John Parker Wilson & Alabama’s offense

Ronald Reagan gave his 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” With Nick Saban’s emphasis on positive energy, I imagine he wouldn’t mind if we added a 12th commandment that read something like this: Thou shalt not speak evil of thy football team.

If that were a commandment, then a large portion of Alabama football fans would be guilty of violating it–especially when talking about the Tide’s John Parker Wilson.

Wilson appeared to regress in the 2007 football season, and some fans are quick to point out their preseason worries.

But, maybe all or a large part of Wilson’s problems last year were due to coaching.

Why would I make that assertion? Listen to these comments from backup quarterback Greg McElroy.

“One of few things different (about this offense), quarterbacks are more open to taking completions,” McElroy said. “Get the ball into the open guy’s hands. That is what this offense is about. Don’t wait for the big guy to come open.”

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When John Parker Wilson was holding onto the football locked on to one receiver, it sounds like this was caused by the offensive scheme/plays being called by the Tide’s former offensive coordinator.

This year, the offense is all about getting the ball to the open guy. Even if the open guy isn’t the guy running the big route down the field.

When fans are complaining about Wilson, maybe they should understand not everything he does is his fault. Sometimes the coaching really does matter.

More from McElroy
With McElroy getting praise from Alabama football coach Nick Saban following Saturday’s scrimmage, he spoke to reporters Monday about his role as backup quarterback.

“I want JP to have another set of eyes on the sidelines,” McElroy said. “I try to see everything he would be seeing. I try to play each snap as if I was out there on the field, and I think in some cases that really helped him.”

McElroy also said this year’s team is different than last season’s. Much different.

“We’re a family now,” McElroy said. “I know it sounds cliche and overused, but I really feel I can look each one of those guys in the eyes and know they are going to have my back and I’m going to have theirs.” He said that was lacking last season. “The team loves each other.”