S.C. survives four interceptions

South Carolina survived four interceptions as the college football season began Thursday. And guess what, the Gamecocks have a quarterback controversy. Tommy Beecher struggled and backup Chris Smelley looked sharp in relief.


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    I was shocked Spurrier didn’t yank Beecher following his second interception in the first quarter. It was obvious Beecher wasn’t making the right decisions and with Spurrier’s history of quick hooks…I sat there watching somewhat dumbfounded. It wasn’t the Spurrier we remembered.

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    War Eagle

    I think Spurrier has mellowed out in his old age. I really think that Smelly will be the starter for them next week. However, Smelly came in with the NCState defense was tired and ran down. I wonder how Beecher separated himself in practice? He didn’t look that confident. But obviously they saw something in him to make him the starter over Smelly.

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    “I think Spurrier has mellowed out in his old age.”

    Yeah, right. I still saw the same old spurrier yanking off his headset and visor, ranting and raving on the sidelines.

    he didn’t yank a qb ONE FOOTBALL QUARTER before everyone thought he would and ‘the old man can’t cut it any more’.


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    SEC This Week » Friday game recaps

    […] The SEC season is underway. South Carolina’s defense could be the strongest part of the team. But what is wrong with the offense? To say Beecher was ineffective wouldn’t be honest. He sucked. Beecher threw two interceptions in the first quarter and missed several additional throws. Add an interception in the second quarter. And one in the third. Has Steve Spurrier lost his golden touch? What was going through his mind while Beecher tossed interception after interception? Beecher was given the job by Spurrier in April despite throwing three interceptions in South Carolina’s closing spring scrimmage. Ever since, Spurrier has stood solidly in Beecher’s corner repeating the junior would have a chance to go the distance for the Gamecocks this season. From AP story […]

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    The game started off like a typical SEC showdown, even though only one team was a member of the SEC. It wasn’t very pretty until midway through the third quarter when NC State finally threw in the towel.

    Good job last night, USC.

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