Power ball vs. Spread and Sputter

By Shane from Centerpoint
According to Sports Illustrated, Saturday’s thrashing of the formerly 9th ranked Clemson Tigers by the Alabama Crimson Tide should serve as a warning to the rest of the SEC that the Tide is ahead of schedule with head coach Nick Saban’s “process”. For once S.I. got something right. Alabama physically dominated the Tigers up front on both sides of the line of scrimmage. The Crimson Tide was relentless, intense and fully-focused on the mission at hand – almost militaristic in their execution. The future looks bright in Tuscaloosa.

Meanwhile, down on the Plains, head coach Tommy Tuberville and his Auburn Tigers are as tough as ever on defense, but apparently bombed with the debut of the famous Tony Franklin spread-offense in their opener against a directional Louisiana school. The entire offensive game plan was scrapped before halftime, with Tubby reverting back to the running game because neither Kodi Burns nor Chris Todd could hit the broad side of a barn with a brick. After Saturday’s performance, Tuberville shouldn’t worry about a quarterback controversy – he just needs to find a quarterback.

After reviewing the Tide’s first outing of the year it was a pleasant surprise to see an Alabama team play with purpose and intensity. First year offensive coordinator, Jim McElwain, called a brilliant game. The Tide offense kept Clemson’s defense off-balance all night and coach Mac controlled the tempo of the game by using up the clock with sustained drives that produced points. Those long drives gave Saban, Steele, and Smart plenty of time to keep the defense rested and fresh, while simultaneously wearing the Clemson defense down.

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On the other side of the state, Auburn fans were thanking the football gods for their stout defense and excellent special teams play. Both combined to score 17 points on LA-Monroe before the offense was able to reach the end zone. By the way, the passing game was a bust. Auburn signal-caller Kodi Burns was 4 of 9 for 15 yards. Quarterback Chris Todd was 9 of 18 (1 INT) for 70 yards. By comparison, most spread quarterbacks throw for 85 yards in the first quarter. First year coordinator Tony Franklin seemed overwhelmed at times Saturday. He couldn’t seem to find a rhythm, or either his field generals couldn’t execute his plan.

In direct contrast to Auburn, the new Alabama offense is based on the running game and focuses on play-action passing to move the ball through the air, with the occasional deep ball inserted to keep a defense honest. However, if a team loads the box with 8-9 defenders to stop the run, coach Mac will quickly convert to a vertical assault. Alabama coaches have the luxury of choosing either method because of senior quarterback, John Parker Wilson.

Back to Franklin, Auburn’s spread offense is supposed to be a pass-oriented attack. The idea behind a spread scheme is designed to create lanes for the receiving corps, while requiring the quarterback to throw accurate passes. The problems begin when the passing game collapses like last Saturday. If Auburn can’t get their spread passing-attack to function against some of their conference opponents, they will become one-dimensional. One-dimensional offenses are usually shut down by the better SEC defenses.

In Atlanta, the Crimson Tide defense manhandled a Clemson offense loaded with All-American senior talent at all the skill positions. None of Tommy Bowden’s highly touted playmakers were able to make anything happen because Alabama’s defensive line disrupted everything they tried to do. Bama spent most of the evening in the Tigers’ backfield. They dominated the line of scrimmage from start to finish.

Down in Auburn, the Tigers defense dominated Pat Dye field in usual Tommy Tuberville fashion. They basically choked the Warhawks into submission by halftime. One thing is for sure – if a team can’t score on you, they can’t beat you. Auburn’s defenders, lead by new coordinator, Paul Rhodes, looked ready to compete in the toughest league in the nation. They will be a force to reckon with before all is said and done.

With the convincing victory, the Crimson Tide, a young team – on the road in a huge circus-like atmosphere – avoided the distractions and finished the job on a stunned, overconfident Clemson program. The result of this game leaves no doubt why the ACC should stick to basketball. This was supposed to be the best team in the conference. Really!

Tubby’s Auburn Tigers are a deep, talented squad according to most experts. However, they are inexperienced at the most important position on the field – quarterback. If the Tigers can’t get consistency and continuity from Kodi or Chris in the passing phase of the spread, Auburn could be in for a long season.

Regardless of how they got there, both Alabama and Auburn had strong, opening weekends. Nick Saban has to be pleased with every phase of his team’s performance, while Tommy Tuberville’s Tigers seem primed for the SEC wars. Nevertheless, one question still hangs over Tubby’s head – can he find a quarterback who can throw the football?

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  1. 1

    Auburn faces some significant challenges Saturday morning. The first challenge is the fact that it will be morning. The Tigers have had trouble getting up for early kickoffs in recent years.

    The Golden Eagles also bring a fairly decent football squad, for a non-conference opponent. They run the spread offense themselves, so their defense won’t be caught totally off guard when they line up against Auburn.

    Kodi Burns can play with a cut on his shin, but he doesn’t need to exacerbate an already aggravating leg wound. I expect Auburn to plan a balanced offensive attack in this game. Chris Todd may perform better knowing that he is not going to be swapped out each series. This is the last chance to work the kinks out of the passing game prior to opening conference play against Mississippi State.

    If Alabama is challenged by the Green Wave, then they have much more work to do than anyone would have thought after watching the opener in the Georgia Dome. It is never a good idea to take these OOC games too lightly. I recall LA Tech coming closer than anyone else to upsetting the Tide in the 1992 National Championship season. If not for an outstanding David Palmer kick return, Bama could have lost that game.

