AP finally reports what we suggested last week

Last week we pointed out evidence indicated Auburn fired Tommy Tuberville. We pointed toward the report in the O-A News as one of the biggest indicators. Do you trust Tuberville’s mom or Jay Jacobs? When you combine the buyout and the statement, evidence strongly indicates Tuberville was fired. The AP decided to move a piece on it today…late, but at least it is something. Read the AP report below:


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Let it go people. Who doesnt think he was shown the door. Im sure that Gouge didnt give him 5.1 mill a year because it was “the right thing to do”………

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    Auburn spin at its finest. Why would Tubby say he was committed to turn it around, only to resign and go out with a whimper? I believe some of the influential people at Auburn that wanted Tubbs gone in 2003 have only until now been able to apply some leverage to him after hes had snubbed them the past 4 years. You are right Ballplay. Auburn didn’t just give him the money because is was ‘the right thing to do’. That money come with some kind of conditions, which one is ‘don’t say anything’, like all the other coaches buyout conditions were. I will bet there was nothing in there about his mother not saying anything. And I would believe his mom of Jacobs.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I do believe that Jacobs wanted him to stay. But between Gouge and Regions bank, he doesnt have too much of a say in who the coach at Auburn will be. I cant stand the fact that Tomym was let go. But I hostly think that Tommy was sick of all the B.S. behind the scenes. Kudos to Tubbs , he did a good job at Auburn, kept us out of trouble, our kids were pretty trouble free under his tenure. I hope he enjoys retirement and the 5 mill he got. I know I could find a way to get over it with that much play money.

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    Payback for jetgate. I think Tubby had decided long ago, if certain peeps at Auburn tried to put their two cents in again, he would walk away. One thing is for sure, something was going on, and the Auburn PR story about it is short on the truth. But there has been a lot of coaching turnover at Auburn the entire time under Tubs, they either left for a better job or they were fired in about equal amounts. There is reasons for that, and part of that is why Muschamp won’t be back. Wonder why all those great assistants that left aren’t wanting to check into this?

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    If Tuberville quit, and he screwed over the BOT, and left the program an unredeemable mess. And he got paid $5.1 Mil in the process there is definately much more to this that the AU Pres. BOT and AD dont want other people to know about. My guess is Tuberville knows enough to put Auburn out of business if he talked to the NCAA.

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