Shane: Tubby’s last stand

By Shane from Centerpoint
Some people know when to walk away – some don’t. Thomas Hawley Tuberville tried at the end of the 2007 football season, but he was unable to finish the deal. As a result, the past has come back to bite him. In 2004 he cut a swath of revenge across the Auburn landscape (after the failed coup to oust him from power following the 2003 season) and the world has been his until this year, when he decided to change his coaching style. Tommy now stands on the edge of a monstrous cliff and the men whom he silenced in 2004 are planning to shove him over. Tuberville looks like a man who is being forced to walk the plank.

Tuberville appears to have lost his ability to make sound decisions, evidenced by his pseudo commitment to a “spread” offense that he apparently never intended to stick with in the first place. He hired Tony Franklin, a “spread” guru, and crippled him from the beginning by not allowing Tony to control the long time offensive assistant coaches who are Tuberville’s buddies. Franklin even had to interview with those men, who would be under his command. That is insane! Since when does a commander allow the foot soldiers to question the captain he personally appointed to lead them? Something is very wrong with that.

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Want more signs that Tubby is derelict in his duty? He allowed his players to openly question Franklin in front of the press after losses. That isn’t good leadership. He allowed friendships with longtime cronies to influence his decisions and eventually overrule a complete change in philosophy that he initiated. The offensive leader he personally selected said, “It just reeks of something that’s not right.”

What offensive coordinator with a sound mind would touch the joke of a system that Tuberville runs down there? Why would a young player’s parents buy anything that Tommy tries to sell them after seeing the circus he runs down on the Plains? How could they reasonably trust this clown? Tommy may have cut his own throat when it comes to recruiting.

Tubby is doomed to fail this time around because he has lost his credibility, bowed to the musings of friends who no longer look out for the good of Auburn University, and are only taking care of themselves. Where did concern for the welfare of the players go? They seem to only be a secondary issue at this point. This situation has become all about the ego of Tuberville and the whims of a few average assistants.

Head football coaches are supposed to think about the “big picture” and every command they issue should be centered on the success of the program. Somewhere Tommy stopped thinking about the University he is supposed to be leading and became more concerned about his buddies and himself.

Tommy’s style is no longer laid-back and controlled. He has made far too many radical maneuvers lately for that to be true any longer. His knee-jerk hiring of Franklin and the resulting disaster that followed serve to confirm for the men who pay his salary that it may be time to find a new commander to run the ship.

His rant at his latest press conference gives the impression that he is feeling pressure from the money men to win or else. In fact, Tim Jackson, a powerful, longtime member of Tigers Unlimited (the money men), has taken up residence two doors down from Tubby so that he can feel the presence of the men who are probably going to remove him from power.

Lately, Tommy is wearing his desperation like a badge. He’s tried to make a final appeal to Auburn football fans that – along with Sports talk legend Paul Finebaum – saved his job in 2003. This time around he is living dangerously, out on the limb alone, because the fans are divided and Finebaum has an ax in his hand.

The duration of an SEC head-coaching job is affected by two main factors. Winning gives the man in place all the power. Losing can be grounds for automatic dismissal. That is why it is crucial for a coach to keep everybody (that may influence whether he keeps his job) happy. When tough times come everybody needs to be on the same page, yet Tommy Tuberville has done something that guarantees his demise should things get worse. He burned the bridges with management a long time ago and he can never cross them again.

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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian.

    If Auburn is a second rate school , with a second rate coach, then what does that make Alabama ?

    Shane, you seem to have amnesia when it comes to the FACT that he owns the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA.

    Did you know Shane, that your legendary school , has never beaten Auburn at their legendary home field, named after their legendary coach.

    Tommy is 7-2 vs your crappy team Shane.

    If Auburn sucks, then Bama really sucks.

  2. 2

    ballplay, fact is Tubby was LUCKLY enough to catch Bama when the program was down. Something that happens to all great program at times. But, even you will have to admit that Bama is back and will be for years to come. Auburn on the other hand has been and will alway be the other school in the state. Auburn has had it’s 15 minutes of fame and now it’s over. Remember Bama lead in wins in the series and that count will increase for here on. So yes…..Auburn really does suck, after all these years one national championship by your ledendary Coach who’s name appears on your stadium.
    Good day to you sir.

