Choirboys gone wild

Auburn University’s strategy of only recruiting choirboys may have backfired.

We don’t know yet, but it looks like those choirboys have gone wild. What other thing could explain these fine men giving into the urge to engage in fisticuffs?

Surely a man of Auburn honor like Lee Ziemba wouldn’t jump into a fight and 2-on-1 a teammate?

Woops. I guess he did.

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Maybe Auburn’s BS about recruiting saints was hyperbole. Maybe Auburn recruited the same scum going to every other SEC program.

This two-on-one wasn’t anything to be concerned about, according to Auburn fans. Boys will be boys! This is football! It was just a menage-a-trois of pain!

Auburn fans on talk radio were even more transparent than Alabama fans defending the inept Mike Shula. The Auburn spin was that fights happen.

Fights happen?

Just like chop blocks.

Football isn’t about fights. You work to control emotion. You work to master your body and your emotion so you can play at a superior level. I can guarantee that Tommy Tuberville isn’t happy when players cross the line, despite his “flippant” remark to the press.

One of the best blogs covering AU football described Tuberville thusly: “Coach Tommy Tuberville, in a rare show of anger at practice, raced over to the scene and began yelling at players to stop.”

Keeping track of those choir boys must be tougher than we thought.


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  1. 1

    A “menage-a-trois” of pain ???????
    What an interesting turn of a phrase! Hmmmmmmm .
    I just can’t get those pictures out of my head ….those awful pictures …..!

  2. 4

    I’ll take the “choir boys” that like to fight over the wussies that Saban in “coaching”. Ever wonder why the Crimson Turd players give up in the 4th quarter. Got no fight in them!


  3. 5

    It is so funny to keep seeing these barners on an Alabama football site worrying about what is being said. Why don’t you spend time with your own and quit worrying about big brother for a while. We’re going to be just fine.

    Heck, I keep you keep fighting and beating the hell out of each other. Just makes everybody else’s job that much easier.

  4. 7

    No football players aren’t scum. I was being sarcastic since only Tommy Tuberville recruited choirboys, everybody else MUST be scum! 🙂

  5. 8
    Auburn Man

    Hi Fellows!
    Just flew in from Wiggins Ms. (and boy are my arms tired! Hurump pump!)
    It is always nice to see the players get a bit aggressive. It warms my heart to see that Coach Yox is feeding these Auburn Men a steady diet of weights, protein and steriods. (That fine boosters such as me and Bobbo Lowder ponied up the dough for.)
    2 0n 1, 3 on 1, 12 on 1, It doesnt matter! Its always fair if it is an Auburn Man doing the deed, because everyone knows that Auburn Men are always right, true and fair. And if the trouble maker who was singled out ends up in ICU, that is okay too… He probably had it coming.
    Not since that wayward thug Deron Furr got ran off have I seen such a massive display of true Auburn fairness and sportsmanship.
    Keep up the good work Coach Tubbs!
    Auburn Man approves!

  6. 9
    Bama fan

    Fights do happen… they happened under Shula, there is even a brawl on youtube… With Saban closing practices, who knows what is going on? Will they fight today help Alabama win a game? Will it make Auburn a weaker team? The fights did cost them two freshmen, one is just not as good as he thought (Furr)..

  7. 10

    We can’t really blame the barn for this incident just like we couldn’t blame them for two chop block incidents… one coming immediately after Dorsey was put back in the game after injuring his leg, other coming against Florida. After all things just happen don’t they? Brad Lester and Tre Blackmon are the two gentlemen still leading the choir.

  8. 11

    Before some of you AU-turds bring up Jimmy Johns and Jeremy Elder remember that it’s Tuberville who supposedly doesn’t recruit trouble makers even though he’s had a long history of players giving him trouble at tech…. and are my sources correct???? Didn’t Tuberville pursue Johns and Elder in recruiting????

  9. 12
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Mr. Bond, you know your facts are far from accurate. Tuberredneck would never even show a small fraction of interest in a future criminal like Jimmy Johns.

    Besides, he instantly dropped Clifton from the team, and he wasn’t even a Tuberredneck recruit, just like Jimmy Johns wasn’t a Saban recruit.

    I’m sure Johns would still be on the team if it wasn’t required by the University of Alabama to ban him, because Saban is the spawn of evil and he definitely wants kids like Jimmy Johns ruining the positive image shining off of the very few holy rolling players on the team.

    I’m sure he’s also the type of guy he wants hanging around his own son and the type of guy he wants his daughter bringing home, right?

  10. 13

    OMG!!!!!! A tussle at a football practice???? Whatever SHALL we do????


    Translation: A slow news day, and a brain fart on the part of bammers who think football is not a contact sport. Of course, considering UAT’s wimpy play over most of the past two decades, I suppose that is understandable. Football in Tuscaloser is more like full-contact water ballet.

  11. 14
    Bama Fan in NYC

    That’s hilarious coming from the mouth of a man whose physique is similar to Phil Fulmer’s (I’m quite certain). What would you know about “football” beyond your six* game win streak, and from what you play at Opelika’s EB Games anyway.

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet you never dawned an Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute T-Shirt until the day you received word Alabama was undergoing sanctions.

    Will you still avidly support the Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute when their program descends into the Iron Bowl darkness they were in while only winning 4 out of 12 meetings prior to our self-imposed downfall? I HIGHLY doubt it!

  12. 15
    Auburn Man

    How dare you bring up the LSU and Florida chop blocks! And forget the ones against Vanderbilt and Clemson? Mister you need to square it away and get your facts straight!

