By Shane from Centerpoint
Regardless of the early negative shots taken at the University of Alabama football program by nationally known odds maker, Danny Sheridan, the Crimson Tide stands as good a chance as any team in the nation of having a championship season. This strong statement is based on one phase of Bama’s game – Nick Saban’s favorite – the defense.

Sheridan apparently has little respect for coach Nick Saban and his staff. With his prediction of a 7-5 season, he apparently doesn’t have any faith in the players. Is this the same guy who claimed that fired Texas A&M coach, Dennis Franchione could’ve led Bama to a national championship. Danny, you were joking, right?

Maybe Sheridan knows something I don’t about some bizarre injuries that will occur, or that Alabama’s defense isn’t going to be one of the nations best by mid-season. By the way Danny, no offensive touchdowns have been scored on the Tide this year. The “red-zone” has been the “dead zone” for Tide opponents. Yes, I know it’s only two games, but no TD’s in eight quarters of football is pretty impressive in this modern era, especially with rules designed to enhance an offenses scoring output.

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I know this is an old, worn-out cliché, but I guess guys like Sheridan need to hear it again. Offense brings the fans to the game – defense wins them.

Admittedly, the Crimson Tide’s stop unit is young. However, there are early signs beginning to emerge that indicate Bama’s ready to play at the aggressive, relentless level required to dominate an offense and severely limit their output.

All the hype before the opener was about the Tide offense and the talented newcomers. In reality, the best football is being played on the other side of the ball.

Alabama defenders have “the look” in their eye and are playing with the intensity that made former Crimson Tide stop units famous. If the geniuses like Danny Sheridan would take an hour to review the previous two game films, they would have to admit that this group could be special.

Don’t the media gurus know that the longer a defense goes without allowing a score, the more confident they become? Additionally, Saban, Steele, and Smart are all defensive specialists. These three guys can match wits with any offensive staff in the country.

The real horror of former coach Mike Shula’s tenure at the Capstone is the huge void of talent he left on the defensive side of Alabama’s football program. Sheridan’s boy Fran didn’t help much either because he loved offense too. Neither coach heavily recruited the best talent for their defenses.

Since Nick Saban’s arrival the entire “offense first” philosophy present through Fran, Price and Shula has begun to fade, and the defensive mind-set that great coaches like Bryant and Stallings used to win championships is starting to take shape.

Sheridan must’ve missed the influx of new talent and the difference that a year makes for the players who are trying to execute Saban’s complex defense. Nick has a keen eye for spotting fantastic players and preparing them to carry out his pressure style-defensive philosophy. It’s quickly becoming evident in this second year of the process that most of the players understand Saban’s system.

Actually, there is a fine line between Sheridan’s picking Alabama to go 7-5, and my assertion in the pre-season that Bama would go 10-3 after a quality bowl victory. I believe that the Crimson Tide’s defense is good enough to make a difference in the 3-victory divide that lies between my assessments of Alabama’s win-loss record compared to the all-knowing Danny Sheridan. We’ll see who’s right in the end.

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  1. 3

    Careful what you wish for there Sylvester!

    Just read Shane’s latest Obama rant. Defense wins ball games. What was the La Tech score?


  2. 4
    Ballplay Indian

    Nothing wrong with bragging on your team Shane. I do the same. But youve often bragged on Sheridan on the PFS and in this coulumn when it suits you. You can have it both ways. 10-3 aint impossible , but its not very realistic.

  3. 5

    Well if I have learned anything from this BLOG its NS is A FLIPPIN GOD to some people.He has the BEST defensive mind now also hmmm? We will see I guess
    but I did enjoy this one to OL SHANEY BOY

  4. 6

    Defense has improved at Bama under Saban’s watch, but they do have some issues. It is obvious that Cody does not like running sideline to sideline. He looked like he was about to crappie flop last week. Throw that in with a no huddle spread and the guy will be hating life come November. FYI, dont count on your trio of coaches being able to match up against anyone in the country. A little far fetched if you ask me.

  5. 7

    The defense is not complete yet, but we will see flashes of the future with this young unit this year. I think that Tulane was wise to attack the most inexperience area across the middle, with an effective short passing game, much like Bama negated the speed of Clemson by running right up the middle of Clemsons defense. Look for that to be repeated until Bama can stop it. It is a long year, and these guys will grow this year with all the away games. Next year will see even more improvement, and I think they will be a scary defense all around by then. But, with a little luck and no more starters getting injured, Bama could win 10 this year, largely because of the play of the defense.

