A glimpse of Clemson

Want to see some of what Clemson will do against Alabama? Take a look at this video preview of the Clemson Tigers. Also, since Alabama might start the season with Va. Tech in 2009, this video might be of some interest—it previews the 2008 version of the team. Plus the blond isn’t bad to look at hosting the preview show.


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    Ballplay Indian

    Yall wnat to see how to beat Clemson, just watch the chick file bowl. They will be a good team this year. Bama had better bring their A-game.

  2. 4

    I’m going to laugh if they’re not. Yes, I think they are going to win the game, but then again, they have a history of choking early on in the first game, and Alabama has a tendency of starting the season off on a high note. We’ll find out in nearly a little over a week, won’t we?

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