Game Week

It’s here. Can you believe it? The long summer has given way to football and now it is time.

An official depth chart should be ready for the press today. There has been speculation from newspapers and blogs about what the depth chart will look like. But we no longer have to speculate. You can almost feel the season is here.

We’ll also be able to put aside speculation about how good the freshmen will be. Of course, that bit of information won’t be revealed until Saturday. I guess we can wait that long—even if kickoff is in primetime.

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Josh Moon insulting people again
As if Josh Moon wasn’t content lobbing inappropriate allegations against the Alabama program under the guise of a joke, he takes shots at Alabama and Auburn fans for not getting it.

Maybe the problem doesn’t rest with Alabama and Auburn fans. Maybe the problem is Josh Moon and his editors. It is the height of irresponsibility to accuse someone in print of cheating—and that is what he did. You can call it selective reading and we didn’t get the joke; however, when you spend your time pushing an agenda everyone including Alabama and Auburn fans read your work through that prism.

And Moon provides the prism in the next segment of his column taking a shot at Saban’s height. Seriously, does Moon spend his day reading Auburn message boards? Like we all haven’t heard Nick Saban is short about a million times from Auburn fans. It wasn’t funny the first time. And if you think Moon is finished, he takes another shot at Alabama toward the end of the column.

More quality from Gannett. The end of newsprint can’t come fast enough.

The good in newsprint
I have to admit, I loved the Birmingham News football preview section. It was a very nice section, although the It’s A Jungle Out There headline had the Monk theme running over and over again through my head Sunday. And the ads. Wow. Who said newspapers were suffering slowing ad revenue. It’s still nice to hold the actual stories in my hand—but in case you missed it, here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

Ian Rapoport details how Nick Saban goes about making the inexact science of recruiting less inexact. The story is full of gems like the staff’s preference for VHS over DVD. Worth reading.