  6. 8

    Last year Alabama took Georgia to overtime and played LSU tooth and nail to the wire.

    Miss State, Fla State and La Monroe were games that Alabama shoulda coulda won. Give them those three games and a 7-6 season is magically transformed into 10-3……

    10-3 or better is entirely plausible for this year’s team if the ball bounces right.

    Cousin Shane is very astute… our defensive improvment is the biggest and best surprise of this season, and the reason we have a chance to be much better relative to our last season record…Aiigghht?

  7. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Yesa thats true Hunter. But there were also some close games you did win. That works both ways. Arkansas woulda coulda won if Dmac didnt get that concusion in the fourth quarter. Ole Miss should have won, and in my opinion DID win. So , with a couple of UNlucky breaks that 7-6 season is magically transformed into 5-7 and no bowl.

    You cant look at stuff like that.

    But hey , yall could go 10-3. Thats why they play em.

  8. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    on second thought… If Powers didn’t get that interception in the endzone last year in the iron bowl, Alabama would’ve won that game, and in my opinion DID win.

  9. 11

    Yea Hunter howabout if we just give you guys all the games that in Shanes head you should win and that way you dont have to worry about injuries or anything and you can go str8 to a bowl game or hell a NC!!!….By the way AUburn doesnt want anything GIVEN to em. WE WILL TAKE WHAT WE WANT


  10. 12

    I have noticed a bit of improvement in Shane’s columns lately. Maybe I was a bit harsh with him. Also, congrats on your television debut this Saturday Shane. When I go to the store to get my gameday snacks, I’ll be sure to pick up some Pepto-Bismol.

  11. 13

    Ballplay, What you say is true but Ole Miss didn’t, in fact “win” the game and Bama didn’t, in fact “win” the Iron Bowl because Bama got a W against Ole Miss. and AU got the W against Bama. However, you are right, that Ole Miss game was bad enough and if the great and wonderful DJ Hall would have either knocked the ball away from the defender or caught it, Bama would have, could have won. But as you know…”if if’s and but’s were candy and nut’s…”

  12. 14

    By the way, I’m no Auburn fan but if both defenses stay healthy, it could make for a good Iron Bowl. I’ll tell you what though, both teams will surprise some other teams this year (hopefully Georgia and LSU) but AU’s D is scary. (See Brodie Croyle).

  13. 15
    jack and coke

    It’s amazing how they kept Tulane out of the endzone. I mean, what, they’re ranked like 97th in the nation. They are a powerhouse.

  14. 16

    jack and coke Says:
    September 11th, 2008 at 1:03 pm
    It’s amazing how they kept Tulane out of the endzone. I mean, what, they’re ranked like 97th in the nation. They are a powerhouse.

    Yep. It’s easy to understand how Auburn allowed 2 TD’s against the mighty 57th ranked Southern Miss program.

    I know… I know…
    Tubby was just “calling off the dogs” again. Right?

  15. 17

    what is So.Miss ranked, about 100, and you couldn’t keep them out of the end zone, I mean good grief Ark St is favored over So.Miss Saturday

  16. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    Who ever the jackass is using my name(Powers comment)….Get a life. You only made my point of view even better. Im sure its bamaman or tmc1. probably tmc1. Oh well , it really doesnt matter. You get my point. By using Hunters logic Auburn should be 11-1 regualr season this year. South Forida was on the last play of the game. Miss. St. was on the last play of the game. LSU was on the last play of the game. The only game we “lost” was to Georgia. So……………this year we are gonna go 11-1 regular season. Oh yeah , since we won our bowl game last year, that means we will automaticly win it this year. That makes it 12-1…. The only toss up would be the SEC champ. game. And since we have a gooooood defense. We go 13-1…….Hey that means we go to the BCS champ. game. Again, we have a good defense, so we win that one too. AUBURN= 2008 MNC CHAMPS..

    Thanks for the formula. Can I celebrate now, or do I have to wait for the inevitable ?

  17. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    And T.C. you do realise that S. Miss is 40 slots ahead of Tulane. That isnt a good ranking , but dadgum 40 slots. come on man.

  18. 20

    I know this is a sports forum , but there is something I have to get off my chest. You see, Ive been living a lie for the last 44 years. I can no longer hide my true self frome the world.