  3. 5

    Ingene, do you have a clue what legendary means?

    Speaking in terms of legendary where the University of Aubarn is concerned, the only ting legendary about them is their ability to chock.

    Wallow in your stupidity about how the University of Aubarn has beaten Alabama the last few years. So did La. Tech and a few other no names, but those days are over little brave, and after the beat down they take at the Mecca this year, you and anyone else from that also ran school on the plains will forever be put back where they belong.

    As far as keeping Tubs, I hope you keep him forever. There is a new sheriff in the State of Alabama, and he ain’t beholding to anybody connected to the University of Aubarn.

    Rave on ’bout those “walking eagles”, which is, if you don’t know, an Eagle that is so full of shit it can’t fly.

  4. 6
    Floridan Blogger

    Ballplay Indian, technically Tuberneck is 7-6 versus Alabama.

    Ballplay Indian, did you know Alabama owns the overall series, so does an undefeated record in a home-field that you’ve only played in four times this decade really make The Polytechnic Institute that much more relevant?

    Ballplay Indian, did it ever occur to you that Tuberneck (and The Polytechnic Institute) only seems to “dominate” us when we’re changing coaches ever 2 seasons and undergoing scholarship penalties? Why is it when we were a force in 98 and 99, he couldn’t dominate us, yet in 2000, his team could not muster ONE offensive touchdown against a 3-7 Alabama team? Why is it he amazingly pulled off the biggest upset over us in the last game of the season before our coach abandoned us in 2002? How on Earth does he only manage to dominate us during our down years? Why is Houston Nutt doing a better job at Ole Miss than Tuberneck was able to do?

    Please explain. Thanks.

  5. 7

    “Franklin even had to interview with those men, who would be under his command. That is insane! Shane – Perhaps you missed the article where Coach Saban said that he prefers new hires to be interviewed by all his coaches.I believe he got this idea from Jerry Glanville.


  6. 9

    Ballplay, maybe if our players would have saved there energy at the beginning of the W Vir game instead of dancing like a bunch of monkeys we would not have gotten embarassed by a team that is pitiful, even the twenty Tubs slipped the official at the beginning of the game to call a complete pass on a hop off the ground and the intentional grounding and so on didn’t help, we can’t run the spread, we can’t run the ball, we sux! Tubs wouldn’t give our boys any heat, they were cold as school girls, imagine what Ol Miss is going to do to us, we won’t even make the crapper bowl, we really are pathetic posting on here about the mighty Tide with a team that sux like ours. Would you like to come over for brunch tomorrow and talk about our suckage. . . hey, I’ve got an idea.

  7. 11
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Now… I DARE another Barnie to laugh at our pitiful second half performances after a pathetic display of second half athleticism tonight.

  8. 12

    Ballplay, AU is the definition of the term 2nd rate. They are and always will be the 2nd banana in the state of ALABAMA. And it doesnt matter who’s traditions they try to steal or whatever re-invention the marketing people come up with next. Auburn is 2nd rate. just ask anyone outside of the state of Alabama, Most people think Auburn is in Georgia, or New York….

  9. 13
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1….you are a prick sir…..But, you already knew that didnt you……

    This second rate program owns your butt as of late. And you and every other dooshbag bammer on this site knows that until you beat this second rate team, that you are not,nor ever will be back.

    Florida. Save the weakened state garbage for somebody who believes it. I do not.

    As for the overall series……thirty something of those games were played at your “Home Field”, called Legion Field..What a joke.

    A 5 game series edge is all that the MIGHTY TIDE has over this second rate team? That is it ? Please. At the rate yall are going we will own the series sooner than later. Then all you can cling to is the whole got 12 crap.

    Post BAHR, we own yall and you ALL know it.

    And when Auburn beats yall in Nov. What are yall gonna do? I fear it will be like Jim Jones in Johanasburg. This state will be a dangerous place to live for a while.

  10. 15
    Sly Croom

    Tubs, please pack up all your orange and blue crap and black and blue players and leave the SEC. You are an embarassment to our conference, and on national tv for heaven’s sake!

  11. 16

    Now that’s funny up there with Julio and Ballplay. Boys, please don’t carry on your affair on here for children to see.

