Power and momentum shifting toward Alabama

With every mediocre performance, win or loss, Auburn University is slowly shutting the door on the public’s perception that its football program is a nationally competitive BCS performer. On the other side of the State, the University of Alabama – under the guidance of Nick Saban – is winning hearts and gaining the nation’s respect with each passing game.

The memory of Auburn’s magical 2004 undefeated season is getting further in the rearview mirror, and the momentum it created is fading fast. Head coach Tommy Tuberville has been unable to sustain the dominance his team displayed that year, and the Auburn “family” continues to take a wrecking ball to its own program.

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This past Spring Tubby made a seemingly desperate move by converting to a “high school” offense (the spread) and hiring a small college coach to run it against big time competition.

Couple that with the fact that Alabama’s Nick Saban is proving that the “process” is for real, the pressure to win may be wearing on the Tiger’s head honcho. Tommy knows that Nick’s plan seems to be progressing at break-neck speed, and the Crimson Tide’s return to prominence may be a year or two ahead of schedule.

Auburn has had its chances to rid itself of the image that it is Bama’s little stepbrother and the second-rate status that comes with that title. Yet, they can’t seem to escape their self-created nightmare.

Once again, the Tide is aiming high and in a position to meet the legendary expectations that form the base of its winning tradition. National and SEC championships are now realistic goals and will surely come in the near future.

Meanwhile, the Auburn nation self-imposes its own barrier to any type of championship by allowing their ultimate accomplishment to be beating Alabama. Did their last six years of dominance over an NCAA-crippled Crimson Tide mean anything last Saturday when LSU came to their house (The Jungle), and took the lead in the race to appear as the 2008 western division champion in Atlanta?

Actually, the rest of this year’s campaign could go up in smoke for the Tide, but the evidence on the field doesn’t suggest that will be the case. Alabama has developed a team personality that exudes toughness, consistency, and a relentless nature. If the team continues to sustain its high level performance, it has a chance to be great. This Saturday in Athens against highly-ranked Georgia will provide the ultimate test and will serve as an excellent barometer of the near future for this year’s Crimson Tide.

In direct contrast, down on the Plains Tommy Tuberville has to be second-guessing his radical off-season maneuvers – at least the entire Tiger fan base is voicing its doubts and displeasure with the new system.

Coaches rarely like to leave their comfort zone, in terms of how they approach the game of football and manage their team. They make changes only when they suspect that they may need to do something different to gain an advantage. This is a sign of fear.

Georgia’s Coach Richt (black-out) and Auburn’s Tuberville (spread eagle), both balked on Bama when they initiated changes that simply do not fit their normal character. If they weren’t apprehensive, then why did they make the changes?

Every SEC football program benefited from Alabama’s years in the wilderness, but that is about to come to an end. Saban has Alabama back in the game and the big elephant is getting his feet back underneath him. Once the big bull gets rolling at full power he will be very hard to stop.

Finally (no pun intended), Tommy Tuberville and his nagging wives (ex-coaches, trustees, boosters) are locked in a bad marriage. With rumors that he wants out churning during every off-season and the water cooler talk of bad blood between Tubby and some members of the Auburn “family”, it’s a miracle that he finds time to prepare his team to win.

Of course only time will tell if the situation has truly changed, but Saban appears to be walking on water, while Tubby holds the weight of the world on his back.

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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian.

    After the tide gets into the meat of its SEC schedule, you can wipe your tail with this article . Why ? Because it will be null and void of any truth.

    Please keep your hopes high bammers. It is that much sweeter to beat you when you do. (remember 05).

  2. 3

    Ballplay, lets get this straight…if you know how to read a schedule you will see that Bama has about 3 games that are so so when it comes to who will be the victor. Thats UGA, LSU, and Auburn. Which gives Bama a 9-3 potential season. Now, thats pretty good (especially by Aubie standards considering thats what seems to be the glass cieling every year). However, if Bama wins just one out of three of those (and at this point in time I’m sure you can see who the likely one could be) then that gives them a 10-2 regular season. I ask you this, whats going to happen when Auburn gets into “the meat” of their schedule? Hasn’t that already really started? 3-2 to Miss. Sate and a loss to LSU. You still have UT, UGA, and UA to play, all of which, with the way Auburn is playing, are potential loses. It may be you who has to print out the comment you just posted and whipe your butt with it come December. If I were an Aubo fan I wouldn’t be worried about Alabama’s goals, I’d be worried about UT coming in fired up ready to beat that ass.

  3. 4
    Ballplay Indian.

    As I said, keep on aspiring there little fellas. We will gladly give yall a reality check in November. I hope yall are 11-0 when we play. I hope yall are ranked numer 1 in the country when we play. It makes it better to slap yalll around when that happens.

    And Brando………I have been at work for several hours before I check in. Some of us have to work for a living.

  4. 5

    Yall barely slapped around Miss St. Ballplay. Who is being delusional here? Keep on talking smack. One day it is ‘I hope yall lose every game’ now it is ‘I hope yall go 11-0’. Typical stupid-ass Auburn speak. It must really bother you really bad if you think you have to report to a bunch of Bama fans what you think. I love it! You are so good at predictions! I bet you cried yourself to sleep Saturday night. Just imagine how you will feel if Auburn is humiliated by Bama this year. Maybe you will be suicidal.

  5. 6

    Shane Shane Shane…

    What kind of big brother rubs salt in the wounds of his lil’ kid brother?

    I know that you’re writing primarily for the Auburn fanatics that have relished in poking you in the eye for the past six years, but do you really want to go here?

    In the first place Shane, it just doesn’t show a lot of class to gloat over success. In the second place, the Crimson Tide is facing a consensus National Championship contender this weekend in Athens, Georgia. This ain’t the Clemson game.

    Clemson may or may not have deserved their Top Ten ranking when they received their shellacking from the Crimson Tide. Time will tell. But Georgia is for real.

    I feel pretty good about Bama’s chances in this game, but I suspect that the Dawgs feel pretty good about their’s as well. Georgia won’t likely fall victim to a “Shock & Awe” campaign and lay down like Clemson did. This one’s gonna be an all-out old fashioned SEC slobber-knocker to the bitter end.

    If we don’t come out on top, the Aubies are gonna have fun feeding you some crow on this website.

    Just Sayin…


  6. 7

    Gee Brando, I might feel suicidal if Auburn loses the Iron Bowl. I might feel depressed. I might feel confused. I might feel hungry. I might feel dizzy. It’s been so long since Auburn has lost an Iron Bowl, I really can’t remember what it feels like. Tell me Brando, did you feel suicidal when Auburn came to T-town in 02 when Bama was favored by double digits and spanked Bama with a little midget 4th string tailback? How about in 03 when Bama got spanked to cap off a 4-9 season? How did it feel in 04 after Bama went into half time with a 6 pt lead and you just knew Bama was gonna pull the upset? Did you find yourself looking for the cyanide in 05 when Brodie got sacked 11 freakin times? That had to be painful. Did your heart just fall to the floor in 06 when Brandon Cox threw the long td pass to Prechae Rodriquez on 3rd and long in 4th quarter to take the lead for good? Did you want to just throw up last year when Jerraud Powers intercepted that sure td pass to DJ Hall in the end zone? That’s a lot of painful memories for bammers, to be sure. I can certainly understand why Brando would think that someone could feel suicidal about an IB loss after remembering the last 6 years.

  7. 8


    I can’t count the times I’ve seen the Auburn Tigers get a beat down from the Crimson Tide, but I don’t have every detail of every game burned into my memory like that.

    You must really be obsessed!

    It’s nice to win the Iron Bowl — but it don’t really mean nothin’ if you don’t win a Championship. That’s Bama’s goal. The Iron Bowl is just one ticket punch along the way.


  8. 9

    Julio: It really doesnt matter how many times Auburn beat Bama. I still watched every game and I was still proud to be a Bama fan. Auburn is still Auburn and Alabama is still Alabama. Nothing Auburn ever does will ever change that fact. Just hang on to your memories of Auburns Golden Age. Maybe you can tell your kids about it someday. You guys know that it is coming, and all you can do is run your mouths on Bama sites. If you are not worried, then why are you guys even here? If you guys are here to talk smack, why don’t you take it very well? You and Ballplay are just typical dumbass Auburn fans trying to stir crap on a Bama site. Brando has never been to an Auburn site because Brando is not obsessed with Auburn, unlike you and your boyfriend Ballplay are with Bama. Glad I pissed you off! It makes my day.

  9. 10


    Look really closely at Playswballsinjun and Julio’s posts. It’s the same guy. Read them very, very closely and you’ll figure that out. This guy is a nut job posing as different people. What a joke. LOL. Classified loser with nothing else to do. But what do you expect from a barner?

  10. 11

    Shane, inside sources tell me that Bama is about to get into some serious trouble. There are audio tapes of violations in Mobile and in Atlanta. Several players have made comments and a couple of Coaches down here are sitting on the edge of their seat. Im not disclosing names but see what you can find out because it is all coming to a head, just when it seems all is going so well.