    You see , I am a homosexual.

    Wow , I feel so muck better.

  19. 21

    Ballplay, I assure you I would never lower myself to use your name, but you gave yourself away above using tmc’s, you have to many mispelled words

  20. 22

    wow haven’t looked at the crapstone report in a while.. now I can remember why… you have people on here bickering like children, calling each other names, accusing others of using each others names and such… what happened to talking hard football and some friendly teasing of rivals?

  21. 23

    Look at the redneck Barners pounding the keyboards in their trailers. Don’t you dirt road fans realize that you just strengthen the stereotype that you are the little brother of sports in Alabama with each post? Its fascinating to watch the average Aubarn fan come to Alabama related sites and beg for recognition for their perennial second rate program.

  22. 24


    Regardless of the early negative shots taken at the Auburn football program by Crimson coated zealot, Shane from Centerpoint, Auburn stands as good a chance as any team in the nation of having a championship season. This strong statement is based on one phase of Auburn’s game – Tommy Tubberville’s favorite – the defense.

    People on here actually say he’s getting better! Did I read somewhere in this blog that Shane has a TV spot? Is the Birmingham sports media in such despair that they think Shane from Centerpoint will bring in viewers? Can it really be that bad? Isn’t it bad enough to have to look at Finebaum on TV? I bet it’s because they can’t talk to players or assistant coaches from Bama so they must be absolutely starving for something with a Bama twist beyond the crap that spews from Saban’s mouth.

    Oh well…

  23. 25

    The posts have been a lot better lately.

    Bama is most likely still too thin on defense. Look at LSU last year and they had INCREDIBLE depth.

    The D will play in some games where they wont get much rest, and that’s when depth is the issue.

    Can the front 11 compete with anybody? I would say probably everyone except USC.

    But there’s no depth. With no injuries and the offense controlling the game like at clemson- we’d be golden- BUT you cant count on that every game.

  24. 26

    Ballplay Julio, It wasnt me, dont use my screen name. You are already using 12 others.
    I take it from your post using my screen name you are a bit of a Homophobe. And you assumed that I had nothing better to do AT 3 IN THE MORNING (East Australia time) than to comment under your name.
    You are pathetic,
    You come here out of sheer hatred/envy. You log in under 12 different names trying to gain some credibility, You are willing to say or do anything to get attention. I have a lap dog just like you little Ballplayidiot/Julio/ Shaine is/ omnipisser et. al….You are a morose little fraction of a man who lives his whole life trying to prove you are as good as the people you despise….. You are a joke.
    By the way I am not Homosexual, BUT YOU ARE STILL AUBBO TRAILER TRASH.

  25. 27

    I agree with chuktruck’s statement.

    Our defense won’t seem as aggressive against offensive powerhouses like UGA. But considering a young defense is as stout as they are now, it makes the future seem that much more pleasant in my mind.

  26. 28

    Little bit of a Napoleonic Complex there yesterday huh! Small man always bashing everyone who doesn’t agree with him or see life through his crimson colored glasses. Do us all a favor, stay off the air, you can talk to your bro-in-law all you want, but let some decent callers get through, and stop hogging 15 minutes of the show each and every flippin day.

  27. 29
    Who Lee Oh

    Center Point Man said:

    “It’s quickly becoming evident in this second year of the process that most of the players understand Saban’s system.”

    Fact is Shane, many of them don’t understand or pay attention to the Law, or is that Saban’s system?

    Read “Hard Fighting Soldier” by Chette Williams – it might make you a little less agressive and bitter. You continue to trash this man for no valid reason, other than to run your loose tongue. You know he has made a difference and he is doing good. You just can’t accept that. You can’t accept something positive from happening at Auburn, because it is not happening at UAT, or it wasn’t your idea. Get over it!

  28. 30
    Two big ears ville

    Is something positive happenin at Auburn? Does Tray Blackmon pay attention to the law? Well, in his defense he hasn’t been caught again after the third arrest.

