The Rivalry

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By Shane from Centerpoint

Once again the time of year has come for cross-state rivals Alabama and Auburn to settle the “bragging-rights” issue. Actually, for the past six years there hasn’t really been an issue concerning who’s had the best program. Tommy Tuberville and his Auburn Tigers have enjoyed an unprecedented six-victory run, while Tide fans have been forced to endure the ridicule and shame that comes with being the loser. Let there be no doubt, Auburn’s time on top is about to end abruptly.

In spite of the pre-game hype, the best team usually wins this storied contest. Due to Alabama’s self-induced NCAA probation and a head-coaching carousel that would be hard to match (unless you count Auburn’s offensive coordinators), Tuberville and his War Eagles have owned this State.

With Alabama mired deep in mediocrity, the Tigers remained consistent in their dominance of Alabama. Since defeating the Tide seems to validate Auburn’s worth for a large contingent of its fan base, it would be safe to assume that this has been the greatest era in the Auburn Family’s history.

The debacle (for Bama fans) appeared like it would never end, but that idea has taken a back seat now that Alabama coach Nick Saban has the Crimson Tide undefeated and in position to compete for a national championship.

After seeing the superb performances displayed by this year’s Alabama squad, many Auburn fans who have enjoyed counting off the number of victories (flipping fingers in the Tide fans’ faces), are noticeably silent. It’s almost like they know it’s about to end.

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Truthfully, with the dismal results of Auburn’s season thus far, they really have nothing left to play for – except to upset Alabama’s championship quest and maybe earn the right to play in Shreveport.

Tommy Tuberville also stands to improve his chances of remaining as the Tigers head coach by beating Alabama, considering that the men who pay him will be grading his team’s performance. It may seem petty not to judge Tommy’s entire body of work, but that’s the way the Auburn Family operates.

On the other hand, Nick Saban has the Crimson Tide playing at such a high level that this year’s Auburn game has become, in essence, a stepping-stone to bigger things. In other words, things are basically returning to normal in this series.

Six years of frustration does lend credence to the idea that this Iron Bowl is more important for the Bama nation than any contest between these two in many years. However, Alabama doesn’t need to win the game for this to be considered a successful season, but the Tide does need to post a victory to re-establish the hierarchy.

Auburn fans typically claim that beating Bama allows them to live in bliss for an entire year, reminding their vanquished foe each and every day.

The minute Alabama finishes stopping the streak the team and Tide fans’ attention will turn toward the SEC championship. Hopefully Tiger fans won’t be offended if Alabama re-focuses its attention to Florida – win or lose. After all, there are much bigger fish to kill.

Besides, the Crimson Empire probably wants Tuberville to remain as the Auburn head coach. Surely they want him around so they can see him explain why he was able to beat Alabama consistently only when they were crippled.

An Auburn win would salvage a season on the brink, while allowing them the pleasure of taking down the number one team in the country, as well as handing it its first loss of the year. Plus, the streak would continue.

In turn, an Alabama victory would serve to continue the
Tide’s undefeated journey towards the SEC championship and possibly a thirteenth national title.

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  1. 1

    It would be nice to add #13 to the list of Titles that every Auburn fan denies.
    Its sure seems funny.
    I was around when the Tide won several of those titles, and yet (almost daily I might add) I see some young Auburn history revisionist trying to re-write the book and say that they did not happen.
    They happened.
    I dont know why some people choose to see it another way. They just do.
    But I can say this ….. at the rate Auburn is winning national championships, they would have to play 300 more years to win as many as I have witnessed Bama win.
    But cheer up Tiger fans it isnt that bad. If Bama didnt have such an esteemed history, you wouldnt be able to claim your victories as being so very glorious, now would you?

  2. 2
    Mike G

    There are 2 issues here. Intrastate respect and interstate respect. Even though Auburn has dominated for the past 6 years and has clearly earned intrastate respect(no matter how much finebomb and gang try to besmirch thier name) but the Tigers have yet to earn interstate notoriety. With Auburn enjoying Alabama fans finally tipping their hat for the past 3 decades, they still haven’t earned the much coveted interstate respect by winning a national championship. There is no question that deep in the hearts of Alabama fans lies the fact that Auburn is going to be competitive and with a few breaks could dash the hopes of another national title. However, the mere fact that Alabama appears to be back in the saddle with a bright future will be the dose for a quick recoverey from the possible upset at hand. As a matter of fact even with losses to Auburn and Florida there is no need to despair with the kind of talent AND coaching that is on the horizon for the Tide. Auburn may indeed win this game Saturday but the real issue is turning the corner for authentic interstate respect. National championships require playmakers, suberb coaching and a few breaks along the way. Auburn has had plenty of playmakers, pretty good, but not superb coaching and zero breaks! Alabama has had playmakers, superb coaching and quite a few breaks…hence multiple national championships and global respect! But for now the Tigers will gladly accept the intrastate respect with number 7 and hope for some dramatic changes in the future. My un-biased prediction – Auburn 17 Alabama 13!