    I hope to see JP Wilson take the second half off in this game. Greg McElroy has looked good in scrimmages, but he has little game experience. If all goes well, this should be a game that allows a lot of the young players to get their uniforms dirty.

    Best of luck to Auburn and Alabama this weekend. Fall is in the air. It’s a great time to fire up the grill, crack open a cold one, and enjoy some SEC football!

    War Eagle & Roll Tide Roll!!!

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  3. 4
    jack and coke

    In 9 years has Tubs ever started strong. No.
    We’ve heard it all before. You Bammers just need to worry about your team and this new-found confidence. AU will be just fine.
    After all, we beat a team that returned 16 starters from a team that beat you last year. Maybe that was also part of the process. If ya’ll keep those boys out of jail, this season could be mediocre.

  4. 5

    Right… Auburn, with over 400 yards of total offense beat a team 34-0–a team that beat Alabama by ten points nine months ago and they are a complete failure. Alabama wins one game and is “back” just like they were back after beating Tennessee last year. As the season wears on and injuries occur and SEC teams appear on the schedule we will see Bama back in circular firing squad mode again. Bammer bravado always jumps the gun and the rest of the country ends up laughing at them. Again.

  5. 6

    Why do Barners go to the public library, wait in line for the computer, and immediately go to an Alabama website. We laugh at you trailer trash that can’t get over your little brother syndrome.

  6. 7

    Coincidence or otherwise????

    Auburn last played TN in 2004. They play again this year.

    Arguably, Tubbs best years have been election/olympic years (2000,2004). This is the next year in that series.

    In 2004 Auburn quietly arrived at a 4-0 record, beating LSU, MSU, and La Monroe (also Citadel), before thrashing Tennessee 34-10 at which time people began to wonder what might be.

    By the way, the first game that year was a 31-0 shutout of La Monroe. This year we beat them 34-0.


    War Eagle!

  7. 8

    Jack and coke, you scored the same amount of points against a lowly ranked hyphenated team as we did against the ninth ranked team in the country. Wasn’t Clemson supposed to own us in catastrophic fashion? Keep dwelling on Alabama’s up and down season last year because it’ll kick you in the ass whenever reality strikes you making you realize this is a new year. How many true freshman played that game like it was their last? Imagine how they will perform two years from now. I hope you enjoy the sloppy seconds because high profile coaches like Mike Shula really did!

  8. 9

    Aubren queers are back. Gotta feel sorry for them visiting the Bama site again, but that’s par for the course. Little brother syndrome at its best.

  9. 10

    Bama fans should view this from a Bama tech perspective.
    Bama Tech beat a team Alabama lost to last year.
    Plain and simple!
    Oh, and next Saturday Bama Tech is going to beat a team that beat Alabama nearly 20 years ago in Southern Miss.
    That is all that matters down in the college land of trailer parks and cow pastures.

  10. 11
    Bob Howard

    Shane, you are a joke and continue to be a joke. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover after a week !! You have been drinking to much of pauls koolaide. Auburn is still the premier program in Alabama until proven otherwise. Alabama is getting better and will get there under Saban IN TIME !! Be patient bammers,your time is coming !

  11. 14

    Not a bad analysis for you Shane.. No made up stories, just your opinion. You have your normal Crimson Colored Glasses, but I would expect nothing less. WDE, see you in November.

  12. 15

    Dear Jack & Coke, Satsoomer,

    The fact that you compare games from year to year just proves how little you know about football. Alabama had a different team last year just like AU did. If you want to compare games like that why did Alabama murder the team that took AU to overtime last year????
    Ignorance. pure ignorance. You just can’t stand the fact that every AU fan online ranted about how Bama was going to get raped by Clemson and it turned out the other way around. You can’t stand the fact that the Barn, even though winning 34-0, looked like pure sh*t. You can’t stand the fact that THE TIDE IS TURNING

  13. 16



    O-V-E-R–H-Y-P-E-D just like alot of other ACC and BIG 10 wannabe football teams!

    GOOD WIN AWFUL GAME TO WATCH it was boring after realizing CLEMSON wasnt what was advertised,..

    WAR EAGLE !!!!

  14. 17

    OH YEA RTRMF! you blast ol boy for comparing and then u did it so heres mine

    we shut a team that beat you guys and we did it REAL UGLY sooooo if we can beat that team 34 to ZIP ugly and you guys had to play the game of your LIFE and only scored 34 points then you therefor must be the worst team! hmmm yea it dont make no sense!!

  15. 18


    King Homo prognosticator for the barners. First we’re going to get our asses kicked by the best team in the ACC and after we kick their ass it’s: They were overhyped. LOL.

  16. 19

    HEY STUPID! do you seriuosly NOT think that Clemson was overhyped???

    LIke I said you guys LOOKED GREAT,they didnt look like anything we were told they would…NOW RUN FROM THAT FACT

  17. 21

    omni yes I was only comparing to show you barnrats how stupid it is… Clemson was obviously not what they were hyped to be, they were obviously a different team from the one last year that took AU to overtime… just like Bama is a different team last year than the one that lost to La-Monroe…

  18. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    Clemson is a talented team. They typically under achieve. They are a good football team though. Bama beat a GOOD football team Saturday. Period. Auburn did not paly well at QB. Period. The rest of the team played well. To beet your chests over one game is really not a smart thing to do. But……..That is what makes bama fans who they are. You guys are just glad that you beat the team we played in a bowl game last year. That way you know where you stand against the measuring stick….Wich is Auburn football.

