Choirboys gone wild

Auburn University’s strategy of only recruiting choirboys may have backfired.

We don’t know yet, but it looks like those choirboys have gone wild. What other thing could explain these fine men giving into the urge to engage in fisticuffs?

Surely a man of Auburn honor like Lee Ziemba wouldn’t jump into a fight and 2-on-1 a teammate?

Woops. I guess he did.

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Maybe Auburn’s BS about recruiting saints was hyperbole. Maybe Auburn recruited the same scum going to every other SEC program.

This two-on-one wasn’t anything to be concerned about, according to Auburn fans. Boys will be boys! This is football! It was just a menage-a-trois of pain!

Auburn fans on talk radio were even more transparent than Alabama fans defending the inept Mike Shula. The Auburn spin was that fights happen.

Fights happen?

Just like chop blocks.

Football isn’t about fights. You work to control emotion. You work to master your body and your emotion so you can play at a superior level. I can guarantee that Tommy Tuberville isn’t happy when players cross the line, despite his “flippant” remark to the press.

One of the best blogs covering AU football described Tuberville thusly: “Coach Tommy Tuberville, in a rare show of anger at practice, raced over to the scene and began yelling at players to stop.”

Keeping track of those choir boys must be tougher than we thought.