Breaking: AU fans hate Petrino and Saban

Auburn fans hate Bobby Petrino and Nick Saban! Shocking, I know! But according to Track ‘Em Tigers, Petrino and Saban top their list of most hated coaches. Here’s what they have to say:

1. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) – Is there a bigger scumbag in any level of coaching than the weasel from Montana? Not only did he quit on his former team, but he treated grown men like children. And let’s not forget what he did to Tommy Tuberville. The guy has no integrity or loyalty.

Not to be persnickety, but Petrino didn’t do anything. It was Auburn men stabbing your football coach in the back. Remember who boarded the plane, it wasn’t Petrino, but AU reps. Petrino may be scum, but the greater scum in the Jetgate saga resided in our state, and were wearing orange and blue.

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2. Nick Saban (Alabama) – If you could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what Alabama fans think he’s worth, we could all retire to Aruba.

Whatever. Saban remains highly regarded as a football coach. Time will tell if he is worth the investment or not. However, as long as Auburn fans say he isn’t, that must mean he is doing something right.

Skipping a few spots…

10. Mark Richt (Georgia) – It was just a matter of time before his alma mater (Miami) seeped back into his personality. The new Richt showed his true colors against Florida last year. Now he’s following his mentor, Bowden, by recruiting criminals to Athens.

Getting tired of that ass-whopping every year compliments of UGA? Nerves must be getting raw on the Plains. Of course, the real question is when will Richt start holding up fingers to show his dominance of the Tigers. He’ll increase to three straight in 2008.

You can read the rest of this innovative list here.


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  1. 1
    Bama Fan In NYC

    1) Barnies hate Bobby Lowder even more for not following through with Petrino’s hiring. Judging by Tuberredneck’s embarrassing track record, no one outside of Opelika, Alabama fears this man simply because he’s already proven he can’t win when he’s not doing it at the expense of another program’s weakness. It took the guy six years to finally post a winning record in the SEC, and it took him ten years to finally win one SEC title, which came around the time he cleverly filled Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA. You don’t threaten to fire a “good coach” the way they did Tubs, then boast him to be godlike after the downfall of his main competition. When the playing field levels out, and Alabama takes the state back, they’ll regret retaining Tuberredneck instead of replacing him with Petrino.

    2) Barnies hate Nick Saban simply because he’s Alabama’s coach and they fear he’ll soon be the proverbial nail in their coffin. I say this because we all cannot imagine how absolutely dominating LSU would be right now if CNS had stayed at LSU instead of taking the Miami job. They would probably be the closest thing to a dynasty. Now that he’s at Alabama and his first season was 7-6, there is a perception out there that his coaching ranking takes a hit. When he makes us a perennial contender for top recruits (already started that), SEC championships and NCs, I don’t doubt that he’ll be considered the best coach in the country and that’ll give Barnies a reason to hate him even more. He transformed an weakling LSU program into a powerhouse that’s owned the SEC West since they won their first SEC title of the decade.

    3) You are correct, Capstone. Mark Richt has turned UGA into an elite SEC program, that has now taken back the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, and are showing no signs of giving it back. They’ll point out every minor flaw relating to criminal recruiting and dancing in the endzone. If you think celebrating a victory in the endzone is any worse than taunting your opposition by holding up fingers, taking the field first on the opposition’s turf, not punishing your players for purposely bumping into members of the yell crew, and allowing your players to stomp the opposing team’s midfield logo, then you’re obviously a Barnie. Yes, Mark Richt is having trouble with some of his players, but compare that to how many players have given Tuberredneck a fit since he took the job at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute.

  2. 2
    Tider Insider

    Rest assure if you ask any Aubarn fan who they hate more, no other coach in the history of college football can compare to the hatred they have for Nick Saban. I believe one ounce of a Barnie’s hatred for him, could surpass that of an LSU fan’s by a light year.

    They could’ve cared less for him at LSU (because they were too busy thrashing Mike Dubose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Price, and Mike Shula). But now that he’s at Alabama, he’s the next most hated thing since Bear Bryant. After he swaps the winning trend of the state, he’ll then be hated and envied even more. Nothing will ever change that. The worst part of it all is, he lost to Aubarn last season, yet they still enviously despise him as if he beat in route to a BCS title, and hate him as if he bragged about it in a post game press conference.

  3. 5

    Does Saban have a winning record against
    TUBBS???? and I dont hate THE BEAR…
    he was a GREAT MAN/COACH with flaws just like all men who have walked this earth…

  4. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Yawn………………Is this the best you can do? Surely not……….