  19. 23

    I am surprised that BallplayIndian even shows up here, after last weekend. Bama is not using Auburn as a measuring stick. Tubbervilles recruiting and thinking has changed since Saban has been at Bama. It seems like Tubbs is trying to change because Saban is in his head already. Lord knows he is in the minds of every Auburn fan I know, and they can’t stand it. Bama didn’t beat Clemson because Auburn beat them last year, that wasn’t the motivation. But every Auburn fan was looking forward to the LaMonroe game because they beat Bama. It was even on the game shirt. But, Auburns ranking this year was based on beating a bad Bama team, and a bad Clemson team. I think when LSU comes around we will see how over rated Auburn is. Enjoy your slide to the middle of the West where Bama has been, and is rising out of. You will probably stay there awhile.

  20. 24

    what 2 or 3 decades??? fortunatly for us
    we play more than BAMMA. I mean HELL we could go 10 and 1 or 9 and 2 lossing to BAMMA and still have a winning season, I never thought of it like that before but ILL JUST BE DAMN, WE DONT HAVE TO BEAT YA LL


  21. 25

    1.AUBURN 38 SOU MISS 7
    2.ua@t 24 TULANE 20
    3.MIAMI 27 FLA 23
    4.GA 38 C MICH 17
    5.OLE MISS 31 W FOREST 20
    6.ARKANSAS 26 LAMO 17
    7.GA TECH 34 BC 22
    8.WEST VA 17 EAST C 14
    9.UAB 23 FLA ANT 14
    10.NOTRE DAME 38 SD ST 6

  22. 26


    Moe and Curly must have helped you with those picks. Better yet, I don’t think they would do that badly.

    Omnipast, you are what I call a sh@t stirrer. Continually on here degrading instead of being on a barn board praising. We could care less about the barn. As for me, I never visit one of the barn sites because I’d be filthy afterwards.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your last several years because you won’t get a chance to do it again. With CNS at the helm and the great recruiting he is doing it pretty much will place you behind the 8 ball. Of course all of the barners I know love to have balls on their chins.

  23. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Why is the bammer nation assuming that this spread is a pass oriented one? Several times in the preseason Franklin and Tubbs said it would be a balanced attack. Run and pass. And that if one didnt work they would go to the other, which is exactly what happened Saturday. Yes I am worried about our qbs. Who wouldnt be ? But I feel that it will work out. I dont think well have a Peyton Manning or anything. But I think we will wend up with a decent qb. by years end.

    Also, I feel that JPW will go back to his old ways. The only difference is , it will be in a key SEC game. He will throe a his pattented 3 ints. and cough up the ball in the red zone. Then hell play light out against UT Martin or someone else who is insignificant.

  24. 29

    Dude I only downgrade the Downtrodden like yourself and when called for.. As for Auburn sites I go and I blog under the same name ( find me ) and MORE THAN HALF the Articles here are either about AUBURN or The reponse blogs mention LiL BROTHER (who just happens to kick ass )sooooooooooo in keeping with the “THEME”
    YOUR AN IGNORANT ??????? 😉

  25. 30
    Pat Dye

    I know there’s been some moanin’ and groanin’ (cough, cough) about the Quarterback situation down here at Auburn. I ain’t been gettin’ out much lately, but now somebody’s finally found my pants (cough, hack, cough) I got the old Toyota fired up and drove into town to watch ‘em practice the other day.

    Well sir (cough, cough) I can tell you that them boys ain’t got no passin’ game, but they don’t really need one. A passin’ game don’t do you no good if you ain’t got nobody that can throw the ball and you ain’t got nobody who can catch it. (cough, hack, cough)We can worry about a passin’ game when we get somebody who can pass. Here at Auburn, we’re always looking for people who want to play real bad.

    Now I think Tommy’s doin’ a fine job here. (cough, cough) We hope Tommy will stay just as long as he can. Course we thought we had a good Coach with Tommy Bowden too. Hindsight is 50/50.

    (cough, cough)

    Waugh Weagle!!!

  26. 37
    Ballplay Indian

    And please do not make fun of my Native American heritage. I am proud to be of Scottish / Irish/ Native American descent.

  27. 38
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Mark Ingram is going to prison. His son is a freshman at bammur. Counterfeit, laundering money. This may be the connection between nick and buying players. Bobby from Homewood may be on to something. Check out the article on any NFL site. Stay tuned.

  28. 40
    Indian Playing with Balls

    Bobby from Homewood is on Magic Mushrooms. He sees Crimson monsters behind every tree. It is a premonition of a huge Red Tide that will come crashing down on his little Blue and Orange world in a few months.

  29. 41

    It’s too bad for Bama that this football season is not a “one” game season. They had an impressive victory over Clemson no doubt. However, Clemson is not a 10-1 top 10 team, only an unranked a 0-1 team.

    Auburn has three things that won’t change anytime soon. Great Defense, Great Kicking Game, and a Good Rushing attack. I am not writing off a good passing attack after one game.