  11. 12

    Ed: that figures. I just know that Ballplay is usually one of the first people here to comment on anything. I normally don’t post stuff and I should know better than to feed a troll. If Ballplay has multiple personalities here, then he is a loon.

  12. 13

    hmmmmm….the bammers pull the standard typical response of “aubsessed” and question why an Auburn fan would post a response, all the while forgetting that the entire subject of the article was a comparison of Auburn to Bama (as all Shane’s articles are.)

    BTW, I love Brando’s response: “It really doesnt matter how many times Auburn beat Bama…Auburn is still Auburn and Alabama is still Alabama. Nothing Auburn ever does will ever change that fact.” That’s classic. Here is a paraphrase of your logic, Brando: Auburn fans believe that you must win football games to be a great football team. That’s ridiculous. Just look at Alabama. Alabama is a great football team, and Alabama does not win football games. Therefore, you don’t have to win football games to be a great football team, you stupid barners!

  13. 14


    Anyone who listens to Finebaum knows that your real name is Bobby. How long will it be before you’re ready to fire up the ol’ jet in Auburn again?

    Petrino wants out of Arky after receiving the worst pounding of his entire coaching career last weekend. Maybe he could get that pathetic “Spread Eagle” offense off the ground?

  14. 16

    Julio: Bama has won football games. And championships. Bama has won as many SEC championships in the past 10 years as Auburn. Auburn still has many years of winning and beating Bama just to catch up. But I hate to tell you the news, but Auburn is so far behind in the SEC and NC that they in fact will not catch up in your lifetime. Just shut up and accept your role as the second team in this state. It will always be that way. And to correct you: Auburn fans only consider Iron Bowl wins as anything meaningful. Bama fans expect championships. Out of over 100 years of Auburn football, the only thing Auburn fans are proud of the most is beating Bama 6 times. When it is over, the rest of the nation will still wonder where the hell is Auburn anyway. Notice when Bama even remotely looks like they will be good, it is in the national spotlight. It is because Alabama is Alabama and Auburn will never even compare when it comes to accomplishments in college football.

  15. 18

    you chemo stashed clown. Did you cut and paste this from last year? Sounds very similiar. Cant wait until November when you shift your attention to hoops. Overhyped Clemson, 2 nobody’s , and the weakest team in the West, and all of a sudden Saban is “walking on water?” UGA is going to make you cry.

  16. 19

    Clemson wasn’t overhyped in the eight months prior to the game being played, and when Alabama thumped them the way y’all said they would thump us, suddenly they were overrated and overhyped? From what I’ve seen, they’re doing perfect unlike other programs like Southern Miss, Louisiana-Monroe, and Mississippi State. And UGA may bring us down, but no where near as hard as they’re going to bring API down for the third straight year. I say UGA 60-API 9

  17. 20
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bramdy….Your right. We barely beat a team that has beaten yall 2 times running. You act like they havent been owning yall latley. Well reality check bud….They have. Croom is a better coach than Saban……….Naw , I cant say that with a straight face. Anyhow, The “Dawgs are gonn make bama look like the team they really are.

    And Im only one dude. Julio is not I, nor am I julio.

    Now, like I said …….Keep your eye on the prize little bammies, or should I say across the state. Cause yall know and I know that youll never feel good about yourselves until you get a win over Auburn.


  18. 21
    Ballplay Indian.

    And Christopherson……I believe that Clemson was overrated last year. And yes . Georgia has a current 2 year streak on us.

    But , are you aware that with another victory over bama, that streak will be 4 in a row over you guys ?

    Please dont go there when it comes to streaks.


  19. 22

    Julio Indian: It is always been good to be a Bama fan. You enjoy your streak while it lasts, but you know it is coming to an end. If you feel better coming to a Bama site to stir the pot, then good for you. But I was talking in the context of this year. Bama is looking like a really improved team over last year, Auburn not so much. Miss St. not so much either. So don’t come here and act like Bama is not doing anything great this year. If they win at GA then we will know that this is a special team. Nothing you can do about that. Except to pray for number 7. I guess that is all you can hope for this year.

  20. 23

    You know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of the charade that has been Tommy Tubberville and the Auburn program sicne the 2004 season. First it was a “Fear the Thumb” t-shirt. Then it was “we recruite for character, not for stars” stab, which was an obvious code for “I just got my assed kicked in recruiting by my biggest rival so I have to put my trademark, used care salesman spin on it”. Then it was the seven finger salute to the the troops “just for fun”. Now it’s giving all these players who are unranked, one, or two star athletes schalorships to play at Auburn. Tubberville isn’t stupid. In fact, I would go as far as to say he is a border line genius because of the way he runs his PR campaign, just like Obama and McCain, politically. All you Aubies ever talk about is an undefeated, unrewarded (as Scarbinsky put it) season in ’04. Check the facts, the reason that team didn’t jump the #2 team that year was because of the Alabama game. How many historically good programs have been snubbed like that? Bama has had that happen more than twice! The computer’s did not (I repeat, DID NOT) move them up enough because that game came down to an onside kick against a Bama team that was God awful. Tubberville knows his whole existence rest on two things. One, the ’04 season, and two beating Alabama. Why isn’t it one, the ’04 season and two, winning the SEC? Or an NC? Why do you think he was done and said all of that mindless crap? Why do you think his recruiting class is filling up so quickly? It’s because he knows he got screwed last year and is scared it will (and already is) happening again? He even went as far to say that Saban would be in Washington next year. Thats a direct PR shot at the Alabama program and he does it on purpose. He can’t get passed the fact that his time may be up. Everyone knows he’s been wanting out forever. I’m so sick of Auburn fans hanging their shitty orange hats on one season and six years. Alabama fans hang there hats on 100 plus years of football glory. In the BEST ten years of Auburn football and the WORST ten years of Alabama football all the Aubo fan base has is one SEC Championship and six years of success against what has been a really bad team. Well guess what? Alabama also has an SEC Championship in the same ten year stretch…is that not funny to anyone else? Thats pathetic. Some Alabama fans may be delusional and (to be fair) half of Tubbervilles ’09 class is pretty good but stop spitting out this stupid shit about six in a row, blah, blah, because at the end of the day it don’t mean shit. Nothin. Tubberville knows how to spin his words, he knows all he has is “six in a row” but in reality he has been nothing but an average coach. Also, if you think I’m crazy his charade’s also include hiring different coaches every year. Why do you think he does that? To try to gain an advantage? Sure, but it’s also because he knows how to stir the shit pot that is the Auburn program. I mean, Alabama didn’t even want to play Auburn again after they banned the game way back when. THE ALABAMA STATE LEGISLATURE MADE THEM. Why do you think they didn’t want to play? Because Auburn was nothing. They were a NOBODY crap of a football team. Auburn owes there whole freakin’ existence to Bama. The streak means nothing, because the’ve done nothing with it. In the 70’s Bama won 9 straight but they weren’t an average team jsut beating their rival, they won NC’s those years too. Auburn can’t say that. Thats living in the past, the present and the future because Auburn will be the same way, no matter how many times they beat Bama in a row. They will always be nothin’. Tubberville just keeps up this charade because he knows it too.

  21. 24

    congrats UA4life, that’s the most longwinded reply ever posted in the history of the Capstone Report. A few things that you state in your dissertation that are worthy of a response:

    1. You bammers would to tell yourselves that the last minute hail mary in front of a half empty Tuberville-Denny stadium in 04 kept Auburn out of the NC game, despite the fact that there has never been an objective media outlet that has even implied that B.S. As to your stated “fact” about the smaller margin of vicroty causing the computers to pull Auburn down, you might want to use Google for a little fact checking before you open your pie hole. BCS computer rankings are NOT

  22. 25

    (excuse the last unfinished reply, prematurely hit enter.)

    congrats UA4life, that’s the most longwinded reply ever posted in the history of the Capstone Report. A few things that you state in your dissertation that are worthy of a response:

    1. You bammers would love to tell yourselves that the last minute hail mary in front of a half empty Tuberville-Denny stadium in 04 kept Auburn out of the NC game, despite the fact that there has never been an objective media outlet that has even implied that B.S. The simple fact is that the human polls comprised two-thirds of the BCS rankings that year, and the voters were not going to lower USC or Okla unless they lost-period. It wouldn’t have matterd if Auburn would have beaten the New England Patriots.

    As to your stated “fact” about the smaller margin of victory causing the computers to pull Auburn down, you might want to use Google for a little fact checking before you open your pie hole. BCS computer rankings are NOT
    allowed to consider margin of victory.

    Finally, you bammers seem to think that we’re unaware of your ancient championships. We are aware of them (how could we forget when you remind us 10 times a day?). They just don’t really matter in the year 2008. Nothing wrong with having some prideful memories, but bammers act like it was yesterday. I bet half the bammers on this site weren’t even born or have no memory of any NC Bama won other than 92. Hell, Minnesota and Army won a bunch of NC’s in the ancient past also. You don’t see them running around bragging about them, because they know people would accuse them of acting like Bama fans if they did.

