Report: Saban on cover of Forbes Magazine

Nick Saban is on the cover of Forbes Magazine and the Rap Sheet has the details including a graphic of the cover.

While some coaches have similar salaries, “No coach, including those in the professional leagues, can match Saban’s combination of money, control, and influence,” wrote Monte Burke, the author of the story.
To support its argument, the magazine cites Saban’s positive influence on the University of Alabama’s capital campaign, the increase in the quality of applicants, and the way he controls every aspect of his program.

How influential is Forbes?
Forbes Magazine reaches an affluent readership, and its website boasts 30 million unique readers each month.

You can’t argue it is a very interesting place to find Alabama’s football coach.

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Excerpt from Forbes article:

Handing Saban the keys was a business decision. Bigger TV contracts and bowl game payouts helped push revenues for the Division 1-A colleges to $2 billion, up 25% in four years. Saban has already had an impact. At his first spring practice game 92,000 fans showed up. The waiting list for season tickets tripled after his arrival to 10,000. A stalled 10,000-seat stadium expansion now seems inevitable.

Alabama’s football program had $54 million in revenue this past year and an estimated $32 million profit. The profit is used to pay off the athletic department’s $130 million debt for capital improvements. Football finances 77% of the athletic department, bankrolling nonrevenue sports like swimming and softball. It also has kicked back millions of dollars to university academic programs.

The magazine hits newstands Thursday morning, according to the Rap Sheet.


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  1. 1

    When Tuberville visited the troops, one of the more inferior Barnies snapped a picture with Tuberville holding up a sign that read, “Hey ‘Bama, Where is Saban?”

    I’d like to propose a similar question while courteously providing the answer as well, “Hey Bama Tech, where is Tuberville?” Apparently not on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

  2. 2

    Forbes was also the same magazine that ranked UA 7th among all the nation’s public universities. I’m sure somewhere out there an API fan is doing quite a bit of research hoping to find the CEO of Forbes is a UA alumni. In their world, seeing Alabama receive accreditation is intolerable. Someone, somewhere will take a cheap shot attempting to once again bring us down on the same level as them.

  3. 3

    If anything, they’ll attempt to diminish Forbes’ illustrious name.

    I’ve always been a devout reader and needless to say I can’t wait to pick this issue up!

  4. 6
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Is that your way of asking what Forbes actually is, Kevin?

    By the way, where have you been hiding all day? Was the hamster powering the Opelika server sick, or did he take the day off?

  5. 7

    Reaction of the average barnie: Wutz tha enturnet? N wot tha heyl doez a restrownt surver gots to do with et?

  6. 9

    Hey Bama. What did all that money buy you? A coach who gets his picture on Forbes for doing nothing oh wait.. he did lose to ULM and lift a suspension in order to TRY and win that game.. man that Saban knows how to discipline. He hasn’t won any games of significance for you and all you can do is hang on to the fact that maybe just maybe that recruiting class will pan out. Keep hoping and see ya in Athens.

  7. 10

    Congrats, bammers. I think you all are a little confused, though. Forbes did not rank Saban as the best coach in the country. Forbes took notice that Saban is the most powerful coach in the country. This is because UA was so desperate that they were willing to pay him more than any other coach in the country and also agree to hold him completely unaccountable. Amazingly, Forbes forgot to mention the one way buyout that Saban insisted upon in his contract which allows Saban to leave without penalty, but forces Bama to pay Saban a huge buyout is he is fired. That is absolutely unprecedented. (Don’t worry though, bammers. Every rival coach in the country will be reminding recruits of the buyout provision in a couple of years.)

    Keep on getting magazine covers, i.e SI 2005 “Bama’s Back”, 2008 Forbes. Auburn will just keep on quietly kicking Bama’s and everyone else’s a$$. P.S. Will the bammers count this magazine cover as their 13th national championship?

  8. 11

    Julio- good insight. I also wonder if the bama nation really understands about Saban. Mal Moore did not walk over to Saban and say “Hey here is 4 mil come coach for us.” Saban bargained his own contract and the absense of a buyout clause was very noticable. So much so that Forbes said he has more power than any other coach. Not a powerful team obviously but Saban is sitting high with his contract and we all know he likes to move around.

  9. 12

    Inferiority. Envy. Jealousy. Little man’s syndrome, Napoleon’s syndrome, little brother’s syndrome.

    Even if they placed in bold words on the cover “Saban: Most hated figure in college football” you guys would implode simply because an Alabama football coach was featured on the cover of such a noble magazine.

    Harley2, let’s see some proof that you’re a UGA fan and not the same guy who’s conversating with himself under three different names.