    You necks keep dreaming and enjoy your 1-0 start. Auburn will be waiting on your 7-4 unranked team come November

  30. 42

    And this is coming from a guy who solemnly sworn would blast Alabama to the moon, am I incorrect? Did you see how mature these freshman played in this one “big” game? Did you see how pathetic your players performed in your one “little” game? Just imagine how our boys are going to perform when they’re juniors and seniors. The tables are turning and the Wire Road trailer trash Opelikan inbreds are due up for the worst obliteration since the pre-Alabama decade of misfortunes. Enjoy it, barnzoe. The misery is coming.

  31. 43

    Yep, come here and see the moonshine retarded aubbo single wide moron(s) trying to take over the blog again.
    Ballplay/julio/omni/6down. whatever the fuck you call yourself. Here is your wake up call.
    We (Bammers, that is..) did not tell you that you had to be an Auburn fan. That was a choice you made. (Much like you think hygeine is negotiable…)
    So why do you remind us daily that you are the spam of college fans? Do you really think we value your herbacide/chicken manure induced delusions?
    Why do you feel compelled to bore us with comparisons to you second rate football team?
    Do you honestly think you can make anyone here respect you enema hole of a programme? Perish the thought. You are life’s perrinial evictees and We are your landlords. We have seen you come and go for years …always promising the big payoff and instead usually sneaking out when all the checks you wrote with your mouth bounced….again….
    It takes more than just losing football games to make you a loser… It is an attitude a state of mind, a mystic…..And you embody it, dumbass…..

  32. 44
    Indian Playing with Balls

    If Auburn falls to the Golden Eagles this morning, then the Tommy Deathwatch will commence.

    Who is the most likely candidate for a replacement? Ol’ Ball Coach Superior?

    What do you guys think? Pat Dye?

  33. 45

    tmcZERO THis article (loosely) was ABOUT AUBURN seriuosly YOU are stupid aint you.. ??? and if the golden eagles score it will be a miracle or 4th string
    you guys better watch big heads and tulane!…….. THE NIGHT THEY DROVE OL DIXIE DOWN naaaaa na na na na naaaa nana

  34. 47

    Shaney – On Pauly’s show the other day, that yo call and hog 15 minutes of airtime each day talking about Auburn, you said the Tigers wouldn’t get 100 yards through the air. Seems like they did that in the 1st quarter. Your beloved team has about 39 yards at the end of the half against Tulane. Oh yeah, and about your foolsih articles – you are not even in the same league as Chette Williams. Its because of him that Auburn has not had 10 arrests in the past year – or decade for that matter. Lastly, get a life – please.

  35. 48

    314 yards to 173 yards……18 first downs to 11 first downs….exactly who has the spitting and sputtering offense????? Against TULANE??? Give me a break. War Eagle bitches

  36. 49

    Powerball!!!!! Shane you look like a fool…as always. Your team got lucky against an overrated Clemson that ALWAYS lays an egg each season, and you think ya’ll are about to win the NC. Maybe it’s “relative” to the “process”

  37. 50
    shane's the man

    Shane, I’ve changed my opinion of you and the criminal tide. you’re a bugger eating ice salesman with your nose stuck squarely up paul slimebaum’s rectum.
    you’re a limp pecker’d excuse for a man. in short shane (get it…short shane) you suck.
    you obviously suffer from penis envy with tubbs………

  38. 51

    Sputter Ball. Is that what Bama is running these days, Shane? How mush time did you Necks spend pointing out Auburn’s offensive problems? I think Auburn made great strides and it is only going to get better.
    Bama on the other hand has some serious problems.

    Let me make it perfectly clear to you and your loud mouth RedNeck friends.
    Bama sux. Bama Fans will continue to live in misery because they are bad fans! They are embarrassing fans!

    Listening to you idiots and Shane last week on PF’s show was real comedy! I guess that’s what losers do best, they tear down others to make themselves feel better.

    Well, FYI. You BammerNecks are going to have another miserable year and I am going to LMAO!

    Of course Paul will console you by pointing out Auburn’s problems. This along with taking the swelling out of your little nick. We’re Auburn, we’re use to it.

    War Damn Eagle

  39. 52

    Hey idiot boy Shane, you might want to cancel that national championship ring that you ordered last week! Same old Bama…..win a big game…..get all of the hype…..then fade away!

  40. 53

    I guess since the mighty Green Wave outgained Bammer 318 to 172, and JPW only had 73 yards passing we’ll be hearing how good Tulane is now. You Bammer fans are hilarious. The Clemson game was a dominate showing, but before you all go running around acting stupid talking SEC and National Championships, play a few more games; beat Georgia then start talking. Bammer fans keep running your loser mouths, you probably won’t suck forever. Look out for WKU! I can’t wait to hear all the great excuses on Finebaum.

  41. 54

    Cant wait to hear the spin coming after the Tulane game! The bama offense managed to post 1 TD all night against a awfull tulane D. Do all of you gumps remember the joy you felt last week after you tried to sell to the world that Auburn’s offense was awfull even though they posted over 300 yards rushing? Well now multiply that times a 1000 and you know how Auburn nation feels this morning. Our Bad QB ( your words not ours) threw for more yards in the 1st quarter then your beloved JPW did the entire game! while bama has opened their entire playbook to beat tulane, auburn hasnt even made it to the 2nd page in theirs.