  12. 17
    Elmer Fudderville

    All was not wasted in Morgantown, I was able to git in sum of the bestest snipe hunting ever after the game, even tho I didn’t see none.

  13. 18


    You’re a joke with your juvenile remarks and so is your so called football team. Your 15 minutes of fame are over with. Live with it. Bama is back at full strength now. Enjoy the show and enjoy your 2nd rate program.

  14. 19

    Ballplay: I know that you know that this is a Bama site. Tubs may have owned Bama, but a lot of teams have. Don’t act like Tubs done something special, he was doing what any other average coach in the SEC has been doing to Bama, especially since 2002. You want to believe it is a big thing, and maybe it is to you and your Auburn peeps. Times, they are a changing, and Auburn could be on the verge of being owned for awhile. Vandy owns Auburn, and the rest of the SEC will follow suit in the near future. That feeling you was feeling last night as WV was spanking that ass, it is Karma, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving coach and fan base.

  15. 20
    Ballplay Indian.

    bushsux. Your probably a little snotnose, homo, preppy, liberal , same sex marriiage loving, internet tough guy, doosh. Or not. As I have said before. George Bush is the greatest president since Reagan. Obama is a doosh. You are a doosh. Sara Palin could kick Obamas butt.

  16. 21

    Look at it this way Auburn fans. If you guys would have kicked 6 more field goals last night, you would have won the game!

  17. 23

    DAMN BALLPLAY I DIDNT KNOW YOU THOUGHT GEORGE WAS A GREAT ANYTHING>>>> for that Sir your an IDIOT GB has run this country in the ground like he did THE TEXAS RANGERS ,enough of that for the bammers SERIOUSLY your excuses of being HANDICAPPED IS PATHETIC AND FLIPPIN OLD!!
    you ought to be ashamed of yourselves I’M not on here making any excuses why we are losing because like BAMMA THE LAST * YEARS WE FUKN SUCK AND SO DID BAMMA id everybody else was beating bama while they were down oh PHIL wouldn’t be worried about his job too.. and with an 813 winning percentage Shane may get his dream of the last 7 years and TUBBS MAY BE GONE.. but he will leave OWNING BAMA!!!
    how does that make you guys feel ???
    let me guess … HANDICAPPED!!!
    but the bright side when he leaves you guys will be HANDICAPABLE!!!

    I LOVE IT!!


  18. 24


    Your response indicates you have a very limited mental capacity. Using those childish adjectives makes you look, well, childish. How did you unlock the computer to use it this morning? Did you sneak in mommy’s purse and get the password? Shame on you.

    Barn = 2nd rate football

  19. 25

    Omni: Is that the best you can do? It will be funny next week, when Ole Miss becomes the ‘Pine Box’ of his career. Ironic and funny as hell to me. How did you feel last night? Get used to it, things won’t be changing anytime soon. The suck has set in at Auburn for awhile. Yea! Tubbs beat Bama 6 in a row, to finally have a career record of 7-6 (soon to be 7-7) against Bama. He sure is a good ‘un. Hate to see him go.

  20. 26

    Tubs, pppllleeeaaassssseeee don’t leave, we have something for you and will give it to you on Nov. 29th. . . .and then once a year for years to come.

  21. 27

    Know your role and shut your hole,

    History makes legends. All teams and coaches have/had chances to become legendary. Your chance came and went, and it is gone for now. However, you may do something in the future you have never done in the past. You had some legendary players not teams or coaches. Read your own history to find out who you are. If you can read, you would shut your mouth. Reality bites all who stare it in the face and refuse to accept it. You are the underdog. There is a reason.

    Last night’s game was an example of a floundering team. Pat White was emotional for obvious reasons when the game started, and he made mistakes that made uburn appear to have a chance. Once he settled in, the embarrassment for the state and conference was on. Do you remember why this game was scheduled? If not, let me remind you. Both teams wanted and needed to prove their standing for current D1 standards of excellence. Why? Neither have the respect of the nation to belong at the top. Do you think respect was gained or lost for the uburn tigers? If you happen to go undefeated again, the nation will remember a highly rated uburn tiger team at the beginning of 2008 that went to Morgan Town and got it handed to them.