  29. 31
    jack and coke

    Shane, I also heard Danny Sheridon called you a limped dick’d ice cube salesman with homosexual tendacees.
    Said something about you and Paul being fudgepackers. Are you the queen in the relationship or is Paul

  30. 34

    Satan…the website was up after the season. This is not against the rules. It was alos quickly taken down after they found out aboutit (also before the season) so it is pretty irrelevant. He was probably looking down because he was ashamed he didn’t catch Johns earlier. I know I was. Shula was really good “recruiter for character” like your boy Tubby. I had two friends in the locker room (in the athletic program at UA) helping guys during Shula’s last season, they both said no one listened and some of them (on occasion) had fried chicken in buckets eating it while Shula was talking…no thats discipline! I guess not many people know that all but one player were Shula recruits. If they did that kind of thing in the locker room right in front of his face, what do you think they were capable of out in public? I guess we know.

  31. 35
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane you ignorant SLUT!
    Drop by bear’s statue after the Iron Bowl and join us barnies in rolling it. It will take away some of the pain knowing you have to fall back on “The Process” excuse for several more years.

  32. 37
    Ballplay Indabutt

    Yuck Yuck! Shane I hate you, LOVE ME! LOOK AT ME! SHANE! Lets play “once under the BROOM”!!!
    Tmc1 you are a homosexual…hehehehehehe
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  33. 38

    So Tell me Shane you sick little Guber! Do you like me better WHEN I use THIS screen name?
    Bammers are queers!

  34. 39
    Hane is a Booger

    You guys are always right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder why Shane wont at least ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR homosexual MAN CRUSH you have for him! I love YOU SHANE!!!! You are the KING of MY BLOGWORLD!

  35. 41
    Ballplay Indabutt

    I got thousands of meaningless things to post just like this!
    Trey Blackmon is a STUD! RODEO! rodeo! RODEO!!!!

  36. 42
    Ballplay Indabutt

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  39. 45
    jack and joke

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  40. 46

    Tmc1…. Sorry man. I took a shot and it was probably uncalled for. But it was funny. Lighten up a little. Life is too short to go through it pissed all the time. But in all seriousness. I am not using other screen names . Other than yours that one time.

    Yes, I am a homophobe.

    And I really wish I hadnt opened pandoras box. (see above).

  41. 47

    You come here out of sheer hatred/envy. You log in under 12 different names trying to gain some credibility, You are willing to say or do anything to get attention. I have a lap dog just like you little Ballplayidiot/Julio/ Shaine is/ omnipisser et.

    FUK YOU!!!! I am tired of your NOT AS SMART AS YOU THINK YOU ARE ASS trying to make unfounded accusations,Your a Loser no matter how much you MONEY you claim to have ( u said u could buy me once )and you can at 135 dollars an hour! but FUCK YOU AND YOUR KIND!!! now I said it and I dont change my name I dont need to. your the kind of person that will slick leg your buddy and not give him what he really wants

  42. 48

    AND B I why the hell would you apologize to THAT SCUM, he has no respect for you or anyone else who doesnt agree with his small ideas! He tried to make us feel bad once by saying HIS DAUGHTER saw what we wrote,(his own damn fault). He needs to POLICE his own damn FOLKS and shut his fukn tired ass mouth hell he cant even come up with original banter AND I am quite frankly tired of his STUPID ASS thinking ONE AUburn FAn writes as if we are 10! SHUT The FUK UP TMCzero, and bring out the BAMMERS saying oh man dont talk like that and I have Nepolian SYNdrom BRING IT ON LOSER ASS BAMMERS

  43. 49
    Ballplay Indian.

    Omni, the above post was me. i did do the whole tmc1 coming out of the closet routin. I just forgot to log back on to my real screen name. As you can see, I am not near the pro at identity swapping as tmc1 would like to think. Its all in good fun. I would never try to make someone hate me over college football. Yes , the dude has issues. But hey, if I lived in the land down under , I might be crazy too.

  44. 50
    Aubie 6

    Sheridan must hate the University of Alabama to speak such blasphemy! Of course Sheirdan doesn’t know nearly as much about football, or Alabama fotball, as Shane. Sheridan has only been making a living at it for few years. Shande, on the other hand, is the one with the track record and the one making the big bucks, and the one ten of thousands of people pay attention to every week.

  45. 52

    Sheridan (who is a Bama alum)has been kissing Bama’s a$$ for years now. He has nearly always picked Bama to do better than all the other national prognosticators, and you bammers have always loved him for it (despite the fact that 05 was the only time he was right about it.) Finebaum has even been astounded in the past at how Sheridan has sucked up to Bama.