  42. 56

    Has anyone noticed…..no bammers crowing this morning. Good point about our sputtering offense gaining more yards in the first, against a respectable SoMiss, than Wilson threw the entire game against too lame.

  43. 57
    Indian Playing with Balls

    Auburn and Alabama both posted lackluster wins against mediocre opponents. Tulane played a good game against Bama. Southern Miss played a good second half against Auburn.

    Neither team has anything to brag about. Both should be happy to take the W and get ready for next week.

    There is a lot of football to play yet.

  44. 58

    Let’s see, Bama has had 16 points scored against them with Clemson and Tulane and Auburn 13 against them with LAMO and So Miss. Tulane would have kicked So Miss’s ass. So Miss had zero pass rush against your pansy qb and it wasn’t because of your o-line. Now that Todd has been named starting qb, let the race war begin and the fall of the program. Ohio State escaped Ohio U with a lackluster performance in game two as did Al and Au, we were just toying with them boys like a cat and a mouse, meanwhile Auturds need to worry about Sly putting number two on them. And the last time I checked we are 2-0.

  45. 59

    What a joke Tulane is a bottom feeder even lower that the LaMonroe team. To put it in terms that you bammers understand. Tulane last year had (19) 2 star recruits and nothing else. You guys says recruiting is everything right? Ok lets looks at SoMiss (1)5 star (2) 4 stars and like (14) 3 star recruits the rest of the 29 they had commit were 2 stars. You get the picture? A big difference according to your own standards. In the Power Rankings out of 120 the Green Wave is at 107 and SoMiss is at 60. I would hardly try to compare the two schools. You guys should just work on improving which is what Auburn will do with its new QB that it found in the early quarters of the game. And by the way Shane bama better find a QB or by the cheeleaders helmets.

  46. 60

    HuntinginNov, Tubberville is that you? Oh, that’s right he is hunting in HuntinginJan. According to what you guys say about recruiting, stars mean nothing, it is all about developing the players and recruiting the one’s with character, yeah right, give me a break.

  47. 61
    jack and coke

    Was that some of that power ball last night, shane for brains???
    I can’t wait to see what Blackman has in store for little John Parker.
    He’ll soil his britches just like Brody did.
    What doesn’t change, stays the says. Dinky Saban can spew his retoric all he likes, he’s nothing but hot air, and obviously the team and coaches have figured this out……

  48. 63

    HuntinginNov, does your facts also tell you that since the year 2000, we’ve had three recruiting classes that have finished behind Ole Miss and Mississippi State in recruiting rankings? A few of our upperclassmen on last year’s team was apart of one of those classes. Do your facts also state when Alabama Tech took over on the recruiting front is when they suddenly emerged as the state’s top team? Do they also tell you Tuberneck never posted a winning season in the SEC until that time? Two years from now, your state of feeling at ease will be gone forever… or at least until Alabama suffers through another decade of misfortunes.

  49. 64

    Tulane out-performed Alabama in every category except rushing yards (and for that matter, Alabama amassed only 9 more rushing yards than Tulane — that’s right, 9). I hope SI still gets their money’s worth this week. BAMA’S BACK BABY!! What an offensive line (I hope Brodie wasn’t watching)! What a quarterback! What a punt returner (unless he gets the snot knocked out of him and has to leave the game)! What a defense (clarification: Rolondo McClain is great!)! What a coach (I’ll bet he saw flashbacks of UAB and LA Monroe flash before his eyes)! What a process!

  50. 65

    Krazy, what a fitting name for you. This is the same oline, qb, punt returner, def and coach that will whip Auturds ass this year.

  51. 66


  52. 67

    Did I mention that Tulane beat Alabama in every category (except rushing — Alabama won that contest by 9 little ole yards)? Can anybody explain this? Twice as many first downs, almost 200 more yards passing (yes, almost two-freaking-hundred), and 10 more minutes of time of possession. Instead of the same old Bama blather, somebody seriously explain this one to me and to Sports Illustrated.

  53. 69
    Sports Illustrated Says

    One thing we didn’t make a mistake about and that is putting the Auturds on the cover, but we may do a story about the race war developing now that Todd has been named QB.

  54. 70
    Sports Illustrated

    Maybe we should have put Tulane’s defensive line on the cover. We’d have to look up their names. But at least we already know the names of the offensive linemen for Alabama that got their asses whipped.

  55. 73
    Auburn Man

    Hope you’re right for once Shane…it would be nice for the 7th win in a row over to be properly credited nationally. It doesn’t help a nationally prominent school to have beaten a 6-6 team that loses to UL-wherever.

  56. 74
    Sports Illustrated

    Tulane doesn’t need to claim a moral victory over Alabama. They already found out they can whip Alabama’s ass. Can you believe we’re talking about Tulane doing this to Alabama? Tulane! Bama fans need to come out of their trance for a minute and realize they just got embarassed by Tulane.