    Has their been one improvement in that team since game one? That team is falling completely apart. The writing is on the wall when a defense with that ability starts missing tackles and assignments and is gashed the way your team was in the 4th quarter. The sad part, there are some great young men that can not understand what is happening to their team. They believed in the imposter like yourself.

    Please, please, keep him at least one more season. I hope he has a great year next year. Then he will back to the same Tubberville. You will get all beside yourself and think you are going some where. You will be. Right back to the cellar. Your rightful place as a college football legend.

    Open your eyes or they will be closed before you see your dream become reality.

  22. 28
    Ballplay Indian.

    George Bush is the greatest President since Reagan. And before Reagan you would have to go all the way back to Roosavelt. The real Roosavelt, not he “new deal ” one. History will prove how great Bush is. If it were up to wussees like Osama, we would still be trying to talk to Sadam Hussien. And probably had been attacked about twenty times and done squat about it ( see Bill Clinton, USS cole WTC 1 African Embassy etc)……Yes his domestic policy (not enough tax breaks and not smaller gov.) is not as good as Id hoped. But dudes. Weve WON the war. In spite of unrealistic twats like Obama who think we live in a perfect world. There are people out there who hate America. And war is the only thing that will stop them. Heck ,,, there are people in America who hate America (see liberal Dems)……Bush kicked some raghead ass and took names….And like it or not Omni, you are safer for it. PERIOD.

    Yes , I took the political angle because Auburn got smoked last night. Nvertheless I dont see how anyone with a brain or half a conscience could vote for Barrack Hussien Obama. The name says it all.

  23. 30

    Ballplay: I don’t know or care to know about your politics either, so I skipped the first part. Blah blah blah…. but that last paragraph, it sums up the way it is with Auburn. I don’t see how anyone with a brain or half a conscience cold root for the Auburn Tigahs. The name says it all. Stay on topic please. Tubby’s last stand. Bwahhhahaha this is too funny!

  24. 31
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy…I will do as I please, and you will shut your trap and know your position. Comprehenda ?

    Ps Tennessee will rip Bama a new one Saturday.

  25. 32

    True Crimson….Auburn fans, “Living in the Past”……..That may be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard a Bammer say!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the chuckle!

  26. 33

    ballplay speaking:

    Clemson is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Tulane is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Western K. is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Arkansas is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Georgia is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Kentucky is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.
    Ole Miss is going to rip Bama a new one Sat.

    ballplay, I wouldn’t go into the prognostication business if I were you. You’re a joke and so is your team.

  27. 36

    Ballplay is melting down you guys. So, keep piling it on him! He likes the punishment, it is why he comes here. Go Ole Miss! Another bit of karma to come on back to Tubbs. Everyone should kick Auburn hard while they are down and dare them to get back up. Ballplay=cry baby with Bama envy.

  28. 37


    All barners have Bama envy but ballplay takes the cake doesn’t he? Right now Ole Miss will be a 6-7 point favorite over the barn. I absolutely love it. All you have to do to shut the barn down is stack 8 in the box and dare them to throw it.

    barn = 2nd rate program, barely.

  29. 38

    Bamaman: Or turn the heaters off. I heard Chris Todd was in his street clothes at the game because he took off his jersey and pads, threw them in the trash and set them on fire so he could stay warm.

    But yeah, you can almost see the tears welling up in his eyes as he types the garbage he spews here. He was bragging about still having a winning record the other day and now look at what has happened….

  30. 40

    BamaBorn Says:
    October 24th, 2008 at 9:25 am
    Know your role and shut your hole,

    History makes legends. All teams and coaches have/had chances to become legendary. Your chance came and went
    U watch alot of RASTLIN dont you

    My chance my ASS I am great in my mind and THose who love and respect me,UNLIKE YOU BAMABORN I dont measure myself nor my LIFE on someone else. You see your way of thinking makes you as great as the next bamaneck dumbass.

    And BI I will bet you anything you want that Bush WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO YOUR PREDICTION OF GREAT!!! is your real name charles?


  31. 41

    Omni: It will be okay, man. It is just a game. What the hell happened to Auburn last night? I was sure Auburn would be able to win that one. Really. Well, at least when the Iron Bowl gets here, we will probably know the final score at halftime.

