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By Shane from Centerpoint
This is the reality of the situation. Recent comparisons to the vaunted, championship caliber “Red Wall” defense from 1992 have begun to make the rounds. In reality this 2008 Crimson Tide stop-unit is posting the same type of numbers as the great 92 team – while sitting at or near the top in most defensive statistical categories. Future opponents will have a difficult time with this crew.

Alabama boast the 3rd ranked total, the 3rd ranked rushing, and the 6th ranked scoring defense in the nation. The Tide gives up about total 250 yards, with approx. 75 of that on the ground. They allow 12.5 points – just under 2 touchdowns per game is impressive, considering the efficiency of modern offenses.

Bama sits 27th in total pass defense, but is 7th in the more important pass efficiency category.

The Crimson Tide is 2nd in the nation in fewest yards allowed by an opponent on first down. They are also 2nd in the country in 3rd down conversions allowed – giving up a first down just 25% of the time.

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I would say that in this case the numbers don’t deceive. Alabama can potentially dominate any opponent they play. Consistency is the cornerstone of great defense. Bama has shut down the run consistently. Actually, no team the Tide has faced has been able to sustain drives or score many points.

This year’s defense has another trait in common with the best to ever wear the Crimson jersey – they have very few penalties and minimize mental errors. Tide defenders also tackle very well.

Every thing written above serves as a testament to one thing – Alabama has a very, very good defense that has the ability to disrupt the continuity of an opponent’s offense to the point of catastrophic failure.


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  1. 1

    You do have a few really good players on defense this year but YOU INSULT the 92 team that sent 8 defensive players to the NFL and probably the best QB in that era when your compare the 2 teams…
    stupid ass time dwellers and before you start STFU bushsux!!!

  2. 2

    You failed to mention that the strength of schedule up to this point in the season for this years Alabama team is 65th in the nation. How does that compare to the 92′ team? Its not hard to put up good numbers against a schedule as week as that. So I would say in this case numbers do deceive! For comparison sakes LSU’s final strength of schedule last year when they won the BCS National Championship (for the second time) was No.1 in the nation. And as bad as LSU was at quarterback this year they put up huge numbers against that “vaunted” defense this year. Another typical delusional article by Shane for brains.

  3. 3

    This defense is good but tends to bend a tad to much.With the speed they have i think they should blitz a lot more.To me not enough is going on.When we play the gators the way they throw we should put more pressure on QB and don’t let him sit back and pick us apart. rolll tideeeee

  4. 4

    JW if you go after Tebow he will make you pay to. uat will have to have THE GAME of their life against FL,Sorry I dont see it 🙂 GL though…

  5. 7

    every time a positive article or statement is written or said about this alabama team, there’s always an aubie or a gator fan that screams, YEAH BUT……
    well, fact is bama is undefeated. they have beaten the best this conference has to offer to date. there are teams in this conference that have lost 4-5 games that would reel havoc in other conferences INCLUDING the big 12. what do the aubies and others say if bama beats auburn then wins against florida. are we going to hear, YEAH BUT auburn has injuries, we have a soph QB, and on the florida side, you guys hurt tebow when he wasn’t looking and on and on and on. GIVE SOME CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. we DO have a great defense and it would be in any conference. we DO have a great offensive line, and we DO have a great backfield including jpw. even if we do lose, its been a wonderful year that has exceeded everyone’s expectations. sooo, get over the jealously and quit trying to belittle a great defensive team. who knows, the ass we kick may be your own. rtr

  6. 8

    “TROY THE GREAT PREDICTOR” sissy your supposes to be AU and if the refs have to help you do it hell yea we will call it..BUT CMON HURTING TEBOW!?!?!? YOU really to need to pray for JPW(Tebow is) in that game buddy! STFU bushsux!!

    ITS HERE …..

  7. 10

    yes…. I agree 36-0 is pretty much a dominant defensive performance.
    12-0 means a good defense is fairly obvious.
    Some of you can say that Bama is overrated, but I prefer to see it as bama beat a bunch of pre season pretenders. But it is evident. Even Bama’s offense must be pretty good. The slow methodic beating followed by a humiliating 2nd-3rd string TD against the Mighty Auburn defense should be evidence enough.
    This a good team.
    And they managed to beat the only team that beat Florida to boot.

  8. 14
    JG in Jemison

    36-0 What you got to say now aubies? Lets hear all the excuses that usually come out.Lets see them seven fingers for the seventh loss of your dismall season…lol Get used to the feeling of gettin your ass kicked in Tuscaloosa cause like Shane said things are back to normal!

  9. 15

    great game bama..36-0.all is right again.I do congratulate the auburn players for trying hard and having a little class that obviously isnt learned from their coach

  10. 16
    Ty from T-Town


    Shane,the once far-fetched comparisons between the 92 and 08 Alabama defences, is now somewhat logical.
    I personally began entertaining the thought just before this years Georgia game. Clemson may have been a fluke, but the wardrobe malfunction over in Athens, was clearly more than just an anomaly.
    The Red Wall’s evil twin reappeared in Knoxville,just in time for Fat-Phil’s going away party. Tennessee was a damn joke, but LSU presented a legitimate problem. If the 08 defence was going to keep this ridiculous comparison alive, they were gonna have to do it in a toxic waste dump down in Baton Rouge; and they did. State was next.
    They were the next victim, at least in the minds of the media but I had reason to worry.
    I was in Starkville the night that the great 92 team squeaked out a last minute win against an average Mississippi State team. The defence of 92 had few faults, but their dangerous trait of playing-down to their competition, made many games nerve racking to watch.
    Thankfully, they also had the ability to rise-up when it counts. It appears that both defences in question, specialized in causing catastrophic failure to their opponents offence. Look what they both did to Auburn.
    Bring on the hype Florida. You are next.

  11. 17

    Southern cookin’ at it’s finest: SEC Saturday Menu requires one well fed Gainesville Gator. Nicky may need another time out…

  12. 18

    36-0….That’s enough said about Auburn.

    Florida will be a tough, tough game but Alabama can win this thing.

    Now for all of you Country Boy A$$ whoopers, kind of reminds me of an old kid’s Poem. ” Old McDonald sittin on a fence (join in)
    Beatin’ his ____ with a Monkey Wrench!
    Missed his ____ and hit his _____!
    Made him S___ in his overalls!


  13. 19


    ALABAMA 36
    AUBURN 00

    One Hell of a “MEAT GRINDER U” BEAT DOWN!!

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOW Omnipresent and Ballplay Indian have 365 days to suck each others Big Toe!!

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

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