  57. 75

    Way to much shit talking for one article. Come on guys, I mean I read the articles (which is bad enough as it is) but when I see the other crap posted, one word comes to mind, pathetic. How can either team (UA or AU) talk like this right now? It’s to games in to the year. Both teams have new OC’s both teams (in my humble opinion a long with other respected writers, sports-casters and bloggers) there were bound to be mistakes and slow starts for both teams in the first few weeks. I mean Auburn, they played two average (at best)teams and won. Sure, the Southern Miss. score was closer than the game actually was (because AU dominated) but there are going to be slow starts, the system in place has to have sufficient time to jell. AU will also beat Miss. State because they are an average team as well but each game will make them better. UA, they had a dominating performance against an overhyped Clemson and were flat against Tulane but they too have a new offensive system in place, so mistakes are going to happen. Two starters were out on their O-line, so again, mistakes and miscommunication allows for plenty of sacks. If UA’s line stay’s healthy, come November and the Iron Bowl, it want be that simple to get pressure on the QB beacause UA’s line is the strongest point (when all the starters are out there) on the team. Remember how everyone talked about Clemson’s front? Their D-line was suppose to dominate but they didn’t, all starters for UA were in the game and it turned out differently. You can’t tell me their defense is worse than Tulane’s? It just shows me that on any given Saturday, if your team doesn’t come to play, you will get beat (look at USC v. Stanford last year or Michigan v. App. State). That is college football these days, it’s getting more and more like the NFL. But to be talking like this is classless for both sides. Trully pathetic. It’s to early to tell anything. What if State beats AU next week? What if UA loses to West. Kentucky? Those to things want happen but an injury here, a mistake by the QB there and your season can turn on a dime. One thing to keep in mind, both UA and AU’s defenses have been playing pretty good football. Even if UA beat #23 Clemson and Tulane, even if AU beat LA-Monroe and S. Miss. If those two units stay healthy, and UA’s offense gets consistent, and AU’s offense comes a long like it should, look out, the Iron Bowl may actually mean something this year because both these teams, if they take care of business and come up with some key upsets (Georgia, LSU) then it may be a fight for the SEC West! Still, way, way, way to early for that and any other crap posted by uneducated, crazed bt rivalry fan bases (ON BOTH SIDES!)

  58. 76
    High Tide

    I was disappointed to see Bama play such an uninspired game. I know that two of the O-line starters were out of the game, but that shouldn’t have made as much difference as it did. I am glad that the Defense still has not allowed an Offensive touchdown. I was concerned about the Defense and they have played well.

    Tulane has to get some credit for playing over their heads also. Their QB was very good. I’ve seen Bama win several National Championships, and I can’t recall any of those seasons that didn’t have a couple of games like this. Mediocre football teams treat games against ranked teams like Auburn and Alabama as if it was their bowl game. It is usually as close as they’ll come to having a big game like that.

    I watched the Auburn game also. Auburn fans are in no position to gloat. There were far too many turnovers and their Offense hasn’t shown me anything yet that will work against an SEC opponent. It looks like backyard football that we played as kids.

    Auburn won the first half and tied the second half. Alabama was flat, but the outcome of the game was never in question. A few critical injuries could make either of these teams irrelevant. On the other hand, if both teams improve with each game, then the Iron Bowl could determine the SEC West Champion.

    A Win is a Win. Both teams are undefeated. We play again on Saturday. I just hope that they’ll both be 3 and 0 after next week. I hope they’ll both be 11 and 0 on November 29th.

    We shall see.

  59. 77
    Ballplay Indian

    Indian playing with balls………..Hopefully not my balls. Anyway. Your team looked freekin pathetic. Javier Arenas is the ONLY reason yall won. Tulane sux. Yall suck. That is all.

  60. 78

    Oh I see……it’s “uninspired” when Bama plays horrible….isn’t that what the $5 million dollar coach is there for….inspiration. Do any of you blue collar working class bammers find that insulting? $5 million for the coach, and another 50-60 thou to bring in a motivational speaker before the season. Get out of the sun a minute and think about that.

  61. 79

    Auburn fans are complaining about Alabama’s performance last Saturday?

    Auburn’s game was on television. Did none of you corndogs watch it? I did.

    I’m willing to accept our “W” in spite of Bama playing a sloppy game. You guys haven’t played ANYONE yet and you’re lucky to still be undefeated.

    I’m happy with our Head Coach. He’s worth every penny that he gets paid.

    We’ll see which team is on the right track as the season progresses. I haven’t seen anything happen on the field at Auburn that would give you guys anything to brag about yet. But that really doesn’t have anything to do with it, does it? You’re screaming at the top of your lungs because you see a big red freight train rolling straight at you.

    Cheap trash talk ain’t stopping this Crimson Locomotive. Your days are numbered. Hide and watch…


  62. 80
    Ballplay Indian

    Truw Crimson, I am not impressed with bamas play. And if you take of your turd stained goggles , you would have toadmit that Auburn has played better football than Alabama. We now know that Clemson was waaaaay over rated, (400 yards given up to The Citadell !!!!)…Tulane sux, and yall were lucky to win. I just hope that yall keep pounding that chest and find ways to win until the Iron Bowl. We will kick your teeth in . It will be good. That is all.

  63. 81

    I don’t really care what impresses an idiot. Clemson is a much better team than they were last year. You can’t honestly say that about Auburn. Auburn has played two nobody teams and has not yet delivered a performance worthy of any braggadocio.

    Next week you get to play against the worst team in the SEC. We’ll see how that goes. If you’re better than LA Tech, then it should be a blowout. I’d be nervous if I was you.


  64. 82

    Where in the hell are you today, Puss!? You are a pussy? I would bet on it!

