Tide rolls in the Dome

UPDATED AP: Nick Saban’s plan to bring No. 24 Alabama back to prominance looks way ahead of schedule. As for No. 9 Clemson, another big game ended with the Tigers on the losing end.

Alabama coach Nick Saban reacts after a first quarter Leigh Tiffin field goal against Clemson during their football game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008. At right is Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson (14). (AP Photo/Dave Martin)


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    I’m still a little concerned about our new offense. It seemed Coach Mcelwin played a little too conservative for the most part of it.

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    As for the play calling, I think it was run oriented based on what Clemson was doing with its safeties. They were way back whenever I looked for them—that means you can run the ball. Am I wrong on that? I haven’t re-watched it…so anyone that has feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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    You do make an accurate point and no correction is necessary. I’m just a little concerned for future references because I think we need to expand the playbook a little more to succeed against these mighty SEC defenses.

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    i see what chris is saying and i agree with him to an extent. i think that once jim and saban seen they were able to handle them well with what they were doing, they decided it to continue on. no need for any kind of trickery or anything fancy until the schedule hardens. i also don’t think we’ll see the same calls in every single game. it’s bound to be changed up by the quality of the opponent.

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    I have to disagree with you there Chris. Bama is taking what the opposing D gives them. Not making mental errors and just trying to play as physical as possible and keep the opposing O off the field while they burn up the clock. If you combine that with a good Defense, You will win championships.

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    This looked like good ol hard nose, old school Bama football to me. Almost perfect balance yardage wise. Going for two hailmary passes every series like last season is just not Bama style. Let those pansie west coast schools(and Auburn) do that stuff. Mike McCoy stated in an interview they did not have to pass as much as they thought they would and they did not use half what they are capable of. That is very exciting to me. I know we hadn’t faced the likes of Georgia or Florida yet but I have alot more confidence in our boys now. I am trying not to look ahead too much but I can’t stop thinking about a Top 10, or Top 5 Bama playing a number 1 Georgia in a few weeks.

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    This difference between this year’s squad and last year’s is instead of blowing a huge lead in the second half, we managed to hold on to that.

    I hope we keep it up, but like Coach Saban said in the post game press conference: “it’s one game.”

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    nateg can’t stop thinking about a Top 10, or Top 5 Bama playing a number 1 Georgia in a few weeks.
    you think all the teams ahead of you including us are going to lose. think again

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    The way it looks, the only method of beating Georgia would be to take them off of our schedule. but remember your people are no longer a credible source. here’s why:
    Clemson didn’t tear up our defense.
    Alabama wasn’t blown out.
    Alabama beat Clemson.
    Alabama did not lose to Clemson.
    Alabama held their highly touted running back duo to ONE yard rushing.
    Alabama never lost the lead.
    You get what I’m saying? Your people was wrong.

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    The truth shall set them free. Pontificate Brother. And let the Aubbo unlearned see the gospel of the Mighty Saban.

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    We all didnt predict a blow out and like I said yesterday

    The SEC has just a bit more talent then
    most so PREACH to your QUOIR and lets get it on with the season….


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    I agree. The SEC does have more talent than anyone. Hands down it’s the most talented conference in the nation.

    What do yall think about Florida and Miami this weekend?

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