  23. 27
    Ballplay Indian.

    And on a serious note. Are you on meth ? Or are you do you suffer from A.D.D. ? Cause if you do thay have this wonderful drug called retalin. Check into it. Or rehab. Depending on whatever the circumstances are.

  24. 28

    Shane, why must you bring up Auburn EVERY time.. you give the impression that Bama is Aubsessed; just because you are Aubsessed…. Alabama is about to play Georgia in a big game, why not write about that…

  25. 29

    My fellow Alabama fans, please don’t waste your time or energy replying to the Barners. They don’t deserve our attention.
    On a lighter note, I hear that the Barners will be donning green jerseys this Saturday against the Vulgarteers. I guess this makes sense. They are green with envy.

  26. 30
    Ballplay Indian.

    Bamafan………That would be because yall are all Aubsessed…..Heck , who wouldnt be.

    As for you Barnburner. Why in the heck would we envy you ?

    Oh yea………We dont.

  27. 31

    Isn’t this something? Barners from the cow college and mullet hicks from T-town battling it out for the 10000000^e10th time.

    Why don’t you guys forsake your loyalty and follow a real school like Clemson?

  28. 32

    Burt…you must be smoking something! Clemson?! Pleeeeeeeease!

    And Ballplay…I wasn’t talking to you. Go away and stay there.

  29. 34

    Ok, ok guys…I admit, it was way to long. I just got a bit worked up over lunch because of another idiot Auburn fan (and to be fair once again, there are plenty of idiot Bama fans out there too) at work today. Sorry, but thanks for reading it. Also, it is true that Auburn wasn’t going to skip USC or Oklahoma unless they lost. That other part about the close Iron Bowl that year came out only in anger..I should not have stated it as fact. However, I do stand by what I said about Tub’s being the mastermind of spin and charade’s when things aren’t going right for him and I’m still sick of Aubies telling Bama fans they need to shut up about their “old NC’s” and shit. Look, whats going to happen when Tub’s dies, or the great Pat Dye dies? Are you going to go around sayin’ “Oh, he’s dead…we don’t need to talk about the great things they did for Auburn, just forget about them?” Like all you morons say about the bear? Come on now.

  30. 35

    Ballplay, I’m not on meth nor do I have ADD I promise, for you convience I will not post any more blog’s longer than the one I just did. Thats a present for you wrapped in Crimson and White.

  31. 36

    One more thing:

    Julio, if Auburn had any NC’s your telling me you wouldn’t brag about it? Just like you don’t brag about six in a row right? You can’t brag because you don’t have much to brag about big guy. I know it’s hard being a loser but try to keep your head up.

  32. 37

    WHAT was the title of this BLOG again, It took him 7 words to USE AUburn damn
    I think I will save this blog and THE NEXT TIME a Bammer says WHY DO YALL COME HERE? ITS A BAMMA SITE! Im gonna whip it on em! And yes Bamaman its why we say YOU GUYS ARE AUBsessed and I for one would think BAMMA DOES REALLY NEED TO BEAT ONE TEAM THIS YEAR I SAID NNEEEDD and that is POLYTECH BABY admit it or not
    I sure beleive im right!


  33. 39

    Shut the hell up Ball Play. We all know that you are the Biggest Turd in the Coosa. Go blog on “Hannah Montana” with all your fellow girlfriends.

  34. 40
    Ballplay Indian.

    Burt ……….I hope your just a nuetral flamer. Surely no one is that dam dum. Clemson invented this thing called the choke.

  35. 41

    UA4life, you are truly a man. Very few people who post on this site are man enough to admit when they’re wrong. Also, you’re absolutely right about Tubs being the mastermind of spin. He’s the ultimate salesman, and he’ll be the first to admit it. Give him credit though, he’s been a very successful salesman.

    I’m not saying that Bama should shut up about their past championships. There’s nothing wrong with having prideful memories. I’m simply saying it should be done so in the proper context. It was 30 years ago, and yet many Bama fans act like it happened yesterday. Even worse, they act like championships won 30-45 years ago make Bama a great team today. College football fans across the country think that’s hilarious. Truly, it’s no different than it would be for Minnesota and Army fans to run around saying they are among today’s college football elite because of all the NC’s they won long ago. You Bama fans may scoff at that, but please explain what the difference would be.

  36. 43
    Ballplay Indian.

    Pluto……Was that you that started the “Biggest Turd in the Coosa” ? If so, thats pretty funny. If not, quit using other peoples material.

    And UAforlife, I said war and peace was shorter. I never said I read your post though. I would still be reading it if that were the case.

    And what the heck is wrong with Hannah ?

  37. 44

    Shane is obsessed with AUBURN and so predictable with his comments. Bama hasn,t played anyone yet this season and the 4-0 season has gone to their head. That will come to an end Saturday in Athens when the DAWGS chew them up and spit them out. WAR EAGLE

  38. 45

    Okay, now I am going to say something to Julio, first of all the last one was not 30 years ago, second we average about one every ten years and last time I checked Minnesota and Army didn’t have twelve together, that is the difference.

  39. 46

    Dum?!!!! In the past few years Clemson has ururped the dominant position of the ACC, once held by FSU. Recruits are beginning to eye the school with keen interest!

  40. 47

    Burt: The key phrase there is “ACC”. We all know the ACC is a sub-par conference compared to the SEC. If anyone should shift their loyalty, it’s you.

  41. 48

    Let’s all save our breath here. It will all be settled on the field Saturday. When the dust clears, the answers will be clear. Both teams will know where they stand.

  42. 51
    Ballplay Indian.

    Burt……….O.K. jokes over. Even though it was funny . I can see a bama jokester when I smell one.

    Georgia / Bama predictions ?
    Mine is Georgia 34 Bama 20

    Auburn 28 Tennessee 14

    Anyone else care to take a stab?

  43. 52

    Omni: Come on man. I don’t care if it has been said before on here. I just say what I think, I don’t care about the rest. Obviously, you do.

    Ballplay: Maybe I missed that. If you didn’t read it, o well.

    Julio: The last NC was in 1992 and it has been a while but don’t you think that Bama HAS to talk about those things because they’ve been so miserable the past 10 years? It’s kinda hard not to. Secondly, Army and Minn. can’t be compared to any college program with a storied history, no matter how much the fans talk about it. And lastly, he is a good salesman that was kinda the point in the long post but all that spin is getting old and its got to be making the fan base alittle dizzy.

  44. 54

    I was noticing up at the top of the pae that DICKHEAD THE POSER was logged in as Ballplay Indian.
    Brando asked Ballplay if he would be suicideal if Aubbo tech lost to Bama this year. Ballpay answered him, 2 posts below him….except he was logged in as Julio at the time.
    Stop spamming out boards with your worthless bullshit. We arent going to quit being Bama fans and you are starting to look like the joke you are. Quick! log in as Balplay/julio/OMNI and respond you pitiful litle man.

  45. 55
    Ballplay Indian.

    Never too early for obnoxious predictions my friend.

    There isnt anything wrong with being proud of your past. But I think julios point is that you dont see any ” Got 14″ shirts when your at a Princeton or Yale game. Because you do know that both of those storied ,history laden , powerhouse programs have more titles than Bama , dont you ? And before anyone says thats different. Its not ANY different. No difference whatsoever.

    Again ..Be proud of your titles …. I know I would be . And I would be the absolute worst in the world to bring it up if I were a Bammaer. I would be like ,,,Bear this and Bear that.

    I would be unbearable….Wait…….Im already unbearable.

  46. 56

    You bunch of Bammers are some crazy crack addicts, for sure. Your world view is absolutely comical. Thanks for the laughs.

    I literally spit my drink all over the computer when reading this “article.”

    No wonder your state is so high in violent crimes-you are all in a state of delusion.

  47. 57

    I read your post and of course you have no corresonding evidence. Big surprise.

    Why dont you log in as playswithmyballinjun and IloveJulio or OMNIJOKE, with your next stupid post.

    You have nothing better to do with your life than spam a bama blog. What a loser.

  48. 58
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1………If you ever lose your job dancing at the local gay strip club, please , for the sake of the public , dont go into any kind of crime investigation………I do not know why julio answered a question aimed at me. Dont really care. But look at my crappy spelling, punctuation, grammer. and my style of writing. Any dolt could tell that we are not the same writer. Make that any dolt but you.

    What is the deal with you bub ? does life suck that bad ? Surely not ? Cheer up a little. Smell the freekin roses. You are on high strung sonofagun aint ya ? Im sorry that Ive pissed you off aight ? But I promis you dude, I havent logged in as anyone else but me. The Mighty Ballplay Indian baby !!!!!!!!!!

