Bowden: No problem with Alabama

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden attempted to defuse a firestorm ignited Monday by comments form Clemson defensive coordinator Vic Koenning. Koenning under the guise of a joke lobbed a charge of recruiting improprieties indicating top Alabama recruits Julio Jones and Burton Scott were driving Escalades.

Bowden said he had not addressed the comment with his coordinator, because it was a minor issue. Bowden said he had not experienced any problems recruiting against Alabama or Auburn. In fact, there is no animosity between Clemson and the major schools in the state of Alabama.

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“I’ve been here and recruited the state of Alabama for ten years and I have never had a problem with Alabama or Auburn, either one,” Bowden said. “And that is why I was kind of surprised such a big thing was made. Vic, of course, coached at Troy. He’s got friends in the state. I’ve got friends in the state. Have never had a problem with either school, and a guy makes an off-the-cuff comment and I know we are really looking for things to write about and talk about on the Internet and talk shows. If we would have had some bad blood in the past, but here’s a school that has had zero bad blood and has recruited that state actively, and that is why I was kind of surprised that it snowballed and got momentum that it did. I didn’t say anything to him. I think he said in his statement that he was kidding. Like I said, we didn’t even recruit him, you know Julio Jones. So, I think that shows you how insignificant the statement is.”