Simpson Pepper dies at age of 79

Simpson Pepper, the genial legend known as the Voice of Legion Field, died Thursday evening at the age 79, according to the Birmingham News.

I met Pepper several times during events like the Super Six. He was always willing to pose for a photograph, or tell a story. I once photographed him at work in the public address box perched high above Legion Field.

The mix of hearing that voice, while enjoying the football game unfolding below made an ordinary December day seem special.

But Pepper could make anything seem special. An average play seemed immensely important when intoned by him. Pepper was special to football in this state. I only saw him at events like the state championships, but those events will lack a little luster now.

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    I’ve been looking for my photographs from the Super Six, and I can’t find them. Going to keep searching though….

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    He always made it a point to say, in a louder voice than usual, “The ball is at the 50 yard line”. The stories he could tell would be fasinating

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