Tide recruits soaring on Rivals

Alabama commitments Trent Richardson and AJ McCarron moved up on Rivals.com list of the Top 100 players.

Richardson is now a five-star recruit and ranked #11 in the nation. Rivals explained the move: Richardson, who has committed to Alabama, was very light on his feet at “Friday Night Lights” in Gainesville, Fla. He had a good change of direction and surprisingly soft hands for the most muscular back I have ever seen.

Richardson’s previous ranking was based on film, the new ranking was based on Florida’s Friday Night Lights camp.

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McCarron moved up from #135 in the country to #89. Rivals explained the move: This tall, thin Alabama commit possesses a Dan Marino-type release. He showed good arm strength and accuracy on short and mid-range passes. McCarron also was above average in his drops and footwork.

McCarron’s most recent evaluation was at the EA Sports Elite 11 camp.


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  1. 2

    typical that the first comment is from a scum sucking barner….must suck not to have any worth websites of your own to visit.

  2. 3


    You know that is not fair; the same thing happens when a player commits to Auburn. Everyone remembers how that 2 star linebacker (5′ 8″ 165lb) from Mississippi went on to be a 2 1/2 star player.

  3. 4

    Who cares what they are “projected” to be in high school? It is what they do on the field in college that matters.

  4. 5
    Ballplay Indian

    Cooper…I just like conversing with intelligent folks like yourself. No need to be hatefull about it.

    It will be good to see how ESPN and Scout differ.

  5. 6

    ESPN had Trent Richardson about as high, and they had AJ McCarron even higher. Is ESPN now the official recruiting rankings for Auburn fans? I hear Auburn fans quote the ESPN recruiting rankings almost exclusively. Is it because they were the only one that did not rank Alabama #1? Is that the only reason why? I guess it makes sense as everyone knows that Auburn fans are more concerned with where Alabama is ranked, rather than where Auburn is ranked.

  6. 7

    Ballplay, Harley2 since yall are obsessed with our websites, you might as well go to tidesports.com and watch the tape on Terrance Cody #62 and then let the big weasel at the barn know to go ahead and scratch any plays with runs up the middle, won’t happen.

  7. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman….Tarrence Cody is a haus, no doubt. But only an arrogant Bammer would boast of such a thing, for a player that has never played one snap of SEC football.

  8. 9

    It was either tmc or NYC who told me I was stupid and/or crazy a few months ago when I said that Scout and Rivals boost a recruit’s ranking once they have either committed or shown a high level of interest in schools with fans that will use their luch money or child support to pay for subscriptions, i.e Bammer. I guess they’ll still say I’m crazy even when what I stated is blatantly exhibited such as it just was with Richardson and McCarron. But I’ll bet subscription to Rivals in the State of Alabama will boost by about 10% over the next 2 weeks. I’m sure there will be no connection in the subscription increase to the boost on the commitments rankings though, right?

  9. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    Lee Ziemba is going to put a suplex on Tarrence Codys Big ass…..When the big Z gets done with him, he will be crying like a snot nose kid who just got his lunch money stolen…..That is , if Pugh and Ramsey dont put the chop suey on his big butt first……Our Offensive line is the meanest bunch in college football…

  10. 11

    Typical Barnie inferiority at its finest.

    Now that Alabama’s recruiting rankings are soaring, while Alabama Tech’s are plummeting, that automatically means Rivals.com and Scout.com boost their rankings just to benefit the team they committed to? Why wouldn’t they boost the rankings when Shula was our coach? You all claim we can’t accept defeat on the field, when Barnies can’t accept defeat on a subject that truly doesn’t matter, unless however you all are winning the recruiting war against us. It’s an extremely hard task having to figure you guys out at times.

  11. 12
    J W


  12. 13

    Just as I said API fans can never allow UA to be ranked ahead of their school in any category whatsoever even if it was negative here they are proving myself right once again.

  13. 14

    Lee Ziemba is going to put a suplex on Tarrence Codys Big ass…..

    Suplex? Don’t you mean chop block?

  14. 15

    More like, Ziemba will try something illegal and vicious after being thrown around like a sack of grain. But what’s new?

    And if it’s just UA readership that adds *’s to players, why haven’t they been top-5 every year? AJ rose from his Elite-11 performance (while Cotton proved he couldn’t hit the side of an orange&blue barn). All the Barner snark in the world isn’t going to change it – sorry.

  15. 16
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    Clemson 44
    scum 6

    No bama fans on this site after the Beatdown in Atlanta.
    Ballplay, Harley2 and I will dominate this blog!!!!

  16. 17

    Shane is a booger eater, you can put the trophy of dominating a bama website in your empty ass national championship case.

    Georgia/Miss St/Ala/West Vir 44

    Auturds 6

  17. 18
    Bama Fan in NYC


    The only reason The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute dominated UA in recruiting over the past six* years was simply because rivals/scout ranked character above talent!

    Due to Tuberredneck statistically owning every other college in character recruiting, they’ve eliminated that category in player evaluation, thus meaning character no longer signifies a star ranking.

    And the Aubarn cows jumped over the moon!

  18. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Chrsitopherson…I should have been a little more clear. Ziemba would perform a suplex (ala Rick Flair) on Cody…He has been perfecting the suplex on our own Tarrence Coleman….(I.E. cervicle sprain)…..Then , and only then, if that didnt work, wich it would, Ramsey and Pugh would chop block him, and thereby finish him off…..Got it?

  19. 21
    Ballplay Indian

    Ric Flair doesnt look like he once did, more flab and all. But I bet he could still whoop an ass..Plus he looks just as crazy as ever..

  20. 22

    Didn’t that old hag lose his retirement match at Wrestlemania? I’m 60% certain he did. But I stopped watching wrestling when WWF bought out WCW. No other wrestling organization can rival what WCW was during the days of the NWO.

  21. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    George……A bit of a russln fan are we? AAHHHHHH , Bama football and russlin, they go together like peanut butter and jelly……….Sorry man , I just couldnt help it…

  22. 24
    Bama Fan in NYC

    News flash: rasslin’ is FAKE!

    But the ass-kicking you guys are going to endure on the 29th is as real as the electricity powering that desk top of yours!!

  23. 26
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC….Its good to see a few Bama fans with some spunk……..Most that Ive seen in the past 2 years are like nuetered dogs…..The 6 slicese of humble pie piped em down quite a bit….But nooooo, not you NYC…..You still hang in there and talk crap….Quite frankly , Its refreshing…Im the same way. It wouldnt matter if Bama beat us 15 times in a row….Im still gonna run my mouth.

    Heres to you NYC.

  24. 27
    The Wrath of The Hat

    Terrance Cody is hot garbage. LMFAO @ Bammer’s pimpimg true freshman as world beaters when the blow up at practice because the starters are trash players.

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