  49. 60

    No Bamaman, you have 1 NC from 16 yrs ago. All the others you claim are from 30 or more years ago. Also, the bammers claim to 12 NC’s is yet another ridiculous claim that every other college football fan in the country laughs about. I’m especially fond of the 1941 “NC” where Bama finished 3rd in the SEC and had a final ranking of 20th in the AP Poll. All the “NC’s” from the 20’s and 30’s were retroactively awarded several years later by unheard of sources such as Houlgate and Helms and the self-proclaimed football thesarus. The NCAA and the rest of the world recognizes that Bama has 6 NC’s. Minnesota has 5 AP awarded NC’s. Now tell me again why it would be stupid for Minnesota to claim they are among CFB’s elite today based on those ancient NC’s, but it’s ok for Bama to do so based upon theirs? (BTW, your spin about Bama averaging an NC every 10 years is absolutely one of the funniest damn things I’ve read in quite some time. Gee, that almosts makes us forget that you bammers are bragging about bogus championships that were awarded before we were even born.)

  50. 62


    Ballplay Indian says:

    “And Brando………I have been at work for several hours before I check in. Some of us have to work for a living.”

    And then spends the next 7 F*CKING HOURS BLOGGING.
    Same thing with all of the “other” Aubbo bloggers. They are not Obsessed but you can look at “thier post and see they spend hours and hours monitoring CAPSTONE REPORT. Educator is right.. It is one guy who is a nut job. 7 hours. Damn that is morose.

  51. 63

    Hey Bamaman Im sorry I was really just agreeing with you on your post and THEN I NOTICED IT WAS BAMAFAN NOT BAMAMAN sorry bro! I DO have respect for you and my bad on the mistake dude 🙂

    Ya owe me one ….


  52. 64

    It’s been a long time since Alabama or Auburn won a National Championship.

    The important point is how long it will be before one of the two schools wins the next one. That, and which of the two schools it will be that wins it.

    The thought of this is what makes the Aubies tremble in fear. You KNOW it’s coming. You can see that big red wave forming on the horizon.


  53. 65

    Nice try Shane. How long have you gunned at tubbs on your daddy’s radio show about how bad tubbs is and how the “tubby watch” is ticking? Hasn’t it been about 8 years or so? And he’s so bad that this guy in oklahoma would pay how much to get him? Last year it was TX AM and then Ark. Now Ok St. Your the little prophet that keeps guessing (or hoping). Are you that afraid of Tubbs? Power… LMAO. Yall suck and GA will show you that Sat. We will remind you again in Nov. 7-in-a-row baby!

  54. 67

    Look at the article tmcZERO its all about AUburn search Auburn and this damn blog comes up and BRANDO this stupid FUKSTAIN tmcZERO is the one who started that all of the AUBBOS here are really one becuase of hes to stupid to read and figure out that it CANT be one person..

    And I wouldnt follow him if I were you he will lead you wrong and get you JACKED UP! hes been looking for someone who can tame me… And if you throw facts at him (Ballplay and Julio are real good at that) he resolves to INSULTS AND THREATS and he basically throws stupid puns and used insults at that, but you seem like a good dude SO GL with your team and have a nice day


  55. 69
    Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1…………When you own the place that you work at you can check in from time to time. I gues you wouldnt know that considering that you work at the local gay strip club, shaking your can for dollar bills.

    I start work before any one else….Thats the way it goes when your the boss. Usually get here between 6 – 6:30. Then after I put in 11- 12 hours (per day) I go home. Then you dont hear from me anymore.

    Tmc1…..Im like the Army boy, I do more before 9 o’clock than youll do all day.

  56. 71
    Ballplay Indian

    I was just rereadiong Shane’s article and started feeling bad about what I posted… I have to admit, most of what he said in this article was true, and my snide remarks are only reflections of my inner anger caused by my denial of homosexual thoughts… so there you have it. I’m not really and AU fan, I just come here to piss people off because I’m pissed off about being a gay indian.

  57. 74

    Who cares?

    You have spent from 8:00 to 4:00 pm ON A BAMA BLOG. between that and the fact that you use 10 different screen names to mask the fact that you are totally obsessed with you social betters at Bama. What more can I say…
    Educator is right. You are a nut job…. get some help man.

  58. 78
    Ballplay Indian.

    Look man……..If you choose to think that Im posting under 3 to 4 different screen names. I dont give a rip. The joke would be on you. Call Cappy. You clain to be tight with him. Hell tell you that I havent posted under any other name. If I were then yes, I could see where you would think I was a nut job. But I have only posted under this name. As far as help goes. You need some anger management. I bet you were picked on as a kid , werent you ? Now Im going home . A little over 11 hours on the job today. with about 45 minutes typing to yall, good day gentleman.

  59. 79

    By the way.
    You say you work for yourself, But honestly, if you do, do you ever expect to be a success? Instead of actually working to make yourself a winner, you f*ck around posting on a Bama Blog all day long. I am sure your secretary/housekeeper/grandmother upstairs has said this same thing a thousand times already….

  60. 81

    Omni, thanks for the response.

    Julio, Ballplay tried to tell you not to go there but you did anyway, don’t try and tell us what the rest of college football thinks of us, that is just your aubsessed ass. If you will notice on your 2:03 post you boldly stated our last NC was 30 years ago, which is wrong unless you can’t count to 16. If you are going to come on here to talk down about our program get your facts straight before you start typing. It’s really not hard to google National Football Championships, notice I didn’t say Alabama NC’s and just count, we claim the ones the general census selectors that were recognized at that time to make the selection gave us, the same DAMN ones that were recognized at the time (AP and UPI) that selected Aub for a split in 57.Since you brought up 1941 why didn’t you bring up 1966 that we didn’t try and claim when we were the ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE COUNTRY, And yes, an average of one about every tens years is slightly understated that would equal 120 years. So prove me wrong or shut up, it’s okay, I know it is hard to accept down at the barn.

  61. 82

    Ballplay, Omni and Julio are all a bunch of inbred faggots that do their sisters. All of them have to squat to piss. Ignore the b@stards.

  62. 83

    This was taken from another website and I encourage both Bammers and Barnies to read it thoroughly:

    After reading yet another enviously inferior blog discrediting Alabama’s past accomplishments by yet another enviously inferior Alabama-Tech fan (no surprise), I’ve come to the conclusion that if little man’s syndrome was a crime, Opelika, as a whole, would be deserted population wise, simply because all of their Wire Road inhabitants would’ve been sentenced to death long ago.

    After reading your enlightening poem moronically proclaiming Alabama’s 12 National Championships are a joke, I certainly hope that you, or your children who are potential tPolyTECHnic Institute of Alabama students, will at least receive a free class credit or degree for this monumental discovery!

    Not to intentionally piss on your parade (which I’m sure another rodeo is in the works), but perhaps I should enlighten you with all the facts on why Alabama can rightfully claim the championships that they do. Oh, and you may want to stick around because I’ll fill you in on some of APIs’ flaws as well.

    So where to begin?

    First and foremost, why the hell is a Barnie so concerned with ANOTHER TEAM’S LEGITIMATE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS? Were you born yesterday? Folks, this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of little man’s syndrome at its finest! Like I said, I surely hope you did in fact receive a free class credit from The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute for at least giving the rest of the dysfunctional backwoods, Opelika Barnie fan base something to chatter about, because we all know they enjoy talking more about Alabama, the fatherly institute, more than they do themselves: Alabama-Tech.

    I have a few FACTS for you that you may find enjoyable. I was also kind enough to provide you with facts from your very own delusional program:

    Illegitimate? Isn’t that how you guys go about claiming legitimate “SEC” titles. It’s hilarious hearing a FAN of a team who only has half of one question the credibility of another team’s titles. Then again, Barnies have a strong record of taking every futile stab at Alabama, just to bring them down to their level. Once again they fall flat on their face at yet another failed attempt!

    To begin, in case you didn’t know, prior to the AP/UPI title era, the Rose Bowl was deemed the heavyweight bowl and the winner was considered “Champions of the Universe.” This is why whomever was believed to be THE TOP TWO TEAMS IN THE NATION were invited, and the winner was deemed NATIONAL CHAMPIONS of that particular season by AMERICA. Why do you think EVERY SINGLE TEAM WHO WON THE ROSE BOWL PRIOR TO THE DEBUT OF THE AP AND UPI TITLE CLAIMED CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR THE SEASONS OF WHICH THEY WON A ROSE BOWL? If you have such a problem with ALABAMA, then maybe you should also center your concerns around EVERY OTHER TEAM that rightfully recognizes themselves as “national champions” of the years they won the Rose Bowl prior to the AP and UPI era. Why do you think the history of the Rose Bowl is cherished so deeply? Why do you think all winners during that time period were deemed NATIONAL CHAMPIONS those years? Why? SIMPLY BECAUSE THAT’S HOW CHAMPIONS WERE DECIDED BACK THEN! Polls weren’t the deciding factor until the AP/UPI debuted, the deciding factor was THE TEAM THAT WON THE ROSE BOWL. Drop the act of envy, hatred, and jealousy and think for just a brief moment: Do you HONESTLY think PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES just claims outright illegitimate titles, just for the hell of it?