    What kind of rant was it you made over Auburn fans? I know butt hairs that have more class than you. Were you screaming like a little girl when you ramblely wrote that pathetic rant. Keep your comments to football, if you know anything about the game.
    FYI! Your team sux yet your fans (including Shane) feel it’s necessary to comment on Auburn ALL THE TIME. If you do not like this Auburn invasion on the Crapstone, then keep the topics to Bama and there cheating ways.
    Otherwise expect the commentary.
    War Eagle!

  65. 84

    Ballplay Indian, Bamasux, and Sixdownnow7:

    Thank you for demonstrating my earlier point. Two games into the season, two average performances against two average teams and it’s still the crap talking, we will beat you in November bull. Thanks you for demonstrating how uneducated, classless, and low you can really be. It’s so pathetic it makes me laugh when I read it. Please, for the love of god, right something worth the time you take to type it…(you do know what that means right?). And for the Bama fans, you’re the reason people think UA fans are so crazed and delusional. You all need to think before you type.

  66. 85
    Ballplay Indian

    True Crimson……You are WRONG yet again. Clemson sux this year compared to last year. Youll see at the end of the year when they are like 6-6. True enough that we havent played anyone. But we did kick the crap out of a LAMO team that beat yall and should have beat ARKY. S. Miss will be better than expected. If yall had played them instead of Tulane they would have whooped that arse. If and Butts Candy and Nuts. We will see real soon what we both have. I for one am not worried about Miss St. We will drill them. What do you think about Georgia ? I tell you what I think. They are gonna treat yall like a prison beyotch. That is all.

  67. 87
    Ballplay Indian

    RTR you are a crap talker who would never say a dam thing to my face. Get a grip pecker head. Im only talkin football. Now get your pimple faced ass to Burger King. Your late for work.

  68. 88

    Ballplay Indian,

    Some said that Clemson had a better recruiting class than did Alabama. They had the fourth ranked defense in the country and were ranked #9 coming into the game. They are said to have the best 2 running backs in the country. Those aren’t my opinions, they are the opinions of professional football prognosticators nationwide. They weren’t the preseason pick to win the ACC because they are a worse team than they were last year. How good they are will be determined. They are now 1 and 1.

    Louisiana Monroe, on the other hand, is not a good football team. They weren’t a good team last year when Bama lost to them. We screwed the pooch in that game. It happens. Michigan shouldn’t have lost to Appy State last year, but they did. Auburn shouldn’t have lost to South Florida. etc.

    I’ll admit that Bama didn’t play well Saturday, but Tulane did play an excellent game. I don’t know how well their season will turn out, but that was an admirable effort. I think that they actually benefited from spending the week in Birmingham.

    As for Georgia, both Alabama and Auburn played them last year. If you missed those games, then you should catch the re-plays on CSS. I think that Bama will field a better team this year in Athens than they did last year in Tuscaloosa. Georgia had better hope that they have a better team also. I expect it to be a helluva game.


  69. 89

    Ballplay you don’t know a goddamn thing about football. You already proved that by comparing football teams from last year to this year.
    You are also wrong about me talking trash to your face. I will rip your barnrat nuts off and shove them up your ass.

  70. 90
    Ballplay Indian

    You’re right Auburn is really not very good this year and they’ll probably get smoked by Miss St. I apologize.

  71. 93
    Ballplay Indian

    True Crimson…. Your right LAMO isnt in the same league as Clemson. Never said they were. Yall played a heck of a game against Clemson. There had to be a hangover. I dont expect one this week. We really wont know a thing about our teams until SEC play cranks up. But half the fun to me is trying to figure it out.

    RTR……………..You are an insignificant knat. You dont mean squat. Your handle shows the amount of class you have. You are a spineless, childish wuss. Appearantly all you think about is peckers and balls. Are you gay ? Not that there is anything wrong with that. You know nothing about me. I know nothing about you. I can guaruntee if you knew me and I knew you we would get along just fine ….If not I would buss yo arse. Grow up , quit cussing every 2 words. As the saying goes…..It is better to say nothing and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt….That applies to you M effer..

  72. 96

    South Florida was pretty good last year. This year, I don’t know. They barely got by Central Florida on Saturday, didn’t they? I don’t know how good Tulane is, but they played a helluva game Saturday.

    Alabama wasn’t hitting on all cylinders, but Tulane was almost flawless. I’m just giving credit where credit is due. They might not play another good game this year. I dunno?

    It’s college football — on any given Saturday…


  73. 97

    If Clemson is so great, then why did they give up alomost 400 yds of offense against div II Citadel this weekend?

    Keep dreaming bammer. Toolame is just another Houston, La Monroe, W. Ky type opponent. If you think you almost lost because, “they played a good game” , then what is going to happen when GA, TN, MS, AU, and LSU show up and play a “good game”????

    Power Ball! LMAO!

    War Eagle!

  74. 98

    Clemson won their game 45-17. Yards don’t count — points on the scoreboard do.

    Alabama never came close to losing to Tulane. Auburn, on the other hand, looked like they could fall apart in the fourth quarter and lose to Southern Miss. Alabama’s Defense still hasn’t allowed an Offensive TD to be scored against them. Auburn? Not so much.

    I’m still not impressed by the “Spread Eagle” offense. Maybe I’ll be impressed next week. We’ll see. You better just hope that Sly’s Bulldogs don’t play a “good game” next Saturday.