  13. 16
    Auburn Man

    You are right as usual (just like Auburn Man is.)
    I dont think it is any of these Bammerhoids understand the fair play and honor involved in being associated with Auburn University. 3 things an Auburn Man would never do.
    Cheat on the football field.
    Cheat academically to remain eligible for football.
    Kick someone when they are down.

  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Bammers……Yall need to get that creampeuff team of yours down to Auburn to see how men become men…We are intense on the field…Tenacious…Mean…Heck , isnt that what you want? The difference between us and you , is that our guys can turn off the crazy switch when they step off the field….I dont want a bunch of puss players on the team…I know one thing, our lineman are going to come to work with a chip on thier shoulders…

  15. 18

    The results of the many uncontrolled fights down at the plainest village in Lee Country are only evidence of frustration growing immensely on a day to day basis.

    My question is where is the innovator of authority also known as Tommy Tuberville? You know, it’s one thing to criticize a coach for what goes on off the field the way the Barnies have done Saban, but what about on the field? If Tuberville’s as hard of a coach as they come by according to these insightfully brainwashed delusion-ists, why is it his crew who’ve never missed a Sunday service, are duking it out in spite of hatred toward one another.

    It’s normal for such an occasion to occur maybe once or twice throughout the season, but three times in two weeks is groundbreaking. Sheriff Tuberville had better act quick before what little no-name recruits that are interested in his program, changes their minds.

  16. 19

    floridian- How in the hell do you know what goes on at practices around the US where college football is involved? So basically you are saying that it doesn’t happen anywhere else? Are Alabama’s practices open to the public? To reporters? I don’t think so. Saban could tell you that they are doing cartwheels and picking flowers out there and you would believe him. I tell you that you Bama fans really make our day over here in Georgia with your insane talk.

  17. 20

    Looks like Tubby has now closed his practices to the media. Welcome to our world, barner scum. You guys loved taking potshots at Saban for closing practices to the media. So how do you like them apples?

  18. 22

    wow bammer trash. Tubs closed practice to the media? You sure know more about Auburn football than anyone else.

  19. 23

    “wow bammer trash. Tubs closed practice to the media? You sure know more about Auburn football than anyone else.”

    Cute, and yet you’re HERE.

  20. 24

    florida, you just proved to the world that you have absolutely no experience whatseover with football practice, especially during summer two-a-days. Fights don’t break out “once or twice a season”. Fights break out once or twice a practice, and that goes for every school. I’ll be the first to admit that the fights rarely result in injury as they have here, but those guys are out there battling and competing for spots. Fights are a natural part of the process.

  21. 25

    The fact is these kids who have never done any wrong would never be “beefing” with fellow teammates, nor would fighting even cross their minds if they were as “classy” and of quality character as Tuberville says. Barnies act as if these kids are “tough” since when does “toughness” fall under the category of two men beating down on one guy? It really sounds to me that it’s nothing more than a typical day on a football practice field!

  22. 26

    We are intense on the field…Tenacious…Mean…Heck , isnt that what you want?

    And it shows by the impressive number of chop blocks API has administered over the years. Could that have been a possible reason three fights have broken out already in the first place?

  23. 27
    Bama Fan in NYC

    These boys are HUNGRY!

    It happens to all football teams each practice.

    Tuberredneck kicked all their asses with two hands tied behind his back!

    They’re ready to play, hence the reason the fight rate is increasing as the season draws closer.

    Yadda! Yadda! Yadda!

    The more the fights break out, the more serious it gets, especially when one man has been involved in all three. Their not eager or starving for the season to get here, they’re frustrated and fed up with something going on down in Opelika on that very field.

    I never attended The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute, so I wouldn’t know the torment of having to endure four years of it. Maybe that’s getting the best of them, if it isn’t football.

  24. 28

    Instead of worrying about a couple of scuffles on the plains, I would suggest being more concerned about trying to justify for the umpteenth time, exactly why anyone should believe that “Bama is back”. Since Bama has lost 6 straight, and Saban has a losing record against Tuberville, I wouldnt question his control over this years team. Lighten up, if you havent noticed, I have. I have stated my reasons for comming here already, and lately I have let things slide and let you have your say. Hell, I dont blame ya for talking about it, something had to deflect the armed robberies, car chasing players on the strip, drunken analysts, nose candy peddlers and so on. Im just glad we didnt blow 40 grand for somebody other than the head coach to motivate his players….I wonder what Bear would think about that?

  25. 29

    Who cares what the Bear would think about it? I don’t.

    While I appreciate that past, and just like I try to learn from the lessons of history (reading Caesar’s Gallic Campaigns or the like), I’m more interested in taking the lessons of the greats and applying them to the modern world.

    Bryant can teach us many things, but he isn’t a lawgiver on a mountaintop.

    From what I see, Auburn fans talk more about Bryant than we do.

  26. 30
    Ballplay Indian

    Christopherson and NYC….Yall are really grasping at straws….Tyson Jackson, LSUs alll world D tackle, was interviewd at media days…They flat out asked him. “what conference offensive line do yall have the biggest problem with?” …He said Auburn…When asked why, he said because they are very very physical..Every year…They come off the ball like defensive lineman, and are very agressive…That is what he said guys..Look it up if you dont believe it…Our O-line is nasty…You will see when they open an industrail size can of whoopass on LAMO in game one…Remember them?

  27. 31

    Cap, you dont care about Bryant? I will bring that up the next time I see you with that houndstooth hat, and when I hear you braggin bout Jesus Saban Christ. Get real man, I expect that from most of the jackasses here, but not you. Sounds like I struck a nerve.

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