  3. 3
    Ballplay Indian.

    For the love Bammers……….Can somebody that wears Crimson write an article about the Iron Bowl without mentioning the whole probation malarky ? Your asses have been kicked for six straight and you still cant let it go and admit that you just lost fair and square !! Probation didnt hurt yall neeeear as bad as brick wall stupid coaching hires. That blame lies directly on the Athletic Program at Alabama. PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont try to belittle what Auburn has done. Since BAHR , whom I barely remember and Im 37, Auburn owns yalls asses. And yall know it. So I can honostly say , in my lifetime (wich is all I care about) we own yall. You and I know you are in denial there Shaney boy. You and the rest of the Crimson necks know youll never be back until you beat Auburn.

    Case closed.

  4. 4

    Ballplay, can an Auburn fan like yourself stop himself from obsessing on Alabama sites? Why would you worry about what a Bama biased person would write? It would seem you would be used to this by now. I am the same age as you, so I have seen what has happened in the past. Auburn hasn’t owned much of anything, much less Bama. Your team has won 6 in a row, but as I have told you again and again, you enjoyed the Golden Age of Auburn football. Finally, after years and years, Auburn gets a streak on Bama almost as long as the 9 year streak Bama has had. But Auburn will never be Alabama. After over 110 years of football history, Auburn has yet to make an impact on the game. A majority of that time Auburn people have had to watch the glory go to Bama more than Auburn. Thats what makes you mad. You want your team to get the respect and attention Bama gets when things are going good. Sorry you feel the way you do. Your hatred of Bama is the defining attribute of what it means to be an Auburn fan. It is sad really. Enjoy your beatdown Saturday. The streak will be over, and your future is not looking too bright. But you trying to punk people out and threaten them and such shows what a tool you really are. You are the stereotypical Auburn fan that all you guys strive to be like. But you sure like to talk big and bad on the internet though don’t you?

  5. 5

    The hypocrisy of this statement is utterly astounding: “Tommy Tuberville also stands to improve his chances of remaining as the Tigers head coach by beating Alabama, considering that the men who pay him will be grading his team’s performance. It may seem petty not to judge Tommy’s entire body of work, but that’s the way the Auburn Family operates.”

    Hmmmm, let’s see. If we substitute Tubs’ name with Curry, and substitute Auburn with Alabama……….

  6. 6

    Julio is digging up the past again. Only when it is convenient. But, Julio you are wrong again. Curry was not fired, he left.

  7. 7
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy…………Firstly…….Take everything I say tounge in cheek , O.K. Secondly the whole hypocracy thing goes both ways , I admit. An Auburn fan responding to an ant-Auburn column on a Bama website, countered by a Bama fan. Get it ? Its all a cycle in futility. I just enjoy the bantor. Thirdly, who have I threatened ? I do NOT recall threatening anyone. I am not an internet tough guy by any stretch. I will be the last person to do anything to anyone. So I really dont know where you are coming from on that one. And even though Im pretty confident I could whoop anyones ass on this site, well, I wouldnt do that. Why ? because Im a peaceful person, who just happens to like to argue. (Again brandy, the above statement was tounge in cheek).

  8. 9

    Ballplay, don’t try and act like you conviently forgot our bet, your new post name will be Auburnisajoke until next year’s Iron Bowl after your spanking Saturday and then you can chicken out to take it again at that time and Ballplay for the love what is “Firstly”? Your GED is invalid.

  9. 11

    Ballplay Indian. Says:
    November 21st, 2008 at 12:11 pm
    Tmc1/Auburnman/impersonator of me.

    You are a puss. You are sick and tired of getting your tail whipped in every vewrbal altercation with me, so you resort to middle school tactics. Your a wimpy little wuss that I would stomp a mudhole in and walk it dry if you ever thought about saying anything to my face, soooo you hide.

    That is what you said. I would say anything I say in here to your face. But you won’t be making any mudholes.

  10. 12
    Ballplay Indian.

    So your Auburnman……..It figures. I said “if”….If you did. But nevertheless, I do suppose that you could take that as a threat. I thought more of you Brandy. The only person I need to apologize to is Tmc1…..Not you.

    Plus, if your gonna post the response, post what caused the response.


  11. 13

    Well, you was saying you haven’t threatened anyone and all, and I called you on it. You thought more of me? Well, you know, what I said was tongue in cheek. Just throwing some back at you. Isn’t that what you Auburn jerks are doing here in the first place? Peckerhead? You cut me deep, Ballplay. And I thought we were friends.

  12. 15
    Ballplay Indian.