    Did Shane seriously just utter the following words about Sheridan: “Is this the same guy who claimed that fired Texas A&M coach, Dennis Franchione could’ve led Bama to a national championship. Danny, you were joking, right?” Ummmmm, Shane…you ALSO predicted that Fran would lead bammer to a NC. In fact, you even predicted that Dumbose and Shula would do the same. Hell, you’ve predicted a 10+ win season every year for the past decade. You’re now trying to smear the guy for doing the exact same thing that you did? What a genius. (btw, Sheridan made that comment about Fran when he was in the process of making another a$$ kissing prediction about Bama prior to the 03 season. The context was that he was saying that he predicted the 03 season to be good for Bama, but they could have possibly won the NC if Fran had stayed. Bama then proceeded to lay a 4-9 egg.)

  46. 53
    Bob Howard

    Like they say in Russia Shane, You(as always) are full of shits-ky !!!! Keep dreaming all of those fairy tales !! Danny could put you in his back pocket and forget about your dumba**

  47. 54
    Ballplay Indian.

    Shane has predidcted a Bama national championship every year since he has been alive. He also predicts that Bama will beat Auburn every year. That is as predictable as the sunrise.

  48. 55

    What Bama fan doesn’t predict a win in the iron bowl every year?
    What Auburn fan doesn’t predict a win in the iron bowl every year?
    So who gives a shit. Fact is, the same morons who complain about Shane day-in day-out are the first one’s to read his article… and they all say the same thing:
    “I just wanted to see what kind of nonsense he’s writing about this week”… well congrats! you’re giving Shane exactly what he wants every week.

  49. 56

    I guess then you also have the one’s who just love to make fun of him lol is it worth making Shane a small celeb?

  50. 57

    Shane is getting to the Aub’s like tmc1 is, and by the unnessary vulgarity it is working, why would you allow your emotions to dictate your class instead of vice versa, all you have to do is go to a Aub website if you don’t want to hear our fans defend or talk up our team, what do you expect to come to a Bama site and hear us talk about how great Aub is.

  51. 58

    this IS a different year with changed attitudes. bama players are more SEASONED. they are tackling so much better than the previous teams. as for a championship, its way to early. there are several obstacles in the way. however there is a foundation for a championship program, something that the AUBURN faithful haven’t and will never know. rtr

  52. 59

    I agree RollingTide. If you don’t like Shanes point-of-view (which, as an obvious UA fan can be out of sorts at times) then go to an AU website. It’s pretty simple, type it in the address bar and click “go”. Do you literally need it spelled out for you? As far as I’m concerned Saban is doing what he needs to do to set Bama on the right track. I thought and 8-4 possibly 9-3 year wouldn’t be all that impossible but then again, if Bama doesn’t show up, 7-6 isn’t impossible either. Just got to keep playing tough.

  53. 60
    Ballplay Indian.

    Rolling Tide…Wrong brotha !!!!! Most Bama fans I know dont share the delusion of Shane. About half are actually senseable. I didnt just say the Iron Bowl. Shane predicts a MNC every year.

  54. 61

    Ballplay I agree Shane is an idiot. But it’s still funny that 90% of the people commenting on his columns are AU fans seeking entertainment or just complaining

  55. 62

    For once Ballplay, you’re right. Most fans don’t think that way. However, you know as well as I do that the media perception is reality for most and most around the nation think the Bama fan base is crazy for thinking anything ANY season.

  56. 63

    By the way, Danny S. said that a 7-5 record or possibly an 8-4 record would be about were HE thought Bama would be this year. He also went on to say that the next year and the year after that they would be a “Power House”. His words…not mine.

  57. 66

    Just like I said. LOL. Nothing but cow college rednecks posting in here. Keep it up guys. The Capstone report loves all of the clicks you give their site.

  58. 67
    Ballplay Indian.

    DyesMoneyman. Is that you Shane? UA forlife…..Exactly dead on. Shane is a master of picking what he likes out of another persons column. He could always go into politics if his media career doesnt pan out. That is the only other area of emplyment (besides making ice) that he could use his skills at being full of dog crap at. Sheridan if anything is PRO bama. Shane just cant believe that he didnt pick bama to win the MNC. “WHY CANT HE SEE IT ?” Shane says. That would be because Sheridan is not on crack Shane. He is realistic. Hunter is just as bad. Read some of his delusion if you can stomach it.