  32. 42
    Ballplay Indian.

    Look here Bama idiots. I dont know why yall get into this college football stuff so much. Its just a game. At least that is what all my Bammer buds said during yalls 10 year suckfest. Every body wants to kick the champ when hes down. That is something you peckers would know nothing about. Yall were down , but never the champ. Auburn is what bama wishes they could be.

    Bush = Abraham Linclon

    Obama = Liberal wuss

  33. 43

    Ballplay, maybe if our players would have saved there energy at the beginning of the W Vir game instead of dancing like a bunch of monkeys we would not have gotten embarassed by a team that is pitiful, even the twenty Tubs slipped the official at the beginning of the game to call a complete pass on a hop off the ground and the intentional grounding and so on didn’t help, we can’t run the spread, we can’t run the ball, we sux! Tubs wouldn’t give our boys any heat, they were cold as school girls, imagine what Ol Miss is going to do to us, we won’t even make the crapper bowl, we really are pathetic posting on here about the mighty Tide with a team that sux like ours. Would you like to come over for brunch tomorrow and talk about our suckage. . . hey, I’ve got an idea.

  34. 46
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy…….Your not fooling anyone. Your just letting everyone on this board know that you are a closet homo.

    Trotter didnt play last year because he is too young, and probably not as good as Burns or Todd yet. It would be stupid to burn his shirt to save a unsavable year. IMO….

  35. 47


    You’re right. Everybody likes to kick the champ when he’s down. That’s what everybody tried to do to us the past 10 years but no more. We’re out of sanctions and on a level playing field again. Sit back and enjoy the ride because it’s going to be fun. Of course it won’t be for the barn. They’re back to where they should be. Lower tier SEC team that can hope for an upset every once in a while. Sorry but that’s the way it is.

    Bush is the Elmer Fudd of Presidents.

  36. 48
    Ballplay Indian.

    Uhhhh. Bammer is no champ. More like Chump.

    If the unthinkable (in your mind) happens. And Auburn wins. Will you please jump off a bridge ?

  37. 49


    Bama has 12 National Championships, Bama put southern football on the map and 21 SEC championships. That’s what I call a champ with loads of tradition.

    What is the barn? They have less than a handful of SEC championships (Even Ga. Tech has more than them). That’s the definition of chumps buddy.

    Time for barners to be happy when they upset somebody every once in a while just like they have the last 100 years. It’s ok to be a barner and wish for those things. Go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    Bush is the Elmer Fudd of Presidents but then again that’s being disrespectful to Mr. Fudd.

  38. 50
    Ballplay Indian.

    Ihatebushsuxchaneyisgayimaliberaldemocrathomolovingcommunist………..Goog grief……BAMA HAS WON WELVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN !!!!!!!!!! That is one heck of an accomplishment right there.

  39. 51

    Ballplay, maybe if our players would have saved there energy at the beginning of the W Vir game instead of dancing like a bunch of monkeys we would not have gotten embarassed by a team that is pitiful, even the twenty Tubs slipped the official at the beginning of the game to call a complete pass on a hop off the ground and the intentional grounding and so on didn’t help, we can’t run the spread, we can’t run the ball, we sux! Tubs wouldn’t give our boys any heat, they were cold as school girls, imagine what Ol Miss is going to do to us, we won’t even make the crapper bowl, we really are pathetic posting on here about the mighty Tide with a team that sux like ours. Would you like to come over for brunch or tea tomorrow and talk about our suckage. . . hey, I’ve got an idea.

  40. 52

    apparently you’re no history buff. You need to read a little more and expose yourself to literature and facts. Do a google search for past National Championships and you’ll get your eyes opened. It’s ok to be illiterate about this but it’s ignorant not to learn about it. Go to this website and do a little research:

    Bush is the Elmer Fudd of presidents but that is being disrespectful to Mr. Fudd.

  41. 53
    Ballplay Indian.

    bushsuxisaloserandgaytobootcauseimaliberaldemocrathomolovinggungrabberprochoice dooshbag………….Im not being a smartmouth. Honostly man. I know that you people that think bush sux are waaay smarter than the rest of the common folk across the country. You all should be tellin us what to do, cause you read books and stuff. I was just amazed that Bamma had won 12 national championships. I had never heard that one before. And dadgum, thanks for the link to back it up too. Now I know that its true. Cause common folk like me have no brain and we will be fooled by any old thing.