  10. 13

    The reason I ask is because as much as they deny it, Julio and Pluto are the same person with a different name. Your style of words are a lot similar to his/the two you’re chatting with, and most importantly, a UGA fan would never follow in the footsteps of a Barnie by bashing Alabama because unlike Auburn, they’re more concerned with that number 1 ranking and winning a championship rather than what’s going on in Tuscaloosa. I live in Georgia and 3/4 of every UGA fan I know despises Florida, but not to the point where they obsess over their every move, (i.e. Auburn does Alabama). The other 1/4 despise that little cow college in Lee County famously known as Auburn, originally known as the East Alabama Male College.

    Nice try, but some of us aren’t as gullible as you may think.

  11. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    Have any of you seen the Sports Illustrated list for the most profitable D1 football programs? Guess who was one lot ahead of Bama? That would be Auburn…Auburn ranks 6th nationally….

    While I doubt anyone will question Sabans busines prowess or coaching prowess, He did pretty much get the key to the city when he came to town…..Total control of every thing football…Country club membership and so many hours a year for personal use on the universities private jet…Hey if you can g et it , go for it…

  12. 16

    Geez tiderinsider, you’re just another paranoid tmc wannabe. (or are you tmc under a new name? maybe you’re just throwing us off the trail with that Georgia stuff). That’s a pretty sad thing to aspire to. Yes that’s right. All AU posters on this blog must be the same person, because you performed a forensic examination of their “word styles”. Eureka!! We’ve got Sherlock Freakin’ Holmes as a poster on this blog!

    Despite the typical bammer insult laden response of “you’re just jealous”, I’m still waiting for you to tell me what I said in my post about the Forbes article that was wrong.

  13. 17

    Because the vast majority of all AUtards can’t seem to let Alabama be. You all can’t seem to respect anything that mentions Alabama’s name or anything affiliated with Alabama. You ever notice how Florida or Tennessee fans aren’t in here trashing every column? Even if they were, do you think they’d take time to point out Saban lost to a Louisiana hyphenated school or UAB? What the other Bama fans are saying are correct. You guys envy our every step. Just admit it to end the argument.

  14. 18

    once again….rampant insults without a single reference why my post regarding the Forbes article was incorrect.

  15. 19
    Amy 4 Bama

    Forbes did not rank Saban as the best coach in the country.

    That’s everyone’s point. You start a rant about something no one else has said. Who said he was the best coach in the country? Whether you like it or not, he’s our coach and he’s on the cover of a nationally known magazine. Why can’t you just say it’s cool a college coach was on the cover of Forbes, especially Alabama’s?

  16. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    George…Thats what makes this the best rivalry there is….Look at ANY Auburn board , and you will see the same thing….We give each other heck….That is the nature of the rivalry..Why would we want to tone it down ? What fun would that be ?

    As far as the rivalry goes, I still admit truth as truth…Saban is a good coach…Bama will improve…The Bear was the best coach ever….Yall have a great tradition………BUUUUUTTTTTTT….Yall are still our rival , and we are still going to do our best to get under your skin….

  17. 21
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Ballplay, whether it matters or not, that’s the reason I like you because you’re A MAN unlike most of the little female Barnies who spam our boards.

    Call me crazy but I’ve said this time and time before, I have no problem with our in state rival, nor do I have a problem with UAB. I trash talk of course, but in retrospect, I’ve never truly had a problem with them.

    Yeah, when their streak began, I’ve been overly eager and starving to put them back in their place, but when they’re not playing Alabama I’ve always rooted for them (sounds cliche, yeah).

    I can’t say the same for our other rival, but when Fatty Phil receives the ax, my hatred for Tennessee will be erased from my senses. I know what he did was business and blah blah, but if it happened to you guys, you’d would hold the same grudge.

    But enough sweet talk because on November 29th the end of the streak is near!

  18. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    George,,,,,,What Bama did to us with the Eric Ramsey deal, Int that far from what Fulmer did to yall..Yall are our Tennessee times 10……..Hence , a lot of our grudge towards Bama…But Auburn would hate Bama anyhow…Just because….And vice-versa…

  19. 23

    Actually the guy at Forbes is an Auburn grad – from the school of math and science – yeah sure sounds like hatred . . . I live in a house divided, husbands an UA grad, I’m and AU grad. I love all the comments I get from my husbands friends as soon as they meet me and find out I’m an AU grad about “Aubies or Barners” and about how we’re all stupid and always talking smack . . .yet they’re the ones who are doing it while my fellow fans and I just smile politely.

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