Final 34-10; Tide rolls in Atlanta

Lots of storylines developing in this game, but will they last? Time of Possession 21:28 for the Tide and 8:31 for Tigers. Wilson has 120 yards passing and a touchdown.

Alabama has 247 total yards to Clemson’s 92. Nick Saban likes balance. How does this sound for balance? 120 yards passing and 127 yards rushing. Mark Ingram is the leading rusher at halftime with 58 yards and a 5.3 per carry average. His longest run so far was 12 yards. Clemson’s only gained 8 yards on the ground.

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    F@ck these losers. They want to think that the biggest UA bunch is a bunch of losers but their asses are wrong. Watch out because we just slaughtered the cream of the crop of the ACC and its fixing to get worse. Watch out you chumps in the rest of the SEC because we’re coming after you asses.

  2. 5

    It was a good game, but it was one game and there’s 11 more to go. We should take this one step at a time. I’ll give a shout out to API for their win over the team that beat us last year. Nice way of showing us up! Thank God college football is here and the SEC for the most part, reigned supreme!

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    roll tide! i’ll also give credit to bama tech too for shutting down monroe. can’t wait till the real sec action begins.

    Count this as my signature:

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    If only Mississippi State could’ve squeezed off the win against the other hyphenated school in Louisiana, the SEC would have gone undefeated in the opening weekend, barring Tennessee’s game Monday of course.

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    Bama Fan in NYC


    Sorry but you know I can’t live with myself if I pull for Fat Phil tomorrow night. I can pull for MSU and The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute, but Fat Phils’ slUTs are a different story.


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