By request: UA and AU picks

Alabama vs. Clemson
I think Alabama can win this game. I think Clemson can win this game. I’ll stick with a tight game with more scoring than most people would think. Alabama 31 Clemson 30

Auburn vs. La. Monroe
Auburn wins this game. Big. Auburn 35 La. Monroe 14

The real reason I posted the prediction was to encourage our readers to share. So, what do you think the scores will be and why?

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  1. 1
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Clemson 24
    Bama 21
    Tommy Bowden needs to win this one, the natives are restless.

    Auburn 45
    LAMO 13
    OK Coach Tubs show us what you got.

  2. 3
    Ballplay Indian

    I almost hate to say it…….But bama may have a chance. Flip a coin. Bama 23 Auburn with a lake 30.

    Auburn shows that a warhawk cant hang with a war eagle. Auburn 44 LAMO 14….

    To be honost Clemson kinda reminds me of Arkansas. You just dont know if they will show up or not. They could drill Bama or they could lose. But I dont see a Bama blowout for dang sure. Hard one to pick IMO. I wouldnt bet on this game.

  3. 4
    freaking genius

    clem 34
    bama 30

    bama rallies late and loses by less than a TD.

    AU struggles in the first half, pulls away to win by 20.
    AU 37-17

  4. 6
    Hunter Ford

    Alabama 35 Clemson 27 –
    Because I am the best fan in the world and I will WILL IT TO HAPPEN from my seat in front of the tube. The players will hear everything I scream at them and they will be super motivated. The refs will hear my tirades against them and they will adjust their calls accordingly. Coach Saban will telepathically receive all of my brilliant advice and he will coach accordingly.

    Alabama will be trailing 27-21 in the Fourth. Julio will catch a TD pass from JP with less than three minutes remaining to put us up by one. with Clemson making a last ditch effort to salvage the game, Javier Arenas will intercept a pass and return it for a TD to salt away Bama’s first non-conference regular season win against a ranked opponent in a long long time.


    Auburn 55 Yellow School Bus 3

  5. 7
    Kirk the Jerk

    Alabama with play their tails off and take advantage of this mostly inexperienced Clemson OL. Yes, they have a great RB but the line must pave the way. We will put enough pressure on Harper to get Arenas some touches which could be beautiful.

    Alabama 27
    Clemson 24

    Auburn will destroy LaMo just so Bama fans will have to listen to the Barners run their mouth about our game against them last year. Let them talk while they can because they truly know what is brewing and the streak will be coming to an abrupt halt.

    Auburn 38
    Louisiana Looters Rehab Center 10

  6. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    Kirk , their O-line is almost as inexperienced as your d-line and your linebackers. That will negate any advantage you may have had in that regard. It will come down to how well you tackle Spiller and Davis…..

  7. 10

    Alabama 27
    Clemson 21

    JPW must become a general on the field and and the defense has to grow up fast. I believe both will happen Sat.

    Auburn Who knows
    LaMo Who cares

    Auburn handles LaMo the way we should have last year.

    IT’s football season eevrybody!!!!

  8. 11
    Hunter Ford

    Saban will receive messages from me on a metaphysical wave length transmitted from my brain through my TV set into his headset on the sidelines…. but you knew that anyway you are OMNIPRESENT

    Roll TIDE!

  9. 12

    Who allowed the flies to swarm an Alabama website?

    I refuse to post a prediction for both teams. The Alabama game will come down to who wants it more, and the Aubums are only out to send a message to Alabama – shocker – for their loss last year. If LM had stomped UGA last year, Aubums wouldn’t care and it would just be another typical season opener. But anything that helps boost their relevance in the state is atop of their check list.

  10. 13
    J W

    what is it with every one thinking we have no linebackers.hell we are going to be just fine there.sabin turns the monster lose defense gets sticky and t.grant gets 125 rushing BAMA 24 CLEMSON 20

  11. 14

    Okay, that’s it! It’s official, all of the so-called Alabama Tech fans are just ONE person. You do a nice job at disguising the grammar and spelling trying to mislead others, but only a true moron (such as yourself) would actually buy it. At least use the same username instead of 20 like the webcam girls do on myspace.

    As for my predictions:

    LAMO: 21
    Alabama Tech: 17

  12. 16
    Bama Fan in NYC

    The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute 7

    The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institutes’ New Daddy, Louisiana-Monroe 34

  13. 20

    Hunter your mistakening me for my brother
    And George get some new material rookie
    there are more of us here than you can imagine…


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