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Ever wondered what the freaks, errr I mean insightful personalities of the Paul Finebaum Radio Network look like?

We didn’t either. In fact, we were afraid to find out. But Hunter Ford of the Western Star was kind enough to share his images from Finebaum’s Wednesday luncheon in Huntsville. So thank or blame him as the case may be. (For larger images, click on the photograph. The first click takes you to a crop of the image, you can click again for the largest version of the photograph.)

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    LOL I don’t know about Reeltown TideDruid, but I do know that if you go to Finebaums website and look at the images, Charles has the same flippin shirt on in those pics that was taken a couple of weeks ago. Almost makes me wonder about his drawers. What?…..I said almost.

  2. 3

    The current problem with PFRN is the lack of quality callers. Charles is a backwoods piece of shit that has no redeeming value. The “country boy ass whipping” he is so fond of saying – hell that is the only thing he says – probably refers to his repressed homosexuality.
    Give me some callers talking some good smack and not bull shit.

  3. 5
    Ballplay Indian

    Mary far and away is easiest on the eyes…Shane looks about like I thought he would. Charles from reeltown , your not doing Auburns image any favors bud. By the way , is that a giant doobie that Shane and Hunter are passing? The looks on their faces suggest that it might be.

  4. 7

    Yep Charles is the reaon for you bammas busting Aubies!! I C but I do apolgyze to ShAne for all the off the cuff comments I didnt know you were handicap bro my bad!

  5. 9

    No photos of I-Man? He’s my favorite caller. I know all he does is bash Alabama, but he’s just doing his job, only in a more humorous tone. lol

  6. 10
    Hunter Ford

    Paul did a nice job… look for an article from me detailing what he said at the event. Also, I talked with John Pruett the longtime sports editor of the Huntsville Times…interesting stuff.

    I’ll have it submitted to Capstone Report by Friday afternoon Aug.22

    In the Shane’s pic w/me that is a copy of Western Star. You’d be surprised what you can roll in newsprint.

  7. 11

    Now you know why these guys do radio!!!

    As an Aubie, I will be the 1st to say that Charles is just a backwoods redneck, which IMO kind of excuses him for being an idiot. My question is, what is Shane’s excuse for being a piece of trash?

  8. 13

    Good grief…what a totally motley crew. I would have to find the nearest shower after being in a room with that bunch of head injury victims.

  9. 14

    Is it the Cigs or the crap that flows from his mouth that gives Shane that brownish smile? That mole on his face is a nice feature. GOOD GOD MAN!
    U…G…L…Y you ain’t got an alibi… YOU UGLY!

    And the Crapstone don’t know Chit about the spread.

    Is Mary still turning tricks in HTown? She’s looking good!

  10. 15
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Which explains why you’re a man, calling another man ugly all the while knowing you’ll never have to show that mongoloid face of yours, correct Mr. Barnie with false hopes and crushed dreams?

  11. 16
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane needs to shave his butt and walk backwards…..wait a minute, he would then look like Cunter Ford. Mary with sunglasses? Her pimp must have been tough on her in the early morning hours.
    The TIGERS are coming!

  12. 19

    SHANE LOVERS UNITE! They love to despise him because he exposes their AUturd asses for what they really are, a handful of worthless scumbags who only has a history of winning when Alabama seems to be absent. They hate him for being truthful!!!

  13. 20
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    SABIN SUCKERS UNITE! They love him but will despise him when he goes to The Citadel.
    CLEMSON 44
    suckers 6

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