    Really, thanks.

  42. 54

    So what do you guys feel will be Tubs’s next move?

    1. Fire another coordinator
    2. Recruit another 2-star long snapper
    3. Go duck hunting

  43. 56

    Okay Ballplay. First, I’ve never seen you get so much hate before from pretty much everyone that comes in here. Secondly, it’s getting to you more than I have ever seen as well. You can tell by the crap you keep posting as a response. I can see you, sitting there, your face red and typing like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll say this for you, you don’t go down easily but you’re border line crazy right now. I mean, if you are going to use the word “douche-bag” 5 or 6 time, atleast look it up and spell it right (“dooshbag” now thats hilarious). Anyway, I know this is just a blog and people make typo’s and spell stuff wrong so it’s not that big of a deal. But this crap: “Every body wants to kick the champ when hes down. That is something you peckers would know nothing about. Yall were down , but never the champ. Auburn is what bama wishes they could be.” –is just insane. I attacked you a few aritcles back about not knowing anything about football and how most of the shit you say on here is pathetic but you never came back. I was surprised. However, that my friend…takes the cake. I know Auburn is losing and struggling but damn, are you about to kill yourself?

  44. 57

    On the other issue, the amazingness of Auburn football right now is something to behold. I think Shane touches on a good point when he talks about Tub’s letting the players rip Franklin after loses. Thats horrilbe leadership, I bet the coaches and players do the same thing to each other when something happens in a game: “Man, the offense sucks”, says the defense. “Man, the defense sucks”, says the offense. Secondly, there is no trust or credibility with Tub’s. You can even take away the lie’s and spin he does on a regular bases (all coaches lie at some point [See Saban in ’07] and spin stuff to make the program look better) but the way his assistants and himself treated Franklin is down right wrong. Thats completely classless, even for Tub’s. No wonder the fan base is on Franklins side, hell, he is probably a better coach then all those assistants. Finally, the “desperation” sure showed in that press-conference. Damn, I think Tubby and Ballplay WILL have a suicide party after all!!

  45. 58
    Ballplay Indian.

    UAforlife…..No….Not yet anyhow.

    Dooshbag just looks better than douche’ bage. Douche’ spelled that way reminds me of France. I cant stand France. Doosh is the way it SHOULD be spelled. Dont you think. And dude. I laugh all day long when I post here. It is a form of stress relief for me. I really dont go ballistic except lately when I watch the Tigers play…..We really suck this year.

    The whole “Champ” line was a classic, dont you think. I know just how to get a response from some Bammers.

  46. 60

    UA4Life….I need for you to go to the main gate of bryant-denny-Tuberville stadium 15 minutes before iron bowl kickoff and yell bamasux! bamasux! bamasux! so I can find you and kick your ass in before the game. I’ll be done before kickoff so you wan’t miss the game. Then you can go to your seat and watch a second ass whipping take place at the hands of Tubby. Remember, yell BAMASUX! real loud so I can find you.

  47. 61

    Just yell out “barner, sister lovin, faggot” and bamasux will run like a scalded dog. Of course if you yell that out everybody in orange and blue will run.

  48. 62
    shane blows paul daily

    shane the only thing you know about the spread is when you spread ass wide open for paul [skillet head] finebaum.

  49. 63
    shane blows paul daily


  50. 64

    So that is your mark of excellence, ballplay. beating Bama.
    I need to get on the phone to Tuscaloosa and tell them they have been doing it wrong the last 8 or so times they won the National championship.
    Dont get me wrong Ball play, but… If CTT wins against Bama in a few weeks, the spin will change to something akin to “We just had an off year…. CTT is still the greatest coach ever. ”
    Because when Auburn has an “off year” thier main priority becomes beating Bama.

  51. 65

    WOW! This Blog has gotten down right DURTY BOI!!..sorry been drinking (CORONA ummm 9 I think) WAR EAGLE and the the BAMA game aint going to bad.
    But damn U guys are …..????????
    cya 2morrow!