  75. 100

    This is neither a respectable website nore respectable piece. Most of that is due to the fact that this site allows trash to voice their so called opinions and talk a bunch of IGNORANT crap to each other. No one, not even Shane, is respectalbe on this site. The administrators need to stop allowing people to do this or this site will go down the tube quick. I can’t believe Paul Finebaum has a link to this crap. I will NEVER, EVER get on here again. It’s horrible. Horrible articles, conversation, and everything else. Again, pathetic. You can tell this is a white trash, racist, uneducated place. I will no longer associate myself with shit like this.

  76. 101


  77. 102


  78. 103

    Shane – Shane – Shane from ShantyTown. Where are you. You know that all this banter is your fault. If you had not opened your mouth and put your big foot in it, no one would have written a damn thing on this crapstone. Hey, how come you don’t write for your cousin Pauly Slimbaum – the Tennessee grad who wants a Bama Diploma so bad – anymore? Pauly isn’t even objective anymore. No wonder his audience is made up of idiots like you. It’s amazing his program directors keep him on the air. Then again Shane, you dominate about 15 minutes of babble every day. Do me a favor, talk about your team – the school you wished you had the brains to go to. We know all about our team.

  79. 104

    true crimson, the au d did not give up a score in the final 12 minutes of the 4th quarter I would hardly call that fallinG apart.

  80. 106

    Shane is delusional!
    The crap he writes is HILARIOUS though.
    I tend to laugh at him, not with him though.
    Sadly, he doesn’t realize the difference! LOL!!!

  81. 109
    Auburn Man

    I would like to point out that Shane does in fact have the brains to go to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

    And that’s no compliment.

    UAT’s always been someplace to go to school if your ACT and grades weren’t good enough to get into Auburn. Read Namath’s biography….he went to Bammer because it’s the only school that would take him. His test scores and grades were so bad that Maryland, Michigan State and Notre Dame all took a pass.

    Shane and Bammer…made for one another.

  82. 110

    danny Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 8:59 am
    true crimson, the au d did not give up a score in the final 12 minutes of the 4th quarter I would hardly call that fallinG apart.


    I never said they “fell apart”. I said that it looked like they might. They gave up two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. I watched the game. Auburn didn’t finish well. They won the first half, but they pretty much tied the second half. Southern Miss was a threat in the second half and Auburn’s offense did nothing to put the game out of reach. This isn’t just my opinion. Here’s a clip from an article in the Birmingham News quoting the Coach and players:

    In third quarter, defense felt fatigue:

    As Southern Miss cut a 24-0 deficit to 24-13 early in the fourth quarter, Auburn’s defense was feeling fatigued.

    “In the third quarter, we got a little worn down,” linebacker Merrill Johnson said. “They came out with a quick tempo and it wore us down a little bit. But in the fourth quarter, we came back and picked it up.”

    Said coach Tommy Tuberville: “Sometimes you lean on your defense a little too much.” Charles Goldberg and Jon Solomon

  83. 112

    Hey True Crimson, Aubun Man is somewhat correct. Having hd children applying to both schools, the standardized test score requirements are lower at Alabama than Auburn. Any guidance counselor will attest to this. True the quality of education is equally fine – but those are the facts, and judging by how quick – in days my kids got into U of A versus the time it took to have writing tests, etc., for AU, this is correct, regardless of the former SACS review.

  84. 113

    Shane, why did you have to bring up the fact to the listening audience today that you are not bothered by names or whatever people who disagree with you dish out at you. If you were not bothered you wouldn’t have brought it up. Plain and simple. I’ll bet you are about 5′ 4″ tall and have a real Napoleonic Complex. Not to mention a big ego. Furthermore, you like people who agree with you and say what you want to hear, not the truth or the facts. Can’t wait for your next disertation on the football environment from your crimson colored glasses.

  85. 114

    Auburn Man,
    It is a fact that the ACT requirement and GPA requirements are lower at U of A than at AU – regardless of any SACS review. You can get this from any academic counselor. True both schools offer a quality education, but my children got into Alabama within days-literally, whereas a writting assessment and other essays were required for admission to Auburn as well. Hey I am glad kids get to have an education no matter where they attend, but he wasn’t that far off, just his presentation was a little slanted.

  86. 117

    I understand that entrance requirements are different. I also know that both of these fine academic institutions offer quality educational opportunities for our kids.

    Football is football. I think it’s fine to curse and scream at each other regarding who is most proud of their “home team”. Academics should really be left out of the conversation.

    We all know that some of the finest athletes aren’t the finest students. Some are. I believe that both Auburn and Alabama struggle to make an honest effort to maintain the high standards established by the NCAA for student athlete academic achievement while doing whatever they can to extend the opportunity to compete to those athletes who struggle to maintain academic eligibility.

    This issue shouldn’t be part of trash talk on a sports forum. Just my opinion… Everybody has one.

  87. 119
    Auburn Man

    No “trash talk” here. AU’s a better school and always has been. The SACS business had nothing whatsoever to do with academics. It was a governance issue, pure and simple. If you want to talk about Bobby Lowder and his impact on Auburn, you’ll find that his harshest critics are AU alums.

    Still, as an advocate, I’ll take him and you can have Shane. You can have Phyllis and Jim from Tuscaloosa too, while we’re at it!

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