    Here’s a detailed list of our claimed national championships and why we claim them:

    1925: Rose Bowl 10-0

    1926: Rose Bowl 9-0-1 (Tie game with Stanford giving BOTH TEAMS a share of the claim)

    1930: Rose Bowl 10-0-0

    1934: Rose Bowl 10-0

    1961: AP/UPI

    1964: AP/UPI

    1965: AP

    1973: UPI

    1978: AP

    1979: AP

    1992: AP

    If you have a problem with the AP/UPI selecting us as champions during seasons of which we had one loss, or lost our bowl game, then write the AP/UPI association and when they realize you’re a Barnie, they’ll simply laugh their heads off. Keep in mind there were MANY, MANY, MANY teams who had more losses, yet still finished ahead of other teams during this era. I’m also sure 20 years from now, Louisiana-Tech fans will bicker about LSUs’ 2007 title, seeing how they had two losses and still finished ahead of the teams that defeated them. Or even their 2003 title when they had one loss and USC had zero losses!

    Logic vs. Logic:

    And here’s a detailed list of all our titles of which WE WERE SELECTED BY OTHER VOTERS, but didn’t claim because we WEREN’T SELECTED BY THE MAIN POLLS (AP/UPI), which were the BCS polls of that time period. Take a VERY CLOSE look at these, sir:

    1936: Alabama finishes the season 8-0-1, but didn’t claim a National Title because we finished the season ranked 4th in the AP/UPI.

    1937: Alabama finishes the season 9-1, losing to USC in the Rose Bowl and ending the season ranked 4th in the AP/UPI.

    1945: Alabama finished the season 10-0, blowing out USC in the Rose Bowl, but didn’t claim a title because we finished the season ranked number 2, behind number 1, Army. Some argue that the 1945 team may have been Bama’s greatest of all time. The bias officially comes into affect once again!

    1962: Alabama finished the season 10-1 with a Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma, but didn’t claim a title because we finished the season ranked fifth in AP/UPI.

    1966 (See the new novel, “The Missing Ring”): The most controversial season in all of collegiate football. This is where the Northern/Western States’ bias towards the Southern States plays yet another huge roll in college football. Alabama was aiming for their third straight National Championship season. Ending the previous season ranked number 1, Alabama was questionably preseason ranked “3rd” in 1966. In the other major poll, the AP poll, Alabama started the season ranked first, but was questionable moved to third at the season’s end?!?!?! At the season’s end, we finished undefeated, destroying Nebraska in the Orange Bowl 34-7. However, first ranked Notre Dame and second ranked Michigan State intentionally played to a 10-10 tie in their final game against each other (which wasn’t even a bowl game). Instead of Alabama moving to first place, we were oddly held at third. The Southern nation always felt (and some still do) that this was done intentionally to keep a Southern team from winning their third consecutive title. In addition, a quick review of the results from BAMA’s ’66 season shows a team that by far outclassed all of the competition it faced. Bama manhandled every opponent only giving up a total of 37 points all season long while shutting out the 7 of the 11 of the opponents they played. Fortunately, at least one well known individual of that time also felt that BAMA was a deserving team that year. Vince Lombardi , after winning the Super Bowl, was asked if the Packers had removed all doubt as to who was the best football team in the world. Lombardi replied, “Well, I don’t know. We haven’t played Alabama yet!!”

    1974: Alabama finished the season ranked fifth in AP/UPI, as well as lost their bowl game against Notre Dame.

    1975: Alabama finished the season 11-1 with a 13-6 victory over Penn State in the Sugar Bowl, but did not claim a title because they finished the season ranked third in AP/UPI.

    1977: Alabama finished the season ranked 11-1 with a 35-6 Sugar Bowl victory over Ohio State, but did not claim a title because we finished the season ranked second in AP/UPI.

    Proud API Accomplishments:

    1957: The only legit title they have. Despite the fact that they finished the regular season 10-0, while on probation, they finished that season ranked number 1 in the AP poll. But allow me ask you this: If Alabama can’t claim championships because they lost their bowl games, why is it API can claim this one when THEY DIDN’T EVEN PLAY IN A BOWL GAME THAT YEAR? And to answer, it’s because prior to the 1980s, bowl games were considered “exhibition games” and the AP/UPI selected their champions AFTER the last game of the regular season was played.

    1983: API’s only loss was to the Texas Longhorns, but they did in fact defeat Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. But they didn’t claim a title because they finished that season ranked third behind Miami and Nebraska. If they say they deserve the title this year, then so does Alabama for the 1975, 1977 seasons in which we finished 11-1 with a Sugar Bowl victory as well, but did not claim the title because we didn’t finish that season ranked first in the country. Not to mention the 1966 Sugar Bowl victory in which we finished the season undefeated with a Sugar Bowl victory, but was denied the title because we finished third.

    1993: API finished the season “undefeated.” However, they did not compete in the SEC Championship or bowl game. They finished the season ranked “fourth, ” but shouldn’t have been considered in the rankings due to it being unfair to the other teams that they did not play in a bowl game while the others did. That’s like when Alabama finished undefeated in the regular season in 1994 (which was the very next season), but lost to Florida in the SEC Championship game by ONE point. In another words, after blowing out OSU in the bowl game, we could say we were one point away from a perfect season. Since this is the case, we finished fourth in 1994, winning all of our regular season games. Therefore, we should “claim” the 1994 season as an “undefeated” season as well!

    I’ll mention 2004, though nobody voted them champions, other than the Opelika/Awbarn Farmer’s Market poll. API did in fact finish the season undefeated. But a lackluster performance against a Mike Shula led, NCAA and injury beleaguered Alabama team who limped into the game with six starters out on offense, and had a third string quarterback taking the snaps; cheating to defeat Nick Saban’s LSU squad by 1 point; barely defeating Virginia Tech by 3 points; and needless to say THE SAME Alabama Tech team WAS SMASHED by the SAME USC TEAM in the two years prior to 2004, closed that case. Seriously, who throws a National Championship parade and orders National Championship rings for a team that didn’t even play for the BCS title?

    Also, l’ve noticed API’s claimed SEC West titles when they didn’t even play in the championship games because of tie-breakers.

    What about their six SEC titles – Prior to 1992, the first year in which the SEC Championship game was played?

    1988: They shared a title with LSU, but LSU finished the season WITH MORE SEC WINS THAN API!

    1989: They shared a title with Alabama, WHO HAD MORE SEC wins than they did.

    Continue living in a world full of misinformation and Alabama fans, such as myself, will continue laughing at your incompetence.

    It must suck living in a world where your cross state superior casts a dark, unbearable shadow over you, doesn’t it? Continue AUbsessing over The University of Alabama, because when your “precious streak” comes to an end, you’ll have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Maybe then you guys can come up with a theory that we never played a game at all during that time period! Maybe you guys can theorize we paid the NCAA to recognize us for victories during the black and white ages. Hell, you may even say UA’s flagship was never introduced until the 1980s!!

    Typical Barnie logic for you…

  63. 88

    congatulation NYC, and my condolences to UAforlife. Ua4life’s reign as having the most longwinded post in the history of the Capstone Report didn’t even last 24 hours.

    A couple of points in response to your prolix dissertation, nyc. First, I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t have the stones to list the 1941 NC, which means you only listed 11 NC’s. I guess even you admit that Bama is guilty of wholesale fraud in claiming that piece of garbage. As to your claims about the Rose Bowl being the undisputed National Title game, I sure would like for you to cite some authority on that rather than simply passionately proclaiming it with righteous indignation accentuated by CAPITAL LETTERS. Contrary to what you and many other bammers believe, just because you yell something really loud doesn’t make it true. If your proclamation about the Rose Bowl were correct, I think the NCAA and the rest of the world would give Bama credit for those NC’s. It’s also funny that Notre Dame refused to play in bowl games from 1925-1970, yet was awarded the NC by six different polls in 1930. Gee, how could that be if EVERYONE knew that the Rose Bowl was the undisputed NC game?

    Ballplay, I apoligize. You were right, I shouldn’t have gone there. Bammers simply can’t take it when you tell them that they’re wrong about the NC’s they claim.

  64. 89
    Ballplay Indian.

    Loser…..Good grief son, clean up that potty mouth before I hve to was it out with some Lifeboy soap. And tmc1 your little jabs dont mean anything ot me. I hope you realise that I am only poking fun. You really seem to get too mad and personal sometimes. Sorry if I make you mad. Im only having a little fun. Maybe you can see that someday. Life is too short to go through it ticked all the time brotha.

  65. 90

    Julio: I love your use of articulate rhetoric “prolix dissertation” and “righteous indignation”, are you sure he knows what those words mean?

    Ballplay: That “Lifeboy soap” reference, did you get that from “A Christmas Story”? because if so, it was a great movie reference which made me laugh.

