Tide freshmen stepping up

The enthusiasm over Alabama’s football freshmen continues to grow. Even the Tuscaloosa News isn’t immune:

Monday morning, when the Crimson Tide took the field for the first practice of a two-a-day, it had a vastly different look from last week and Saturday’s first fall scrimmage. During the brief time period that reporters were allowed to observe individual drills, a number of true freshmen who helped make up last year’s No. 1 recruiting class in the nation lined up in new places…

Although the team’s official stance is that there’s no depth chart during camp, and almost no one is considered a starter until kickoff Aug. 30 against Clemson, there’s no way to deny that the coaches are taking long looks at the rookies – especially at wide receiver, where players frequently line up in different spots.

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Hate for Auburn
Why do you hate Auburn? Alabamagameday examines the top 20 reasons to hate the Tigers. I have to admit, I like #18 which was revealed today.

Character training
On Monday’s Paul Finebaum Radio Network, Finebaum and callers discussed the character development program underway for the Alabama football team. The discussion revolved around an article in Sunday’s Birmingham News. One part of the talk centered on this quote: Safety Rashad Johnson said the class helped in dealing with the aftermath of his February arrest for disorderly conduct. “This class teaches you about who the people are that you surround yourself with,” Johnson said. “You want good people if you want to get good results.”

The question was asked, isn’t this something that common sense should tell us? Isn’t this something you are told over and over again?

Yes. Yes it is. But it doesn’t mean you stop telling people important truths because they have heard it before.

I’ll point to an example where this same wisdom has been told and told again. Euripedes was quoted by St. Paul in the New Testament giving us this warning: Evil company corrupts good morals.

If the Apostle thought the warning worth repeating, it probably is advice that we need to hear over and over and over again.