Good news: Julio has 3rd 100-yard outing

Freshman receiver Julio Jones surpassed 100 receiving yards against Florida with 124 yards on 5 receptions, marking the third time this season he has reached the century mark. His 64-yard pass reception on a pass from John Parker Wilson in the first quarter was the longest pass play by Alabama this season, and the longest Crimson Tide pass play since a 67-yard pass from Wilson to DJ Hall vs. LSU on November 3, 2007. (from the game notes… via UA)

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    Bama played good enough to win this game… Just a few little errors were the difference. Florida is a well coached team… Disciplined. Their team speed wasnt the factor in the game as much as thier ability to find ways to move the ball and capitalize on Bama’s mistakes… Hats off to Meyers and Co…. Well done… Go beat the hell out of Oklahoma and restore some of the prestige the SEC has lost this year….

  2. 2

    Sorry tmc1, I will be rooting for Oklahoma. The SEC vs. whatever conference crap is just hype. I really only pull for one team, but if I had to choose between FL or OK, I will take OK just out of respect. Their fans were pretty classy when they came down to Tuscaloosa the last time they played Bama. Florida fans are among the worst ever, they are in a class of their own. Almost as bad as Auburn fans.

    But congrats to the Gators for winning the SEC, it was well earned. Bama put up a good fight and I look forward to see this same match up again next year.

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