    Also, the bottom line is, you can’t blame Alabama fans for getting angry when you attack things such as claimed NC’s. The University is covered in history. Academically, and when it comes to Athletics. There really is no doubt about that. People are just proud of that. Some, you will find (like at all other schools) can be over board when it comes to that. Myself included at times. But I would argue that most of the fan base are very objective and realistic when it comes to expectations and the future of the program.

  66. 91

    I know I didnt read that damn thing, ANYWAY tmcZERO …FUK U! and bushisaloser its your sister or wait its your mom (oh yea they are the same) that im pure knocking the GUTS out of.And inbred starts at the U goes thru the A and stops at the T..! you sissy ass no class tank top wearing skoal dippin chunky dunk fukn loser!


    AND damn New York did ya just learn to cut and paste?

  67. 92


  68. 94

    Sorry tmcZERO im not near YOUNG enough for you and I dont have BUSH BITCH hair or nothing you would like, But hey your doing fine DOWN UNDER RIGHT? down under my nutts u sissy trophy you!!!

  69. 95

    Julio, 2,4,6, or eleven whatever makes you feel better, I am sure you will never see one, so please don’t try and compare little brother with yo’ daddy until you break any of our records past or present.

  70. 96
    Ballplay Indian.

    Life boy……..Didnt Ralphie asy it had a nice after dinner flavor ? Something like that. I guess that even Life boy would be better than Lava. Lava would be horrible. I can remember my mom used the liquid detergent. Palmolive I think it was. And to her credit, I still dont use very much foul language to this day.

    Or was it Joy ?

    And Uaforlife, There was no way I was reading NYCs novel, because 1 , it was too long. And 2, I knew what it was gonna say anyway.

  71. 97

    I’m a neutral flamer as somebody guessed yesterday. So I wanna know if every Bama/Auburn article posted generates this same repetitious discussion regardless of the topic? Probably so. So if someone wrote an article that Nick Saban likes to eat Fruit Loops then can I can count on the posted comments being a debate as to whether Alabama’s national championships are legit or not?

  72. 98

    Ballplay: True, you did call what it was going to say.

    Burt: If you don’t like the discussion, don’t post dog. That simple.

    On another note, has anyone ever posted on al.com and read some of that? They have a report button for foul post and they also put an age limit on it. Wouldn’t it be nice if this site did the same thing. Then we could report OMNI and would never have to see him or look at the crap he post again!

  73. 99

    Then again, if that was the case, a lot of people would probably never get in again or be kicked out by their second post.

  74. 100
    Ballplay Indian.

    Burt to answer your question, yes, they always do. And I seriously doubt your neutral. Everybody has a home team. Whats yours ?

  75. 104

    Hey UA4Life If I was you I would read the posts before me by tmcZero you ignorant bafoon! and stay outta grown folks business…. becuase your right I wouldnt even be the 2nd one gone and the 1st two are bammaers sissy boy!!!

  76. 105

    Mr.4Life were you a hall monitor too? did ya tell on your brothers and sisters?
    And why are you concerned with the language?, Have you noticed the advertisments on the front page before you read the posts??? NICE HUH?

  77. 106

    First RTR!! Second who cares about Auburn. Sure I watch them on TV and pull for whoever they are playing but we can worry about what they are doing after the State game. We have a huge game Saturday to go win. All this chatter means nothing until the season is over, then we will see who was over rated starting the season and who was under rated.

  78. 107

    September 25th, 2008 at 11:22 am
    I know I didnt read that damn thing, ANYWAY tmcZERO …FUK U!
    Thats what you came here for isnt it OMNI/ballplay/julio.? To try to redeem some of your social shame of being such a uberloser. I know your type. You want to be respected but you have never done anything to earn it… (Much like Auburn U.)
    So you take every cheap shot you can and yell “LOOK AT ME!” like a spoiled little child. (Much like Auburn U.)
    You are the type of low life that will accept the win and brag on it when the other side couldnt compete because of a broken arm. And then you glory in your default victory. (Just like Auburn U)

    So here you are Little man… ONLINE talking shit, because your back is too pitiful and weak to talk it in person.

  79. 108

    I dont know who printed this.
    tmc1 Says:
    September 25th, 2008 at 11:29 am
    I would love to jiggle OMNI’s BAlls…
    ANd one day (if hes young enough)BY God I will!! ROLL TIDE ROLL
    “(If he is young enough)” You are one sicko perv…..
    Is this your best?
    You aint shit.

  80. 109

    I wrote it tmcZero,You dont know me at all. Im not that person im on the other end of the spectrum dude I defend the Little man. BUT if you strike at me I strike back hard like a PITBULL dude! NOW THATS PART OF ME!
    SO you dont want none with me keep my name out of your mouth and I will Stop with You….

  81. 110

    Oh and if your honest with yourself and US you ll know you struck first But thats it like i said YOU stop I stop!


  82. 111

    tmc1, that sounds fair to me, how about it? I have followed you two for a while and all that personal shit is not worth it, post what you want about Aub and be as nasty as you want to because sometimes it just feels good, but I also had to get away from the personal stuff with people like Finebaumjunkie and Omni and others and now I just pick mainly at Ballplay because believe it or not he takes it pretty well, it is just like Ballplay said, he just likes to argue, so let everybody on here see who is the bigger man from this point and let it go with the personal stuff, I swear you will feel better about it.

  83. 112

    Naw, Omni…I wasn’t a “Hall Monitor” I was always in trouble. Secondly I never said I was “concerned” about the language. I just get sick of you talking shit that sounds like it’s a sixth grader makin’ insults, so I hardly believe it’s “grown up business” because grown up’s don’t say “sissy”. It was just an after thought to you post. I wasn’t serious. Surely you can see that by reading it. I don’t want to get nasty on here and misrepresent my university. Please, don’t make me. I’ll hurt your feelings and make you feel about 1/2 inch tall. I’d rather be a grown up (unlike you) and talk real. I don’t hide behind a key board. Let’s face it, I’ll never know who you are and you’ll never know who I am so it don’t matter. It’s like talkin’ shit to a tree…just dumb.

  84. 113

    And Bamaman, I agree…I haven’t gotten personal with anyone on here. It’s really pretty stupid to do anyway. Pretty childish (OMNI). Ballplay and I talk well together. We take shots and stuff but rivalry will do that to fans. I think your right, Ballplay, a long with me take’s it pretty well. It does, however, to get nasty at times because (like I have done before) people who go for the other team get you passionate about it. Thats what suppose to happen… we are all fans in the end.

  85. 114

    Onoe more thing, if you don’t think every team in the top ten has a shot at going all the way, check out the USC v. Oregon State score. I may be crazy but I think Vandy’s D is rough enough to beat USC. haha, what a thought!

  86. 116
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! How about some predictions? The Aubies will have a reason to celebrate this weekend and I must confess that I hope they beat the s–t out of the Vols. Nothing against UT, just Fulmer. Anybody who gets a head coaching job the way he did it gets NO RESPECT from me. Anyway, i say AU 29, UT 19. And now, as I gaze into the crystal ball I see through the haze Alabama jumping out to a substantial lead only to hold on at the end and leave Athens with a 28-25 victory. ROLL TIDE FOREVER! Later!

  87. 117
    Ballplay Indian.

    USC loses baby. They are over rated. Not because of talent mind you. Nor coaching. But they do not play as a team. They are a bunch of individual super stars. Im am glad thay lost.. Or could you tell ?

  88. 118

    Ya know Mr.4LIFE dont mistake my wanting to squash the beef with tmc1 as a weakness AND I LL SAY IT come on with it CLEATUS!!! i ll bet you cant bust a grape
    and your right we will never see each other and if you want a WAR OF WORDS
    Im Your HuckleBerry. Hell you took the chance to go after me When I was trying to be sincere with someone.
    Hmm…I dont know what your probelm is…but I’m going to bet it’s really hard to pronounce… SO Dont come after me again or we will see who leaves.


  89. 119

    UA4life I was trying to make peace between Omni and tmc1 because it has gotten so nasty and then you get after him, c’mon dude, you are telling him not to get personal as you are getting personal.

  90. 121
    Tom Sawyer


    Do you actually consider yourself a journalist? This is garbage. I hear you call into Finebaum occasionally and make an ass out of yourself with your Bammer homer B.S. I heard that you wrote a column. For some reason, I decided to check it out. Big mistake.

    Auburn is not going anywhere. When you have recruited for a West Coast offense for 4 years, and switch to a spread, you do not necessarily have the athletes in place to run the spread. There will be growing pains this year as we adjust and grow into this offense.

    The most ignorant part of your column is your comments about it being a “high school” offense. Tell that to Florida, who won a national title 2 years ago running the spread. Do you think Urban Meyer is an idiot for running the spread? As I recall, he has never lost to Alabama… and he has never beat Auburn!

    In all seriousness Shane, just wait and watch tomorrow night. Bama’s reality check will come tomorrow in Athens. Georgia is going to bring Bama, yourself and the rest of the Bammernecks back to Earth.