  59. 68

    Hey bammaman,I used that vulgarity because TMCzero is a Stupid individual.
    He and others cannot see the difference
    in someones writing enough to know its not one person changing names,some are smart then some(me)are smart asses and some ARE dumbass trailer park AUburn/UAT.
    But TMCzero hes classless,anytime someone brags that they can purchase an individual that person is not of good character.SOOOOOOOO I will always call him what ever I decide to and for the record I like some of Shanes blogs man!


  60. 71
    jack and coke

    hey limpdick, what’s ice selling for this week? i heard you on slimebaum today. all you could talk about was auburn

  61. 72

    Paul Finebaum – graduate of UT in 1978 or so is a Bama wanna be. He refers to UA as we. How objective is that? I mean rally, what is Birmingham, or WJOX anyway, but an extension of UAT. Any listener with any common sense should not even bother to listen to him. His program director lets him get away with his bias. Then again, all of the bama wanna be’s live right here in the ugly suburb of t-town. Think about it?

  62. 73

    LMFAO….Come on people, lighten up. I know when I first came in here and posted, I was pretty damn rude, but now I just try to be funny and if the time is right, crude. But damn, there is way too much personal shit going on. Dyesmoneyman…. I can assure you I’m not here begging for attention, rather I am here for something I think we all share, and thats a love for college football. I am well aware that this is a Bama site, and I have already explained myself many times, people who read my posts know what I am talking about, unlike some that just read what they want to read, then make a scene out of the issue. If Shane can come through my radio and run down Auburn, I can also come here and counter his point. thats his right, thats my right. I have never met the man, but I have heard he is a decent guy. I have nothing against him personally. Personal attacks can get out of hand easily. I’m sure Bamaman would agree that things can get too personal, then it’s just mindless nonsense. After you get to know someone, even though it’s through a post, you gain a certain respect for the other person. At least I did, not so sure I can say the same for you Dyesmoneyman.

  63. 74

    Still trying to talk shit eh?

    Quit embarrassing yourself, you mongoloid little man.
    You would think that since you are making $135 an hour you could buy a clue.
    Instead you hang out here at a Bama blog like a punch drunk prostitute hoping to get some crack money. You are Shane’s online Bitch. You follow him around like a woman who is 7 months pregnant and hoping for a marraige proposal.

    Oh yeah ,,, before I forget…….
    At 7:30 in the morning most people are on thier way to work. You are at home BLOGGING. As a matter of fact maybe you could enlighten the rest of us how you stay online blogging under 12 different names all the time and still manage to find time to work AND MAKE $135 AN HOUR.
    BULLSHIT IS A DIME A DOZEN OMNI, Of course you would already know that.

  64. 75


  65. 76

    YOUR MOMS a quater a dozen YOU silly lil man! is it 730am where you are now? its not here either you MATH WHIZ YOU!
    I have forgot better looking girls than you or SHANEY will EVER ( FOR CHRISTOPHER) AND I MEAN EEEVER HAVE!
    So bring something new to the table or STFU LOSER! AND THEM $$$ I MAKE. Maybe you should visit my website and see HOW I make it, I could gice CAP a VERY easy way to keep dumbasses from posting here!!!! THINK RUDE BOY THINK!!


  66. 79

    OH yea I almost forgot the most important this was OL SHanes prediction

    *Alabama vs. Tulane
    Crimson Tide 35 Green Wave 13
    J.P. Wilson and his “quick-strike” offense put this game away by halftime. Saban has the luxury of playing many of his new players in this glorified scrimmage. BAMA 2 – 0


  67. 81
    Ty from T-Town


    Shane,its refreshing to see that the level of intelligence here at the Capstone Report, has reached an all time high. The once illegibile ramblings and sophomoric comments, have now been proudly surpassed by a degree of retardedness, that quite possibly has never been seen before.
    Shane,the article made perfect sense to me. The team with the best defence, usually wins. I am sure that even our Auburn friends would agree with that.
    The Alabama defence has clearly improved since last year. Their early stats are promising, especially for a unit stacked full of rookies. Sheridan, clearly underestimated the possible contribution of the new players that he had not yet seen. His day’s of slithering around the Alabama practice field, have long been over. Coach Saban, doesn’t consider him as a degenerate gambler; he considers him as a distraction. Tom Arnold, is a whole nother story.

  68. 83

    Once again tmc1 is right, SHANE is right.
    and omnipresent is wrong.
    So what is new in the universe.
    Omni dont you ever get tired of being the punch line to an impotence joke?