  52. 66
    Ty from T-Town

    Shane,it appears that the end is not only near for Coach Tuberville,but our old fat buddy as well. I thought that nothing could top the obvious posturing surrounding the firing of Franklin, not to mention Coach Tuberville’s subliminal message on Thursday night. I guess he was dressed incognito.
    Shane, you know what I mean.
    It is not enough, that the process at The University of Alabama is working.
    It is working fast. It has exceeded the expectations of most Bama realists, but the part that intrigues me most; is the residual effect.
    Tommy Bowden, almost seems like an innocent bystander at this point, compared to the impending fate of the coaches in the SEC.
    This is Tubby’s last stand.
    The Auburn damage control is now running full blast, but they are no longer protecting his ass. Like most last stands, this one will notoriously not work out.
    My favorite victim of the collateral damage is our old back-stabbing buddy Fat Phil.
    Happy Retirement.

  53. 67

    Ballplay, you are a typical Aubbie dumbass. Maybe you will jump off a bridge when Aubbie loses. It is such a shame, after 6 in a row ya’ll made such a deal over, Bama puts together one great season so far, and Aubbie falls off the map. Poor pitiful Aubbies, you get no sympathy here. When Tubs was holding up them 7 fingers this summer, he didn’t realize that was how many losses he would have. Ironic that Bama will be the 7th loss (that is if they can beat UT-Martin). Ha!

  54. 68

    One thing that’s good for Tubs. The quicker football season ends for him, the quicker duck season begins. He might go to Tennessee instead of Arkansas this year though. Does anybody know?

  55. 69

    I think Tubs and his wife are trying to figure out how to spend that $6 million after this year. Auburn is going to be stretched thin paying all these coaches still on the payroll, but not coaching.

  56. 70
    Heir Saban

    Your blind omniscient stupidity and ignorance is hilarious! My only question to you is: “Where did you go to college?” I think we all know the answer to that…. Nowhere!!!!! However I do encourage you to continue writing this column. Your continued self defecation and humiliation is great entertainment. Comment 62 above is spot on!!!
    Believe it or not Auburn will survive, and they will find a suitable coach, should they replace Tubby.
    P.S. I am a grad of UA.

  57. 71

    Ballplay: You’re right. I hate France too. That was funny. I don’t blame you either…it’s a great way to vent, especially if your team is havin’ a bad year. Also, you do know how to get a response, thats why I like you. And from the looks of it, I know how to get a response out of Bamasux too. I feel like Finebaum now, he’s threatening to whip my ass haha! Thats great.

    Bamasux: I figured I would get to you sooner or later. For real DOG, if I yelled “bamasux” out loud at Bryant-Denny, all the Bama fan’s would beat my ass before you could get to me. You really are a stupid racist piece of shit. Little bitch…the only differnce b/w me and Finebaum is, I can call you that. By they way, did you see the post on the article before this one? It was to you again. Read and enjoy.

  58. 72

    For the first time, I think I agree with you about Tuberville looking out for himself and his coaching staff over the university of Auburn. I dont think AU is a second rate team or a second rate university (by all objectionable measures, Auburn has more students than AL and offers a better education overall, in my opinion). So that aside, football is the issue.

    Alabama finally has recaptured for now the glory which has been gnawing at them like a rabid dog on a cheeto. To be finally #1. Anything to get it because the average Alabama fan has no connection with the university (they never set foot in a class there, much like you Shane) whatsoever and their life revolves around it to make them forget about their rancid place in society (living in a trailer and working at the factory which is about to close once Obama is elected). It is really pathetic, but sorry for my tangent. Back to the point.

    Tuberville is looking out for himself. TN has canned Philip Fulmer and is looking for a new coach. A $6 million dollar buyout is what you call “looking out for yourself”. We are stuck with him unless somebody opens their checkbook. I am truly disgusted by this year and how football for the average AU fan has become a sad, non-climactic event. We will not beat Alabama this year and even if we did, it still does not lead us out of the hole that we are in. I dont know what the answer is, but I do know one thing. Enjoy your limelight while you have it because the NFL will come calling Nicky $aban’s way again and you will back down on earth again.

    All I can say is Gatorbait!!!! Enjoy your 8-0 record now.

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