    First….I dont know anyone who proudly wears the orange and blue, that gives two farts about Patrino…..You are aware that this offensive genious used to coach at Auburn, right? He cant cut it in the SEC, and was shown the door. period…Nobody is gonna get riled when we play Arkansas this year. It wont compare to Fran calling the Clemson game for dang sure….

    Second…….Us Barners will reserve the right to hate WHOMEVER the Alabama coach is the most. No matter who it is. To put Patrino ahead of Saban is black hole dumb….

    Third……Only a spastic Bammer would say anything about Richt having discipline problems…..That is beyond the pot calling the kettle black…There has yet to be a word invented for that kind of irony.

    Fourth….Georgia is on a lengthy 2 GAME STREAK OVER US !!!!! WOWW !!!!!
    You realise that we kicked a mudhole in their rectum in 04, and then beat them again in 05…..Thats the same amount of wins you speak of , 2..I wouldnt call a 2 game streak significant….A 6 game streak on the other hand………That is significant.

    As I said before. Surely you can do better than this..At least be original.

  5. 7

    Maybe if you visited Auburn websites you might know other Auburn fans who don’t like Petrino. 😉 This list was quoted from an AU blog. A prominent one on the SB Nation network. Surely, they can be considered representative of the AU nation? Right?

    And since they were the ones hating on Richt, I think it is obvious AU fans see the writing on the wall. UGA will soon be the dominant team in the SEC East. And that won’t be good for the Tigers.

  6. 8

    2. Nick Saban (Alabama) – If you could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what Alabama fans think he’s worth, we could all retire to Aruba.

    One thing is for sure…
    Tuberville would’ve never achieved 1/4 of what Saban did at LSU.
    Another thing is Tuberville couldn’t have walked into Alabama in 2007 and done any better than 5-7.
    They may think he isn’t worth $4million a year(because Bama-Tech can’t afford to pay a coach that amount of money), but his record and accomplishments at LSU speaks for itself.
    That’s yet another fact Aubbos neglect.

  7. 9

    “Maybe if you visited Auburn websites you might know other Auburn fans who don’t like Petrino.”


    Best line ever! Whatever happened to all the talk about how this website just talks about Auburn all the time, and that is why there are so many Auburn fans. The only thing less surprising than Indian’s lack of awareness is an article by Track ‘Em about either Saban or Alabama.

    I think it so humorous how Auburn fans talk down with an ill-conceived moral superiority over every other program. You would think they were an Ivy League school, who only focuses on academics.

  8. 10

    You would think they were an Ivy League school, who only focuses on academics.

    They are all about academics. Except, they only focus on sociology.

  9. 14

    Boy my fellow Auburn Fans disapoint me as usual. Thanks for turning me on to that pathetic sight. Hating coaches? That’s weak. We should leave that to Bama. Personally I don’t hate Saban or Petrino. Why would I? Neither has done anything to hurt Auburn. As far as Richt goes he has every right to hold up 2 fingers or even 3 if they win this year. If Auburn doesn’t like it then they should, I don’t know, win the fucking game. And hate Les Miles? Why? The guy is a good coach but Tubbs gets the best of him just as much as Miles gets the best of him. Bobby Bowden? Auburn hasn’t faced him in almost 20 years. Pitiful.

  10. 15

    Well Cappy, it’s good to see that you’re trolling the Auburn blogs just like all the other bammers on this site who cry about us AU fans coming here to post. First of all, this list was the opinion of Jay Coulter, not the AU fan base. To answer your question of “Surely, they can be considered representative of the AU nation? Right?”, the answer is no. (unless you can show me some scientific polling data that Coulter complied.) As to AU fans hating Saban, of course they do. Do you serioulsy think the bammers wouldn’t list Tubs as their #1 most hated coach? Of course they would, because he’s whipped their a$$ 7 out of the last 8 yrs. (spare me the diatribe about Phil Fulmer being the most hated. That might have been true 3 or 4 yrs ago, but not now. If you disagree, just examine how many posts there are by bammers on this blog repeatedly dog-cussing Tubs. Now show me how many posts even refer to Fulmer).

    As to Petrino, he’s largely an afterthought. He was at AU one year where he went 9-4. Big friggin’ deal. The media will have fun with the storyline at the Ark game this year, but AU fans won’t care. (You’re also correct that the scumbags were the guys who got on that plane, which is why 2 of them immediately lost their jobs afterward. Unfortunately, trustees aren’t quite so easy to remove).

    Finally, your comments about Georgia and Richt are hilarious. Auburn and UGA actually have what’s called a “rivalry” right now. Auburn won in 04 & 05, the UGA won in 06 and 07. See, to constitute an actual rivalry, there has to some victories by both sides. Another example would AU-LSU. For Bama, a fine examples would be UA-La Monroe. When you win 6 in a row and 7 out of eight, it’s kinda hard to call it a rivalry.