  69. 85


    Dude are grasping at straws now?
    You understand now dont you No comebacks
    No insults YOu just pick something out of the air and toss it…OK BOY I’ll

  70. 87

    “Shane is a BLOGGER”–I didn’t say they would fall off the earth. However, it will give Alabama a realistic shot at competing for a trip to the SEC Championship Game. I think that’s the main goal right now. By the way, what in the world was going on at Auburn Saturday night? I bet when LSU looks at that film they’ll be foaming at the mouth. Also, Tulane played East. Carolina well and they’re ranked #14. That made Bama look better. Still, Aubies are going to hate to see the line this week.

  71. 88

    Alabama and Auburn both performed about as expected. Alabama totally dominated an inferior opponent and played almost the entire roster. Auburn has a solid Defense and reliable Special Teams play.

    Coach Donnan made a very candid statement regarding dual Quarterbacks when he appeared on Finebaum’s show this week. He said that if you have two starting Quarterbacks, that usually means that you have two second string Quarterbacks.


  72. 89

    Big Plays

    I know that Coach Saban wants to see big plays on offense. I have no problem with that. But I think that the “big plays” are just the cherry atop the sundae.

    We didn’t really have a lot of big plays against Clemson. We didn’t need any. I am much more impressed by a steady stream of effective plays that continually move the chains.

    I like the long pass completions that we saw Saturday. We will probably need some of these kinds of plays when we are in a close game against the best of the SEC.

    But it is the foundation of well executed, bread and butter, five and six yard plays that come from domination at the line of scrimmage that makes me think that this year’s Crimson Tide could turn out to be very, very special.

    We’ve had some top quality skill players at the Capstone for the past several years. We’ve won a lot of Pontiac Game Changing Performance awards. That’s nice — but I’ll take a less exciting and more consistent ball control offense any day. The “big plays” are just gravy.

    I do love me some gravy too though!


  73. 90
    Ballplay Indian.

    Tmc1….Are you STILL bragging about that Tulane win? Coome on man. It was still Tulane. And that is still East Carolina.

  74. 91

    True, I agree with the big play aspect of Alabama’s offense. The Clemson performance is what I like the best and you do need big plays against good teams in close games. However, I don’t agree with you claim that Auburn played “as expected”. Sure the D did but I bet if you asked Tubby what he thought, he would tell you thats not what he wants his team to look like on offense. Three points after gaining 300 plus of O tells me they have a turnover problem (as you can already tell from the games they have played). Southern Miss should have been a blow out and Miss. State shouldn’t have been that close but when you put in three turnovers in a game, even the underdogs will stay with you. Sure, Miss. States D played well but thats to be expected. AU keeps turning the ball over like that against the better SEC teams they want be the winner when the clock hist 00:00. By the way, if the O-line for Bama improves week to week, they could really do some damage. Bama will beat Arkansas and thats going to set up one of the biggest SEC games next weekend when they have to go to Athens, if they play ’em tough (like South Carolina did) and take care of the ball, that could be a win.

  75. 92

    I never said that Auburn played as Coach Tuberville expected.

    They played as I expected. I have said, since seeing this “Spread Eagle” offense that you can’t play this game against an SEC defense. Speculation about a QB controversy at Auburn is no longer speculation.

    If Tubby wants to beat LSU, then Auburn will line up in the Power I formation whenever they are inside the 10 yard line.

    Never underestimate the Hogs. This is the biggest game that Bama has faced this year — Clemson included.

    If they are as sound as they have appeared so far, then they will rise to the challenge.


  76. 94

    Ballplay, I think he is talking about Alabama, surely?! I say that because the Hog’s have been anything but “sound”. However, I want underestimate them, they will play UA hard like always. Bama should win pretty big though. Don’t underestimate Auburn either. LSU’s offense is not SEC tested (like Bama’s) and a low scoring defensive battle will occur. Whoever does better on Special Teams and doesn’t turn the ball over will win the game. Aubies better hold on to the rock this weekend, cuz they’ll pay big if they don’t.

  77. 97

    Auburn’s punter has never played a down of football, but he is the most productive player on the Offensive squad.

    I suspect that LSU is just as bad as Auburn. They don’t have a proven Quarterback and, like Auburn, they haven’t played a quality football team yet this year.

