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    2 frshman recievers vs. all the media hype. Not even Superman should have so much scrutiny. I think Green and Jones will contribute. But it isnt the FACEOFF BETWEEN THE HEDGES!!! (Cue the appropriate serious sounding music.)

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    Green has the versatility, Jones has the power. Who do I give the edge to? I’d say Green because of the guy taking the snaps. Will that be enough for a victory? The D has gotta step up in this game. How will all those newcomers react in a hostile environment? Oh man Im so nervous right now.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    Green also has a consistent quarterback where as Julio doesn’t.

    Julio’s quarterback is currently redshirting this year if you know what I mean.;-)

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    i say greene has the upperhand right now too. give us another year or two to get an equal amount of quality talent coming in and let those two play off in the sec championship game. yeah we got talent now but depth is the more important issue and matthew stafford has proven he can win this type of game and all parker has shown is that he can screw it up.

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    it will be all good late saturday night.the real deal will come out//////////bama will show nation how good they really are.you will see a lot of of the play book come out from this game on.i do not think kevin steel has really let the dogs loose yet.but he is now.look for a lot of blitzes to shake stafford up and hurry his throws.ireally feel good about this game.like i said on another post bama will win………ROLL””’TIDE

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