On the go: Where to find Bama

Traveling and need to find the Alabama game? Here are some options.

You can view the football game via ESPN360.com with a broadband connection. If you are on AT&T broadband you are fine. It is the same with Verizon. Other broadband providers are spotty. The games are free, but you’ll have to check. Check the list of providers on the ESPN website.

Alabama’s game against Clemson will be on XM Radio channel 232. This link includes a schedule of all the SEC XM games this week.

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    Where are all the barners? Its past time for them to come here and talk about how superior they are to the whole world. They must be sick today or something.

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    There is only one and that is the OMNIPRESENT/Shane is a blogger/Ballplay Julio/AKA etc….etc….etc….
    He is a schizophrenic who logs in under 20 different screen names because that is the only way anyone would agree to any of his brainfart posts.

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    STFU tmcZero I am the one and only Im not schitzo either im just an AVID fan of Auburn/SEC Football ONE MAN ONE NAME!

    BUt It kinda impresses me that you npay attention to detail like HOW SMART BALLPLAY IS AND HOW SMARTASS I AM>.

    I know you travel alot are like a Secret Agent or something I bet no one ever gets over on you huh??


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    Omni I don’t live very far from Auburn. You should see half the people who proudly sport orange and blue. Do I need to start taking pictures and upload them onto photo bucket?

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