    Both teams have had impressive play by their Defense against weak Offenses.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Saturday’s Auburn vs. LSU game determines the third place team in the SEC West.


  78. 98
    Ballplay Indian.

    You bammers amaze me. If I were you , I think I would see how my team did against the physical SEC schedule before claiming the west.

  79. 99

    TrueCrimson, thats lookin’ to far ahead right now. We have to win the first SEC game first. Worry about all the SEC games Bama has before LSU and Auburn. BUT, Ballplay, I’ll tell you what amazes me. Auburns turnovers. Like I said, if they don’t hold on to the ball and if they keep getting offsides penalties (because they don’t know the damn offense), they will lose Saturday. The defense can’t stay on the field the whole game and win against LSU. Thats a fact.

  80. 100
    Ballplay Indian.

    True Crimson…..i can see your comparisons on defense, with Auburn and LSU…….But their offense has been anything but non productive….There running game is awesome…. They will rip Bamas head off and take a dump down your neck.

  81. 101


    Forgive me if I fail to cringe in fear at the prospect of having the Crimson Tide face off against the War Eagles.

    Alabama had productive offenses between the 20 yard lines for several years under Coach Mike Shula. Yardage is nice, but it don’t mean nothin’ if you can’t punch it into the end zone.

    I know that there is a long season ahead, but I am impressed with the kind of head-banging, power football that this Bama squad appears to be capable of playing.

    Here’s my guess at what Tubby’s “secret plan” is for LSU:

    Todd will start at QB. If Auburn falls behind LSU — then Kodi Burns gets his big chance to prove whether he’s a Hero or a Zero. Tommy has set him up to take over under extreme pressure. It will challenge his manhood. He’s counting on LSU to game plan against Todd and he’s counting on Burns not being a Zero.

    This might work. I wouldn’t bet against Auburn in this nighttime home game. I am still not convinced that LSU is as good as many expect them to be. It takes a special team to win a National Championship. LSU graduated a big chunk of that NC team. It wouldn’t be the first time that a defending National Championship team disappointed in the following year.

    Les Miles only has a handful of Nick Saban’s recruits left this year. LSU is in the process of becoming Lester’s team now. We’ll see how that goes.

    If LSU proves to be less than estimated and Auburn stays ahead in this game, then Burns will only be called on for specialty plays inside the Red Zone. Turnovers will be a key factor and Auburn had better have that problem fixed this week.

    As much as I don’t want to underestimate Arkansas, the truth is that Bama should keep this game under control for all 4 quarters. They shouldn’t need to deviate from the same formula that they used against Clemson. They need to dominate the line of scrimmage and run the ball right down their throats. The only way that Arkansas can compete in this contest is by having a very efficient passing game. Our secondary will be tested.

    I’m counting on that old saying holding true: If you live by the pass — you’ll die by the pass.

    It’s gonna be a helluva weekend of SEC football any way you look at it.

    War Eagle & Roll Tide!


  82. 102
    Ballplay Indian.

    First of all True Crimson. I was talking about LSUs running game , not Auburns. I should have specified.

    I pretty much agree with ypour LSU / Auburn game assesment.

    It will be harder for Bama to dominate these lines of scrimmage. Arkansas always has bif physical lineman on both sides of the ball. But nontheless, Bama should still win.

    it will be a great weekend of ball , no doubt.

  83. 103

    I haven’t really followed LSU that well so far this year. I’ll be watching this one on Saturday though. Best of luck to the Tigers.

    Which ones, you ask?

    The ones that go, rather than geaux — I guess…


  84. 105

    Look, for Alabama, the LSU v. Auburn game doesn’t matter…if Auburn wins or if LSU wins, it helps them out down the road if they beat one of the two. Secondly, Arkansas rank’s last (let me say that again LAST) in sacks allowed this year already and I don’t think I have to explain since you all know the two teams they have played so far. Thats pretty bad. On the other hand Alabama ranks either 2nd or 1st in rushing defense so far. I suspect they’ll be on Mr. Dick quite a bit Saturday. Also, Bama’s line is full strength this week which tells me both sides of the ball should be dominated. I agree TrueCrimson, they should be in control the whole game.

  85. 106

    You’re right. It doesn’t matter to Bama who wins. I want Auburn to win it just because they’re an Alabama school.

    I hope that Georgia wins big out West and looks past their upcoming game with Bama.


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