  11. 16
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    -CAP- Put the glue down. You are hilarious. For a real story after AUBURN BEATS DOWN the Little Pachyderms in Tuberville/Dennie Stadium you can write about the barnies rolling Bear Brant’s Staute.


  12. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap….You can troll all the Auburn blogs out there and hand pick whatever you want, to make it look like its the status quo Auburn opinion…That doesnt mean its an accurate representation of the fanbase….I read Shanes delusions , and I joke about him being the status quo Bammer, but I am just kidding..Hes not..

    No real Auburn fan would ever in a zillion years say that they despise Petrino more than Saban.


  13. 18

    All of this can only be solved on the Field. I really don’t care or give a damn what Aubies like. Keep posting Aubies. It’s like a Fat Girl Farting.

  14. 19

    I agree, Pluto. It CAN ONLY be solved on the field. But we can’t criticize Capstone. This blog does make for a good debate/conversation and it’s doing a pretty good job so far…

  15. 20

    I think it’s hilarious that you bammerneks think Auburn has been so good for the past 8 years is because you sucked. He’s a news flash…you are only one team out of 12 on our schedule. uat hasn’t been significant in the SEC since 1992. That’s 16 years for you bammerneks that can’t count that high. The only impact uat has had on us is to reduce our strength of schedule. When you guys finally got caught cheating, we should have dropped you from our schedule and added Vandy or LaMonroe. At least those games would have been more competitive.

  16. 22

    I think it’s pretty significant that you General Lee County Barnie-necks’ almighty precious Alabama Polytechnic Institute War Eagles only defeated us three times in the 1990s. That’s pretty significant if you ask me.

    Did you honestly say those games weren’t competitive? You beloved War Eagles has only defeated us by an average of 7 points or less throughout your treasured six**** in a row! In the 2004 season of which half of your key players CHEATED to remain eligible, you could only defead a measly weak Alabama who entered the game starting a third string quarterback, by a touchdown and went into the lockerrooms at half time losing.

    If anything is truly significant, it’ll be Alabama demolishing you Wire Road, cow worshiping Barnie-necks, just as we did throughout the period of which Alabama Tech only won four out of twelve games.

  17. 24

    Ballplay, don’t forget the greatest “moral” victories in Bama history, the 2002 & 2003 Bama-Oklahoma games. My god, the bammers flooded the radio airwaves crying about how proud they were of the “effort” that the Tide put forth in those games. Everytime the bammers brag about losing to Auburn by less than 11 points the Bear is rolling over in his grave.

  18. 25

    When you guys finally got caught cheating, we should have dropped you from our schedule and added Vandy or LaMonroe. At least those games would have been more competitive.

  19. 26

    To Julio:

    Of course I’m not surprised. This wasn’t East Popcorn State we played, It was Alabama.

    -Bob Stoops, head coach of the BCS champions that year, after being asked if he was surprised Alabama played them so closely.

  20. 27

    No one’s proud of a loss, but losing by a hair to a team that was far more superior than us during our years of sorrow, doesn’t qualify as being non-competitive.

  21. 28

    YOUR as STUPID as the real George BUSH
    IF you lose YOU FLIPPIN LOSE dumbass
    1 point 7 points its a lose 50 points is a whoopin!!!!! GOD YOUR STOOPID
    i cant wait till you have to say it

    WE GOT BEAT BY POLYTECH and i cant wait to see YOUR specific excuse for the lose


  22. 29

    And George proves my point by immediately showing us that the great moral victory is still so significant in his mind that he EVEN REMEMBERS THE QUOTE FROM THE OPPOSING COACH AFTER THE GAME SIX YEARS LATER. See George, AU lost to SEC Champ Georgia in 02 on a last second hail mary. Had that pass not been completed, Auburn would have gone to the SEC Champ game. It was a great game to disinterested observers, but AU fans weren’t braggin about the “effort” afterwards, and they can’t tell you what Richt said at the end of the game. We don’t care, because AU freakin’ lost. Same for LSU in 05, and that was the only conference game AU lost all year. We lost. There’s no comfort in the final score or the effort.

  23. 30

    Saban “remains highly regarded” only among UAT fans. Everyone else realizes he had one lucky year at LSU and won’t ever see that kind of luck again.

  24. 32

    Hey Omniprick, you are the dumbass. Like your most outspoken Aub alum Charles Barkley says Auturds will never equal the wins and titles Alabama has. It is like comparing OK State to OK. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, dream on loser.

  25. 33

    It’s funny that 6 wins in a row is in the past, yet those championships are fresh as roses. Wake YOUR dumbass up.

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