  91. 122

    I did not waste my time reading Shane’s blog.

    I am sure it was the same “Shane” different day stuff you REDNECKS love to read. You know the pipe dream. The Bama has overtaken Auburn dream that you Bama losers love to pretend is real. The same BIG TALK that flows from this blowhard like the putrid breath that flows over his nicotine stained teeth. However, Shane seems to have you BammerNeck Losers eating this stuff up.

    Let me get this delusion straight. Bama Fan’s confidence has grown because a Top 5 and Defending BCS Champ LSU beat Auburn in a close ballgame. Now through careful reasoning, BAMA fans can now crow,”Bama’s Back!” Yeehaw!

    If my delusional neighbors don’t mind, I’ll wait until Bama has accomplished something. Then I will declare the REDNECK Criminal Nation back. I don’t think I will have to wait very long for this ego bubble to burst. When UGA puts a beat down on Bama this weekend, I am sure the excuses will fall like rain next week.

    Let me ask you a question.
    When are you Bama fans going to Quit taking credit for the accomplishments of others? Stop being a steaming pile of pathetic losers.
    Do something against a real team, then crow about it! Only then will you Bama fans not look like a bunch of marauding idiots. Bama has not won the SEC, or the SEC West, nor will they. Bama has not beaten UGA, UK, UT, LSU, UMst, Ole Miss or Auburn. Bama has to come out a winner in these games to consider their return to glory. The road gets tougher from hear on out. IMO, Bama will be lucky to win 2 out of their 7 remaining SEC games. A 3rd win might come from the remaining directional school you have on the schedule. That’s a 7-5 record. This record will be an improvement over last year for sure, but back? NO.

    Now here is a reminder.
    When Auburn comes to Tuscaloser and puts number seven on your 7-4 candyass team, then you might just realize that Bama STILL has a long ways to go.

    War Damn Eagle
    UGA 31 – Bama 17

  92. 123

    Hey Bamaman This is why I got personal YOu guys please read what is wrote to me before you hang me 🙂

    UA4Life Says:
    September 25th, 2008 at 10:42 pm
    Naw, Omni…I wasn’t a “Hall Monitor” I was always in trouble. Secondly I never said I was “concerned” about the language. I just get sick of you talking shit that sounds like it’s a sixth grader makin’ insults, so I hardly believe it’s “grown up business” because grown up’s don’t say “sissy”. It was just an after thought to you post. I wasn’t serious. Surely you can see that by reading it. I don’t want to get nasty on here and misrepresent my university. Please, don’t make me. I’ll hurt your feelings and make you feel about 1/2 inch tall. I’d rather be a grown up (unlike you) and talk real. I don’t hide behind a key board. Let’s face it, I’ll never know who you are and you’ll never know who I am so it don’t matter. It’s like talkin’ shit to a tree…just dumb.


  93. 124

    Hey Bamaman This is why I got personal YOu guys please read what is wrote to me before you hang me 🙂

    UA4Life Says:
    September 25th, 2008 at 10:42 pm
    Naw, Omni…I wasn’t a “Hall Monitor” I was always in trouble. Secondly I never said I was “concerned” about the language. I just get sick of you talking shit that sounds like it’s a sixth grader makin’ insults, so I hardly believe it’s “grown up business” because grown up’s don’t say “sissy”. It was just an after thought to you post. I wasn’t serious. Surely you can see that by reading it. I don’t want to get nasty on here and misrepresent my university. Please, don’t make me. I’ll hurt your feelings and make you feel about 1/2 inch tall. I’d rather be a grown up (unlike you) and talk real. I don’t hide behind a key board. Let’s face it, I’ll never know who you are and you’ll never know who I am so it don’t matter. It’s like talkin’ shit to a tree…just dumb.



  94. 126

    Tom Sawyer, you might want to check those facts again on Meyer never losing to Bama, as I “recall” it was a beatdown by an inept Shula

  95. 127

    Ballplay Indian,

    I’m glad to see your still typing your little finger’s off after a devastating loss to LSU last Saturday.

    We haven’t heard from many Aubie’s on the Finebaum show this week. Oh sure, a “few” of the Aubie cockroaches came crawling out Wednesday and Thursday after licking their sores.

    The rest of the Aubie cockroaches will come back out next week if Aubies win and Bama loses, somethings never change.

    The spread will come through for the Aubies, leave Otis alone.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  96. 128

    Sixdownyouwish7, let me ask you one question, what has Auburn put in the trophy case in the last ten years that Bama hasn’t? Not a damn thing but your in state NC’s for 6. When the Auturds beat a team that is for real this year then you can come on here and crow yourself, until then go back under your rock with your one sec in fourteen year coach

  97. 129
    Ballplay Indian.

    Crimson Bro…..Where have you been dude ? After this week youll disappear for even longer. Have fun getting stomped by the bulldogs this weekend.

    Bwahahahahaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 130

    My Crimson Brother’s need to settle down a bit.

    Did you forget Georgia is wearing “BLACK” jerseys Saturday night?

    Georgia might even wear “BLACK” helments.

    My Crimson Brother’s, that should be just enough to scare the “Jesus” out of Alabama. We should just go ahead and forfeit the game.

    wink , wink


  99. 131

    Aight Omni, the only reason I said what I did about people reporting others on here was because of the things you right about tmc. It was just an after thought to what I had seen on al.com. Nothing more. Sometimes, the stuff is actually funny. Like I said, I wasn’t seroius. BUT, you did come at me first, for no real reason. AND you’re right it was a threat but I also said I wouldn’t take it there because I don’t do kid’s stuff like that (it’s like an aol chat room or something haha) I’m a grown man, as I’m sure you are (hopefully, althought sometimes it really doesn’t sound like you are but thats ok) so I’m not going to get in that with you. If you want to have a conversation, thats cool. I was just simple saying type something worthy of a response instead of all that mess you type to tmc. I’m a professional in everything I do with my life, thats why I think I have been so successful (and I try to really be that way with everyone no matter what) so I’m not going to get in a “word war” (which made me laugh like hell when I read that) with you. Come on, this is a second rate sight with a third rate “writer”, surely you don’t take it that serious? It’s no big deal to me. Everything you write makes me laugh, I was just gettin’ sick of the crap between you and tmc…I’m sure others would say the same.

    Bamaman: I had a reason to say what I said. Don’t worry about it…you can play peacemaker but I said what I said for a reason.

    Ballplay: I got those predictions comeing up after I get out of here. I think you’ll appreciate them.

  100. 132

    Ballplay Indian,

    I’ve been with Kodi Burns trying to figure out Otis’s spread offense.

    I bet you missed me and Kodi, Ballplay Indian. LOL

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  101. 133

    And I do have reasoning behind what I said but your right dude SOMETIMES I go a lil far so lets just get on with it becuase I too am way to GROWN and way to PROFESSIONAL for personal vendettas.
    And Im also way to GOOD 😉 anyway I accept your apology and I to Sir Apologize to YOU


  102. 135
    Ballplay Indian.

    C.B……..Otis ? Whos Otis ? If your refefering to Tony Franklin, ha ha. Real funny.

    If Tony Franklin looks like or acts like Otis. Then The Saban looks like professor on Gillagins island.

    You need to give tvland a break.

  103. 136

    How’s that sociology thing working for you these days, Shane? What about Chette Williams? Has he brought the program down yet? Shane, you are truly a guru.

  104. 137


    When has Bama done anything to keep Auburn from that trophy? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

    This article just proves that Auburn is always on the little brains of BammerNecks like yourself. Auburn is what you necks aspire to be again.

    Go win a few games against respectable competition and quit claiming the victories of more capable teams like LSU. Bama is not Back. Bama fans are embarrassing themselves claiming they are back.
    No matter how much you want to believe it, Beating Auburn is the only way Bama will overtake Auburn. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  105. 138
    Ballplay Indian.

    Sixdown….Theyve never kept us out , thou we have hurt ourselves at times. I do remember beating an undefeated Bama team in the late 80s. Gary Hollingsworth anyone ?

  106. 139

    Sixdown, you didn’t answer the question, what have you got in ten we don’t? Not a damn thing. We haven’t had to do anything, you are taking care of being a one in ten by yourself. It is killing you that we are ranked 8 in the country in year 2 with Saban and the turds are, well not in the top ten. No one I know has proclaimed Bama is Back except the Aub’s, that is just the national publications getting in your minds. And like I said whenever you match ANY of our records, wins, streaks, bowls, most points, hell any of them, then and only then can you open your pie hole.

  107. 140

    Sixdown, and that is real cute with the girlie man, I will be happy to meet with you and prove you wrong, but then again considering you are an aubseesed wantabe on a Bama site not vice versa, what’s the point?

  108. 141

    Sixdown: I think everyone would agree that after last year, with Bama being ranked so were they are and with the performances thus far, thats a big step in the right direction to “being back” I mean what this program has been through the past 10 years, you gotta look at it all.

