Fran is official

ESPN sent me an email this morning confirming Dennis Franchione would work the Clemson-Alabama game. Here’s the text of the email:

we have made no schedule nor talent announcement for the upcoming season… we can confirm that dennis franchione will work the Clemson-alabama game…

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Tide Druid has posted a creative look at what Fran’s radio analysis might sound like.


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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian

    Yall cant tell me that ESPN doesnt hate your guts……This is just more proof of the obvious…..

  2. 4

    If one UA fan even comes close to him and say’s something off color. It will make the whole strip, JJ, and other issues look like Sunday School on ESPN. It is a set up!

  3. 6

    You’d rather watch that game than the thrashing your sacred API team’s gonna endure in the Iron Bowl.

  4. 7

    it’s gonna happen ed. he may be disguised when he enters the building. no love loss there. omnipresident yeah we’re executing him just like y’all were executing tubberville when he was rumored to take the job at arkansas. the guy never left and barnies were already quick to throw him off of the train. what would yall have done if he did leave?

    count this as my signature:

  5. 8

    I am going to get more laughs out of this game than any game I have ever watched. Why? Because the ESPN cameras will be looking for toothless bammers with misspelled signs calling out Fran, along with any other evidence of the obvious hatred bammers are still nursing for him. And of course, because UAT will get their clock cleaned by Clemson.

    ESPN is going to have a field day with this, and bammers are going to give them all the redneck fury they can handle.

    Too freaking funny!!!

  6. 9

    Simultaneously, we’ll be laughing when Louisiana-Monroe aka Alabama Tech’s equal, teaches you down home barnzoes how to properly roll a tree with clean toilet tissue.

    It’ll be a sad day in “the gauntlet” when all the Alabama Tech rednecks stack those rebel flags into the back of their Ford F9000 Barnie trucks and head back home to their sibling partners and devise a plan to counter the laughter heard from all the ‘Bama fans across the state.

    Too freaking funny!!!

  7. 11
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I love coach Fran! Tell it like it is Fran. Stay at least twenty feet from the bammers, you know how they spit tobacco juice when they yell. Ten feet if they don’t have a WAD in their mouth. If a drunk woman with bleach blonde hair mistakes you for the new coach and kisses you be sure she takes the cigarette out of her mouth first. Wait a minute, that describes all bama women. Her name is Collette and she ballin’ baby.

  8. 12

    George you cant laff all you can do is say…
    I told you they were good!!!
    becuase right now we are laffin at you!
    And Chris will you say it when Bamma loses the Iron Bowl??? YOU know

    we lost to ALABAMA POLYTECH!!!


  9. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    This will give us enough material to last through November…..Listening to Fran is about entertaining as watching paint dry…..

  10. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    And George W….Just because LAMO kicked yalls butt, dont think that could happen to Auburn in 10,000,000 years. Its not gonna happen. When you see that score , you will soil youself….

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