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    If I was on the offensive coaching staf I would be scared to death. I mean…would you want to be the one that Tubby promotes?

    “World record for throwing a coordinator under the bus- Thomas “Ears” Tubberville, Head Coach of Auburn University.”…from the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records.

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    “How long do you all think it will be before Franklin writes a book on his side of the story.”

    The better question is perhaps, how much hush money will Franklin be paid a la Wayne Hall/Terry Bowden to keep his mouth shut on where the bodies are buried.

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    What with Mr. and Mrs. Al Borges and Tony Franklin still on the payroll, the OC position may be the highest paid slot on Auburn’s coaching staff after they hire a replacement.

    And Aubies think that Bama pays too much for Coach Saban?

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    So Tuberville, a defense coach and former defensive coordinator, will now take an active role in the new Auburn offense.


    Sounds like Auburn is back on track to contend for the SEC West title!

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    Auburn, I really can’t thank you enough for all the joy you are bringing me this season. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    Bama Fan In NYC

    I don’t think he clearly stated that he would take over play calling duties, but said it would be discussed in a “coaches meeting” tonight.

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    I hate a MAN lost his Job But I guess its the NATURE OF THE BEAST!! Perform or get gone! WHOSE NEXT??? KNOX… I Doubt it will be the right one!

    Maybe we can beat ARK now?? MAYBE!!


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    Omni: Do you think this is a good thing or bad thing for your team? I figured they would beat Arkansas this week, then that way Tubby can act like things are well and good. But the thing is, they would probably beat Arkansas with Franklin. Why not just wait until the bye week to do this? I smell more BS from Tubbs on this. How long will you Auburn guys put up with it? Is wins over Bama all that matters? I mean, Tubbs put 6 on us, and if he looses this years IB, then 75% of the Auburn county will be ready to fire him. He has done cut Franklin, who will he blame it on at the end of the year?

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    Yea BB I think That Tubbs is just about outta firing OC’s and maybe time has run its course and its time for him to move on,I wont call it yet and IM NOT WAITING till the IRON BOWL either Hell hes got an over 800 winning %. He did it before the ARK game so we would pay per view it 🙂 heheheheh seriuosly I beleive he did what he had to do Its like I said about how you dont speak out against your spouse in public you do it home.
    I will reserve my answer whether its good or bad for a couple of games though BB


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    well, omni, good luck with the rest of the year (except the IB of course) but I can’t see defending Tubberville anymore from a majority of the AU fans I know. He is standing on shaky ground. But you do have to wonder, after 6 OCs, is it the OCs that have been the issues, or Hugh Nall, Knox and Co.?

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    Auburn can’t afford to have coaching meltdowns with Saban across the state. One major mistake and it will put them behind. I know you Auburn people don’t see it that way, but you will soon. Just remember Brando told ya’ll so.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    Brando…..Ill tell you what makes me want to vomit. Arrogant bama fans that look down there nose with the holier than thou look ……If Bama wasnt undefeated right now, you wouldnt here a freekin peep form you guys. Good gosh people , your only halfway through the season. You will most likely lose a game or two , at least. When you do, not if, this whole contraversy will stop. If Georgia wouldve won by a feilgoal in O.T. we wouldnt even be having this conversation and yall know it. Act like youve won at least one of those 45 fake championships.

    And again, when yall lose, it will be just like it was last year. And remember, Ballplay told ya so.

  13. 21

    Ballplay: Glad you aren’t a Bama fan. But it didn’t happen like you wanted. Bama beat GA down, whether you believe it or not. They will beat Auburn down too. You know it is coming. You may be right about Bama losing a game or 2. But it won’t be against Aubren. Too bad Auburn don’t have any championships to brag about. When you do get some, maybe I show more respect to Auburn. But you Auburn people who like to discredit Bama, like they haven’t ever done anything significant, are just too stupid to even argue with. You keep on hoping for Bama to lose. Auburn doesn’t compare with Bama, so yeah we are holier than thou, if you are an Auburn fan. So STFU, you are here on a BAMA site, and if you don’t like it, don’t cry here. We will just make fun of you.

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