he better do or we would stomp him like a dancehall floor.

    Nobody is more qualified to make this decision than Jay. (Unless it is me.) He is a true Auburn man to the bone and understands better than anybody the kind of man we need to lead our football program into the future. A complete and total kissass! Gene Chizik is that man.

    Because of the years I was involved in football – as a player, an assistant coach, a head coach, and after watching Bear Bryant do it for years – I learned something about winning. One thing I am sure of is that I know what it takes to win. Money… lots of it. Teams where everyone played with the same heartbeat had a chance to win championships; But teams that were full of hired guns pumped up on steroids had a better chance. .

    We don’t need to worry about what is going on around us. We only need to be concerned about what is going on at Auburn. In other words get in step and shut the f*ck up. And being the best we can be at Auburn will take care of what is going on around us. We are an Auburn family. And even though we are a bit dysfunctional at times, Let’s see if we can play with the same heartbeat. And as long as that hearbeat says what I want it to, everything will be just fine.

    I know winning is important to the Auburn people. But so is character. Jay Jacobs has it and so does Gene Chizik. Why? Because Pat Dyes says so… that should be enough for all of you sh*t kickers. Dont question the will of Pat Dye or Bobby Lowder… We know what we are doing. Now we’ll see if they can win. They are our (mine and Bobby’s that is,) team. I like it. And you might as well, its not going to change. War Eagle.

    Coach Pat Dye

    ps. Get back in line and shut the hell up!

  20. 26

    I hope Auburn keeps Pat Dye around forever. Now that Tubby is gone, look for him to try to get himself deep into the football program again. Look for Auburn to start paying players again like they did when Dye was in control. That was the reason he was let go, but Auburn has no problems using him as a drunken dancing monkey. He is entertaining though. Auburn people must be proud.

  21. 27
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Sportsguy………For people with ADD such as myself, A couple of paragraphs is all Im ggod for. Be the couple I read were pretty funny.

    MikeG. With the right coach Auburn will be dangerous ? Weve always been “dangerous”. Well , except for last year. Im sure that all of us Barners would rather be “consistant” (in a good way), than “dangerous”. Would you agree ? In the last few years, weve been the team to knock off #1, but lose a three way tie to go to Atlanta. With the exception of 04, we just never could get over the hump. Remember 06 ? All we had to do was beat a decent Arkansas team. They beat the dooky out of us. Then we go against Georgia, and our coaching staff decides to air it out with a Brandon Cox who is about 20 %. Kenny Irons never got to touch the ball.Plus it was a Monsoon that day. That was one day that I was cussin the ole T.V. out.

  22. 29

    Lay off the bottle Pat. You know Chizik was your guy. For once be a man and don’t hide behind the Awbun family. I’ll say this about the Auburn family and leave it at this. It’s a dysfunctional one and one that Nick Saban doesn’t have to interfere with. Auburn has one too many dads that take care of that for us. Roll Tide!

  23. 30

    Does Pat Dye really expect us to believe that Nick Saban cares about what goes on in their dysfunctional Auburn “family”? Lowder and Dye could have hired Pete Carroll over Gene Chizik and Nick Saban could still care less.

  24. 32

    All Saban is thinking about is Utah and the Sugar Bowl, while working on another top 5 recruiting class. He doesn’t have time to think about Auburn. He’s too busy molding Alabama into a top 5 program for years to come.

  25. 34

    Pat Dye is fully capable of being what he alluded to – “being honest” and “telling it like it is “. However – the evil twin calls the shots with Pat alongside with the Fat Cat Mafia that runs the Show.
    Blame everybody and lie your ass off long enough and the Mob will start to believe it. Problem now is that some of the “Family” will not buy Bull Shit because it is being “packaged ” by Pat.
    It is the ‘Wimp Sanderson Mantra” that Coaches – Media – adhere to. That is the Fans know absolutely nothing and only repeat what they hear.
    To hell with them.

  26. 35

    Pathetic. Auburn’s obesession with Alabama is unreal. To go to this length and make these claims is laughable. A new low for the Cow College.

  27. 36
    Bama Fan In NYC

    ” It hurts Auburn, and what hurts Auburn is good for Alabama…”

    And vice versa… See Auburn’s most successful years, which occurred during our worst (00-07).

  28. 39

    Pat Dye is full-o-crap.

    Jimbo Fisher is a family friend.

    Auburn called him two weeks before the Iron Bowl to gauge his interest. They have been planning the ouster of Tubs since the Vandy loss…it was orchestrated by Dye, Lowder, and the jetgate crew – all of whom have hated Tuberville – amplified because of their lack of power since Jetgate.

    Fisher was contacted….first hand info.

    Take that to the bank.

  29. 40

    for a guy who is so enraptured with his “Auburn Family” you never really get to hear that HE WENT TO UGA.

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