Who said the press was biased

Anyone who says the press isn’t biased should take this as proof of the professionalism of sports reporters.

Having covered a few games at Alabama in the past – not to mention having a handful of cousins who are alums – I don’t think it a stretch to suggest that perspective and Alabama football don’t quite mix. It’s one thing to embrace tradition; it’s another to essentially be one step short of embalming Bear Bryant and setting up a tomb a la Lenin.

I’m sure fans can expect more of this unbiased analysis in game stories, etc. Clemson is lucky to have someone of such high professional standards spewing the company line, errr covering their team for them.

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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian

    I wouldnt be suprised if the columnist were not a barner….You see, the whole country sees Bama in this light….Dont believe it ? Go to a national board and see.

  2. 4
    War Eagle

    Of course when every other school has this opinion of the Tide, it can’t be true oh no they are just jealous or biased or whatever you want to call it.
    Damn the truth hurts.

  3. 5

    I don’t think most Alabama fans practice ancestor worship. Bear Bryant died before I was born. Anyone in their 30s would have little personal memory of the man. I think the whole “Bryant ain’t coming back” argument is a straw man created by opponents of Alabama who (1) don’t want to face the reality of Saban’s progress in rebuilding the program into a powerhouse, (2) resent the resiliency of Alabama fans who still support with their team even when it is down, and (3) don’t have a similar history of success in their own program. Thus, its a cheap shot any journalist supporting an opposing team might make before an Alabama game.

    Take this hypothetical conversation which encapsulates my point:

    Alabama Fan: “Alabama is on the rise, Saban is recruiting great players and has a track record of turning around programs at MSU and LSU.”

    Auburn Fan: “Bear Bryant is dead. He ain’t coming back.”

    Alabama Fan: “WTF does that have to do with anything.”

    Auburn Fan: “I like cow tipping and sleep in a barn.”

  4. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    C.Jackson……If there is no longer any bearworship going on. Please explain the 500 lb. Hat beingerected at BDS. for all the Crimson necks to bow before.

  5. 7


    I hear your momma has donated to have a 20 ft. dildo installed at Jerkin-Hair so she can finally be satisfied after a win.

  6. 8

    A hat? OMG A HAT?
    What about those paintings of Shug Jordan and Bo Jackson on the side of Jordan-Hare? Or even on the inside around the scoreboard?
    War Eagle how many of those fans participate in the tradition of rambling on and on and on on Alabama boards?
    They’re not jealous you are. Ohio State fans are more concerned with Ohio State. Georgia fans are concerned with Georgia. Florida fans are concerned with Florida. API fans are concerned with Alabama. But they are not jealous just like I’m secretly Bill Clinton.
    Barnies constantly bring up the bear. We the fans, again the fans, install a concession stand in the design of a bear bryant hat, and we live in the past.
    I guess we should buldoze those statues and dig up the walk of champions and change the name of our stadium to UA Field.
    If bear was your coach win or lose his legacy would forever live on in Aubarn, Alabama.
    API fans still talk about their Heisman winners. They talk about Bo Jackson and more about Pat Dye than they do Shug.
    What sets yall apart from everyone else?

  7. 9

    All these barners seem to forget that we’ve actually won a national championship since Bear died. Something they have yet to accomplish.

  8. 10

    Maybe every time an Auburn fan says Bear is dead, we should remind them Shug is too. For that matter, isn’t Pat Dye?

  9. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    Educator 1 ….I hope you know that convicted sex offenders cant be teachers. Clean up your mouth boy, before I wash it out with soap.

  10. 12

    What logic are they attempting to imply today? Is it something to do with Bear Bryant again? That’s an eye opening surprise. I thought the vast majority of Alabama fans today rallied around Nick Saban. Leave it up to an Auburn fan to bring Bear Bryant back into the picture, then mentally explode because we defend him.

  11. 13

    Injun boy,

    I don’t think you’d want to try and do that, plus I know you can’t come out at night cause you gotta stay home and keep momma happy. It’s ok though because all barner trailer trash can spell incest before they learn to walk.

  12. 14

    Dude, it’s a BLOG. And much like your blog, it’s just all your opinion (well, that plus a few head injury cases like Shane). Why get yourself all exercised about a Clemson blog? Did you really think he was gonna bow down to UAT?

  13. 15
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Everbody get an egg. Hold it straight out in front of you with you pointer finger at the top and your thumb at the bottom. Look at the egg. That is bama’s world. Look at all the space around the the egg, that is the rest of the country not drinking the sabin urine-aide. Stay in your little egg world and keep trying to convince each other that bammur is back.

  14. 16

    Shane is a blogger,
    I am in the south pacific. Dont try to skew the reality of world views by bringing up eggs or poultry or any of your bullshit corn pone farmhouse ideologies, Shouldnt you just go ahead and log in as the Indian who likes to play with everyone else’s balls, and agree with your last post like it was the most profound writing since “War and Peace”?
    Shane is a blogger/Ballplay Julio/AKA etc etc etc….., you and the other dozen of your screen names have no crediblity. So why dont you just shut the hell up and let the adults talk. Instead of wasting our time with your childish antics and brain dead assumptions? Go away… None of the Bama men on this board want you to play with our balls. Make your gay love connections on a more appropriate board (Like Auburn Undercover)

  15. 17

    Wasn’t Aubum undercover the site that had a disclaimer saying THIS SITE IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA?

    I know it was one, but can’t remember which one it was. If that isn’t little man’s disease at its finest I don’t know what is.

  16. 19

    Hey i hate bush…..

    I CAN!!! and will rookie.. the fact is everyone ND,UAT,USC,AU,FSU, they have GHOSTS some just dont expect THAT GHOST to take human form I.E.. Stallings,SHula,or BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!


  17. 24

    Why does Shane is a Blogger/Omnipresent have to change his screen name every time he makes a new post?

    Cause no one else has enough moonshine induced lead poisoning sickness to agree with him.

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