    And I did bust you on being Auburnman. While I must admit that Auburnman is slightly funny, just stop with the impersonation of me. Auburnman is at least original. Using someone elses screen name is just lowdown. And before you give me a history lesson, I know that I did that very thing to tmc1, with the whole coming out of the closet thing. I even told him I was sorry. So spare me on that.

  13. 16
    Urban Assault

    My buddy moved to Birmingham last spring and has been telling me how absurd and obsessed the Bama Nation is with Nick Saban and this year’s Bama team. He said to check this site out, that I’d get a laugh out of it. I live in Miami, graduated from Florida and LOVE both the Gators and Dolphins.

    I heard Saban for two years in Miami spew the same crap I’ve heard him spew since the day he left. I was glad to see him leave, I thought he was way over his head when he got here. Nick Saban makes a seasoned politician seem honest. His system is purely rhetoric, his honor and dignity is smoke and mirrors.

    Bama has proven nothing this year. They beat a 6 win Clemson team and have improved very little,if any, since. They beat Georgia in Athens but held on by the skin of their teeth. Georgia is mediocre at best.

    I want Bama to beat Auburn, as a Gator, I/we need Bama to beat Auburn so when the Urban Assault team whitewash the Tide on Dec 6th, the chances of Florida getting the opportunity to play any of the Big 12 pretenders will be more improved although I think the pundents involved in the BCS system believe that Bama really is a non-factor especially when we crush Bama by 30 plus points. The Urban Assault will be on! I Think Auburn will win a close game and John Parker Wilson will be the reason.

    By the way, who is Shane Sez, is he the guy that holds the toilet paper and detergent box during the games?

    Best of Luck to Bama, they’re goin to need all they can get the next two weeks.

  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian.


    Gatorman just nutkicked the wwhole Bama nation in one post.

    Hats off to you Urban Assault.

  15. 19

    I wrote this little poem for Finebaum’s old blog a few years ago. Since this is the last workday for most folks this week, I figured it would be a good enough time to re-post it. I hope that we have good weather and no injuries for the game next Saturday.

    May the best team win — they usually do.

    A Tribute to the Day

    we’ll always remember
    this day in november
    when young men of valor step forth

    to take to the field
    swearing never to yield
    in a quest to exhibit their worth

    it’s happened before
    it will happen again
    it’s an honored tradition, this search for the win

    for the win brings such glory
    when it finally arrives
    that it dwells in their psyche for the rest of their lives

    the names, they are legend
    they are known through the land
    snake stabler, bo jackson, pat sullivan, john hand

    and the men on the sidelines
    directing the game
    carve their profiles of courage in the state’s hall of fame

    bear bryant, shug jordan
    gene stallings, pat dye
    they will none be forgotten as the ages pass by

    for this is our contest
    our ritual of pride
    fought between the war eagle and the crimson tide

    this isn’t a contest
    of meaningless fights
    but a valorous struggle for the state’s bragging rights

    so we’ll always remember
    to forget would be sin
    it’s that day in november, let the game begin!


  16. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    Well bammer turds. I am going to go down south for the next 4 days. Hopefully I will bag a buck and watch Auburn whoop up on the Tide. Till Monday……..War Eagle , and good luck. I will be back Monday to talk crap or eat crow. Adios.

  17. 22

    well i have to add my two cents in and this game will be over before half time.not even worried.and urban ASS THE GATORS DO NOT NO WHAT THEY are walking in to.this bama defense will rattle the hell out of teapot and sack his ass many times when they let them lose and they WILL LET THEM LOSE MANY TIMES.SO don’t be surprise to see a gator loss.this bama team loves the big shows. ROLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEE

  18. 23
    Ol Miss Man

    Urban Assault says: I think Auburn will win a close one and JPW will be the reason???? You must be snorting the same thing every other scum bag from Scum-ami is snorting. A homo from Scum-ami’s opinion means nothing to the mighty rebs or the number one team in the land fans, so get lost rookie freak

  19. 24
    Auburn Man

    As much as it galls me to say it… Bammer’s probably going to win this one.

    Congrats on a great season Bammers. We’ll be back after your asses soon enough.

  20. 25


    Curry “left” because the Bama administration wrote a new contract for him that didn’t allow him to hire and fire assistants at his own will. What kind of coach would stay in that kind of nut job situation? Get your facts straight – he was forced to leave.

    Shane, way to wrap up another “quality” column by stating the obvious of what is at stake for each team. I wonder why you haven’t landed a job writing for the Bammerham News yet…


  21. 26
    Auburn Man

    Changed my mind.
    Auburn wins by 70 points.
    Tommy tuberville get a new granite statue on Dye field.
    And Auburn man gets all the ladies with his snazzy orange sport jacket.
    I am Auburn Man.
    And I absolutely REEK of success.

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