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A few items worth reading

This team’s attitude is better
I’ve been saying that for a few weeks. Antoine Caldwell said this team is closest he has been on at Alabama, according to the Rap Sheet. And there is more good news—some of the problems from last year are being replaced due to the process.

Were there cliques last year?

“Yeah, a little bit,” he continued. “I noticed it a little bit last year. Sometimes, it’s just by habit. You’ve been around certain people so long, around the same environment for so long, you just start getting used to it. But we’ve been doing a great job this year of being put in different environments, doing different activities, helping to get us closer as a team.”

Of course, it is easy to have a good attitude when you haven’t lost a game or faced turmoil. The real test is how the team responds to adversity. But so far, things just seem better.

AU concludes Olympic run with 18 medals
One of our AU readers asked about this topic. Auburn graduates captured 18 medals in the Beijing Olympic games. That is beneath Cuba and above Belarus and Canada. According to the Gold Mine, if Auburn were its own country “it would rank 13th.”

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Q&A with Clemson president
Want to know what is on the mind of Clemson’s president? Then check out The State. In this interview, you hear the typical hypocrisy of any college president—you know talking about academic integrity and railing against the commercialization of college athletics all the while cashing big fat television and bowl checks.

Cool new blog
There is a cool new Tide blog for your reading pleasure: Tide Chick. The blog features a great writer with some interesting perspectives on Alabama football. A superb entry into the Bamasphere.

Best freshmen class?
No doubt you probably read this Friday, but just in case anyone missed it, Cecil Hurt provides some perspective on how this freshman class compares to past Alabama classes.

Bowden shoots for 400 wins, talks about Joe Paterno
Bowden says the goal of 400 wins for himself is attainable in this AP video:


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    Bama Fan in NYC

    And I wish Bobby all the best. FSU fans, these days, hate his guts, but whether he equals what he was capable of in his prime or not, I hope he’s around for 400 more wins, even though that’s utterly impossible.

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