    Omni: See, thats what I mean. I accept as well sir.


    I have yet to pick an upset game. All the picks I have made this year have been what is “supose” to happen. I think this weekend (especially being a Bama fan) gives me a good opportunity to pick one. After all, it’s a good upset pick anyway, no matter who you go for. So here they are (and if you would like an explanation, I’ll be happy to give you one)

    UA 23 UGA 20

    AU 24 UT 6

    Texas 35 Arkansas 14

    LSU 31 Miss. State 7

    Florida 38 Ole Miss. 21

    UK 28 Temple 3

    S Carolina 21 UAB 10

  109. 142

    Enjoy it now, Bammers. We’ll be seeing you later in the year for the seventh a$$-whipping in a row. I personally am glad to see UAT competing this year. It’s better for us when we beat you.

    PS…TrueCrimson, good to see you back. AU’s still the better school.

  110. 143

    UA 23 UGA 35

    AU 31 UT 10

    Texas 49 Arkansas 6

    LSU 31 Miss. State 7

    Florida 42 Ole Miss. 17

    UK 35 Temple 7

    S Carolina 36 UAB 14


  111. 145
    SEC Football Realist !

    Shane should be elected president of the bammer loser club..You bunch of losers say that the iron bowl dosesn’t mean anything? You are a stone cold LIAR ? I am glad that so many of you love living in the past!! You are correct when saying that Saban will bring the bammer nation back.I agree! Is Bama back yet ? NO- Please post your excuse filled,whiny comments after Georgia hands you your behind sat night !! Then tell me that Bama is back!

  112. 147

    Your comments have some truth and if the situation was on the other foot I would feel good too.
    Bama fans just need to leave Auburn out of their premature “Bama’s Back” preception. Win an Iron Bowl and beat someone before boasting that Bama has over taken Auburn. So, when Bama falls, the Auburn fans will have every right to rub salt into thier wounds.

    Bama prematuely jumped in the polls by beating an over rated Clemson. I am not saying Bama can not be a top ten team. But based on Bama’s opponents they have not earned their #8 ranking.
    The problem I have with Bama Fans like BamaGirlieMan is that they constantly compare themselves to Auburn . Yet in the same breath they say they don’t.

    I believe in Karma. Bama fans are messing with their Karma and probably will have a sub-par season.

  113. 149

    WEll I just secured a Bama Losing season!
    I bet another Aubbo 20 dollars Bama would win 9 games this year!

    YW everyone 😉

  114. 151

    Correction: Kentucky is playing Western Kentucky, not Temple. They’ll still win.

    Sixdown: I never said anything about Bama “being back”. And your statements have some truth as well. I think an Iron Bowl win for Bama would really help that perception of them “being back” more than most anything else. But what you say about UA you could say about UGA, they really haven’t played anyone themselves. Certainly not a top ten ranked team (overrated or not) and they absolutely have not faced a D as fast as Bama’s. So that will be the deciding factor. Also, you know that Clemson is back in the top 20. We’ll see how “overrated” they are at the end of the season.

  115. 152

    I am still one who doesnt judge MY team by the teams we beat/lost.. Its just not a Logical assumption,Just look at USC.
    How many points were they giving?

  116. 153

    Sixdown, are you on crack? What makes you think Alabama with our history would ever compare ourselves to a team with no history. Get real idiot.

  117. 155

    Ok, I thought I may be the first to post after the UGA v. UA game. I couldn’t help myself. I think everyone who talked shit about Bama and insulted them or picked them to lose better be rethinking what you said. Anybody think they’re overrated now? I wonder how many mindless dip-shit’s will come in here and say “Oh, Georgia’s just not as good as we thought…they are overrated”. Or “Bama just got lucky, they’ll get there’s”. Here’s a nice Roll-Tide to all those who said CRAP like that! Anyone disagree that a nine win season is a reasonalbe goal? Bama is sittin’ mighty pretty for a chance at the SEC West and a shot at the SEC CG. Thats probably lookin’ to far ahead but the way they just dominated the #3 team in the country, I don’t think there is a team left on there schedule (except for LSU) they can’t handle, and I mean really handle. By the way, all you hatin’ Aubie’s out there. Number one, Roll-Tide to ya. Number two, if you didn’t pick ’em or picked them to get killed…didn’t really think it through did you?

  118. 156

    On another forgotten note: Have to eat my words on the Clemson statement. I thought they may be pretty good at seasons end and they recently got back in the top 20 but they got upset today, so I guess everyone was right. They are overrated but I’ve never seen such a waist of talent. Bowden will be lucky if he has a job next year. Then again, they could win the rest of there games with that schedule!

  119. 157


  120. 160

    Hey Jimbo, I know that Aubies weren’t the only ones to say that the Dog’s would kill Bama. They were the ONLY ones I was talking about in the post because they are the most fun to target. I did that on purpose moron. If I wanted to list everyone who said it, I would have to post one of my long-winded and unwanted reads. Nobody wants that.

  121. 161

    After this weekends preformance, I agree that the MO might be conference wide and not only Alabama wide. However, comparing Alabama to Auburn might be clouding the view Alabama fans of the Big Picture. I would feel good too if I was a Neck fan, but I would be cautious.

    There still is a long ways to go and much can happen. 1989 and 2005 come to mind. Alabama should be #1 IMO. Geogia was a great road win. Clemson, not so much. They other opponents were great warm up games.

    Comparing Bama’s preformance to date to Auburn’s preformance only reveals that Bama fan still has an AUBcession. Alabama has accomplished much in the first 5 weeks of the season. The fact still remains, UA and AU comparison is only BIG TALK!

    When the determination is made on the field, I am sure you BammerNecks can console yourselves over the great start BAMA had to start this season.

    Congrats and Go Wildcats!

  122. 163

    Sixdown, who was comparing? Where did you see such a comparison? I did you just pull that out of your ass? Comparing UA and AU right now would be kinda pointless don’t your think? I can see one comparison though. Alabama’s offense is much, much better than Auburns. Thats a fact…not a comparison. Three SEC games and only three offensive touchdowns, that hurts no matter who you are. I’ll say this too, being worried about Vandy wasn’t a thought at the beginning of the year was it? I think (right now) that Auburn will still pull it out with exceptional D though.

  123. 164

    I am referring to the original premise of this article. Things have changed since Shane luckily pulled this prospective from his backside. Bama does have something going and the UGA game is proof that Alabama must be taken very seriously. No need to get concerned about Alabama returning next season. They are here and
    Bama fan should feel confident!

    Caution! Bama fans need to take one game at a time. Claiming Bama is Back would be a big mistake. The remaining competition is not going to fear Alabama. The team will have the respect of the competition, but no one is going to mail it in. Bama fans do not deserve respect. They are the most arrogant fans in existence. The team on the other hand has done better than I honestly expected.
    Bama fan has a reason to be excited! Alabama is 5-0 and #2 in the nation. Don’t expect the competition or the fans to join you in the celebration. They are going to do their best to bring Bama fan’s ego back down to earth.

  124. 165

    Leave Otis alone, the spread will come through. I see the Aubie’s winning a National Championship with Otis. Leave Otis alone PEOPLE!

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  125. 166

    I wonder Sixdown, what fans you are talking about? You have to be the most idiotic, know-nothing about football if you are an “arrogant” Bama fan. For the past 10 years (excluding the lucky ’05 season) to be arrogant about anything. I don’t know who you talk to sixdown, but your perspective about Bama fans is really out of wack. It’s probably combined with a bad experience from a Bama fan (and all teams have bad fans which I’m sure you know) and the simple fact that you just hate Bama. Nothing more. You do realize you contradict yourslef when you say “No need to get concerned about Alabama returning next season. They are here and
    Bama fan should feel confident!” Then you say “Bama fans do not deserve respect. They are the most arrogant fans in existence”. I think predicting an Auburn win already (in your own post name) is pretty arrogant. You call Bama fans arrogant but your own post name claims a win in the Iron Bowl by AU months and months before it happens. Thats not arrogant, thats just stupid.

  126. 167

    I want to know where Ballplay, Omni, and all those other Aubie’s are that talked about how Bama was going to get the crap beat out of them last Saturday. Atleast have the stones to come back and talk about the week that was. Auburn did win, I still don’t see anything out of you guys.

  127. 168


    Leave them alone, their just getting use to being Auburn again.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County Cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  128. 169

    Crimson, I’ll leave them alone, but you need to leave the Robert E. Lee comment alone too…it’s gettin’ a little old buddy.

  129. 170

    UA4 Huh?
    I am having trouble following your dribble.
    Bama fans are the most arrogant fans in all of sports. Bama is ahead of schedule, but overtaken the SEC or the state, I think not!
    Apparently, your arguement is that BAMA IS BACK. Therefore you are a dumbass!

    SIXDOWN is a fact. Now 7 is the next step. You Bammer Necks have to beat Auburn on the field before you can run your loud ass mouths.

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