Why the optimism?

Why the Bama optimism? This question has been asked over and over on talk radio, blogs and message boards. There are a few reasons—some of them are actually sound.

Alabama underperformed last season. Why? Bad attitudes. Talent alone isn’t enough to win games. You need the right attitudes, and we all know last year’s team had a problem. The excitement building around this year’s team is that a better attitude could help the team over-perform.

Even Saban has commented on the team’s positive attitude during fall camp.

Saban told ESPN’s Chris Low in mid-August:

But the biggest thing is that the attitude of the players on the team has been really good. They buy into what we’re doing. They work hard, and the team chemistry has been a real positive.

That itself is reason to be optimistic. But along with the good attitudes, players are improving. Is it enough to beat Clemson?

Perhaps not.

The margin of error in college football is smaller than ever. When Michigan loses to Appalachian State, and La. Monroe can beat Alabama, anything is possible.


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