Bowden: No problem with Alabama

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden attempted to defuse a firestorm ignited Monday by comments form Clemson defensive coordinator Vic Koenning. Koenning under the guise of a joke lobbed a charge of recruiting improprieties indicating top Alabama recruits Julio Jones and Burton Scott were driving Escalades.

Bowden said he had not addressed the comment with his coordinator, because it was a minor issue. Bowden said he had not experienced any problems recruiting against Alabama or Auburn. In fact, there is no animosity between Clemson and the major schools in the state of Alabama.

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“I’ve been here and recruited the state of Alabama for ten years and I have never had a problem with Alabama or Auburn, either one,” Bowden said. “And that is why I was kind of surprised such a big thing was made. Vic, of course, coached at Troy. He’s got friends in the state. I’ve got friends in the state. Have never had a problem with either school, and a guy makes an off-the-cuff comment and I know we are really looking for things to write about and talk about on the Internet and talk shows. If we would have had some bad blood in the past, but here’s a school that has had zero bad blood and has recruited that state actively, and that is why I was kind of surprised that it snowballed and got momentum that it did. I didn’t say anything to him. I think he said in his statement that he was kidding. Like I said, we didn’t even recruit him, you know Julio Jones. So, I think that shows you how insignificant the statement is.”


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  1. 4

    that’s exactly what it was, amy. you’re exactly right. racist.

    wouldn’t have thought of using the same language if they were white kids.

    you know b. i. kind of like saying you have black friends.

  2. 5
    Mr. Holmes

    That sounded like a “stereotypical” southern racist white man comment. He could have said a “350z” or a “lamborghini gallardo”.

    Whatever the comment truly meant, these are two 18 year old B O Y S, not 35 year old NFL stars.

  3. 6

    correctamundo! he said exactly what he meant to say.

    whether he was joking or not is irrelevant. if they were white kids he’d never thought to say that.

    he made a bigoted, stereotypical comment. period.

    and after what saban went thru with the coonass comment it’s really rather surprising how many ‘bama people just want this to go away.

  4. 7

    Stupid ass comment by a dumbass assistant coach. There is no excuse for it. Screw him and I hope this motivates our team a little more for the game Sat.

  5. 10
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Which would you prefer: a John Deere tractor courtesy of The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institutes’ finest or a Cadillac Escalade courtesy of The University of Alabama’s finest?

  6. 12

    Naw, I would prefer seven fingers in the air, Almost as I would 6 right up your asses. Kinda eats you up doesnt it?

  7. 13

    FinebaumJunkie, not as bad as it eats you up that nobody in the country gives Auburn credit because all six have come at the lowest point in Bama football history. Kind of like bragging that you slapped the blind kid at school. But then, you probably actually did that, so the point is lost on you.

  8. 14

    I always use UFC/WWE symbolism… It’s like Tito Ortiz kicks Eric Bischoff’s ass in nearly all twelve matchups. Then Tito Ortiz suddenly breaks an arm, but is still forced to fight and Eric manages to kick his ass in the next six matches.

  9. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Intheknow. Someone is giving us some cred. Ap preseason top 10 without a starting quarterback named yet. Iant Wilson a 7th year redshirt senior ? That doesnt even get yall into the top 20. Hmmmmmm. How the times have changed.

  10. 16


    Jesus let the cripled shit go,your the ones looking like idiots with you WE WERE CRIPPLED WE SHOULDNT OF HAD TO PLAY

    see how stupid it sounds when we say it


  11. 18
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    His mother Queen works at the KFC. However the caddy dealership is owned by a booster. His uncle’s cousin first child works in the service department.
    Queen says,
    CLEMSON 44
    Escalade 6

  12. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    Most likely , the only ones that will be on here Monday will be the crickets. In the remote chance of a Bama win. They will be in here by the thousands.

    And they really need to work on gettin Julio some 25s …I mean, we wouldnt want him to feel neglected.

  13. 25

    How many Aubums will be here when their streak ends at number 6? How many Aubums will leave those S the Streak stickers on the back of their 1975 pick up trucks for sacred memories after the streak is over?

  14. 27

    I wonder how the one barnie will react to the thrashing they’ll endure at the hands of LAMO, Saturday? I bet he’ll never think twice of returning to Capsonereport, meaning all 12 usernames he posts under will suddenly fade away as well.

  15. 29
    Bama Fan in NYC


    According to The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institutes’ finest, the streak will never end.

    But according to Charles Barkley, someone I’m sure they’ve casted out of the dysfunctional family by now thanks to the comment I’m about to provide you with, Alabama will end the streak soon and they’ll gain success over The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute.

    But according to the average moonshine drinking Barnie, the streak will never end and Charles Barkley suffers from delusion.

  16. 30
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    OMNI, don’t forget about Amy & tmc1.
    Ranger, when it goes to seven you will ask for an immediate transfer.

  17. 31

    does it flame you backwoods barnies up knowing the facts show you struggle to beat us when we’re not at rock bottom? it’s bama tech’s fault not ours.


    Count this as my signature:

  18. 32
    Ballplay Indian

    I take that back. With all the clout the REC has , anythiing less than 30s would be a outright shame. Pimpin aint easy.

  19. 33
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Several years ago boosters bought bammur players tires & rims at “Mojo’s Tires”. I wonder where they are getting them now?

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